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Photo Makeover – decreasing wrinkles and smoothing skin in photoshop

Photo Makeover – decreasing wrinkles and smoothing skin in photoshop

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From time to time – I will be doing photo makeovers on my blog. Sometimes it may be a HUGE makeover, sometimes more subtle. I may do them by hand or with a combination of actions. I will let you know what methods I use. These are not tutorials. But you may get a tip or two from reading these. Plus I may mention a tutorial from the past that will help you with this type of edit too.

For this makeover, I have my Mother In Law’s photo – taken using the Canon 85L on the 40D. I was actually happy with this SOOC. It needed a little punch and she begged me to smooth her skin and get rid of wrinkles. I still wanted it to look natural.

So I did some basic post processing in levels and curves to fine tune the contrast and exposure. The color was already perfect so I left that alone. I then ran MCP Magic Powder at the default opacity, and then ran the Eye Doctor. I did her catchlight but lowered the opacity and sharpened each eyes with the action set as well. I decided to do a little selective work on the crows feet and under her eyes. I did this on a duplicate layer using the patch tool. I did a tutorial on the patch tool back last summer if you want to look it up. I lowered the opacity so it would look natural.

That is it – photo makeover complete. My Mother in Law said she never ever likes photos of herself. But she even was happy with this one.

*** If you have a photo you want considered for a Photo Makeover – please contact me – I will work on other people’s photos sometimes too ***







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  1. Stephanie Bycroft
    March 21, 2008 at 3:43 pm —

    Wow, that really looks great. It looks very natural and you just gave it an extra punch. Great job!


  2. March 23, 2008 at 12:05 am —

    looks great! thanks!

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Photo Makeover – decreasing wrinkles and smoothing skin in photoshop