20 Photographers to Win Boutique Packaging from Color Inc.

Color Inc Pro Lab is the Professional Photo Lab where I do all of my printing.  I used them for years and loved every print. This year they signed up as an MCP Blog sponsor so I can bring some fun contests, coupons and specials.


One of their newest products is perfect for the holidays. Their “Boutique Packaging” is a classy and fashionable way to send photographs to loved ones as gifts.

They wrap Boutique Packaging orders in white tissue, and a beautiful textured box. Then they fasten them with a stylish silver stretch Button Band. The textured boxes are available in Black, Chocolate Brown, Pear Green, and Aqua Blue. Each box is Acid Free and PH neutral. If an order contains multiple image sizes, each size will be separated with archival Clear Bags. These bags create a professional presentation of your images.

They sent me some samples (photos shown below) and I LOVE THEM.  They make for a beautiful gift (for your relatives) and for your clients to give as gifts too.

20 super lucky MCP Readers have a chance to each win Boutique packaging with an 8×10, 5×7, and 8 wallets (of the same image).

To enter please comment on my blog (at http://mcpactions.com/blog) under this post – do not leave the comment on Facebook as I cannot integrate these. Your comment should include:

– What is the main gift (or gifts) you have on your wish list for the holidays this year? This can be but does not have to be photography related.

– For a Bonus Entry – You can post to your Facebook Wall or your Twitter Account. Come back here and leave a 2nd comment saying that you tweeted or posted to FB about it.

– Make sure to join my Fan Page on Facebook and to follow me on Twitter if you are part of either social network.

Winners will be picked at random by my twins and posted here Sunday night.  A list will be given to Color Inc of the winners and you will need to contact them direct to redeem your prize. Be sure to see the Color Inc banner below this post – you can get 25 FREE 4×6 prints to try them out by using the code “mcp09.”




Jodi Friedman, MCP Actions

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  1. 2


    Well there is lots that I want for Christmas! I would love to add to my photography collection and get a new lens. I want a pair of boots and a shirt from anthropologie. I also would like to go and visit my sisters in Arizona. Well the most important gift that I can get from my children is LOVE! Thanks for offering such a great contest. Good luck to all:)

  2. 5

    Alysha S says

    on my Christmas wish list – a new camera, a new lens, and a new laptop. Thanks for the great site and the great contest!

  3. 7


    Funny, I hadn’t even thought about it. For my mom’s gift we are finding a family in need and buying them presents and things they need.

  4. 8


    What is the main gift (or gifts) you have on your wish list for the holidays this year? I’m hoping three Pocket Wizards will magically appear under my tree this Christmas – or Color Inc. boutique packaging. :)

  5. 9

    Lori S. says

    I wish I could give my Mom a canvas size photo of my kiddos but I don’t have that type of money this year so no can do :(

  6. 10

    Sara K says

    How awesome are these packages??!! The main thing I have on my wish list for Christmas is a Canon 5d Mark II. Whether I get it or not is another question. :) I have more on my list but this is the main thing right now. Of course that could change too.

  7. 12

    rachael says

    up until yesterday, i didn’t even have a thing on my christmas list. but…aside from some amazing mcp actions + a lensbaby composer, what i would love most is to be able to attend a photography workshop. there are a few i have in mind… :)

  8. 14


    Oh man….I have quite a few things on my Christmas wish list. I guess if I had to pick one it would be a new lens…. a wide angle or a fisheye. Not sure which one yet. I just recently went on a trip to to California. While there, we visited the Redwoods. Boy did I wish I had a wide angle for that!

  9. 20


    Hello! I’m Katie, and for Christmas this year, I want to take my kids to California to visit their grandparents. My two your old has never met them and I would love to see them again.

  10. 21


    I just found this site and I’m excited to keep reading – thanks for all the great articles (and the great articles to come)!

    My big-ticket wish-list item is a wide angle 2.8. I don’t expect anyone to get it for me so I’m quietly saving up myself. My fiance and I don’t really do Christmas because we have lots of toys already and our families are big at throwing stuff at us. Mostly I look forward to the big steak dinner we treat ourselves to for our birthdays in January and February.


  11. 23


    For Christmas this year I would love some large reflectors, a new camera so that I don’t have to change lenses. I know, I don’t want much… But a girl can wish, can’t she?

  12. 24


    I have an extensive wish list this year, but I’ll narrow it down to the top few. I’d love a 5D! I’d also like an 85mm lens and some alien bees. For home I’d love a new dishwasher. :)

  13. 26


    For Christmas this year my gift-wish is a secret and won’t come until after Christmas. I wish that my ultrasound is wrong so I can give my husband a sweet baby boy in January. We are thrilled to have a healthy baby girl, but it would just be neat to have that surprise.

  14. 28


    I’d love the new Canon 5D Mark II for Christmas (not sure I’ve been THAT good this year though 😉 Failing that a new 50mm 1.4 lens or the 70-200 f/2.8 IS lens Non-photography related I’d love to take a vacation somewhere…haven’t had one in a while cause I’ve been all work and no play.

    Must say that I love that there are different color options for their botique packaging.

  15. 30

    Beth M. says

    What I would like most for Christmas can’t be wrapped in a package… even one as pretty as these are! :)

    What I would love is to have a few more hours in each day so that I could spend a little more time with my family.

    I would love a remote that can stop time so that when my little girl crawls in my bed in the morning, I can just hit “pause” and snuggle with her instead of sulking off to the shower. I would love to hit “rewind” and replay all the hilarious things my kids do and say, whenever I’m having a hard day at work or just feeling down. And wouldn’t it be great if I could freeze time so I could just take a few deep breaths and move on from whatever was bothering me?

    (I might cheat and use it to pause a two-year-old during a photo shoot, but you get the idea. :) )

  16. 31


    OMG! What a great idea! I just received my first order from them! Thanks for the previous tip! They are great! I am sure this is the beginning of a beautiful relationship!!!

    Thanks for great tips!

  17. 40


    I am starting my photography business so my list can get pretty large. My main wish right now is to get a canon 85mm 1.2L and some MCP templates for my blog. I love them!! :-)

  18. 43


    How excited am I to see your newest blog post! I have been wanting some boutique packaging, but I wanted to see other peoples opinions before I committed. Thanks for bringing this

  19. 46


    What do I want for Christmas?? Hmmmmmmm…. honestly, I can’t really think of anything. I finally have all the camera stuff I *REALLY* wanted. I have a healthy, happy, family. I am taking December off so should be super relaxed.

    I guess I want the impossible… A WARM CHRISTMAS. We had record snow last year that shut down the city for weeks. I’d like no snow, and really warm weather (60’s)!!! :)

    Please. 😉

  20. 49


    My perfect gift wish is actually photography related: i want a 50 mm 1.2 or 1.4 and a 24-70mm 2.8 lenses. Now, that is not too much to ask for… is it ;)?

  21. 51

    Amy says

    I really want a new Nikon 50mm f/1.4D lens. But more than anything I want my brother and his family to be able to come home. I haven’t seen him for 2 years because he is on military leave. I miss my 2 year old nephew like crazy and they are having another baby at the end of this month. FINGERS CROSSED that they can come home! :)

  22. 56


    “- What is the main gift (or gifts) you have on your wish list for the holidays this year?”

    hadn’t thought of it but what I’d like in non-material: more time, being more organized would be a good start 😉 THX!

  23. 59


    I haven’t even thought about Christmas yet! I’d be happy just being able to spend time with family this year, but we don’t know hubby’s work schedule yet!

  24. 60


    The most important thing on my holiday wish list is for my family to be healthy. In my stocking? I’d like to find an 85mm 1.8 Canon lens and a gift certificate for something like a massage or a pedicure!

  25. 61


    I posted on my facebook wall.
    What I really want for Christmas is to upgrade my camera, it is just not good enough for weddings which I am doing more and more of lately. Also some MCP actions would be sweet! and boots for I love them but my biggest wish is to see the smile on my boys faces on Christmas as they hopefully get some gifts for times are rough but God is good.

  26. 67


    I never make Christmas lists, I’m pretty easy going, but I would love anything for my camera. I’d love a 50mm lens. But if someone get me a d700 i would not return it… 😉

  27. 73


    For Christmas, on the top of my wishlist is a Canon Mark II. Since nobody I know can afford to get me one of those… I’ll go with my #2 pick, which is a Lensbaby Composer! I love the images that the Lensbaby can create & I’m excited to play around with it!

  28. 80


    I can’t remember the last time I had anything on my Christmas list but this year I would love an iPhone. I could really use a lot of the tools in my life as a mom of three, with two jobs. Having emails on the go would help me keep up with my job as I keep up with my kids. Oh and I’d love a new lens, (an L if there is a Santa Claus) or a 30mm Sigma if my family is footing the bill!

  29. 84


    oh wow, this looks so beautiful and professional! it would be amazing to win something like this! thanks for the chance Jodi and good luck everyone! :)

    my dream gift this year would be to have another child…but on a photography level, it would be to add to my equipment with a better camera than my current D70s, something Nikon with much better ISO and focus points… I can dream right?! lol

  30. 88


    “All I want for Christmas is a Canon 5d, a Canon 5d, oh, a Canon 5d…” (did you hear the tune of All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth?)

    I love ColorInc! How exciting to have them as one of your vendors!

  31. 89


    I just upgraded my camera a few weeks ago so I def can’t afford to get anything photography related for Christmas. HAHAHA But I sure would love to give my boys the “super hero” Christmas that I envision. They are LOVING their Hulk, Spiderman, Batman and every superhero imaginable so we’re going to try to go all out and try to relate everything from undies to toys for Super Heroes. Their eyes are gonna LIGHT up! 😀

  32. 92

    Katy G says

    On the top of my wish list is a 24-70 Canon L series lens..my husband says I’ll be getting one, but we’ll see!

  33. 93


    I really don’t have a list, yet, it’s too early…but, my one wish would be for my dear friend who just lost her husband in a tragic farming accident, to have a warm, and loving Christmas season with her 3 young children…
    ….maybe a lensbaby would be fun!

  34. 98


    Hmmm… what do I want for Christmas? All I want is to spend time with my family! My husband will be home for a week during Christmas before leaving for Iraq. So spending quality time with him and our children is what I want the most.

  35. 99


    I want lots of things for Christmas. All photography related. Seems to be the only thing (besides my three young kids) on my mind! I am jonesin’ for some MCP Actions! 😀
    I will become a fan on Facebook of MCP and will post on my facebook.

  36. 100


    The main thing I really want for Christmas is to have all my family with me! As far as material things go, I have had my eye on a great camera bag and would love to have it! Thanks for this contest, the boxes look great!

  37. 102


    Its hard every year to make my x-mas list because I think I always want the most expensive things. So I usually make up “less expensive” items so that family has a chance to buy me something. But ideally this year if I could, I would love to have any one of the Epson Multimedia Photo Viewer, P-3000 or newer. I would be ecstatic if I got a P-3000.

  38. 104

    Libby B. says

    I absolutely love ColorInc!

    What is the main gift (or gifts) you have on your wish list for the holidays this year? I would like a Manfrotto tripod

  39. 105


    I haven’t even thought about Christmas yet but the top of my list (and birthday list since that comes in Nov.) is a vita-mix blender or a photography workshop.

  40. 106


    I would LOVE a second camera body for Christmas this year. I desperately need a backup after having my camera break and be at the shop for a month. That was torture!

  41. 119

    Jennifer S says

    I would love these!!
    My main holiday gift wishes are for 2 things – 1) that we can see my MIL for Chirstmas, 2) a lovely macro lens that I’ve been coveting all year long

  42. 120


    my wish for this year is I hope that my grandpa could stay health for years. As he is getting old, I heard that he is having some health issue which might be normal to elderly but the sad thing is we lived so far away that it is not easy for us to visit him. I am hoping my grandpa could stay health and I prmoised to spend more time with him every year from now on.

  43. 126

    Jessica O. says

    For Christmas I would love a number of things photography related but I’ll go with something else here. . . . a blower so I can blow off the sidewalks and driveway after I mow the lawn. Using a broom takes forever! :0)

  44. 128

    Alanna says

    Haven’t put much thought into a Christmas present, but I would love to get the 35mm or the 45 TS from Canon. Some new packaging would be nice ;).

  45. 129


    Wow, time to start thinking of Christmas already?!? I’ve already been planning my holiday portrait specials, but forgot to think of what I wanted!! First choice would be the Nikon D700!! But that could be a business expense, so I doubt Santa will bring that. We just bought a house this year and could use a number of things for the home, like new flooring, a screen door (love old fashioned screen doors on a nice Spring or Fall day), and a new deck and awning for the backyard. I am not sure how Santa could fit any of that under our tree, but I will keep my fingers crossed!

  46. 130


    i would for people to buy me photography related items from my Amazon wish list (such as extra batteries, CF cards, lens, etc) or either give me $$ so I can buy items off my list :)

  47. 131

    Rebecca Limbert says

    I would love to have Nikon D700 with a nice lens to go with it. Also we just finished out basement and would love to finish furnishing it so we can actually spend time down there. I also want a studio set up down there, so equipment would be nice. But since I’m a newlywed, my credit card bills (from the wedding) paid would be great!! Thanks!

  48. 133

    Tara Brooks says

    I feel like there is always something I would like to add to my list. But right now, it’s just simple. I just want to be with my family and hope for everyone to be healthy.

  49. 134


    Oh boy, what is on my Christmas wish list…. hmmm… I would LOVE a new camera. The new canon 7D would be awesome! But mostly for me I just love spending time with my husband and 3 boys.

  50. 138


    Although I could really use a new car…I Santa cant afford that this year so…..on my wish list is always something to do with photography…I would love to have… 1.Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8L USM Telephoto Zoom Lens for Canon SLR Cameras 2.Canon EF 85mm f1.2L II USM Lens for Canon DSLR Cameras 3.Canon EOS 5D 12.8 MP Digital SLR Camera (Body Only) 4.Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 2

    I know that is asking for a lot…but I would take any of these….and I have been a very good girl this year…LOL

    thanks for the giveaway
    Kim Bolyard

  51. 140

    Stefanie D says

    My greatest wish for Christmas is to be able to have my out of town family come down for a nice long visit. Thanks for all of the great offerings!

  52. 141


    I love give-a-ways!!! I also LOVE Christmas and the whole holiday season! Love it from September through January…My favorite months of the year as we celebrate our Thankfulness and then celebrate the Birth of our Lord. What do I want for Christmas??? Oh my goodness…first of all, just time spent with my family and loved ones who live far away.

    Then I want to continue adding to my photography equipment and software. I would love a new Canon Macro lens cause I love shooting photos of flowers, insects, tiny things! I would also love to get Lightroom….cause I hear about all the wonderful things it can do to make my post processing job much easier! Thank you for this opportunity and I hope I win!!! :)

  53. 143


    I would love a new dooney and bourke purse. Or maybe money to decorate the new TV room we have been working on. Or really just to be wih my family. Oh,I have everything. I just want my girls to have a great Christmas.

  54. 145


    There are many things on my wishlist: 1) Nikkor 14-24 mm f/2.8 AF lens, 2) license for photography business 3) bicycles for the family to ride around the neighborhood since we JUST got a new house.

  55. 153

    Annika Plummer says

    I would love to get Photoshop so I can play with my photos and make them outstanding! That way, I can use MCP Actions, too! :)

  56. 155


    Oh my gosh, I love these boxes! Love them!!!!
    For Christmas, I’m not sure what I’d want, I haven’t really thought about it much. It’s my favorite time of year. I usually think about giving then receiving. It’s much more fun :O)

  57. 156


    Knives. Yes, I want knives. My husband and I are trying to act like the Food Network Stars in the kitchen, but continually fail because our knives are so dull. It’s depressing. How’s a girl supposed to slice veggies as fast as Rachael Ray without a good set of knives?!

  58. 160


    My wish list for Christmas includes a new EIZO 22″ monitor. That would make me a happy girl. In reality, all I want for Christmas is that my family all be together.
    What beautiful, new packaging ACI has come up with. Love their stretch bands.

  59. 162


    hmmmmm….my wishlist for Christmas this year…to not be pregnant or be a moo cow, with two girls 19 months apart, this was my birthday, christmas and anniversary wish ; ). ooooh i really want to see that green packaging up close and personal

  60. 163


    I really don’t want anything this year, We decided that the kids should be the recipients so we asked all to give them our gifts. So far a jeep, kitchen, diapers, tricycle, and other fun things are coming their way.

  61. 166

    Shannon says

    I would love to get the canon 5D for christmas! Not even asking for it…too much this year, but a girl can put it out therw!

  62. 167

    Meghan says

    Would obviously love a new lens….also would like a little mini dvd/tv for our kitchen…and the ebelskiver from Williams Sonoma! I love the holidays!

  63. 168


    I want a new camera for Christmas! I’ve just had a point and shoot and am ready for a ‘nice’ camera so that I can take action shots of my boys playing sports, and just get lots of awesome pix. My kids are so tired of me taking pictures, and I admit I do it often, but it is because I have to take many to get a good one! Most of our family lives away so your new way to package pictures really appeals to me. Thanks for letting me enter!

  64. 170


    What I really want is a D700… but I’m slowly saving up business money for that.
    What I hope to get from family is non photography related is a crop-o-dile and some ink storage for my scrapbooking!

  65. 172


    I would love for my front two rooms to become my office/client meeting area.
    larger space – just needs a little paint/little elbow grease and a trip to ikea.
    santa please bring me some shelving and a chair or two :)

    thanks for the contest – off to tweet!

  66. 173


    I want a new camera for Christmas! I’ve just had a point and shoot and am ready for a ‘nice’ camera so that I can take action shots of my boys playing sports, and just get lots of awesome pix. My kids are so tired of me taking pictures, and I admit I do it often, but it is because I have to take many to get a good one! Most of our family lives away so your new way to package pictures really appeals to me. Thanks for letting me enter!

    I posted the post on my FB page also!

  67. 174


    This year the big item on my wish list is the setting my hubby & I picked out for my repaired, original engagement stone. It chipped & we had it re-cut, and the ring setting we chose is gorgeous but will require some saving!

  68. 177

    Jamie H says

    I would love Jodi’s new bag of tricks action set and a wide angle lens for Xmas. I’d also love to check out this printing company so this prize would be awesome. Thanks!

  69. 180


    For my Christmas wish list I have a fews wishes:Clothes for my kiddos, $ to pay off the rest of the wedding that is in Nov-09, MCP actions, and the d300 Nikon camera or a photography workshop with the boudoir divas.

    Thanks for the giveaway!!!

  70. 186


    Gosh,this year for Christmas, the only thing I can think of (each day) is having my son here in Oregon for Christmas. He lives in California and is a Fireman, going to the Paramedic Academy, and I really miss him… its been quite awhile since he has been here for Christmas… (what a nice contest, makes one think beyond material things)

  71. 187


    UHHH. I pretty much want everything. There are too many cute things in this world and I seem to bump into all of them. I would like another lens, more backdrops, props and a trip somewhere tropical. The carribean would be nice. I need more money.

  72. 191


    I would really love a new lens. But more than that I think I would love for my family to be all together; we are all scattered all over the US so it would really be a Christmas miracle if that happened! :)

  73. 192


    I would love for Christmas a digital frame and a new lense!! I want a HUGE digital frame! ; ) I think they are so neat and a great way to display your work when at a convention or fundraiser!

  74. 195


    Various lenses………. 50mm
    I want so many- too hard to narrow done.
    But I should really get a new wardrobe.

    Three kids later and only shirt with stains or holes in them.

  75. 198


    hmmmmm, I would love to get the new Canon 5D MKII and the 24-70mm lens!! But if this isnt possible then all I want is for my kids to have a great Christmas!!!
    Thanks and Hope you and your family have a “Merry Christmas”!

  76. 202


    Would love to take the fam to Disney World, esp. since my 4yo daughter is convinced she’s a princess! Other than that, I’d really enjoy waking up to see the latest Tamron AF18-270 lens…since a Canon L series lens isn’t in the realm of possibilities at this time. :)

  77. 206


    Just posted to FB! To all who win, enjoy!

    P.S. Not sure how it happened, but the first time I commented about posting on FB, it added the comment under another one of your blog entries. Saw that someone else did that, too. Just fyi!

  78. 211


    Great product! I love how cute they are and perfect to go along with my photos. For Christams, I am going to ask Santa for a 5DMII camera because mommy has been very good this year and her little one needs photos taken from a full frame camera!

    BTW – I posted this on my blog to promote them and my photos to go in them :) Thanks for sharing!

  79. 213


    The gift of…. shopping! Call me crazy, but I LOVE GIFTCARDS :) I’ll take one from B&H Photo and Express and American Eagle and Victorias Secret and oh, just about anywhere :) I. love. shopping.

  80. 214


    For Christmas, I would like to move into a house! We currently live in a studio, and with a 6 month old baby, it gets pretty small. We also share a kitchen, so to have my OWN kitchen would be absolutely heavenly!!!

  81. 217


    my MAIN holiday gift wish is a new iPod, since my last one just died on me….but I am also wanting anything photography related (studio lights, backdrops/stands, new lens(es))…I’m not picky, lol!

  82. 218


    I want the movie Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs!! It’s me, my husband and my son in my house so we always get BOY movies and BOY toys. Well, I want Snow White!! :)

  83. 220

    Olivia says

    Yes I’d love to get photography equipment but I consider that a business investment and not so much a gift (I guess I’m thinking what I’m going to get myself). I’m dying to get some new shelving for my craft room! I’m getting buried in stuff around here.

  84. 222


    A new camera. I have outgrown mine and really need something to grow with me and my new photography plans. By the way, I love Color Inc.’s packaging. I just ordered one last week!

  85. 223

    Carolyn says

    I am hoping for a couple of strobes and a couple of softboxes. My friends are probably sick of me borrowing! :-) This would be a wonderful item to win because my baby brother just got married and I plan to give some of my wedding photos as gifts! Thanks so much for all that you do, Jodi!

  86. 224

    Melissa says

    I’d like a 85mm or 100mm lens. But they’re a little bit above this year’s Christmas budget, so it’s not going to happen. I’m still dreaming though…

  87. 227

    Kim says

    My wish list would have to include a new camera! The packaging is great, would be fun to share that with loved ones this holiday season.

  88. 229


    The best gift would be for all my family to be together to catch up and spend some time with each other during the holiday season..then I could snap away and have the memories to cherish. It is is difficult when everyone lives so far away….Oh my….I would love to have a new lens, 28-70 2.8 Nikon VR and also a purple coach bag with the nickel hardware, love it! That would be all too nice!!! Thanks Jodi for this contest..:)

  89. 230

    Kathy says

    My realistic gift I want is the iHome clock/speaker setup for my iPod. I would also love a Canon 50D, but probably not happening until next year.

  90. 231


    I want glass for Christmas, preferably the Canon EF 24-70mm f/2.8 L USM Lens. I would also love a few rolls of seamless paper. But I know I wont get anyof those things. Most of all I just want to be able to make sure my kids have a great Christmas.

  91. 237

    Holly says

    I would for my kids to have a nice christmas, we don’t have that much money. So each present is special to them.

    Also I would like an external flash, but that will have to wait for income tax time.

  92. 243


    these are so cute! and a great idea for Christmas presents this year! on my list this year, I would mainly like to get more photography stuff, including a new stylish camera bag instead of a backpack looking one! thanks for this fun giveaway!

  93. 245

    Maggie says

    Since I work in retail amd am always around these products everyday like clothing, housewares, Bed/Bath,etc.. I dont really want anything of these things….. what I really want this Christmas besides spending time with my famliy & friends is to get a few more actions sets from MCP(I have quickie) so I can enhance what I love to do…besides my Nikon can use a little help from photoshop here & there!!!

  94. 246


    I need a few things for Christmas, but they are all boring! Coffee Maker, toaster, new water glasses. I guess that’s what happens after five years of marriage!

  95. 247

    Rebecca Hillard Ort says

    I am asking for a MAC!! :) And truly wishing for peace, love and happiness. Posted to Facebook too!

  96. 248

    dana says

    What is the main gift (or gifts) I have on my wish list this year? Peace, Love & Happiness. Really. That’s the big one. Everything else will “happen” in order for that to or because that did. =)

  97. 249


    All of my Christmas wishlist is photography related! I would love a new lens or camera accessories. I could use some clothes, but a gift card to B & H would be sooo appreciated! I love this packaging. Too cute!

  98. 250


    My ‘what I want for Christmas’ item is – hardwood floors for the rest of the house! We have been here for 4 years… one beagle, one 27 month old, and a 12 year old… and it’s no longer just ‘worn’ carpet. Now it’s officially worn OUT. *grin* So that’s my main item for Christmas. Hopefully – with DH deployed – the extra $$ will make it a reality BEFORE Christmas! 😉

  99. 251


    For my practical Christmas wish list, I would like a faster memory card reader. But really I’m really just hoping that my family finds health and happiness this new year as this one has been really tough.

  100. 252

    carrie goede says

    I would love a week off work to go somewhere warm! I also would like a giant softbox or a light meter! But most of all I would like to see my daughters grow up to be great adults… that would be the best Christmas gift ever! :)

  101. 254

    Alexa says

    I LOVE these! So cute! Hope I win! :)

    What I want for christmas… Where do I even start? I would love anything when it comes to Canon equipment. I want/need the 580 ex II, would be beyond happy to upgrade to full frame, and would have so much fun with the 85mm 1.2! 😉

  102. 255


    I’m actually in the process of “making” a calendar/journal for both my mom and mother-in-law. I’m adding photos too. I took a .50 wallmart composition notebook and modge podged it with patterned paper. It’s been fun and I’m excited to see their reactions.

  103. 259


    Well my husband just received a new job so for Christmas I want to find the perfect house for me and my boys..(1 year old 3 year old and 32 year old hubby)so we can have a decorated and comfy Christmas. Lots of clients in my new location and the new 7D. Merry Christmas!!

  104. 260

    Melissa says

    I would like a new lens but more than that I would love to get a gift of time. I love photography but working a full-time job and part-time photography job has really taken time that I would otherwise be spending with my family and friends. I would love time with my family.

  105. 261

    rani says

    Thanks for this! I just received some prints from Color Inc, and you are right! They rock!
    On my wish list this year – Just starting my photo business, so I could use another lens. And I just completed my first triathlon (th e bike portion) with a mountain bike-it would be great to keep it up with a road bike!!
    Your blog has been and continues to be a wealth of info! Thanks so much!

  106. 263

    Maria says

    Hmmm…for Christmas I want so many things, but at the top of my list is the Nikon 85mm f/1.4 or the Nikon 24-70mm f/2.8…what a surprise either of those would be! Hope everyone gets what they wish for this year!!

  107. 264

    Kristi says

    I would love to try out a mac for christmas :) Or MCP actions… Or anything with a canon tag…or Anything to help me make pretty pictures!

  108. 266


    Jodi-and the twins!!!

    I think you already gave me my Christmas present. I was seriously wondering what photo lab you use. I have so many pictures I want printed, but they are all still in the digital form. I cringe to think of taking them to Sam’s, Walmart, etc…..

    By the way, I am secretly hoping for the Nikor 17-35mm lens!!!( I’ve been good Santa)


  109. 268

    Sarah Blair says

    oh boy, I want a some lenses, some of your actions, and a faster computer for editing. Is that too much to ask?

  110. 269


    The main thing on my Christmas wish list is Airplane tickets for my grandchildren to come visit me for the holidays. This will be the first Christmas that we have not been able to celebrate together, with them having just moved to Ohio. I miss my babies.

  111. 270

    Loraine says

    These boxes are a great idea. For Christmas I would like … a Wacom Tablet! It was my husband’s idea, so I’d like to hold him to it!

  112. 275

    Shanda says

    I’m wishing for a new camcorder. The one I have now is pretty much ancient. With having a child, I consider a camcorder a necessity!

  113. 277

    Kristi Kennell says

    Hi Jodi and girls! How cute are those boxes!?!

    The one thing that is was on my wish list for this year was to get to see my best friends who I haven’t seen in 3 years. I will be spending the week after Christmas with her – I am really excited!

  114. 278

    Nancy says

    The main thing on my Christmas wish list is a big carrying bag for my light/reflector stands and gear. I had it on my September birthday wish list but didn’t get it so it is getting carried over to Christmas! ~Nancy

  115. 282


    I am needing a wide angle lens. I also really would like a custom handmade camera bag. I would also love a gift certificate to Etsy. I can’t even browse there anymore because I want soo many things.
    What a cool idea to wrap prints!

  116. 283


    I honestly haven’t thought much about what I’d like for Christmas. Is that bad? I HAVE thought a lot about my photography wish list. I think I’ll probably pull some stuff from that!

  117. 289

    Danielle says

    I have lots of things on my Christmas wishlist:) I would love to add some new glass to my collection! I really need a nice set of pans. And I would love to get to go on a vacation with my family!

  118. 290

    Deborah says

    For Christmas, I am wanting a new computer so I can download my Cs4 onto it. Can’t quite bring myself yo load it onto this dinosaur. LOL

  119. 293

    Brenda says

    Truthfully, I know I’m already getting what I want for the holidays. I’m a Florida native and have only seen snow once, when I was 5. My boyfriend is planning to take me to meet his family and have a white Christmas. What more can a girl really ask for?

    Don’t get me wrong, a Canon 85mm f/1.8 would be fantastic but I’m already set for a happy holiday season.

  120. 298

    Leah Ferguson says

    I’d love yo have a 70-200 because I’ve been dying for it since day one. But truly I just want a happy year with my family with no stress and full of fun and love.

  121. 306


    My husband was asking me this very same question the other day and I said “Honey, all I want is a king-sized Caramello and a Dr. Pepper, that I don’t have to share” Isn’t it amazing how thw simple things in life ARE really what matter?

  122. 308


    For Christmas, I would like some T-I-M-E. I would love it if several of “our people” got together and took our kids for two full weekends in a row. That would afford us some together time and some uninterupted work time and just some down time.

    Love the Boutique packaging! Very nice and a time saver too. I will definitely try them out this holiday season (whether I win or not).

  123. 310

    Conni says

    Well……my dream Christmas present would be a new lens (ya right!!)….but I think I will have to settle with a new couch the WHOLE family can enjoy ~ not that they wouldn’t enjoy that new lens hehehe…Wishing for more peace, good health, and 3 happy kids!! Thanks for the oppurtunity!

  124. 314


    I have a wish list of photography equipment. It’s not real big but semi pricey. My gift this year is photos to my family. Now that I’ve improved my skills I want to share some photos that I have taken within the last few months with my family. I want to print several sizes….some small and some big such as 16×24. This new packaging from Color Inc is fun, fresh and new. Would love to share it with family and clients

  125. 320

    cathy says

    Hmmm, well, if I don’t buy my Canon 50D before Christmas, I’d love one as a gift:) But if I do purchase it before Christmas, I’d love a killer lens to go with it. (Like a 24-70mm f/2.8, or a 70-200mm f/2.8…)Hey…a girl can dream!

  126. 322


    I have a list a mile long… I just got an iPhone as an early gift from my husband, so I’d like an itunes gift card so I can get some apps. Then I’d like someone to design my website and logo.

  127. 328

    Charlene Hardy says

    I would love to see family for Christmas we are just too far to make it “home” for the holidays. That and a macro lens would be fun too.

  128. 331

    Jill says

    LOVE these! My main want for Christmas is the Nikon 85mm. I’ve been wanting this lens and hope to finally get it!

  129. 335


    I really want the new Canon 7D! I use a crop camera now, and would like a Video DSLR with more capabilities that doesn’t require a whole new set of lenses… :) Thanks Jodi!!

  130. 338


    Tops on my wish list is a house of our own so DH and I will not be exchanging gifts this year. The camera upgrade i want and the lenses I drool over will have to wait for another time.

  131. 339


    The main gift that I would like to have this year would be a bound book of my Blog for the entire year! I think that is such a fun way to document and reflect on the year you are leaving behind. : )

  132. 343


    Wowzer, that packaging is beeeeeeautiful! Hmmmm….haven’t thought about my Christmas list, really. I’ve been thinking about my kids’ Christmas list.:) Would love to get them a kitten!

  133. 345


    For Christmas I’d love a new lens or the new 5Dmarkii. Hey a girl can dream right??? But seriously for Christmas I just want to be with my family and for everyone to be healthy. Thanks for the opportunity to win this from Color, Inc.!

  134. 348

    Sarah S says

    I’m not sure if my first comment went through – but I would love a new lens, the Nikon 18-200mm VR II.

    I just tweeted! @pinkfrogpress

  135. 353


    My Christmas list is so long I could probably wallpaper my house with it! BUT, if I had to pick ONE thing, I REALLY want a 70-200 2.8 to make my pictures purdier…

  136. 355


    Well, we are against the norm and don’t do Christmas gifts, but I guess my wishlist in general for the next year would include Lightroom. We’ll see! :) Thanks for the chance to win, Jodi!

  137. 356


    Thank you for this give-away.

    What I want is the gift of re-assurance that with taking my Wedding Photography business full time in 2010, that 2010 turns out to be the year I am hoping it will be.

    Lots of unknowns and uncertainties taking the plunge …..

  138. 357


    I only have one thing on my Christmas list: a Nikon 70-200 f/2.8 VR telephoto lens. We’ll see if my husband will cough it up or not on the 25th, but until then, I would LOVE to win these prints and the boutique packaging. It would be a wonderful gift to send my parents. :)

  139. 364


    For this holiday year on my wish list I’ve secretly added…an engagement ring!!! I have my beautiful daughter and now it’s finally that time in my life where I’d like to move forward with someone by my side!!

  140. 365


    I would love a new camera for Christmas to replace my well used 40D… but since that ain’t happening, I’m not even thinking about it… so instead my number one gift would be a family membership to our local gym/community rec center. Hubby & I could stand to lose a few, plus there are tons of fun family activities…

  141. 375


    My Christmas list is a new camera bag (love the new bowling bag from Photojojo) and a new lens (a 50mm or 75mm), a laptop would be icing on the cake – but I’m not sure I’ve been that good for Santa this year!

  142. 378

    Ally says

    Not sure yet what I am going to ask for Christmas. Maybe a new lens… But I do want the boutique packaging stuff :)!

  143. 382


    I’m wishing for a new lens (24-70) and for some quality time with my family over the holidays (hubby is usually working over the holidays so I’m crossing my fingers he gets this year off)

  144. 383


    hmmmm… Christmas list! number one for me will be viviting my parents in north carolina with the hubby and kids. i long to be near them as the kids are growing and we are working hard to make it up this year! that’s a “give” and a “get…” of course, there’s a sweet camera/lens combo i’ve been longing to “get!!”
    love your blog jodi, and the awesome info you share, both personally and from others. can’t wait to see my name on that “winnah’s list!!” hee,hee…

  145. 387


    Hmmm…haven’t really started thinking about my Christmas Wish List yet :) I would have to say another lens, but not sure which one to add to my meager collection!

  146. 392


    This Christmas – my biggest wish is for health for my family. But…if I could pick a photography item – it would be the Nikon 70-200 2.8 CR lens!!! :) I LOVE this boutique packaging!

  147. 401


    Main gift for the wish list is an upgrade from my canon 10d body…an old used 10 mpx canon 1ds would be great…but a new 7d or a used 40d would be nice, too. A Tokina 11-16 2.8 lens or Canon 70-200L 2.8 IS lens would be wonderful, too. Actually the best gift of all would be that my husband would be totally healed, but that one has to come from God!

  148. 402

    Julie says

    I would love a Nikon D300s or D700! And Photoshop CS4. And a whole lot of other things! These are great boutique boxes – love them!!

  149. 403

    Jami Mayes says

    I would love a new laptop, but in this moment, I would simple settle for all in my family to get well + stay well!


  150. 404


    My biggest Christmas wish this year is to upgrade to CS4 from p7. Then I can buy all these awesome actions and be able to try some fun things. I am such a newbie but feel like a sponge soaking up all the wonderful creative opportunites at my fingertips. It is like being a little kid in art class that cant wait to try something new! THanks for all you offer to us. Ally

  151. 411


    Wow, where do I start? I think at the top of my Christmas list would HAVE to be my first “L” series Canon lens! After that, probably some new light stands for my studio, or some new props! After that, just having my family together all at the same time would be totally awesome!!!

  152. 412


    Photography is all about love and passion. A passion to capture that perfect image. Love shared between the subjects. For this Christmas I want my husband to be home. We just celebrated our first year of marriage and he has been gone for 8 1/2 months so far this year. He is in the military and should be home soon. Even though he “should” be home there are no guarantees. I would really like a Christmas at home with him, just spending time together.

  153. 413

    johanna says

    I want a new flash for may camera and a few other odds and ends. I’m just way too excited that this will be Hayden’s first Christmas! It is going to be amazing!

  154. 415

    Sue says

    I’d love my DH to have the day off but since that isn’t going to happen and Canon 5DII would be a good 2nd, as if that will happen.

  155. 416

    Tina Palmer says

    Oh my big ticket item? Which one????? Would love some L glass but thinking something that is more in line to be purchased would be some calibration software.

  156. 420

    Iris Hicks says

    What I want for Christmas is to be able to give some really great photos of my loved ones that have been taken by me. Color Inc. is my go-to lab for this.

  157. 421


    For Christmas I want Photoshop CS4…luckily I am a student and can get it for a great price 😀 and I want a tripod. lol! As far as the boutique packaging, I really only want to win it so I can give it to my photographer friend who helped me get through some tough times :) She’s an awesome photographer too!

  158. 430

    Michelle Garcia says

    Hmmm, having 5 kids makes my Christmas list pretty slim LOL but if we are dreaming here I would love a 70-200mm for my Canon 20d. Yes, that would be really nice :-)

  159. 431


    I’ve just recently started diving into portrait photography, and so far I’ve been getting pretty decent reviews. The photo editing software I use right now is basic Picasa. Since I’ve been out of work since February (I live in Las Vegas), I can’t afford even the cheapest photo editing software.

    So, with that being said, what I want for Christmas is some more advanced photo-editing software! It would help me out tremendously with my photos! :)

  160. 433


    All I want for Christmas is puppy! :) Anything that is super cute and needs a lot of love because my 5 year old girl will not stop asking me if we can keep every doggie she sees.

  161. 434

    Dana says

    I WANT a mac, but I’m pretty sure it’s not going to happen. But I can dream! But my husband is in Iraq, so I doubt I’ll find that suprise under the tree.

    So I’m “hoping” for a Serger. I sew quite a bit, so it’s going to be gift to myself!

  162. 437

    Rose Dykstra says

    To create stunning photos of our grandchildren and family…To grow my photography into a business and to still enjoy the passion I have for photography…hopefully with a backup Nikon D90 camera!

  163. 438

    Lisa B says

    Just found your website, blog & facebook page last week and I love it! Thanks for all the great info!
    I would love a new laptop for Christmas and some new lenses. I’m not picky, I’ll take anything that’ll fit on my D90! Ha Ha

    Oh, I joined your Facebook page too last week!


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