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My story is not just about me. Cancer has affected our family in dramatic ways over the past few years. In the space of a few years, a rare form of blood cancer stole my aunty Helen – she sadly didn’t get a chance to meet her first grandchild. Then my mother-in-law (another Helen) was diagnosed with ovarian cancer – the silent killer.

Then at 7 months pregnant I found a lump in my throat – and I knew straight away – a woman’s intuition i’d call it. After I gave birth to my second son, I had two different surgeries and was found to have thyroid cancer. The saddest part of the whole ordeal was that my mother-in-law was dying while I was getting surgery and treatment for my cancer. It really hammered my husband.

I was the lucky one – I went through radiotherapy and have recovered brilliantly – the hardest part was missing my husband and kids while I was away.

Sadly we said goodbye to my mother-in-law, Helen, about 2 months ago and it is hard. It’s especially hard to say goodbye when the way she was taken was so unfair. Ovarian cancer is nasty nasty business – so ladies if you ever feel bloated, constipated or have pain in your abdomen – go and get yourself checked out. Ovarian cancer is so hard to detect – that’s why nearly everyone who gets it dies – and quickly. Helen left behind a husband, 5 children and 5 grandchildren – all under 2 years of age. It’s saddens me to think those little people aren’t even going to remember their Nonna.

It’s been about 3 months since I had my radiotherapy and things are going well for me on the health front. I guess I never really saw it as a threat because I knew it wasn’t going to beat me. Geez – I’m only 27 and I’ve got two little boys and a husband to love and look after – and I have a hell of a lot more photographs left in me too! ha ha. Up until now I’ve never really talked about this whole experience. I didn’t want people to feel sorry for me or to pity me. But I need to let people know about ovarian cancer. Take charge of your health – my mother-in-law didn’t – she was too busy worrying about everyone else.


Well, that is my story – I hope it’s not too long. I’m also attaching my photo – this is me and my youngest baby, Beau.

I used your b&w FREE action (thanks by the way, that is super cool), and I added lime, purple and peach and varied the opacity of each. I also used your vignette action. Thanks for that too.

Also, Jodi – thanks for all your valuable tips, hints and free actions. They are incredible. I know everyone really appreciates you taking the time to make PS go global!

Kind regards,
Damien, Jennifer, Dusty & Beau Stocks

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