Win Portraiture, Noiseware, and Real Grain from Imagenomic



MCP Actions is excited to announce this “smooth” contest where the lucky winner drawn at random will win Imagenomic Pro Plug-In Suite.  The winner will get 3 fabulous products with a $300 retail value: Portraiture 2, Real Grain and Noiseware Professional Plug-In.

To enter the contest, comment directly to the blog answering the following:

  • Since shooting digital, what is the worst location you have ever had to shoot in (in terms of low light causing noise)?
  • What camera were you using?
  • And what ISO were you at? If you are unsure, go look up your EXIF data in Photoshop (FILE – FILE INFO – CAMERA DATA).
  • Twitter, post to Facebook, or tell 3 or more photographer friends that you know about this contest so they can enter too.

The winner will be picked at random this coming up Sunday, June 28th so check back.

Here is a little info on each product:

image image image

Jodi Friedman, MCP Actions

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  1. 1


    Comment here, right? Worst light was in a loft in Dallas during a thunderstorm. I believe I was at ISO 800 using a Nikon D80. I WANT this software so terribly much!! It’s been recommended by several photographers I know…so pick me! pick me! :)

  2. 2


    1. A wedding in a basement of a church (dark mahogany walls, small windows) at 7 p.m. with all of the wedding party were black – guys in black suits, girls in navy blue dresses.
    2. A Canon 5D
    3. ISO 1600

  3. 3


    1. A wedding in a basement of a church (dark mahogany walls, small windows) at 7 p.m. with all of the wedding party were black – guys in black suits, girls in navy blue dresses.
    2. A Canon 5D
    3. ISO 1600

    And please PICK ME… I’ve been drooling over this software for a year!!!

  4. 4


    It was a baptism I was shooting at in a super dark church and there was no flash photography allowed. My ISO was up to 800. This product would be great since I’m shooting indoors half the year in NJ. Thanks!

  5. 5

    Tracey Skadberg says

    A very cool, but dark lodge at night for a wedding. It was a Christmas wedding, so most of the light was from the Christmas lights. ISO 800 using Canon XTI.

  6. 6


    Oh man – I would LOVE to win this software!!! The worst location I have shot in is this field not too far from my house…. well, it wasn’t the location really, it was more the time of day. My client was late for her session and it made it way too late to shoot with my camera (which I didn’t realize until I came home and uploaded the pictures and was DEVASTATED by all the noise). I shoot with the Canon Rebel Xsi and I had bumped up my ISO to 400, knowing that above that I get horrible noise…but I guess I get horrible noise at 400 too. This software would be fabulous to have!

  7. 7


    Since shooting digital, what is the worst location you have ever had to shoot in (in terms of low light causing noise)

    » What camera were you using?
    » And what ISO were you at? If you are unsure, go look up your EXIF data in Photoshop (FILE – FILE INFO – CAMERA DATA).
    » Twitter, post to Facebook, or tell 3 or more photographer friends that you know about this contest so they can enter too.

  8. 8


    Almost anywhere not outdoors and not using my bees was super bad until I got my D700. Now things are MUCH better! – I WAS using a D80 – awful noise usually starting at around 400 ISo or so. I’ll go tell people now! Great contest! Thanks!

  9. 9


    Since shooting digital, what is the worst location you have ever had to shoot in (in terms of low light causing noise)
    Our Train Depot has a Roundhouse that hosts events. I shot a late evening wedding in this roundhouse with only a few twinkle lights to light the event. It was like a cave!

    » What camera were you using? Nikon D700 and D300

    » And what ISO were you at? 3200 to 6400 as the time passed

  10. 11


    My camera is known for terrible noise. Even in direct sun, I see noise. I shoot with a Canon 30D and the worst noise was shooting under a tent at a wedding with my speedlight. Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough to reduce the noise. I was shooting at an ISO of 400 and cranking up the light. I will RT your message on twitter since I follow you. Thanks for the awesome contest.

  11. 12

    Jeanine says

    Newborn session, indoors in the evening. Patio door had overhang so light was scary low by the time we got the baby settled. I had to go to ISO 1000 with my canon 40D.

  12. 13

    Sarah says

    Tough one as it usually has something to do with my kids. With others, i can control the light, but kid activities…we don’t get a say. For fairness, and because I don’t have twins, I’ll have to choose one of each, both at ISO 3200, 40D. My three year old boy skating for the first time. Dark, old fluorescent lights, white balance all over the place. Expression on his face because he was playing “hockey”–priceless. My daughter, dance recital on a proper “adult” stage in a real theatre. Lots of black (background, clothes), but funky lights here and there, random. Pride in her accomplishments–also priceless. :)

  13. 14

    MariaV says

    I shot NYC’s Financial District at 3:00 a.m. using my Canon 5D. I was at ISO100 sans flash. The camera held up beautifully. Thank you for the contest, Jodi.

  14. 15


    At a client’s home for a newborn shoot during a thunderstorm. I was shooting with a Canon 40D and had to bump up my ISO to 1250. This software looks great…would love to have it!

  15. 16


    The worst lighting conditions have been at the hospital during labor and delivery sessions. I know I’ve shot at ISO 1600 or higher on my D300. Anything over 400 and I start seeing noise. Awesome contest – thank you! Off to tell some friends!

  16. 17

    Adrianne says

    •Since shooting digital, what is the worst location you have ever had to shoot in (in terms of low light causing noise)? Soccer game outside at 10pm at night. The field lights were old and weak. It was horrible.

    •What camera were you using? Canon XTi

    •And what ISO were you at? If you are unsure, go look up your EXIF data in Photoshop (FILE – FILE INFO – CAMERA DATA). The highest they offer ISO 1600. Hate to shoot with that on the XTi.

    •Twitter, post to Facebook, or tell 3 or more photographer friends that you know about this contest so they can enter too. I have you posted on my FB page! :)

  17. 18


    My house. It is so dark. My little boys birthday party in december. I had to go up to ISO 800. Shooting with a Nikon D70. I used the free trial of this software and went into mourning when the trial period was over! I want to win this so badly!

  18. 19


    •Since shooting digital, what is the worst location you have ever had to shoot in (in terms of low light causing noise)? High school graduation/auditorium
    •What camera were you using? Canon 40D
    •And what ISO were you at? If you are unsure, go look up your EXIF data in Photoshop (FILE – FILE INFO – CAMERA DATA). up to 3200
    •Twitter, post to Facebook, or tell 3 or more photographer friends that you know about this contest so they can enter too. Off to Twitter :)

  19. 20


    My worst was a wedding in a dark hall in Capemay, NJ. It was during the day, but all the window’s were blacked out to create a mood. LOL! My camera was a Canon Xti, 50mm 1.8 lens and and ISO of 1600. I had to “vintage” the look of the photo to make the grain look intended.

  20. 21

    Marie Taylor says

    Worst location so far has been at an indoor graduation ceremony at our local arena in the evening. I have a Canon XTI and was all the way up to 1600 for the ISO. I would so LOVE to win this software…. It would be a DREAM to have!!

  21. 22


    oh my gosh Jodi, this would be SO GREAT!! Worst location I’ve ever shot at was in the basement of a church for a 60th birthday party that I was asked to shoot. Camera is a Canon 40D, and my ISO was 1250. All of the pictures had a LOT of noise. I’ve used Portraiture on a trial basis and LOVED it, and have heard great things about Noiseware. I would LOVE to win this package! Thanks so much! I’m posting this to my FB page ☺

  22. 23

    Kasandra says

    Since shooting digital, what is the worst location you have ever had to shoot in (in terms of low light causing noise)?

    House with literally no windows except the sky lights.

    What camera were you using?


    And what ISO were you at? If you are unsure, go look up your EXIF data in Photoshop (FILE – FILE INFO – CAMERA DATA).

    1600 … absolute disaster with a D80

  23. 24


    Worst place I shot with low light was a baby nursery with no windows down a long hallway. I was shooting with a Rebel XT 800iso. Heading off to twitter & facebook to post the contest!

  24. 25


    * The hardest, based on what I usually shoot, is a small hospital room – with the lights dimmed, trying to get portraits of a newborn.
    * I shoot with a Canon 50D
    *ISO sometimes has to go as high as 800 or *ack* even 1600. Hatehatehate that!

    – off to Twitter –

    I have every crossable part, crossed that you pick me!

  25. 26


    Worst location…..easy pick for me. One of my first client sessions -a newborn – at their home, a 12-foot ceiling room painted completeld RED, and I mean RED, with the smallest window. Using my Nikon D50 at the time, ISO of 800 and then tried 1600. This made we want to do a pre-session consult at all my clients home to check things out before a session! :)

  26. 27

    pam says

    What a great contest thanks Jodi. The worst lighting situation was an old warehouse in Saco, Maine. The location was really cool but it was late in the day and a thunderstorm was coming. The windows in this place were all dirty and natural light was low. I was shooting with my D200 at 1600 and the noise was notable. Would love to win this and now have to worry so much about noise. Thanks

  27. 28


    Worst lighting situation was on a rainy, rainy, rainy day with the wedding party at an old piano factory. I was shooting with my Nikon D40 at the time and had the ISO up to 800…talk about NOISE! Thanks for the contest!

  28. 29


    1. Believe it or not–it was outside at a park and I was trying to schedule during the “golden hour”. However, the client was late and the park had a bit too much shade and since I was very early in my career–I really did not know how to deal with it or use light modifiers. So, it was way to dark for my camera. And yes, I know always schedule my clients at least 30 minutes before my preferred lighting time.

    2. The original canon rebel (I have no idea what model # that is but I bought it in 2004)–hello noise!

    3. I was shooting between 400 and 800 but was terribly underexposed since I was trying to push it.

    Thankfully for noise software I was able to salvage enough images to meet the needs of my client/friends.

    Yes, many, many years later and I have now worked up to a 5D mkII but now I really can’t afford anything else for a while so winning this software would be awesome!

  29. 30

    Lori S. says

    Worst spot ever was inside my mom’s house while shooting for my sister’s wedding. I had my ISO set at 1600- at the time I was using an Olympus E-500. Needless to say the pictures came out with a bunch of noise thanks to the awful windows in Puerto Rico that hardly let in any light at all.

  30. 31

    Shelby says

    My daughter’s ballet class/rehearsal – no flash allowed. I was using my D30 and was shooting at ISO 800.

  31. 33


    The worst noise I’ve experienced has been when shooting my son’s school productions (at night, no flash allowed) for this year’s school yearbook. Shot with a 5d at 1600 and 3200 iso. Yikes. Noise galore.

  32. 35


    Worst location- An evening shoot ON THE LAKE of a family in their sailboat, me and my dh following in a little boat. The light was ok at first but it went away fast….

    Camera- Rebel XT
    ISO- 1600 (It was cranked so I could keep my SS high enough to compensate for lots of motion)

    All that complaining done- aside from the SERIOUS NOISE ISSUES, this session changed my outlook on photography, which I am forever thankful! The images were pretty…. and so fun. Just TERRIBLE quality.

    I am posting a link on a private forum for several other photog friends….

    Thanks for such a cool give-away!

  33. 36

    Shanael says

    Worst light, has to be my house at night or maybe the church during my kids baptisms (easter vigil by candelight). I use a Rebel XTi. Either 800 or 1600 I deleted the pictures they were so bad :(.

  34. 37


    The worst location for me so far was a historic chapel with stained glass only and these yellow lights inside. ARGH! Shooting with the Nikon D700. ISO 5000. Would love the Noiseware and/or Portraiture! Yeah, thanks for the chance.

  35. 38


    The worst location was at a park area. I should have gone and checked it out first, but I didn’t. Not to mention I wasn’t real experienced in looking for the light and we chose some real dark areas. I was using a Nikon D70 at ISO 800. I really wanna win this…pick me pick me!!! :O) Thank you!! I will go tell 3 people now!

  36. 39


    Here in Houston it is VERY hot right now, not that I would photograph my kids durring the day but after that golden hour in the evening we usually have more fun in the yard with the kids. Using my 50mm at around 800ISO or more I can get great light but the noise is terrible, I can’t get those crisp shots that I am use to and I lose some great photos :( I shot with a D50

  37. 40


    I photographed my best friend’s home birth in her at 3am. I was shooting with a Nikon D300 and was at ISO 1250. Noiseware would have been VERY HELPFUL!!!!

  38. 41

    tracy says

    worst location- it was a good location, but i just took the shoot too late into the evening and got some good shots that are not crisp enough. canon 40d, 1600 ISO. oh hope i win, i was planning on buying two of these plug ins anyway… mayb e a discount code for those of us that dont win? THANKS JODI!

  39. 42


    I walked into a client’s home who had assured me she had “great light”. The light was horrible! I had to shoot at ISO 800 and with my old camera (Olympus E410) which did not handle high ISOs very well. I ended up converting most of the pictures to black and white because of the grain.

    I had the trial version of Portraiture recently and LOVED it!!! I really hope to win.

  40. 44


    I had the hardest time with noise on one of my indoor newborn shoots with my Digital Canon Rebel with the ISO at 800. I didn’t have my flash yet so I had to use a combo of natural light and available tungsten.

  41. 46


    There are a few locations I’ve tried w/ low light, but 2 specifically come to mind: an 8 pm wedding in a low-lit church with ridiculously yellow lights (plus no windows & prohibited flash) & some ruins on the edge of town when the sun had set just enough to make problems. Both were at 1600 ISO (since that’s as high as my camera goes) on a Rebel XTi…

    I would love this software. I’m interested in shooting weddings – talk about consistently low-lighting situations! Thanks for the great contest!

  42. 47


    In a dining hall with no windows and low light. It was where the couple’s wedding reheresal is going to be held next year (glad i’m not doing the wedding! lol) ISO 1600 on Canon XTi. I hope I win!!

  43. 48


    The worst lighting was this past weekend at my first wedding. I didn’t know how hard it would be to photograph a wedding and this just made it 100 times worse…. I shot at 800 on my Rebel XT…

  44. 50

    L May says

    In the local community center shooting a stock show. At the time I was shooting with a Canon Rebel, iso 800. Thanks for all the info you put on your blog, I’ve learned so much here!

  45. 51


    I was shooting in a rented hall with very little light. Shooting with a Nikon D200 @ 800 ISO. Still haven’t found a great tool to remove noise… so, I’d love to win this!

  46. 52


    I love all three of those imagenomic products, they’ve been on my wish list for some time.

    Worst low light shoot was probably a December wedding we did at a log cabin style lodge. Every surface that wasn’t a dark wood was painted a very deep shade of green or red. There was also a lot of different ceiling heights, weird overhangs, etc. Absolutely beautiful place, but horrible lighting. The worst was the ceremony because we couldn’t use flash and it was dark by 5pm. I was using a 40D and my fastest primes at 1250 ISO and still had considerable noise.

  47. 54


    I was shooting belugas in Sea World. The Wild Arctic exhibit it lit like the North Pole so it’s very scenic… and my camera cannot see a thing. I have a Canon Rebel XT and I took a shot at ISO 1600 that looked like a preschooler’s dot painting.

  48. 55


    The worst location was at a church for a wedding I shot for a friend. I had to bump my iso up to 800 b/c anything about 400 shows a lot of noise & at 800, well it wasn’t a good site! I was using Sony A100.

  49. 56

    Diane Stewart says

    The worst place for me is in a gym. Taking photos of a local play (Willy Wonka)I had the ISO up to 1600. Great photos, bad grain. Would love the opportunity to win these, Thanks so much.

  50. 58


    i walked into a HUGE family shoot (19 people) and they refused to go outside… said it was too windy for them. They had their living room all cleaned up and said that we needed to shoot in there. I shot at 800iso and HAD to HAD TO use my flash. It was my first session i ever put my flash on for! YUCK! but hey – they bought my session cd :) canon 5d and the 24-70

  51. 60


    A few weeks ago I was photographing a bar mitzvah in a very dark temple. I’m on an original 5D and the ISO was really high. There was grain, but I think it added to the photos. I’ve posted it on twitter (kimschmidtphoto)

  52. 61

    Kelly S says

    My worst location was probably my own living room! I’d made the mistake of painting the walls a brown/putty colour and the colour casts from that were always a nuisance to deal with! It also took me awhile to discover the “bump your ISO” trick. I was shooting with the Pentax K110D, ISO 200.

  53. 62


    The worst location was an outdoor wedding at 7:30 p.m. on an overcast day at the end of April. It was terrible. There was so much noise! I was using a Canon 40D at ISO 1600. Thank God for RAW!

  54. 63


    I was shooting indoors at a church, in the early evening and set my camera to 1600 ISO and played with the manual setting till I had enough light to take some shots (my son’s preschool graduation). I didn’t have my tripod, so I had to have as much light as I could. The pictures were grainy at best…even a 4 x 6 print came out pixellated and grainy. I used my Canon EOS XT.

    And to add insult to injury, I had a session the next day in my new home studio, with lots of natural light…but I forgot to change the ISO back down…every picture I took had horrid noise. Luckily, I was able to use the Noiseware Community (free version) software to fix some of the shots. And having used that for the first time, I am absolutely in LOVE with that software and would like to see what the entire version could do!

  55. 64

    Jennifer says

    Worst location: Well, the location wasn’t bad, but we just ran out of daylight. So we were in a park, for a newborn session, in the dark. I used an off camera flash. It was just too dramatic for a newborn session!

    What camera were you using? Nikon D80

    And what ISO were you at? 800

  56. 65

    robin cornett says

    Hardest location for me is hands down, my church. And I shoot there a lot…. the lighting is mixed, and not bright, plus the carpets are a reddish/purplish/pinkish, and the walls are all a light purple. I’ve shot there with my 20D until I upgraded to a 5D… usually at 1600 or 3200. The noise is compounded by the WB issues.

  57. 66


    The worst lighting conditions that I have had to shoot with were in a hospital delivery room. I had to shoot at ISO 1600 with my canon 40D. This would also come in handy for my weddings as some of those churches can be quite dark! Please pick me! It would be such a big help! Thanks.

  58. 67


    Definitely a wedding in a Catholic church that wouldn’t let me use flash. It had tiny windows that were way up high and provided no help! I was using my canon 40D at iso 800-1250. Then still had to do lots of work on them. Thank you!

  59. 68

    Robyn says

    1. A wedding in a train station at 2:00 in the afternoon. The entire ceremony backlit; the reception mostly dark with a yellow cast to it. (My friend is probably never going to speak to me again.)
    2. A Pentax k10
    3. ISO 800-1600

  60. 69


    Noise problems! Anywhere and everywhere with my dinosaur of a camera Canon 300D- one of the first Rebels. I don’t even have to have “bad” light to get noise but my worst location for shooting with my old camera was under a gazebo thing by the beach. It was really dark under there but really bright outside. It was horrible!

  61. 70


    I’m still just starting out, so I don’t have all the really expensive equipment, just a Nikon D40X and it does not handle noise well at all. I second shot my first wedding with the D40X and the church had terrible lighting and we couldn’t use flash. The church was a brick fortress and the back wall was a huge stained glass window (Hello, color casts!) I was using ISO 800, but it just wasn’t cutting it, so I had to bump it up to 1600 and use a tripod. The primary wedding photographer had this software and was able to save a lot of my photos. I need to invest in this (or hopefully win a copy). Thanks for sharing!

  62. 71


    * In a client’s living room at night with only one side light on to capture a lil’ one reading a book
    * I was using the Canon 40D
    * ISO 1600
    Off to spread the news of the contest!

  63. 72


    Dance performances are challenging for me. I have to crank up my ISO to 1600. I currently have a 30D and I am drooling over the 5D mark II for these very reason! Thanks for the contest!!

  64. 73


    * Since shooting digital, what is the worst location you have ever had to shoot in (in terms of low light causing noise)? At the train station!
    * What camera were you using? Nikon D40
    * And what ISO were you at? If you are unsure, go look up your EXIF data in Photoshop (FILE – FILE INFO – CAMERA DATA). ISO 800
    * Twitter, post to Facebook, or tell 3 or more photographer friends that you know about this contest so they can enter too. DONE!

  65. 74

    Angie says

    I shot a friend’s daughter’s 1st birthday party indoors at 4 pm in the winter. I tried to use ISO 1600 on a Canon Rebel XT. I could tell the noise was bad so I had to switch to using the horrible on board flash. After seeing the images on my computer, I ordered myself a 40d the next day.

  66. 75


    A HUGE catholic wedding at 6:00 p.m. in October with no natural light to come in and most the time there is no flash during the ceremony. I was on ISO 1800 on my Nikon D300 but the noise was still so high. I wanted to capture what I saw with the eye but that was so not the case! I would LOVE this product!!

  67. 76


    worst noise was at a wedding in a very dark chapel using an Olympus E-510 @ 400 iso.. would luv to win this!! thx so much for the offer! will be sure to tell my top friends :0))

  68. 77


    Worst location would have to be in a barn on a hazy day, could not find any light anywhere, shooting at ISO800. I shoot with a Canon 50D. This software would be awesome!

  69. 78


    My worst place so far has been a wedding in a church with really high ceilings and only small stained glass windows…so not a lot of light. It was also only my 3rd wedding…first time doing a wedding indoors. I was using my D300 and had to use ISO 2000. :-(

  70. 79


    worst noise was at a wedding in a very dark chapel using an Olympus E-510 @ 400 iso.. would luv to win this!! thx so much for the offer! will be sure to tell my photog friends :0))

  71. 80


    I just did a newborn session a week ago (I was a second shooter) .. the lighting was awful and had to bump my ISO to 800-1600 (it was THAT bad). Huge lesson learned that day! I was using my Sony a700 which is usually a champ at ISO, but there were so many factors that just defeated the pictures..

    Oh How I would love this!!!! Off to tweet about it..

  72. 81


    I had to shoot a newborn (so flash was not an option) in someone’s home that was incredibly DARK!!! I mean I was shooting at ISO 800 with my 40D and it was a nightmare! I could really use this software! Pretty please, pick me! 😉

  73. 82


    Shooting with my xti, I have noise problems anytime I go up ISO 400. Don’t even think about ISO 800. However, sometimes I have to go up that high.

    The worst location yet has been in a church for a wedding. I was mostly at 400, but forgot to switch over from 800 for a couple of shots. You can definitely tell the difference.

  74. 83

    Susan LeBlanc says

    My worst lighting situation was in the basement of a house. No windows, just the house lights and no flash. I was using a Canon XTi and shooting at ISO 1600. Very grainy. =(

  75. 84


    The worst location I have ever shot at, in terms of low light, causing noise, would have to be in a dimly lit auditorium for a college graduation. The seats were stadium seating, and though my seats were good, meaning I was able to spot my graduate (who by the way was the size of a peanut), by the time I zoomed and took the picture, much noise was captured.

    I was using my Canon Rebel XSi.

    I was shooting at ISO 800, some with my Speedlite 430exII, and some without.

    This contest is now set as my facebook status.

  76. 85

    April Butler says

    I would SOOOO love to win this! I love to shoot in old buildings which sometimes have NO light. I was once shooting in a an old train car at ISO 1000 with my D200. It was getting late so we were losing light. The grain was so bad! To win this would help me so much!

  77. 87

    Pam says

    My biggest worst lightening has been right in people’s homes, not everyone has great light in their home depending on the time of day. I shoot with a Canon 30D so anything above 400 gets noise. I will facebook this to all my photog buddies :) I could use this product so much !

  78. 88


    Worst was last shoot. My first in someone else’s home. Late afternoon, not enough window light. Baby 7 weeks old, does not want to sleep. Iso 600 and Olympus e-500 Baby only happy in Louisiana Sun outside….. Makes mom and dad hot but baby happy , not the greatest shots.

  79. 89


    Since shooting digital, what is the worst location you have ever had to shoot in ? Dance Recital
    What camera were you using? canon xt (Before I got my 5d)
    And what ISO were you at? 800

  80. 90

    ChristyVW says

    At home at Christmas time. I was shooting with a Nikon D50 at ISO 1600 trying to capture my young daughters in the Christmas lights by the tree. I love the pictures, but they are definitely very noisy!!

  81. 93


    My worst lighting problem was the field behind my house. Tall grass, great location. I hadn’t shot in a while and had them show up at my normal time. But the leaves had fallen on the trees and I had lost my shade. They even showed up with the dog in tow.
    I was shooting with a Nikon D80 bumped my ISO to 400 for shutter speed. The father was in the shade and the oldest daughters face was blown out from the sun that was now there with the season change. I had to do a reshoot.

  82. 94


    Would love to win this software!!! Worst place I have shot as far as low light was in a church–the area I had to shoot at had NO windows and no flash allowed. I was shooting with a Nikon D300 and an ISOs of 3200-6400 depending on my aperture. I can’t wait to RT this!!

  83. 95


    A tiny bedroom, from 7:00pm to 11:45pm, photographing a home birth. Only light was a very dim lamp in the corner of the room and at some points, the only light was some candles that were lit around the room. Shot with Nikon D50. ISO 1600.

  84. 96

    Kathy Johnson says

    The worst place to shoot in low light is a toss up. Either the school auditorium with variant lighting or the high school football fields at night with their extremely poor lighting. I shot in these conditions with a Nikon D50 at ISO 1600, even with a fast lens. UGH!!

  85. 97

    Katie S says

    A REEEEEALLY dark gothic cathedral. Unfortunately my Nikon D70s doesn’t make the 1600 ISO I used look very good. I know the newer cameras handle bumping ISO so much better. I would just DIE if I won this!!!!

  86. 98


    oooh, worst lighting so far was my 2nd newborn shoot – the parents lived in the mountains literally under trees, there was no light in the house! I had my ISO cranked up to 1000 – using the Canon 40D. Nooo fun, I’d love this product!

  87. 99


    Since shooting digital my worst location has been a carwash basically in the dark, fo a photog get together.
    What camera were you using? canon xti
    And what ISO were you at? 800 & 1600

  88. 100


    Worst low light situation- wedding in late afternoon, dark skies.. gray.. ISO 1600 barely covered it with my ap wide open! At the time, I was using my first DSLR, a Canon Rebel XT. Off to share this contest on Facebook! Thanks!!!

  89. 101

    Lindsay Horn says

    I shot at a high school play and had to go up to about ISO 1600 and up. With my Nikon D80 it was not very pretty. This software looks great!

  90. 102


    Since shooting digital, what is the worst location you have ever had to shoot in (in terms of low light causing noise)? Our church at my son’s baptism; I had to stick it on auto with the onboard flash. :(

    What camera were you using? Canon XSi

    And what ISO were you at? If you are unsure, go look up your EXIF data in Photoshop (FILE – FILE INFO – CAMERA DATA). 1600

  91. 103


    Cool Contest! The hardest low light spot that I have shot at before was in a drive through tunnel under a building. It’s a very cool place but really hard to get a good exposure. I was shooting with my Nikon D300 (this was the first time using it…ahhh). I had to bump my ISO to 1600 to get anything decent. Client really liked the setting so I had to do it!

  92. 104


    I have tried SEVERAL times to get the perfect on stage shot during my daughter’s dance recitals/competitions. Because of not being allowed to use a flash I have to use a really high ISO. I shoot with a Canon 50 D and have shot at ISO 800-1600; still not achieving the perfect photo. How do I post a link to my facebook page and I will. Thanks for a great contest, I’d love to win this package.

  93. 105


    It was a wedding in a church that had very small windows, so the lighting was very poor and the church required that the photographer sit in the balcony. The ISO was 800 and it was a Nikon D50.

  94. 106


    thanks for the chance to win this awesome package, wow! worst location was inside a log cabin with all pine ceilings/walls/floors on a heavily overcast day…awful! nikon d90 with iso at 1000.

  95. 107

    Eric says

    I have to agree with lori. My D80 could you a little software help, until my business picks up the D80 is it for me…lol

  96. 108


    The worst place for noise that I’ve shot was a small jazz club called the Pilot in Yorkville, Toronto. Dark walls & tiny lights near the black ceiling make it almost impossible! I was last using a Pentax K100D and I tried as high as ISO 3200. I got useable results one time with a manual focus/aperture 50mm f/1.4, but it was just too dark for my 50-135mm f/2.8.

  97. 109


    I’m so excited about this contest. I just downloaded the freeware from imagenomics, and I love it.
    Christmas Eve pics are always the worst. Excited kids darting around the room, but still trying to get that perfect pic with the light of the tree.

    Canon XTi
    ISO 1600

  98. 110


    Since shooting digital, what is the worst location you have ever had to shoot in (in terms of low light causing noise)? A Church
    What camera were you using? D70S
    And what ISO were you at? If you are unsure, go look up your EXIF data in Photoshop (FILE – FILE INFO – CAMERA DATA).1600

    I twittered and facebooked about the contest at the same time.

  99. 111

    Jennifer S says

    Worse location? My living room on Christmas Eve
    What camera were you using? Canon xti
    And what ISO were you at? 800
    Twitter – Done

  100. 112


    1) an outdoor wedding turned indoors when it started POURING! The indoor area had dark paneling and it was super crowded. 2) Canon 50D, ISO at 800-1000 most of the time. I have been lusting after this, but the funds just haven’t been there for me to splurge on this. I did download the trials of this, so I’ve had just a tiny taste of it and know that I WANT it!!

  101. 113

    Michelle Hires says

    My Nikon D300 generally handles high ISO’s pretty well. I was shooting in an old hall on a military post with very small windows at 1600+ ISO and the noise was more noticeable than usual. Thanks for offering such a great giveaway!

  102. 114

    Karla Kral says

    My worst situtions for location was our local train depot. It can be really bright out but under that eve it is so dark so I set my ISO to 800 and it still wasn’t great! I am shooting with a Canon 40D right now. Thanks for the great contest…I hope I am lucky!

  103. 115


    A dark Church – I just shudder thinking about it!
    Nikon D300
    ISO 3200
    All that said – the noise wasn’t terrible but to be able to blow up prints or for a tight crop there was some noise I would have loved to clear up!
    What a terrific prize! I’ve been wanting noiseware forever!

  104. 116

    Iris Hicks says

    A birthday party at night inside with all of the lights out and only the birthday cake candles giving any light. I was shooting with a Canon 40D at ISO 1600…..lots and lots of noise.

  105. 120


    Anything indoor. I use almost exclusively natural light and with my D60 I hate using anything above ISO 200. I can’t wait to try out the D90. I’ll tell some others on Facebook. Great contest, thank you.

  106. 122

    Susan says

    I was at a church on Sunday that has terrible lighting…Canon 50D…had to shoot at 800…yuck!
    yuck! off to email 3 photogs

  107. 123


    I think the worst low light location would have to be one of the first bands I shot in a bar. The stage lighting was completely inadequate, not to mention that I was shooting with a Nikon D80 and a kit lens. ISO 800 was so noise ridden that the pics were NOT worth showing. Needless to say, that band did not get their pictures because the “memory card corrupted”. 😀

  108. 124

    Michelle says

    That would have to be a wedding in a candle lit church where the photographer was required to stand in the back and not use flash. I was at ISO 800 on my 40D. I’m happily sharing this contest with my photo friends. :)

  109. 125


    I was shooting a beach wedding in Florida last August and it happened to be during a hurricane – the bride wanted to try to do the wedding outside in between the rain bands because she did not have a backup plan. They ended up having the wedding in the small lobby area of the hotel. The lighting was a joke. Ended up having to shoot 3200 ISO – on my Nikon D300. The pictures after the wedding were taking in a small chapel that could fit about 5 people at a time – and there the lighting was even worse – did mangage at 3200 but the pictures were a tad grainy! Love to add these to my workflow but because of financial reasons I have not been able to purchase them!

  110. 126


    My kitchen using sliding glass door for light, dark cloudy skies at 4pm in the afternoon, 800 ISO, NIkon D90, they were VERY noisy!! And I am posting this contest to my facebook!

  111. 127


    1. A church with hardly any window light
    2. Canon Xti
    3. 800ISO even WITH a speedlite (it was HORRIBLE lighting!)
    4. Twittering now :)

  112. 128


    – Since shooting digital, worst location I’ve had to shoot in was at night under street lamps.
    – Nikon D50
    – 800ISO
    – Off to Tweet on Twitter ( @matrixchic ) and FB

  113. 129


    I shot at the most amazing little chapel with the heavy wood door and lots of stained glass windows surrounding. However, it was sooo dark inside for the wedding and of course no flash!! I was a second shooter and shot with my Canon XSi and 24-70 glass. My ISO was cranked all the way to 1600 and yeah my camera can just NOT handle it. Off to twitter & facebook!

  114. 130


    Ooooo! Thanks for the generous contest!

    I’d say the worst location I’ve had to shoot so far was at my aunt & uncle’s house for their 25th anniversary – huge party with family and friends. It was a dark Feb. night and I’m not exactly known for my flash prowess. Very frustrating, indeed!
    I was using my Sony a200, and had to jack it up to 800 and 1600 ISO to get anything decent.

    Thanks for the chance to win this fabulous prize;)

  115. 131


    ugh, I dread bad lighting conditions. Worse for me was during a natural light newborn session in a clients home…I showed up to find they lived in a dungeon…tiny windows, old house, hardly ANY natural light to work with and it was cold outside so couldn’t bring the baby outdoors. This was before I owned any lighting/strobes (yes, I bought them after this…;)).
    I shot at 800-1000 ISO with my Canon 40D and 24/70 2.8. Yes, the images were noisy and I did my best with ACR and PS to clean them up but this was when I was wishing I had noiseware! Thank goodness they didn’t order any large portraits!
    Off to FB about this contest – thanks Jodi:)!!

  116. 132


    The worst place I’ve ever shot in was a banquet center with high black ceilings and very soft chandeliers. It was horrid! (I’ve had to shoot there twice for wedding receptions!) The camera I was using was a Canon XTI. My ISO was at 800 and terribly noisy. I’ve tried trials of Noiseware and Portraiture and LOVED them! I can’t afford them right now, but hope to have them someday, so maybe I can win it! That would be such a blessing! Thanks for awesome contests! I’ve reposted on facebook and twitter! :)

  117. 133

    StacyB says

    1. In Constitution Hall for my daughter’s OAKE performance (singing). We were in the back balcony with no flash photography allowed. 2. Canon XSi with a 55-250 4-5.6 lens. 3. I had to zoom as much as possible so my aperture was stuck at 5.6, and I had no tripod so I had to have ISO of 1600 for any attempt at a sharp photo. YIKES!!!! 4. Off to facebook and a mommy forum now!

  118. 134

    Jennifer B says

    Probably my worst lighting situation was my daughter’s second birthday, here at my own house. Couldn’t find the flash, evening time inside, and only the little table light and a couple of candles for light. CRAZILY noisy pictures. It was a Pentax istD, and I was up to ISO 1600. Ugh. May she someday forgive me.

  119. 135


    The worst was last month! At a college graduation at UK (University of Kentucky). I had my ISO up to 1600 on my Canon Rebel XT. The pics were NOT fabulous at all!! Thank you for the great contest!!

  120. 137

    Michelle says

    Worst light was taken indoors at a Children’s museum for a birthday party- horrible noise (ISO 1600) with a Nikon D50. What was I thinking – umm, guess I wasn’t!

  121. 138

    Laurie says

    Well, I am not a professional yet, but I am starting a business soon and I am sure this would come in handy. I have had many indoor shoots at my home where noiseware could have come in handy. With my D80, the noise shows even at lower ISOs.Thanks!

  122. 140


    1. Worst location was a runway style hair show charity event!! Crazy dark no flash!!!

    2. Nikon D200, ISO was 1600 on most…. The grain was unreal!!!!

    Took forever to proof these and I was not happy with the end result!! I would sooooooooo love to win this package!!!!

  123. 141


    * Several weddings, one comes to mind in Jackson TN. The only light in the church was 2 ceiling fans with one bulb in each fan and no window light at all!
    * Nikon D70
    * it went between 800 and 1200

    I could really use this software, especially since I’m still shooting with a Nikon D70!!! :)

  124. 142


    My 2nd wedding ever was in an old church with stained glass windows.

    Oh, stained glass windows, I bet that was pretty, you say. Yea, pretty RED! The windows casted such a red tint over everything the brides dress looked deep pink to the naked eye. Lovely.
    Ok, so that wouldn’t have been so bad, you think, just take them outside. Yea that’s what I wanted too. But nooooo, the bride insisted that every single picture be taken inside the santuary.

    The kicker, I wasn’t allowed to use a flash, for anything, not even the posed pictures. I didn’t get started with posed pictures until 5:30PM (yes PM, you read that right) on an Ohio December night, so it was already dark (except for the street lights bringing in that awful red color).

    So, lets recap, no flash, red cast, candle lighting, refusal to go outdoors, and an ISO that saw nothing lower than 800 (and on a D80 that’s not a good thing) and that was only at the reception. It was fun. (note the sarcasm)

  125. 143


    It was in a small room with dark paneling walls, no flash. I bumped my ISO up to 800…lots of noise!! Im using a Canon XTI, will be happy to share the link!

  126. 144


    Great contest! The worst location was at a family member’s wedding reception. The lights were turned down low to give a nice vibe but it was horrible for my Rebel XT at the time. I had the ISO at 800 and the noise was horrible!!

  127. 145

    T.J. Freeman says

    gymnastics photography… crazy stuff if the lighting is good, but a total nightmare if it is bad. I pretty much always had to shoot at either 1600 or 1600 compensated down to 3200 on my RebelXT. I went to this one gym that was especially bad, it was on a bad side of town and really run down. About a third of the lights were out, and of the ones that were working they were of varying temperatures. I would set the white balance and a shot on one side of the floor would be correct and following the gymnast to the other side they were wrong. It just meant tons of post processing, but it made for a really frustrating shoot.

  128. 146

    Sarah says

    Worst location was on the beach – not so much the location but the timing, it was too late in the evening. I was using my Nikon 40Dx at 800 iso. I was doing some family pics for a friend of mind and I was so unhappy with how these turned out.

  129. 147


    The worst lighting situation I’ve had so far was having to set up in the kitchen of a trailer for a first birthday cake smash shoot. The lighting was HORRIBLE. My off-camera flash plus an ISO of 800 makes for bad, noisey pictures with a Rebel XTi! Thanks for the contest!

  130. 148


    The worst ever was all my fault but it was the middle of the day – before I knew better – the sun was extrememly harsh, in a field of oats, in south georgia, with nats everywhere, and the best part my husband had shot a dance recital the night before in the dark with no flash and I forgot to zero out all of my settings – I t was awful. I was at ISO 1000 with my NIkon D300.

  131. 149

    Fyalon says

    1. My worst light was in a home in Indiana in a room with 2 small windows at 5 pm.
    2. Nikon D40
    3. HA! ISO 400.
    4. I’ll pass it on!!!

  132. 150


    * Indoors with very little window light. It happens all the time! ARGH!
    * Sad to say I only have a Nikon D40 :(
    * 400… any higher and I have NOISE :(
    * Twitter, post to Facebook, or tell 3 or more photographer friends that you know about this contest so they can enter too.


  133. 151


    A night wedding in a church where no flash was allowed. I was using my Canon XTI at 1600 and 50% of the pictures were completely unuseable.

  134. 152

    Sandy says

    Since I’m JSO I get a lot of noise in situations where others most likely wouldn’t, I’m working on it though, but I’m not good in low light… yet. :0)
    Currently I’m using an Olympus Stylus 720 SW, I’ll be getting a Nikon D300 in August!
    My ISO only goes up to 1600 currently, but I can’t go that high without horrible noise.
    Thanks for this great opportunity!

  135. 153


    Newborn session in a townhouse with no windows on either sides on a cloudy day sometimes using 800 iso I was using a 20D at the time now I have a 5D II. I would love to win this thanks for posting

  136. 156


    My worst lighting situation was a wedding in a very dimly lit community hall where the only natural light was harsh afternoon sun coming from the opened doors to the building. I was shooting with a rebel xti at 1600 (makes me sick thinking about it!)

  137. 157


    Worst light was in a hotel room while the bride was getting ready. Shot with a Canon 5D Mark II at 1600 ISO. Ugh! I made her stand right next to the window with her face practically pressed up against the glass to get good lighting. To top it off, it was nice and cloudy : )

  138. 158


    It was one of my first shoots ever, a family session. It was overcast and we were standing in shade. I bumped my ISO to 400 – I was using a Sony a200(now have a Canon 50D). The pictures were all so noisy, it was awful. This product would really help me out. I don’t like using ISO at all but sometimes I have to.

  139. 159


    • Since shooting digital, what is the worst location you have ever had to shoot in (in terms of low light causing noise)? Indoors at a clients home in Dearborn, Michigan. It was my first baby shoot and I was taking pictures of their newborn. The lightening was horrible. It was a rainy overcast day, which really was a bummer. I had a light, my husband was helping out holding it, but when I started snapping photo’s my hubby was not next to me like I thought he was. When I got home and started to post process I found that most of my shots had so much noise in them. I actually felt sick!!! I had not clue what to do! I was so disappointed with my work.
    • What camera were you using? Canon Rebel Xti with a 50 mm 1.8 lens (I would love to upgrade but at this time I am still saving up)
    • And what ISO were you at? 200
    • Twitter, post to Facebook, or tell 3 or more photographer friends that you know about this contest so they can enter too. Kim, Rachele and Christy. Also put the link up on my FB, Twitter and my Blog.

  140. 160


    At my friend’s wedding, there were only windows on one wall in the room at a yacht club and it was also cloudy outside. I was shooting with my Canon 5D. I don’t have a good telephoto yet and I couldn’t get close enough with my 24-70. So, the widest I could get with my telephoto was f/5.6. I was shooting at ISO 1600 to compensate, which gave me quite a bit of noise.

  141. 161

    Loraine says

    My worst nightmare was in a wine cellar where I was photographing a wedding couple, at their request. My camera, at the time, was a Nikon D70. My ISO was about 1600. This software would certainly be a helpful remedy in this situation.

  142. 162


    I was shooting a newborn in a dark kitchen, with my 50 mm and a 30D which has terrible noise at any ISO over like 400. I cranked it to ISO 800 and wanted to cry when I saw the results!! NOISY! I really hope that I win! Thanks for doing this!

  143. 163

    Stacey H. says

    Worst location had to be inside a gymnasium shooting participants at a karate tournament. I used a Canon 5D with 800 ISO and a Speedlight w/a diffuser and still had dark photos. Even shooting in RAW there was considerable noise. Thanks for the opportunity to win this!

  144. 164


    I was taking pictures of my daughter on a path at a local park and wanted to capture her walking away from me. There was not enough light coming through the trees so I bumped up to ISO 800 and when I got home, they looked so bad. I shoot with a Nikon D50 and I would love love love this software. I have posted it on Ana’s forum and will post on Facebook when I get home.

  145. 165


    Worst place is in the theater. I was shooting with a Nikon D90 at ISO 3200. No flash allowed. I’ll post on Facebook. Thanks for the contest!

  146. 166

    Kimbrey says

    Worst location- my old apartment was a basement apartment with limited window light. Esp. at night lighting was horrible. I usually had to use 1600 ISO or a flash (yuck). This is a great giveaway!

  147. 167


    My worst lighting was in the woods during a highly cloudy day. The trees blocked ANY light what so ever. It was shot with my d300 at iso 800. Now pick me :)

  148. 169


    Earlier this month I was assisting/3rd shooting at a wedding… The reception was dark and I wasn’t connected to the main photographer’s OCL. I was shooting with my Canon 20D at ISO H (I think it’s 3200). I was mortified to send my images to the main photographer. Winning this would really help me out!!!

  149. 170


    I’ve had my eye on this software for sometime.. would love to win! My worst location shoot was a reception hall lit mostly by candles and a few spot lights for ambient light. I was using a Nikon D300 and my ISO was all over the place from 800-3200.

  150. 171


    1. A big family gathering at some lodge in Williamsburg, VA. They wanted a group picture in front of the fireplace. Dark dark dark… it was awful. I had serious anxiety!
    2. I was shooting with a Rebel xti
    3. ISO 1600 … the rebel really does a crap job with noise at high ISO.
    Thanks for the chance!

  151. 172


    Back in September I had a maternity session at a client’s house. It was DARK with very little windows. I had my Canon Rebel XT with it set on 800 ISO, results were not pretty. I would LOVE to win this, what an awesome prize!

  152. 173


    One of the worst was a shoot at a friend’s house…it was a very old house with tiny windows and very very little light. I was shooting her one-year old son and really wanted just natural light. At the time I was using a Nikon D50, i was at ISO 800 and needless to say the photos had a ton of noise.
    Thank you for posting this contest Jodi, I would love love love to win!

  153. 174

    Sunshine says

    1. My daughters bedroom, while she is sleeping 😉
    2. Nikon D50 – 50mm 1.4 lens
    3. 1600 the highest my camera will go :(

  154. 175

    Kelly M. says

    OoOoOo I’d loooove that software!

    The worst I’ve encountered, [thus-far] was a warehouse turned into a church, NO windows or anything. Ick.

    I was shooting with a Nikon D200 & D2H

    with the ISO from 800-1600

  155. 176

    Jack says

    Worse location was dress rehearsal for a youth theater group in a lowly lit auditorium. I was using my Nikon D50 at both 800 and 1600

  156. 177

    Tracy Gunn says

    Worst place: Church, no flash allowed for a baptism. Shot with D200 at ISO 800-1600. So frustrating. I know this is the best software out there, would love to have it all!

  157. 178


    Oooh, I’ve always wanted Portraiture!

    Noisiest shot? Dallas nighttime skyline shooting at ISO 1600 on my Olympus EVolt 500.

    Tweet coming up next @Photoshop Erin

  158. 179


    Here are my answers with the questions.
    * Since shooting digital, what is the worst location you have ever had to shoot in (in terms of low light causing noise)? I think it’s just anytime I’m in a lowlight or end of day backlit/shady area & when my not so awesome telephoto is maxed out is when I am trying to push exposure.
    * What camera were you using? I have a Nikon D200 with the Nikor 18-200 VR lens good overall but not so good at full telephoto
    * And what ISO were you at? If you are unsure, go look up your EXIF data in Photoshop (FILE – FILE INFO – CAMERA DATA). I still try and use the lowest ISO for the situation at 160 preferably but have used as high as 600. My noiseware does rock to help with it!
    * Twitter, post to Facebook, or tell 3 or more photographer friends that you know about this contest so they can enter too. I emailed the post to three photographers

  159. 180


    I was shooting at my church’s student ministry candlelight service one evening. They wanted cool shots of the band and the students worshipping. So, I set my Canon 30D to 3200. BLEH!!!! That was a disaster.


  160. 181


    A family’s bedroom with one small window on it. They were insistant that we take a picture on the bed! Talk about noise! I used my Canon XSi at 1600 ISO. Should have remembered my speedlite!

  161. 182


    * Since shooting digital, what is the worst location you have ever had to shoot in (in terms of low light causing noise)? My own house!
    * What camera were you using? Rebel XT of course.
    * And what ISO were you at? If you are unsure, go look up your EXIF data in Photoshop (FILE – FILE INFO – CAMERA DATA). 1600 I’m sure!
    * Twitter, post to Facebook, or tell 3 or more photographer friends that you know about this contest so they can enter too.
    Will do!!!

  162. 183

    Jeannie says

    I would LOVE to win this contest!!!! I’ve heard so much about portraiture…just downloaded the trial version today and have been playing all afternoon!! =)
    Worst Location? Unfortunately that would be my own house!
    What camera were you using? Canon 30D
    And what ISO were you at? I usually end up resorting to at least ISO 800

  163. 184


    My worst lighting situation was in a hospital room at 5pm on a December evening. There was virtually no light coming in the windows just past sundown…and I didn’t want to rely on the flourescent ceiling lights. I was using my Canon 40D on ISO 800.

  164. 185

    JulieDD says

    Since shooting digital, what is the worst location you have ever had to shoot in (in terms of low light causing noise)
    Living Room of my home

    » What camera were you using? Canon

    » And what ISO were you at? 400-still learning

    Twittering about contest! Thanks.

  165. 186


    A baby shoot, dark walls, small windows, dreary overcast day. ISO 800, nikon d70, 50 1.4………..grainy!

    Love your blog Jody. I have learned so much~

  166. 187


    I have had several times were noise reduction software would have helped me. I have tried shooting stock work for some Micro stock sites and I have been turned down several times for shots at ISO 100 due to noise. I shoot with the Canon Rebel XT and all of this software but be very helpful to me!!!! So Please PICK ME!!

  167. 188

    Tina Palmer says

    I hate to shoot in the bathroom. I know, it’s not a place i shoot often but to get some cute ones of the kids from to time. There are no windows so have to bump up the ISO quite a bit and get a horrible color cast in there. I shoot with a Canon 40d.

  168. 189


    – The worst location I have ever had to shoot in was in a church with most of the lights off, to shoot a play. There was just some light on the altar for the actors.

    – I was lucky enough to have been shooting with a Nikon D3, which as most of you may know, has phenomenal low-light / high-ISO capabilities. It was a joy to use in that situation!

    – I was pretty consistently shooting at 6400 ISO, and the images came out very clean!! Amazing!!

  169. 190


    My worst lighting experience was just a few weeks ago at a wedding reception at 7:30PM. There were floodlights & candles. Thankfully I was just getting some extra shots for a friend! My camera is a Canon 50D, ISO 1600.

    Off to twitter!

  170. 191


    1. A cave of a house with stuff piled everywhere – including the only available window.
    2. ISO 800-1600 for most of them with a
    3. Canon Rebel XT – it does not handle noise at all above 400. ICK!

  171. 192

    Jackie says

    Worst location? Anytime I try to shoot in my parents house. It’s so dark! They recently wanted pics of our girls in the bathtub. I use a Nikon D80 – I just pump up the ISO to 600 and then convert to b&w if the pics are too bad.

  172. 193


    Ooooh, great contest! I love random picked winners. Makes me feel like I actually have a shot! :)

    Evening wedding reception, in a dark, overcrowded bar with wood paneled walls. ISO 800 with a Nikon D50.

  173. 194

    Dora V says

    Shooting a hockey game. Had to go to 800 (I have an iso phobia where I don’t shoot above 200) so I was freaking out. I was using my D300. Now I’m off to spread the news….

  174. 195


    Oh oh! Pick me!! I’ve had one of my worst lighting situations outside – yep, outside. When all of a sudden it got dark and stormy. Ack! Shooting w/my 5D, ISO 1200. (I’m chicken about high ISOs.) Sharing this awesome contest w/the Pixel Chicks!~

  175. 196

    TRIE says

    That’s soooo an easy one. (lol) Back lanes against buildings in a dark part of downtown with my 40D. Iso between 1600/H depending on the level of light i DID have. Tweeting and FB’ing right NOW. Thank you for the opportunity.

  176. 197

    Lori C says

    It was my first on location newborn shoot. When I arrived the family’s idea of “lots of window light” was very different from my own… there was a large window in the room, but the light was blocked by the neighbor’s wall and a porch overhang. I shot at 800iso with my Canon 30D and got the grainy shot of my dreams…LOL…

  177. 198

    Stephanie Bowden says

    The worst location for me lately would have to be inside the auditorium at my kids school. They always crank the lights down really low during ceremonies/performances, so getting the perfect non-noisy shots of my kids on stage is difficult on my D90. Looks like these programs would be a great solution for me!

  178. 199


    # Since shooting digital, what is the worst location you have ever had to shoot in (in terms of low light causing noise)? I was asked to shoot an event, a child halloween party…. The day of the shoot it was dark and a down pour. I was stuck in a house with small rooms and my camera’s ISO above 200 maybe 400 is awful! I had to keep them at ISO 1600 just to get a semi sharp image with higher shutter speed….
    # What camera were you using? Canon XTi
    # And what ISO were you at? 800-1600!

    I am crossing my fingers and toes, I need this so badly!

  179. 200

    Stephanie Bowden says

    The worst location for me lately would have to be inside the auditorium at my kids school. They always crank the lights down really low during ceremonies/performances, so getting the perfect non-noisy shots of my kids on stage is difficult on my D90. I get a lot of noise around ISO 800. Looks like these programs would be a great solution for me!

  180. 201


    1. I just had my first wedding this past saturday and I was so excited and had all these awesome ideas for outside and the bride ended up not wanting to go outside at all to take the pics because “it was too hot” so all my plans went downhill at the last minute and had to work with all inside pictures in a dark church (they couldn’t turn up the lights for me at the time) with no windows and a black backround on the stage with all black suites and dresses (except the bride) I was very nervous my shots were going to turn out too noisy. But I guess that’s how you learn- from unexpected situations and new experiences. It was a good challenge for me :)

    2. I was using a Canon Rebel XTi with a (rented) canon 24-70mm f/2.8 L lens.

    3. ISO was always between 800 and 1600

    4. Posted on my facebook:

    Thanks so much for this awesome contest! ( keeping my fingers crossed 😉

  181. 202

    Jacqueline says

    Thanks for such a great opportunity to win some awesome software! The worst location I have ever shot in was an old chicken feed-barn. I was documenting a farm that had been part of this family for about 125 years, and every barn had interesting yet workable light except for one…the chicken feed-barn. (And there were some great photo opportunities inside this barn with items from 3-4 generations ago.) I was using a Canon 40d at the time and had my ISO setting on 1600. The noise gave a creative aspect to the picture, but it would have been great to have more control at the time I took the pictures. Off to tell three more people… Thanks Jodi!!

  182. 203


    I like to think I could better handle the location today, but I took my Canon A520 p&s inside a store in California Adventures. ISO 600. I (thought I)knew enough to turn off my flash. My DD was 3 and tried on all of the princess costumes. She was adorable – and several customers bought the outfits when they saw them on her. Sadly, my pics were very noisy (due to underexposure).

  183. 204

    Christie Giacomozzi says

    Worse light was my grandfathers ninty-third birthday! Incredibly special. Darkest room I have ever shot in. Nearly impossible to capture what was such a special and momentous occasion! I worked it the best I could though. This software would be well used and much beloved!

  184. 205


    OMG I would LOVE to win this!!! I am going to Facebook, Twitter and tell all my friends about this!

    Camera used: Canon Rebel XSi
    Worst location: Shot a 3 month old in THE darkest apartment I have ever been in! The only light was from a sliding glass door and all of their lights were overhead so couldn’t use any lamp light to help with the ISO factor….. it was a cloudy day too!! BOO!
    ISO was around 400……YUCK!!!!

  185. 206

    Alexis says

    Worst light-first newborn practice shoot at a friend’s house. I was at 1600 for the family shots and couldn’t get my ss up above 1/80 at f4.0. I have a 40D. I would love this software, it would help me tremendously!!

  186. 207

    Simone Carter says

    Shooting in a wine cellar was the darkest light (if there is such a thing!) I’ve ever had to deal with. I was shooting with an Olympus E300 at the time and needless to say the images left a lot to be desired with the noise and grain. I think the highest i was able to bump the ISO was about 800 and it really did look BAD! Never mind, i learnt alot from the experience :-) Thanks for a fantastic blog Jody.

  187. 208


    I need these SO badly! How awesome to have this contest! Worst lighting situation was in a nightclub photographing the band, no flash. I used my Nikon D300 at ISO of 2500 for some and also 3500. Great contest!

  188. 209

    Megan says

    Oooh, I’d love to win this!

    Worst Situation: a client’s house, December in New England (freezing rain/snow outside), low light, and 12 people (incl. 4 kids) in a 10×14 living room, in front of a giant bay window (our ONLY option). I had my D80, and ONLY my 50 f/1.4. ISO 800, shooting RAW, praying for some recovery in pp. Oh, and I shot from the kitchen. :-)

  189. 210


    thanks to Beth for FB post~ I’d love to have this!! Worst location: baby nursery with DARK BROWN walls and one window on a rainy day (I am a natural light photographer!) ISO: 640 Camera: Canon 40D Will post to FB next! Thanks 😉

  190. 211


    I photograph many low light music events throughout the year. No flash photography is allowed at the shows I photograph. While I love listening to the music and caputuring the mood of the event to a photograph, I dread the work that is involved in reducing the noise in my photos. I feel this software would reduce the amount spent on the computer so I can spend more time in the venues photographing the bands.

    I shoot with a Nikon D70s at 1600 ISO. I have tried to lower the ISO – but do not get the results I want.

    Thanks for your consideration! :)

  191. 212


    When I first started learning natural light photography it was winter in Ohio. I had a canon rebel xti. Couldn’t go over iso 400 without seeing major grain. Inside in the winter, iso 400 just didn’t cut it.

  192. 213

    Vanessa says

    Martini lounge during a fund raiser for a non-profit organization. Just got my 5D, so I was bumping up to ISOs of 3200 and HI after my speedlight shut don from low batteries and exhaustion.

  193. 214


    Like many people, I was shooting a wedding in a dark catholic church with my Canon 40D, which does not handle noise well. I had to bump up my ISO to around 1250. This product would be a huge help.

  194. 216


    Worst ISO was a wedding in Ohio – it was inside a wine cavern, sooo dark! I was shooting a Canon XS at ISO 800 – noise, noise, noise!

    Software looks amazing – fingers crossed!

  195. 217

    Cyndi says

    Worst location I have ever had to shoot in was in my house – anywhere; it’s like a cave in here. I use a Nikon D40 which I can’t use past ISO 400 without noise ISO 800 is horrible.

  196. 218

    Wendy says

    My worst time was in a church. I believe I was shooting at iso 1000 or 1200, with a D200. The pictures were pretty terrible with all the noise! Is that reason enought to upgrade to a new camera?

  197. 219


    The worst light I have had to shoot in was when I was second-shooting a wedding… sunset wedding, so it was DARK by the time the outdoor reception began. There were barely any lights, and we were shooting pretty much blind. I was shooting with a Canon 20D and my ISO was on 800 and 1600 (I was changing it around to see if I could salvage anything!). Ugh.

  198. 220


    1) my daughter’s last event @ her state track meet. it was 10:15 pm + completely dark. there were lights were on the field, but i wasn’t so it was not enough to illuminate the runners.
    2) canon rebel xti
    3) 1600

  199. 221

    Christy says

    Canon 40D in a house a couple of weeks ago while there was the darkest and scariest thunderstorm outside. I was trying to photograph a 6 month old with ISOs ranging from 800 to 1600.

  200. 222


    worst place was a reception hall that had ROSE colored recessed lighting and super low ceilings so that I couldn’t really bounce flash off without blinding the guests. So I shot at 6400 on my Nikon D300, since then I upgraded to the D700. And I twittered :)

  201. 223


    I did a maternity shoot in an old monastary gym. I was only able to use the window light coming from the windows near the ceiling of the gym. I shot at 1600 ISO using a canon rebel XTi. You can’t reshoot a maternity shoot, I was crushed when I blew my favorite photo from the shoot up for my portfolio and saw all the noise.

  202. 224


    In a cafe in the middle of winter in the dark gray afternoon of a horrible dark day. I was using the 40D at 1600 ISO. Noiseware saved my life that day.

  203. 225


    The worst low lighting, noisy situation that I have had to shoot in was a comedy club – I was shooting the individuals on stage, and they even made a comment about if I could even get a good photo of them, with myself in the dark and them up on stage! I’ve been at a few weddings where the lighting was simply awful (for reasons I can understand as a bride for choice, but not the photographer!) and I’ve had to do quite a bit of pping to try to make the images the best I could! I have a 40D and had to bump my ISO up to about 800 just to get a decent shot… and worry about the noise later.

    I’ve seen others’ work with your noisewear and portraiture and simply admire the beauty your software adds!

  204. 227


    Worst place to shoot was my front room on a SUPER cloudy day. Ugh. 800 ISO on a Canon Digital XTi. It was a black backdrop with a girl in a black leotard to boot. :)

  205. 228

    Toni says

    darkened living room in winter, shooting a newborn. Very low light. Canon 30D. ISO 1600. Off to facebook!

  206. 229


    Worst was a newborn on a rainy day in a small 2 bedroom apt. on a black backgroud. My ISO was at 800, on my XT. Couldn’t really take it higher than that. They were horrible. I really need this!

  207. 231


    worst lighting situation was a newborn in a manufactured home that literally only had 1 window (and it had an awning over it so NO direct light was coming in!). I shot it at ISO of 1600 on my Canon 40D. I have heard these products raved about over and over AND OVER and am jealous everytime I read where one gives this software the kudos for saving their photo!

  208. 232

    Kirstin says

    My house! It’s smaller and not ideal to shoot in. I was taken photos of my friends baby who then pooped all over. Good times. ISO 800. Canon Rebel Xti. I so need this!

  209. 233

    Meredith says

    The worst location is on the beach when the sun has started to go down. I shot at ISO 800 in my D80 and the noise was awful!!! I would love to see what noiseware can do-thanks for having this contest Jodi!!

  210. 234


    Worst was a stinking hot day where it was much too hot to be in the sun, trying to get portraits of a family of 13 – we had to go deep into the shade of the bush to try and avoid everyone melting in the sun.

    I was shooting with a Canon 400D at the time…

    Iso was cranked to 1600 to keep the shutterspeed up.

  211. 235

    Kara says

    My worst low light condition is definitely in my house. Should I be house hunting tomorrow I would quickly rectify the crummy light situation, but I can’t convice my husband to move strictly to get a more well lit home :(
    I have to shoot at around 1600 ISO on my XSi, let me tell you the pictures are noisy!
    I love MCP! I tell everyone who will listen how great I think this site is.

  212. 236

    Maria says

    The worst location was my niece’s baptism. The church was dark and all I had was my 5D and Tamron. No flash! My ISO was all the way at 1250. It was a disaster.

  213. 237


    Overcast wedding shots taken at the (gasp!) local cemetery. I used Photoshop Noise removal 3 times to help me out.

    Camera – Canon 40D
    ISO – 1000/1250 – if I used 1600 I may as well have not taken any photos at all.

  214. 238


    At a wedding reception here in MI., using my Rebel XSI, no flash because I can’t afford a good one yet, and ISO was at the max 1600. This software would be great for me because 95% of the year here I am indoors! michigan doesn’t get much summer! and spring/fall are pretty much non existent! LOL

  215. 239


    1. Family pictures a night in a yellow lit kitchen. 2. Canon 5D 3. ISO 1600
    I already have noiseware pro but I am in love with portraiture!! Pick me! :)

  216. 240

    Jhoanna says

    My old townhouse had the worst natural light ever… unless it was completely sunny i had to shoot at ISO 1600 and that’s horrible when shooting with my XT.

  217. 241


    My worst low light situation was my daughters Christmas concert in the school gym. I was shooting at the time with my Canon Rebel XT and I went up to ISO 400 because I knew that going any higher would be horribly noisy. I have been wanting to get portraiture for so long now, I hope I can win it. :) Thanks for all the great contests you put on here.

  218. 242

    Shaun says

    The worst location I have to shoot in had more to do with the time of day rather than the location itself. While shooting engagement photos for my sister we had the misfortune of only being able to shoot at 3:30pm in February. As we live in Oregon it is rare to have a clear day as this one was, however, in February it is dark by 4:30pm so it was a race against the clock. As time went on I went from shooting at ISO 100, 200, 400, and 800 at this point the photos looked so grainy that I just called it a day and gave up. By the way I have a rebel xti was using a f/1.8 50mm lens. My sister was nice about it but I knew they were clearly not my best work.


  219. 243


    Wedding this past weekend…low light church…stained glass windows…no flash permitted. I was shooting a Canon 5D with a 28-70 2.8. EXIF was SS40-50 ISO 1250 and I had a Canon 40D with a 70-200 2.8 at 800 ISO and SS40-50.

  220. 244

    jane says

    Restaurant at niece’s first birthday party. There was really bad fluorescent lighting plus pink curtains everywhere causing a color cast. I was using a Nikon D40 so the noise on the pictures were pretty horrid at ISO 1600.

  221. 245


    I’ve had to deal with a bunch of yucky ISO incidents, but I think the absolute worse time would have to be when I had to shoot a fast paced rodeo in a big grungy building with horrible lighting. All of my photos were shot at least ISO 800, and the noise was horrible because I was using an old Nikon D70 while my camera was getting repaired. Not a fun editing session!! Although…I hate the noise I get when I go above ISO 400 on my Nikon D200! LOL I would love to win this software, and I love the blog! Spreading the word! Erica

  222. 246

    Nancy says

    My worst “noisy” place was inside a church taking portraits for a baptismal to discover that my flash was having issues and decided not to work… I was shooting with a D100 at the time at 1000 iso – it just wasn’t a pretty picture with that camera! I now have a D300 and love it so much I rarely use my D2xs backup camera!

  223. 247


    The worst location I have ever shot in was an office building a couple wanted me to use for their baby’s newborn pictures. It had great lighting on a normal day because of the huge windows but the day happened to be quite overcast and rather dark so we had to turn on the overhead lighting. Yep, fluorescent lights. Every picture was yellow and noisy. I had to do a whole lot of pp’ing of those to get color casts out of the skin and the noise off of the pictures.

    I was using my Nikon D60 and my ISO was actually only set at 200. I was able to compensate with an exposure compensation of +5. I knew that since it was already a dark day, we were indoors and using terrible lighting that if I had my ISO too high they would be terribly noisy (more so than they already were).


  224. 248


    Downtown in an alleyway was the worst “noisy place” for me. I was shooting with my Pentax K10D at ISO 800. Although I get noise with almost anything above 400 with my camera. I feel in love with the software during the trail period and can’t wait until I can be reunited with it!

  225. 249


    Since shooting digital, what is the worst location you have ever had to shoot in (in terms of low light causing noise)? Sadly, my home! Trying to capture those adorable toddler moments in the early morning or early evening when there just isn’t enough sun coming through the window. Noisy photos abound in our home, sadly!
    What camera were you using? Canon 40D
    And what ISO were you at? If you are unsure, go look up your EXIF data in Photoshop (FILE – FILE INFO – CAMERA DATA). ISO 800 (it’s horrible above ISO400 unfortunately!)

  226. 250


    High school gyms for wrestling tournaments are the worst! I’ve got a Canon Powershot S1 and S5…S1 handled action shots in this lighting ‘fairly’ well, but the S5 has to go up to ISO 800 to get anything…and it’s very grainy.

  227. 251


    I was in a very dark small basement listening to a friends rock and roll band. They had every color of 70’s lights flickering through the air. I pulled out my Canon 5D.. couldn’t resist these old guys playing ZZ Top… Set it to the highest ISO 1600, shot wide open f2.8.. and presto… LOTs and Lots of NOISE. (and it was just from the band). These great shots could have been saved with none other then NOISEWARE from Imagenomic. Portraiture would have helped them look a little younger too…

  228. 252


    Set in a botanical garden, heavy foliage coverage made it tough in general then the clouds rolled in
    Nikon D80
    ISO 800

    Lots of noise, your software would be amazing..
    retweeting and sharing on facebook

  229. 253


    The absolute worst lighting situation I’ve been is was when I was shooting a newborn inside a dark house on a rainy day. I was shooting with my 5D and had to push the ISO all the way up to 1000. Yuck, it was horrible, I hate even thinking about it. All of these products would make such a difference in my photos. Thanks, I am off to tell some friends!

  230. 254

    RebeccaY says

    Worst location was at a friend’s house taking pictures of her newborn with my Canon 20D. There was not a single room in the house without clutter and good light. My ISO was 800 and the noise was terrible.

  231. 256


    My worst location was my last wedding shoot at the bride’s house. Around 9pm they decided to move the dancing ground to outdoor with very limited light…I am using a Canon 5D for that wedding with 50mm 1.2 lens and ISO of 1200. The picture came out with a lot of noise.

  232. 257


    worst light- shooting anything inside our log cottage (cabin) in Northern MI . Canon 5d at 1600 and it’s still too dark. Thanks, Will post to other photographers about this!

  233. 258


    I’m a photography student and recently I was shooting in what I thought was great natural light. I was not paying attention to my screen output. In full window light my Canon 40D was jumping up to iso 800. The higher iso made it more difficult to post process. I didn’t realize my mistake until afterwards. From now on I will religiously check my screen output. I would love to benefit from these products.

  234. 259

    AmyPamela says

    The worst has to be in my home at night, our lights are soooo bad I am on ISO 1600 with my Rebel XTi. AWFUL noise! Thanks for a great contest, off to post on FB!

  235. 260

    Sherri Struan says

    The worst light I have ever shot in was an auditorium where I was trying to take pictures of my daughter’s ballet. I was using my Nikon D80. My ISO was on 1600.

  236. 261


    It was a nightmare! I was hired to do a wedding and the bride called and said that the hall they rented for the wedding and reception had been painted so that the top half of the walls were white and the bottom were blue and she didn’t want such a terrible background for her images. So they draped the entire place in black!!! It was a night time wedding. I was using a d300, ISO 800 I believe and diffused fill flash when necessary. I hope to never encounter such a thing again lol.

    I twittered about this –

  237. 263

    BernieBl says

    I have to say that my worst location was a small church in New Hapshire. Walls were a yellowish cream color, windows were small and stained glass and the church overcompensated by putting some sparse incadescent lights with yellow glass shades. Not only was it dark, but it was hard to get a good white balance even by doing custom WB. It seems that everything had a shade of yellow to it. I was shooting with a Nikon D2x at 800 ISO, more than that, the noise would have been awful. It took a lot of post processing to make the images look decent.

  238. 264


    Oh the worst light i have encountered was in my daughters bedroom when i shot with a canon 350d. she looked so angelic sleeping i wanted to capture that moment in time forever. Lets just say it didn’t come out as i would have liked. I would adore this software. Thank heavens for MCP blog!!

  239. 265

    Peggy says

    Worst place I have shot is in a theater for a Miss NH pageant. No flash allowed. I used my Canon G9 (a great digital camera) and various ISOs to improve noise reduction. But every shot has noise. The images would be great if the noise could be remove. I tried the demo and I know the product could change my image outcome. Please pick me so I can give my pageant girls and their families good and noiseless images. I do the photography voluntarily and to support the girls who are participating to obtain scholarship money for their college education. Another woman helping younger women reach for their education dreams. Please pick me to win .. it will be a win-win result for all of us. Thanks so muchf for offering a chance to win this wonderful product.

  240. 266


    I think the wort lighting situation for me was at a formal dinner i was photographing and was asked not to flash during the speaches. I was using my D200 at the time and i varried my ISO during the shots between 800 and 1600 to try and get some decent results. I know there are many situations i could use this software in. :0) Jana

  241. 267


    Worst case was inside a duck blind, just before dawn. Trying desperately to document a young mans first duck hunt.. it was also his dogs first hunt.. Sadly this was prior to owning my 5D, I was still using an Xti had the ISO at 800.. then bumped again.. and still fought it madly.. impossible to use any flash etc.. heaven forbid anything startle a duck or a dog.. I shoot lots of hunts ( deer, duck, turkey, hog etc..) at dawn and pre dawn.. I need this!!!
    Thanks for another fun contest Jodi ! :) Love your blog! Shared this on facebook and and on a couple of forums :)

  242. 268


    Well since shooting digital i went from horrible places to less horrible places and so on :) Anyway – latest bad shootout that springs to mind – wedding palace (coincidentally it called “wedding palace #1″, i kid you not) in St. Petersburg, Russia. Place is brilliant, old architecture, and stuff. It also features fiendishly high ceilings (literally – its a palace), golden ornaments on walls, weird shapes of texture, laquered floor. And no flashes during ceremony, of course. So my Nikon D700 was dropped to its knees – ISO 1600/3200 , wide open. Of course to top it – whole place lit with mixture of old style sodium vapor lamps + fluorescent light and – big windows on sides, thankfully somewhat blocked with large white curtains… Ugh. So even with its smashing low-noise sensor – D700 got out with some pretty nasty noise – both colour (mixed low light) and luma (low light in general).

  243. 269


    I was so sad last weekend to see my pictures of Eagles from the local zoo were noisy from the lack of light. I was using my rebel xt (need to upgrade) at 400 ISO. I would love some noiseware to fix those images.

  244. 270


    It was a baseball diamond at dusk. We had to wait for the kids to stop playing to get on the field and we lost the light. My highest ISO on that shoot was 800 on my Nikon d60.

  245. 271

    Sarah says

    Our house has wonderful light in the morning, but in the afternoon and evening it is terribly dark. I have to shoot at ISO 1000 with my Canon 40D to get decent photos. I hope I win!!!

  246. 273


    Worst light…? Reception hall in the late evening. Using a Rebel XT, ISO 800 (can you say NOISE?) Imaginomic is the best!

  247. 274

    Karen says

    Most recently deep in the shade with a speedlight but outside in full sun. Crazy I know. I have a Canon 20D and it was shot at 400 ISO. I seem to get quite a few noisy shots with this camera. :( Need to upgrade or get some software to help!

  248. 275

    carrie goede says

    I was shooting a wedding as a second shooter in a church. It was raining and cloudy and the lighting was so bad! It was dark, but with occassional spots of flourescent light. UGH!!!! I was using my Rebel XT (I recently upgraded to a 5d). My ISO was 800 and sometimes even higher, so you can imagine the grain from it! We weren’t allowed to used flash. I was just so glad that the rain eventually subsided, and we were able to take most of the bridal portraits outdoors! :)

  249. 276

    Misty says

    Lake Powell at dusk with an overcast sky to boot. I needed fast shutter speeds to catch some fun action on the water. I had my ISO cranked to 1600 and the pictures were very noise filled. I was using a Canon 40D.

  250. 277

    Kathy says

    bridal shower at someone’s home. It was like a cave.
    ISO 800 with my Nikon D80. I am still stressin over editing those pics – not done yet!
    off to tell peeps about this contest!

  251. 278


    Worst ever… recently! Client showed up 35 minutes late to a sunset beach session, the sun had almost completely set, there was ZERO light. I was shooting at ISO 1200, using the 5D and the images were barely salvageable. I freaked! So sad, especially considering we are 6.5 hours from the beach and there’s no “do-over!”

  252. 279

    Deirdre says

    I thought I posted, but I can’t find my post. My worst light is shooting my daughters’ chorus in a dark, high, catholic church with lots of stained glass — 20 kids wearing all sorts of colors. My speedlight doesn’t help much, and I can’t get close, because the audience surrounds them, and I’d be in the way wherever I went. I use a Nikon D40 (someday maybe I can move up!) and shot those at 800, should go higher, but the noise is so bad. I tweeted this.

  253. 280

    Tiffany says

    * Since shooting digital, what is the worst location you have ever had to shoot in (in terms of low light causing noise)? a church in my hometown. it was a dark catholic church and the priest didn’t allow for flashes during the wedding.
    * What camera were you using? Canon XT
    * And what ISO were you at? If you are unsure, go look up your EXIF data in Photoshop (FILE – FILE INFO – CAMERA DATA). between 800 & 1600
    * Twitter, post to Facebook, or tell 3 or more photographer friends that you know about this contest so they can enter too. done! Twitter link: FB Link:

    Thanks for the chance!

  254. 281

    Rachelle says

    Worst light ever is in my apartment….I’ve had to crank my Rebel XSI up to 1600 ISO and the noise is horrible. This is such a great contest….love your site!!!

  255. 282

    lillypie says

    Since shooting digital, what is the worst location you have ever had to shoot in (in terms of low light causing noise)? a tossup between my house and my son’s school auditorium

    What camera were you using? Rebel XT

    And what ISO were you at? If you are unsure, go look up your EXIF data in Photoshop (FILE – FILE INFO – CAMERA DATA). 1600 of course

  256. 283

    Angie says

    The worst light I had to shoot in was the day after I got my 5D! I had been using the Rebel XSi and was so excited to practice with my new camera. That day was super stormy, where the whole house goes dark. I was actually shooting at ISO 1600. I think my kids thought I was crazy taking pictures in the dark! My 5D handled the noise much better than the XSi, but I sure could have benefitted from some Noiseware! Off to post a link on my blog – thanks for a great contest!

  257. 284


    My worst case of noise, hands down is from a Tori Amos concert I went to in 2005. I had just started having interest in photography. I knew I was going to need to sneak the camera in, and that flash was not an option and more importantly that even if I could use one, I would just get great shots of the heads in front of me. I was using my first digital camera which was a Nikon Coolpix 5700. I spent the day researching the internet on how to capture these shots. I had never played around with my settings, so this was new to me. The camera data shows the image was ISO 800 71.2 mm 1/15 at f /7.4
    I put them on my blog if anyone wants to see some.
    I would love to win this software suite….I simply can not afford it right now!

  258. 285


    Golf course, no light from windows, colors of the table cloths were YELLOW AND TEAL!

    Brown paneled walls. Teal and Yellow Cast. SO lovely. :)

    ISO 800 and Up.

  259. 286


    Worsed location? ~uh, try in an old church with old light fixtures, very low light-the bride getting ready!!!!!.

    Shooting with my old FILM Minolta…at ISO 800 film!! This was a couple of years ago, now!

  260. 287

    Sandie says

    Let me just say one of the worst lighting situations was at a wedding reception in a windowless church cultural hall with almost all the lights down for mood. I tried to turn on some lights, but they were consequently turned back off. I was using my Canon EOS 40D. The ISO varied from 400 to over 3000! Posted to MySpace.

  261. 288

    Ally says

    Like a lot of the others on here the worst light was a wedding in a dark church with no windows and low lighting. I was using a Canon 50D, I think the ISO was 1600. This church is a common place for me to shoot in and I would love the noiseware!!

  262. 289


    In a big, cold, dark warehouse-like building with just one big door that was closed because it was the darkest, rainiest, coldest day of the spring. Why was I there? I was shooting a great group of kids were showing and selling the steers they had raised at their farms for the past year. I shot pretty much constantly at 1600 with my Canon5D.

  263. 290


    worst ever was a theatrical performance – Fuji S2 on a tripod at 400 ISO – oh MAN, the noise was horrible! attempted to go lower than ISO 400, but that just resulted in blurry AND noisy photos, ack!!! (shooting with an S5 nowadays and much happier!) Have heard wonderful things for awhile now about Portraiture and just recently about your Noiseware – would love the chance to discover them for myself!

  264. 291


    Shooting with a Fuji S5 in a darkened reception-outside with only lanterns lighting the scene. Very beautiful, but had to shoot at ISO 1600 consistently and occasionally bumped to ISO 3200 to try to stop movement during dancing. No fun at all.

  265. 292

    Amy says

    I’ll be honest and say that the worst lighting situation I’ve encountered is my own cave er. home. We have small windows only on the front and back of our home.There are no side windows in our home at all. And my Husband won’t put in the french doors like I’ve been begging.

    I was and am using a Canon 40d.

    a lot of times I’m on H which I believe is 3200.

    Oh Imagenomic products, please do come into my life and make it easier!

  266. 293


    The first wedding I ever shot was under a tent in a backyard – there was a thunderstorm, the sky was darkdarkdark, and the tent the couple chose had thick stripes of navy blue with thin stripes of white. Canon 5D with ISO 1200, baby. (For what it’s worth, I hesitate to do even 800…) Off to Facebook!

  267. 294

    Kara says

    1. Home window light facing west – it was around 4pm on a cloudy day.
    2. I was using my Canon 30D – which loves noise!! :(
    3. The ISO was around 800.
    4. Off to tell all…
    Thank you Jodi so much for this opportunity!

  268. 295


    Mmmmmm…worst location ever. I would say crammed inside of a grandma’s house – with too many people and very little natural light. I cranked up to 800, but the tungsten interfered too much and of coarse I have learned a little since then!! I currently shoot with a Nikon D300. I need noiseware – my kids are the noisiest things I know(literally)!!

  269. 296


    Worst location: The church where my 5 yr olds preschool graduation was held .. super yellow lighting
    Iso was : 1800
    I was using my canon 40D
    This would be fabulous to win !!

    Thanks Jodi, off to facebook :)

  270. 297


    a wedding in a church with no windows, could not use flash, did not have ANY lights on…only had a few candles near bride & groom…only had canon 40d and pushed extended ISO to 3200…grain was awful and because it was such low light I was shooting a f2.8…so i ended up with some flare in places i didn’t want the grooms tux-since that wedding i have purchased the 5d mkii…and it is so much better at low light!!! love my new camera!

  271. 298


    My worst lighting situation was when I photographed a newborn in my home on a super dark cloudy day using only natural light. The camera was a Canon 40D and the ISO was at 800. The images were sooooo noisy!

  272. 300


    Worst shooting environment: Dark chapel, late evening in the winter. Bridemaids were in dark green and groomsmen in dark their dark tuxes.
    I shot at 800 ISO
    using a Canon 40D

    Most of the actual wedding was okay, but the pre-wedding shots of the bride took forever to fix!

    Would LOVE to have this software!

  273. 301


    I shoot gymnastics. Which means I need a decent shutter (1/500th or better). Some facilities are very nice, meaning f/2.8 and ISO 1000 at 1/500th. Some facilities make me have to go ISO 3200, f/2.8 just to get 1/500th. All this on a Canon 1DMkII. However, one gym has a black hole in the middle of their floor. Edges are all ISO 3200, f/2.8, 1/500th. However, the center is 1/200th. OUCH. Which means I generally end up underexposing over 1 stop when shooting a gymnast performing her floor routine in the center. Which happens a lot.

  274. 302

    sue says

    a wedding where i could not use any lighting!! i was shooting with a canon 20 on the highest iso and the images were barely usable . . .
    it was a nightmare as the bride and groom did not want to go to locations for more images and then i had shoo in a firehall that had no additional outlets for lighting either!! i had rented a canon 580ex and a drunken attendant fell into it and ended the light for the rest of the reception . . . money was refunded and i hung my head in shame while proofing!! ACKKKKKKKKKK

  275. 303


    The absolute worst place for me to shoot ever was at a family reunion at a local assisted living community. There was only a single TINY window, and 30 foot ceilings with recessed lighting, so bouncing my flash was out. I ended up having to shoot at ISO 800 and 1600 on my Rebel XT just to get anything to come out — and that was WITH my flash! The images were insanely noisy, and I ended up having to convert most of them to black and white and pass off the noise as “artistic grain” haha

  276. 304


    Shooting a basketball game in a poorly lit church hall. I could not use flash and had to bump ISO to 1600 to keep movement from blurring. Had horrible noise.

  277. 305

    Christina says

    Since I started with photography, the most difficult shoot was the labor and delivery of my best friend first born. The lighting was horrible. It varied between harsh lights of the stabilet and no light in the room. I shot mostly ISO of 800 and 1600. Most of shots were very grainy but I captured the most special moments. I ran of the pictures through noiseware and that help tremendously

  278. 306

    Patrick B says

    The worst low light shooting condition I’ve had to shoot was at our church when the students did a play. Despite the theatre lighting, I was shooting at f/2.8 at ISO1600 on my Canon 40d and still had a number of blurry shots from a slow shutter. The noise was horrible!

  279. 307


    I had a lot of trouble with my kids’ annual show in the gymnasium. The spotlights made horrible hot spots and left the rest dark. I was shooting with my D40 at various ISOs but nothing helped — either too noisy or blown highlights!

  280. 308

    Elizabeth C says

    Worst location is my house when I try to get natural light shots – we don’t get any direct sun. Canon XTi at 1600 ISO – noisy! I’d love to win this package – thanks for the fun contest!

  281. 309


    The worst light I have worked with was in a church about a month ago. It was like a dungeon! I used my speedlight AND had my ISO set to 1600 on my Canon 40D, and the photos were still extremely dark and the noise was horrible. I could SO use this software!

  282. 310

    Tera says

    My worst situation to date has been photographing a professional dance group during their dress rehersal. Completely black except for very dim stage lights. I was using my Nikon D90 with a 50mm wide open at 1.4 and still needed 1600 ISO. Each shot looks beautiful small, but when you look close the noise just kills them! I had gorgeous individual shots of the dancers flying through the air, but I felt they just had too much grain and noise in them due to the high ISO to be worth blowing up big. Awesome to know that their might be a solution!!!

  283. 311

    Johanna says

    in a bedroom at night with only the lamp on. i was taking pics of a sleeping baby, iso around 800 and 1000 with my 40d. would love to win this!

  284. 312


    1.A reception hall with some areas of recessed lights set on dim and other areas that were only candle light. So crazy hard.
    2. Caon xti
    3. ISO 800 to 1600

    so frustrating. would love this software!

  285. 313


    The worst place I have shot photos was at a dance recital in a performing arts theatre with only stage lighting and 30+ rows back.

    I was using a Canon EOS 50D with a Canon 70-200 lens at an ISO of 1000.

    The frustrating part is that not only was I taking shots in low-light, I was also taking action shots of jumps, leaps, etc and the noise just distracts from what would be an otherwise fantastic photo. I would be very appreciative to have these tools at my disposal.

  286. 314

    Michele G uevara says

    The worst place Ive shot is at a softball game at night. There is overhead lighting, but half of them are out and it makes it not only difficult for photos, but difficult for play! I was using a Canon 40D w/iso changing as the sun went down until it was just plain useful to get anything. Next game Im going out to the field and shooting back at the stands with a timed shot to get the ambience, but as for action… until the lights are replaced, its tough. Getting creative with other shots instead.

  287. 315

    Heather says

    Worst lighting was definitely at a wedding reception outside. The only lights we had were the house lights and my measly SB400 flash. I was shooting with a Nikon D300 with ISO cranked up to 1000, it didn’t really help!

  288. 316


    •shooting my husband in the hospital when he was diagnosed with cancer, both emotionally and the lighting.
    •shot with a nikon d700 (it rules)
    •ISO 3200

    Check – twittered!!!!

  289. 317

    Sue says

    . shooting my son’s first performance of the Trumpet in a school hall with not much lighting
    . shot with nikon d50
    . ISO 400 (wouldn’t think of going much higher with this camera)

  290. 318


    The worst was a 50th wedding anniversary party. Itwas held on the second floor of a building at night. I bounce my flash from the ceiling for even lighting but in this case, the room was small, the ceiling was low and to make it worse… it was painted solid black! The walls where white but the ceiling, OMG, total black. I think I set my Canon 10D at 400, I really don’t remember. What I do remember is that my flash, even using a Quantum battery back, had to work over time to get enough power to bounce off that ceiling. Image noise was all over and light that bounced off the white walls created very harsh shadows.

  291. 319


    The worst was at a state park. It was a bridal session scheduled for about a hour before sunset, but the bride was 20 mins late, wanted multiple locations, and kept wanting to try just one more thing.

    Shot with a 40D

    ISO 40D


  292. 320


    Worst place was probably a dark church during a bad rainstorm for a baptism (It could’ve been night outside!). I had the 40D and bumped the ISO up to 1600. I just looked at this product last week, so the timing is right on!!

  293. 321


    The worst place I’ve ever had to shoot was a few years ago in a client’s very dark home where the only available light was a small, north-facing kitchen window. I had to use ISO 1000 on my Canon 30D+50mm 1.8 lens and I was STILL underexposing! YIKES!

  294. 322

    Trisha says

    Mine was in the evening outside trying to get pictures of my kids. I have a 40D and was using ISO 800. I really thought my new 40D would be able to handle an ISO of 800 but it was so NOISY! Thank you so much for this offer! : )

  295. 323


    Two weeks ago I photographed a wedding in a very dark church and I could not use flash or my other lights. It was raining outside too. I had to go up to ISO 1600 on many shots which is the highest my Canon 5D can do. Noiseware would be great for theses! I am telling more than 3 friends!

  296. 324

    Cyndi says

    * In my home, for my little ones birthday party I had the worst grain :(

    * Canon 30D

    * ISO 800

    * I have told more than 3 friends :)

  297. 325

    Courtney says

    When I was first learning how to shoot in manual, I was so excited, I kept shooting until far to late in the evening. I was shooting with a Canon Rebel, and my ISO was 600. Just got caught up in all that I was learning….

  298. 327


    Shooting nighttime soccer at Shea Stadium in Littleton, Colorado. Anyone who has ever shot high school sports knows what I’m talking about, there is no such thing as a well-lit high school field. I was using a Nikon D1x that had terrible noise at ISO 800 and I had to go to HI-1 (one stop above 800, even noisier) to even pull out 1/125 @ f/2.8 in front of the goal. And if I had to shoot action in the corner, forget about it, it was more than two stops darker.

  299. 328

    Pete says

    Oh man, worst place has to be a dark church for a friends wedding. No flash allowed, talk about grain. It was set at ISO 800 with a Canon XTI. Thanks for the chance.

  300. 329


    Oh my goodness! Why it’s so fresh in my mind because it was just yesterday! It was terrible and I have still not recovered from the horror of the grain and bad light. Thank goodness for RAW atleast so I could add some light. It was at my house in my dining room with a monsoon cloudy sky, deep dark clouds just laughing at me. I was using my D40 with ISO set at 800. I would LOVE to edit this shoot with something that works! :)

  301. 330

    Chelsey says

    Low light noise, using the D300 in a small apartment-size space, shooting a newborn with less than four hours of light (in the whole day!); 800+ ISO. Would have been great to have any of these at the time!

  302. 331


    OOOH I’d LOVE to win this! I’m using the trial version right now. :) My worst lighting conditions were when I only had my 20D a couple years ago and I was shooting a wedding indoors that was completely candle lit….but there weren’t enough candles. I ended up having to manual focus at ISO 1600. They were AWFUL!

  303. 332

    Janelle Pruitt says

    A dimly lit church, no flash allowed, had this great shot (except for the grain, of course) of the father and daughter moment as they started down the aslie. Canon 5D, ISO 1600. Thanks for the contest.

  304. 333

    Michael says

    I enjoy outdoor nature photography and those casual candid shots when no one is posing. My worst shots happen at dusk when I end up putting my ISO to 1600 to try and cut out some of the motion. They work out in my head but end up grainy and disappointing in the end. I shoot with a Cannon Rebel 350D. I love it. Getting out of the military soon and looking forward to increasing my photography skills.
    Thank you for the chance at winning some awesome tools.

  305. 334


    The worst place that I have shot was in a church for a wedding. They basically had candles for light. I was shooting with a Nikon D200, and my ISO was at 1600. COMPLETE NOISE! I hated it! Thanks for the oppertunity to win something to try and fix those situations in editing!

  306. 335

    Debbie Michael says

    In a respite center…no light to speak of…Canon40d…trying to capture the last few weeks of my Mother…ISO 800….I really could use this!!! And yes all of my click girl friends now know of this great opportunity.

  307. 337


    I was doing a newborn shoot in this house and it was cloudy and about to storm I was using my Canon XTI and I had the iso @800 so the noise was horrible

  308. 339


    My worst lighting situation was last September at a country wedding on their pasture. Ceremony ended at dusk, and the lighting would have been perfect…except the inexperienced dj blew the fuse to the WHOLE setup at the house…the music halted, lights blew out, and all you could hear were the crickets and the bride crying. It was completely dark, so dark that my camera wouldnt even focus in such low light. One of the cowboys pulled up his 4×4 truck into the pasture and we had to use his headlights for portrait lighting! Still had a lot to fix afterward with the iso being so high. Canon 40d, iso 1600 with headlights.

  309. 341


    * Since shooting digital, what is the worst location you have ever had to shoot in (in terms of low light causing noise)?
    I shoot the majority of my portraits on location with primarily natural light and I often come across rooms that are very poorly lit. In one specific instance, I was doing a maternity portrait in Ottawa and included a noisy shot in their gallery because it was so sweet of the two of them- as murphy’s law would have it- that was the enlargement they wanted …so many lessons learned there…

    * What camera were you using?
    I had been shooting primarily with a 5D2, but had my wide angle on an old Canon Rebel
    * And what ISO were you at? 3200
    * Twitter, post to Facebook, or tell 3 or more photographer friends that you know about this contest so they can enter too. Done!

    I heard that the imagenomic software is a miracle worker from other photogs for correcting this exact problem…

  310. 342


    My worst noise issue was in a dimly lit wedding reception at a restaurant…in the evening, and little light. I use a Canon 5D and the ISO was 1600. I had a good lens, but still, noisy, noisy!

    Thank you for the opportunity, and I’m off to post on FB and to Twitter!

  311. 345


    My MIL’s dining room with the whole family finally together (a rare occasion). No lights other than a hanging chandelier above where the table was but we had to move it for the group. I was using a point & shoot, timer mode on a tripod that I had before getting my Canon Rebel (oh Lord how did I manage?? lol). If I remember correctly I had bumped the ISO up to 800… noise? you bet! But the picture is priceless :)

  312. 346

    Christina says

    Worst location was shooting a special church event. It was very dark and I wasn’t sure if it was ok to use flash. I was using a Nikon D70 at ISO 1600 (YIKES!!!). That is the first time I ever used Noiseware. I downloaded a free trial to see how it would work and it was amazing! I wanted to buy it but it would be great if I could save some money and win it! :-)

  313. 347

    Tori says

    Worst was in a school cafeteria at my son’s Christmas concert using a Nikon D40 at 1600 ISO. Lots of noise, but had no choice but to take them.

  314. 349


    I like to photography in studio with controlled light so I didnt have any problem yet with low light situations, I use a Nikon D60 and a D700, iso normally at 100 in my D700 and up to 800 in my D60.

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