Funny Elementary School Election Story – could this be an early exit poll?

I just had to share this funny election story.

My 6 year old girls got home from school today and said that they got to vote.  So I asked who they voted for.  They each said “Obama.”  I asked “Why did you vote for Obama?”  Each had a different reply.

Jenna said they learned in school in an activity book that Obama’s favorite book is “Where the Wild Things Are.”  Since she loves that book too, she voted for him.

Ellie said she did not get to do that activity.  She was undecided.  But had to vote…  So, in the way that life is so simple as a 6 year old, she did “Eenie Meeny Miney Moe.”  Obama won. 

They did make sure to tell me that some of their friends really like McCain.  Oh and tonight they re-read the booklet that said McCain’s favorite food is ribs and barbeque.  And they said, “Maybe we should have voted for him.”

So will you be using Ellie’s “Eenie Meeny Miney Moe” tomorrow?  Will you be thinking of which candidate eats similar foods to you, likes the same authors you do, or what sports they like best?  If only it was that simple! 

In case you were wondering, Obama won at their elementary school by a slim margin.

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    Jennifer N says

    My 2nd grader voted at her school too. She chose McCain because he is from Arizona and she knew I went to AZ for a workshop and because she has cousins from Arizona. It reminded me of how Jenna chose Obama. Kids are so precious and their minds are still sweet and innocent, don’t you wish we could keep them that way forever :)?

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    Its so funny how 6 year olds think. my daughter said in her school Obama had 161 votes, McCain 45 votes and Ralph Nader had 1 vote. She didnt know who Ralph Nader was but said there is a Ralph at her school and she bet he voted for him. LOL!!!

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