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For today’s contest for “contest week” our prize is a beautiful distressed wood frame shown below. This is crafted by the company Ole Tyme Frames. They have some amazing wood frames, so check them out.

This frame is 8×10 and is valued at $55 retail.

The winner of this frame will again be drawn at random. This drawing will be Friday.

For this contest, you need to leave a comment that describes a photo never taken from your childhood that you wish was. Is there a memory you have with no photo to picture it. Tell MCP readers what that is. I am hoping this will get us thinking of more moments we should photograph. Or to appreciate what we do photograph.

I will go 1st. I wish I had a generational photo from when I was a kid, with my mom and dad, my grandparents, and my great grandparents. What do you wish you had?

Jodi Friedman, MCP Actions

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  1. 3

    Kathy says

    I wish I had pictures of either of my grandfathers and me…they both passed away before I was born.

  2. 5

    Tiffany says

    I wish I had more baby pictures of me. I only have one from when I was teeny tiny and would have loved to see what I looked like.

  3. 6

    Adrianne says

    Every photo from my childhood was lost in a house fire, so I wish I had some of the pix I remember back. The ones that I remember and miss the most are of me as a child, doing child things like swimming & riding my trike. I also wish I had more pix of my father and grandparents. They are all gone now and the opportunity is lost. Family pix are so, so important.

  4. 8


    I wish I had a photo of me with my youngest sister when she was a teeny baby…I was much older and like a second mother to her…but I think by kid #4 there just weren’t many pictures of her taken.

  5. 11


    I wish we had taken a hands photo of my great grandmother, grandmother, mother and myself – a twist on the generation photo. Another one I wish I had is a photo of me and my grandpa fishing together… he tells the story of taking me out when I was five and I talked NONSTOP and drove him crazy :)

  6. 12


    I wish I had a photo of my grandmother, my mom, myself and my baby girl. She past 2 months ago. We were planning on doing this photo at my sisters wedding this august.

  7. 13

    Missy says

    This is a little embarrassing, but it would’ve been great to get a picture of when I stuck rocks up my nose!! I know that’s weird but I VIVIDLY remember doing it (which I really don’t remember things very well so that says a lot!) and then having to go to the hospital to get them out. I’ve always wondered what I looked like with 4 little rocks shoved up my nose!!

  8. 14


    I had a beautiful princess skirt that my grandma made me. I remember it was multicolored, with mostly reds in the patterns. I loved that thing, and never had a picture taken with me in it… That is a bummer! :(

  9. 15

    Valerie says

    I have a total of three pictures taken when I was pregnant with my first child. I have NONE during my second pregnancy! I am always the one behind the camera, even my dh never thinks to pick it up and include me! So, I would wish that I even had one nice picture taken when I was pregnant with my daughter Hannah!

  10. 16


    This is not really from my childhood, it is current actually. I wish that I had had professional pictures made of my grandmother, my mom, me, my sisters and my kids. A generational picture. My family had talked about it but when cancer took my grandmothers life quickly, we ran out of time. NOW, I tell everyone…including my family that when you think about something that special that you want to capture, don’t wait..just DO IT! You never know how much time one has on this earth.

  11. 17


    This is not really from my childhood, it is current actually. I wish that I had had professional pictures made of my grandmother, my mom, me, my sisters and my kids. A generational picture. My family had talked about it but when cancer took my grandmothers life quickly, we ran out of time. NOW, I tell everyone, when you think of it…just DO IT!

  12. 19


    I am so lucky that my mom always took photos of me and my sister growing up. There are tons of photos of me birth to 16 months as my dad was in the service in Germany so he only knew me through those photos my mom sent to him.
    I do have a memory that I don’t recall ever seeing a photo of…..riding in a pony cart at my Grandpa’s with all of my cousins. Those were some good times, but I’ve never seen any photos.
    Good food for thought!

  13. 20


    Well, I wish I had pictures. My house burned down when I was younger and all of our pictures were destroyed in the fire. THis is why I store copies of all my pictures outside of my house. My digital prints are stored via shutterfly and I also try to back up all pictures via disk and store them at my mother in laws. She also has all of my negatives from my pre digi days. So, I just wish I had pictures.

  14. 21


    I wish I had photos of myself playing sports. I was on several ball teams and wish I could show my kids pictures of me playing ball when I was their age. Because of this I spend a lot of time photographing sports events at the local high school and donating most of what I do.

  15. 22

    Iris Hicks says

    My father was a ventriloquist and his dummy’s name was Oscar. I used to go to events with my father when he performed with Oscar. I really wish that I had a photo of myself with my father and Oscar at one of these events. I would be all dressed up and my father and Oscar would be in suits and ties. That would be a grand memory for me.

  16. 24


    I was into gymnastic and wish I had some pictures. This was a very happy time in my life. My niece is in gymnastics and I take a ton of pictures so she will have many happy memories.

  17. 26

    Kim says

    I commented in the wrong spot.
    I wish I had more photo’s of my father and I. We were very close. He passed away 13 years ago when my oldest daughter was 1 and my 2nd daughter wasn’t born yet. I wish they really could’ve known/met him. They would’ve loved their grandfather.

  18. 30


    I wish I had a picture of me with my biological mother and father. My mother left my dad with 6 kids when I was only months old. The only infant picture I have is the hospital one that I got when my grandmother passed away.

  19. 32


    I wish there were more family photos of my family. I hope to take family pictures of my new family (husband and daughter) at least once a year so we can go back and see how much we’ve changed.

  20. 33

    Jody Williams says

    I wish that I had a picture of me and my siblings maybe playing ring around the rosie. I also wish I had more photos of me with both of my parents instead of one.

  21. 34

    Christine Morrison says

    I wish I had more pictures of my Mother and I. She had an anurysm when I was 6 years old and I have very few memories of what her personality was like. I think if I had more pictures of us together, I could capture some of what she was like. I do treasure the few that I have of us together, though!

  22. 35


    I have been blessed with many, many photos of my family. Very old photos and current ones as well. I would love a picture of my bedroom as a little girl. It was a small room – with pastel pink walls and a white canopy bed with pink bedding. I thought the canopy would protect me from any harm.

  23. 36

    Annie A says

    When my grandfather passed away from cancer several years ago, I began looking through photos of us together. I am grateful to have many fun shots of us swimming together, building things in his workshop and just enjoying one another’s company. However, I sometimes wish there was a really good semi-posed shot that I could enlarge and hang up in my house. Now, when my kids are with their grandparents, I’m snapping away at the sweet tender everyday moments, as well as arranging them all and getting a few nice “semi-posed” shots too!

  24. 37

    Jovana says

    My twin sister passed away several days later after birth. I wish I had at least one picture of her to treasure.

  25. 38


    My mom was always really good about getting family photos of everyone so I haven’t really missed anything from that aspect.

    But, I had this farm animal playset that I LOVED to play with. A mooing sound was made when the barn door was opened and closed. Anyways, my mom gave it to my cousins, and we never got it back. I wish I had a picture of me playing with it.

  26. 39


    There are two pictures that I wish I had or had the ability to take when I was younger.
    1. I wish the day before my granddad died, I could have taken a picture of him while watching him finish a sculptor of my little brother as I looked on and asked questions. So funny but I think he passed his art on to me in the form of photography.
    2. We never had an actual family portrait were each child was complete and mum and dad were in it until I last year. I wish I had one when I was younger.

  27. 40

    Olivia says

    I wish I had more pictures of my sister and I playing together. Film was so expensive to process back then. We are so lucky with everything being digital these days.

  28. 41


    The only real picture I wish I had is of my brother. He died at 11 days old and my parents only have one very tattered pic of him and none with me and him together. I was two when he passed away. I am lucky to have four wonderful younger sisters…but I think they would have loved to see what he looked like too. He wouldv’e turned 37 on July 11th.

  29. 42

    johanna says

    From when I was a child, I wish I had photos of the hospital where I was born, the nursery, my bedroom and other rooms of my house growing up. My dad was an avid photographer and so we have tons of photos, but you can never have enough photos! I also wish I had more photojournalistic style photos from my wedding and that I had taken a complete baby-parts series of photos of my two children. I do it all the time now on other people’s babies and it always makes me feel sad that I didn’t think of doing it when my kids were little. I took thousands of pictures of them, but not a complete, infant stage baby parts series. Also we’ve never had professionally taken family photos and I need to get on that one soon! Like the shoemakers kids that don’t have shoes…

  30. 44


    My family rarely pulled out the camera so I hardly have any from my childhood, but the moments I most wish were captured would be ones with family members no longer with us doing the everyday little things we did together.

  31. 46

    Alisa Conn says

    I wish I had more pictures of when I was in gymnastics. I wonder what I looked like competing. My niece is in gymnastics so I go to every meet and take tons of pictures and some video. She will also think of me when she sees the pictures.

  32. 47

    Heather says

    My grandparents were farmers. Every summer we’d spend a week visiting them, doing all the typical farm stuff. I don’t have a single picture from those days. Wish I had.

  33. 49

    Carrie says

    I wish I had a picture of me and my fraternal twin sister with my father’s parents. My grandmother passed away when I was very young and I do not have a single picture of me with her.

  34. 51

    Kat says

    I only had 1 grandmother. All my grandparents died when my parents were little. I wish I had a picture of me and my grandmother.

  35. 52


    I wish there was a picture of me and my grandmother before she died. She had scleroderma and was very sick, no hair, very thin. I would take her for a ride in her wheelchair in the neighborhood. She would wear a wig and my fur coat and sunglasses. Some very good memories sharing time with her before she died.

  36. 53


    When I was growing up, we were pretty poor. I dreamed of one day owning a horse, but knew it was impossible. I met a man (John)who owned and operated a horse stable that led trail rides. He gave me riding lessons in exchange for me working around the stables. As time went on, he “gave” me my very own horse (I didn’t officially own her, but nobody else got to ride her but me) and allowed me to lead trail rides. This man did more for my self-esteem than he ever had any idea of. We eventually had to move to another state and I never got a photo of me with John or Lucky (the horse). I would treasure that photo if I had it now.

  37. 54

    Kathryn says

    When I was in 3rd grade, including step-grandmothers, I had 8 grandmothers. All my great-grandmothers were alive. I would love a picture with all of them.

  38. 58


    I wish I had a picture of me & my brothers & sisters helping my Grandma in the garden, we used to go out there every summer and help out…a photo of that special moment with her would have been so nice. I think little kids playing in fields, gardens, ect are such adorable pictures! And my Grandma is very proud of her garden – she would have loved the shot. I guess I could go now and get a shot of my little girl helping her in the garden….I should do that this summer!!!

  39. 59


    We moved alot when I was younger.So my memories are mixed up about which house was where. I wish we had pictures of each house and my room in each house to help me remember which memories belong where.

  40. 60


    My mother used to tell me about a time when we visited my grandmother in Seattle when I was 2 or 3. She said we walked to the beach and picked mussels form it. The funny part was that I would run in front of them and lay down and by the time the got to me I was asleep. I wish I had pictures of this with my grandmother since she is long passed and I don’t have a photo of her. Charles

  41. 64

    Tami says

    I wish I would have had more pictures of my sister and I interacting and playing when we were children. I have so many of my two kids and they totally remind me of my sister and I as children. Would have been fun to compare them.

  42. 65

    Dana Stone says

    I wish I had a picture of my brothers and I. My little sister took forever to sleep through the night (I think she was 3!) and my dad built us a triple decker bunk bed. Me in the middle, my brothers above and below me….it lasted till she finally learned to sleep!

  43. 66


    I wish there were more photos of me with my parents and siblings. Oh, and I wish I had photos from a car trip we took and of the family members we saw during that vacation.

  44. 67


    My parents were great about taking photos, both formal and candid. I love seeing myself as a baby and a little girl, being hugged and loved by my Mom and Dad, going places, having fun. I only wish I had a photo of myself not looking so timid, but rather boisterous and vivacious…. which my twin boys are!

  45. 68

    Cindy Chen says

    I wish I had more photos of my everyday life as a kid… not just the holidays and birthday parties. Little things like my room (I had a full on strawberry shortcake theme and no photos of it), my toys, playing with friends…

  46. 69


    I wish we’d invested in a professional photographer for our wedding. My husband insisted on getting family and friends to take photograph our ‘budget’ wedding. Of course, there are loads of photos I wish had been taken, that were just forgotten in the excitement. :(

  47. 70

    Jessica Shirk says

    I wish I had pictures of my grandfather and I fishing out at the river…I think that would have been a very “picturesque” scene, but there really wasn’t anyone to take it….it was just me and him! We always had our picture taken when we came back with our fish though! :)

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