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What I decided… Mac versus PC?

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What I decided… Mac versus PC?

Last week I did this poll on my blog asking readers if I should get a Mac or stay with PC.  No surprise that Mac won in the polls. I still have the poll open if you want to vote.

I have not made a firm decision, but if you take the time to read the whole post on my pros and cons, and also the comment section, you will see that the comments tell more the whole story.

My ultimate dilemma of switching has not been solved.  After talking to Apple, Adobe and reading comments, nobody has found a way for me to overcome the biggest obstacle of switching.  I do Photoshop Training and design products (actions) for Photoshop.  As a result I need older versions. I have versions of Photoshop back to v7 and have CS, CS2, CS3, and CS4, and also have 2 versions of Elements installed.  If I could get all of these for Mac, I would probably make the switch.  I cannot.  Adobe said they only sell CS4 (and I can transfer my license for that).  CS3 I probably can still find.  But CS2, CS, v7, older elements for Mac… Well good luck is basically what Adobe said.

Apple’s solution was just put all of this on a Windows side to a Mac.  That just seems crazy.  I mean a few programs – maybe.  All this – ridiculous.  Plus I would want CS4 on the Mac side which means spending $700 for a new license for the Mac side (as I could not transfer if using the others on my old PC or on the PC side of a Mac), plus windows for Mac, a program to switch.  All this plus the Mac.  So… anyone see where this is going yet?

Some readers said HIRE them as testers.  Great idea – BUT it does not solve the training issue and usually when an Action does not work well in an older version (from being created in a new one) guess how you fix it?  You write it from the oldest version you want it working in.  Yep.

So at this point, unless someone magically comes along and can solve these issues for me, I think I am too rooted and invested in the PC side of things. And as such likely to stay where I am.  Yes – you Mac people can laugh if I get a virus or when spyware hits, but other than that, nothing really is “broken” about my current situation.  And so far the idea of getting a Mac appears it may be “broken.”

Now – for those of you PC gurus – who wants to help me configure a Dell Desktop that will rock a Mac back to where it came from :).   I love laptops – but I am thinking a networked situation with a more powerful desktop with a better backup system may help my business and productivity.

Thanks everyone!


Free Photoshop Actions and Lightroom Presets by MCP™
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  1. July 28, 2009 at 6:08 pm —

    So you are stuck in PC (microsoft) H E Double Hockey Sticks essentially forever? 😛 Is a viable solution for you to go MAC with what you can and keep your PC for the older stuff? A pain, but as time goes on the hopefully you won’t need those older versions.

  2. July 31, 2009 at 4:24 am —

    I love, love, love that last photo.

  3. Valerie
    September 24, 2011 at 10:05 am —

    Jodi…my college son is an engineering student who really researched PC’s when buying his latest laptop. He needs amazing graphics and speed for some of his design programs(and gaming). The Dell laptops have been disappointing for durability in our house. We have had great HP experiences – but Chase did the research and went with the ASUS brand. He has the power of a desktop with the convenience of a laptop. The company has been making the insides for the other companies for years. He has been loving it. I would check it out. Best wishes on the decision.

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What I decided… Mac versus PC?