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    I love your #1 tip! ha. I can’t even say the word C…S…! I mentioned that font was the devil on twitter and you’d think I shot my dog. It was scary how many people defended it. Great post.

    I would like to mention that you will have to pay more than $50 to get a good logo created. It takes designers a lot of time to come up with something perfect for your brand. Plus it’s something you’ll have for a long time and will change the face of your business or product so it’s worth the extra $$ to have a real designer do the job. Make sure your designer is experienced in creating logos before hiring them.

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    I’m glad my tips were able to help some!

    Amy @ Living Locurto, that is also a great tip and don’t ever doubt your shared by many hate for comic sans! lol!

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    I’m new in the internet business field. I’m skilled in the graphics side, but I need info to learn about this business. I was going through your post and got a few pointers.

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