Photoshop Editing Quick Tip: Edit Zoomed In & Out at Same Time

Do you ever get frustrated as you are editing in Photoshop when you are doing detailed edits and retouching?  Do you wish you could be zoomed in close, but also see the overall effect on the photo? If so, you will love this trick!

Just go to WINDOW – NEW WINDOW (for..) and it will make a mirror of your image.  You can zoom in and out of one.  As you make changes it happens to both in real time.


As you can see here I drew a heart and it went onto both images.  So really you have one image being viewed two ways.  Great for all kinds of detailed retouching!


Jodi Friedman, MCP Actions

Jodi Friedman is the founder of MCP Actions. She designs popular Photoshop actions and Lightroom presets that make editing faster, easier and more fun.

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    This is something I will use often, thanks! You are the best! One question. How do you load photos to be accessible at the bottom of the windows tab? Can that be done in CS2?

  2. 11

    Staci Brock says

    Went to look, as I have PSE6…can the same be done? Our window tab is VERY different than what is shown here for CS3 or 4?

  3. 12

    Staci Brock says

    Went to look, as I have PSE6…can the same be done? Our window tab is VERY different than what is shown here for CS3 or 4? I did find “A new window for” then your file name is listed, under view in PSE6. Will have to play around and see if it edits both in real time, as shown here.

  4. 13

    Staci Brock says

    Yeah!!! Sorry to keep commenting, guess I should have checked it out before commenting each time. It does work in PSE6, the new window for, is under view. In case there are any other PSE users out there.

  5. 27


    That is a great tip! But my question is about the skirt! Where did you get that “puffy twirly skirt”? I have been looking all over for those! I see how cute they look in pictures and would like to buy one for my photography “props” but I can not find them anywhere! And when I try to describe them to people they have no idea what I am talking about! I guess I am not good at the girlie stuff since I only have a boy! HELP!

  6. 28


    OMG, what an awesome tip… Thanks so much as usual… I was needing this, this past weekend… Woohooo.. You rock… Keep them coming…

    those are pettiskirts and you can find them all over the net… The best deals I have found are on ebay… You will find them (solids) for $20-$30 including shipping versus $80-100 for the name brand (I bought 3 of the name brand last year at a local boutique and am kicking myself in the rear since i found these)… HUGE savings… This ebay store also has awesome victorian dresses for a victorian style session.. Fun Fun…

    later gators,

  7. 29


    Sarah, I got these at Nordstrom. And I want to say they were $28 each. They are not as puffy or big as a kaiya eve = but way more comfy so the girls can actually wear them not just for pictures.


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