Win a $97 Gift Card to Drop It Modern Photographer Backdrops

sea #3rusty

Drop it Modern and MCP Actions are teaming up to bring you this fun contest.

Prize: Win a $97 Gift Certificate to Drop It Modern Backdrops. You get to pick whichever backdrop you like best!

How to enter: Enter your comment(s) on the MCP Blog (not on Facebook or Twitter). You may enter between 1-3x based on the following.

  • You get 1 entry/comment for answering: What is your favorite backdrop on the Drop It Modern website?
  • You get a 2nd entry if you tweet, post to facebook, post to a forum and/or blog about it?  Just use the quick buttons at the top of the post to spread the word. Then come back and tell us which of the following you did.
  • You get a 3rd entry if you add an image edited with MCP Actions (free or purchased) to the MCP Flickr Group. Please tell us step-by-step what you did (feel free to show the before and after – or just the after). Once you do this, come back and let us know you posted one.  I do go through and approve images, so if you do not see it right away that is why.

Have fun with this contest.  The winner will be picked at random by my twins on January 17th.

All MCP Readers will get a 10% discount off Drop It Modern Backdrops by using the code: “mcpactions10.”

Back in Black

Jodi Friedman, MCP Actions

Jodi Friedman is the founder of MCP Actions. She designs popular Photoshop actions and Lightroom presets that make editing faster, easier and more fun.

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  1. says

    I’m having a hard time choosing between back in black and vintage II. They are all awesome but if I could buy one right now, it’d probably be one of those two. I’d say it be the vintage II.

  2. says

    Ugh… I’ve been looking at the Soho for months now! Love it! And I found a red velvet wing back chair at Goodwill that would look soooooo gorgeous with it!

  3. Chris says

    OMG! I didn’t know about this site and LOVE IT! Even if not selected, THANK YOU for introducing me to it!! Love Vixen. Sooo my style! THANK YOU again!!

  4. Julie Shannon says

    Wow, this is the first time I visted the ‘Drop it modern” site. I will be going back for sure! I love the Vixen backdrop and would LOVE to have it.

  5. says

    I love the Back in Black backdrop, but there are quite a few that I would LOOOVE to have! I think the Back in Black looks great in a color image or a black and white image.

  6. says

    WOW, what a TERRIFIC contest! Drop it is so cool to share things like this with us!! Either the Back in Black or the Soho attract me as my current favorites, although just before Christmas they had a “coming soon” that was a bright pink. I was pretty excited about that, too!

  7. says

    Yay–so great to find out about Drop It Modern. I usually go to Urban Outfitters and buy the curtains for my backdrop :) I love the Poppy design.. I also a picture of a backdrop in Yellow and Black only on the homepage but didn’t see it the shopping gallery. Also just tweeted & updated FB stat :)

  8. Lan Amphone says

    My favorite is the Vintage II, love the browns! And the Poppy would be so cool for spring! I just blogged it so that’s two for me.

  9. Kelly says

    I ♥ this giveaway!! I have been wanting to order from Drop it Modern for awhile now. Please count me in for this lovely giveaway-Plus the winner will be announced on my Birthday- So hopefully I win! My fav backdrop is blk Damask – really any background would be nice to have. Thxs


  10. says

    WOW – picking one, hardly a possibility! They all could pull off so many different moods, personalities, and situations. I’d love to try one of these out as I travel on location and don’t do a lot of studio – great price for something that can travel easy!

  11. says

    I had never even heard about this place before! The backdrops are awesome!

    My favorite, though it was a hard choice, is the Surf Rider. It was between that one and the Vixen.

  12. says

    It is so hard to choose a favorite, because they are all amazing! I have been scouring fabric stores looking for something like this, thank you so much for sharing Drop It Modern with us!!

    OK if I have to choose, I’ll go with Soho because 1) it matches the backdrop on my website and 2) it matches one of my shoot sac covers and 3) it would be super sweet for my photo booth at weddings and so many other things!


  13. stephanie says

    I don’t know if I could pick just one, they are all spectacular! Love Sea Horse a lot, but then again I love them all!!!!

  14. says

    How do I pick just one? They are all fabulous!! My top three are Soho, Sea Horse, and Vintage II. If I HAD to pick just one… it might be Soho! I want them all! Thanks Jodi!

  15. Jamie Shortt says

    Hey there, I can’t decide on a favourite between the Soho and the Back in Black. I think the black is in the lead, though, great contest.

  16. Staci Brock says

    Vintage is what first came to mind…but then I saw that Poppy…and retro/modern seems to be catching my eye more and more lately!

  17. says

    Favourite? I LOVE THEM ALL!! <3 <3 <3

    But if I had to choose…Back in Black.
    But my daughter would want Poppy, and I have to keep her happy.
    Back in Black.
    Back in Black.
    Back in Black.
    :) :) :) :)

  18. Melissa says

    I love the Soho and vintage. Also the coming soon Poppy would be so fun to work with. This would be perfect to add some new pop to my photos!

  19. says

    Oh my gosh!! I love your blog. I didn’t know about this place! Have been looking for some different backdrop options. Thanks so much! My fav is “Vintage II” and I CAN’T WAIT to see what else they will come up with. Love these!!!

  20. allison Hoffman says

    I love surf rider, after 2 girls I now have a 9mo old boy and another on the way! I’m learning how to retrain myself to look for boy patterns, colors.

  21. says

    hi! I LOVE these backdrops- all of them! but I would say Back in Black is my most favorite because it’s the most versatile, then swanky because it’s so fun, fresh and girlie, then vintage II because of it’s sophistication. OK, so I gave 3 favs- wish I had unlimited funds so I could buy them all with no guilt :)

  22. says

    This contest is perfect timing – my best friend is getting married and we need a backdrop for her photo booth & I’ve been dreaming of starting my first at home studio!
    (Sorry if I posted twice – it wasn’t going through before.)

  23. Tiffany Bradford says

    Oh I love this giveaway, and will be thrilled to win! I love Soho and Back in Black, I don’t know if I could choose between the two!

  24. says

    It’s so hardto choose! I think Vintage II is my favorite because of it’s versatility. I’d be able to use it for boys and girls as well as adults.

  25. says

    I L-O-V-E LOVE Soho!! Not only is it my favorite place in the world but it’s an awesome color combo!! Add a gorgeous red something in front of it and you get my favorite color combination! It also makes me think of toile which is one of my first loves in life =)

  26. Danielle says

    I LOVE the poppy background, but most of them are amazing. Thanks for letting use know about the great resource.

  27. Alanna says

    There are a lot of beautiful choices… I think I would use SOHO the most. Really Classic! Thank you for the chance.

  28. says

    Ok so can you say “every single one” as a valid entry! I am loving the Vixen backdrop…it would be awesome for Valentine photos…but I am also in love with the Back N Black!

  29. says

    I am torn. I really like the Vintage II but my heart goes pitter patter for the Soho! So I think SOHO. Love these from afar wish I could have one.

  30. Chelsea Fitch says

    i posted an after photo from a wedding i just finished on the MCP flickr group it is of the bride’s bouquet and rings.

  31. says

    The Drop It Modern website is down right now so I can’t say which one I like the best. From what I’ve seen, probably the green and blue damask or the white and black damask one. Thanks!

  32. Diane Hazelwood Stewart says

    put it on facebook also!! I love the back in black….These look so neat..kinda like the Vintage II also..

  33. says

    Oh yummers, I’d have to say I love Back in Black the best. It’s just lovely. Oh, I retweeted this as well. Two entries, I am crossing my fingers!

  34. says

    I am looking forward to the arrival in my studio of Flower Power 11 – its going to bring some sun and fun to some grey Montana winter days – get us excited and ready for spring!

  35. Michele G says

    Im so torn between Vixen & Back in Black, but for how Im shooting now, I think the best for me would be the black.

  36. Robin says

    I love them all but I’d say back in black is my favorite. It’s subtle but still makes a statement.

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  37. says

    Oh man I am crossing my fingers I get to win “sea horse” ! It is my current obsession, I have a plan for it already.

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  38. Kristy says

    Oh man – What an awesome give-way! I’m loving the Sea Horse but I’m also loving the Poppy that is coming in February too. They are all really gorgeous!!

  39. says

    I love Soho – I used it for a boudoir shoot last weekend and it was a huge hit with my clients. I’m sure I could find a new favourite with a gift certificate, though!

  40. katie mihalak says

    I have soho and love it but i am obsessed with vintage and vixen and back in black so I NEEEEEEEED this gift certficiate. Jodi, seriously your twins need to pick me!

  41. Conni says

    I am going to pick Vintage II … though I love them all …. and the green polka dotted one (forgot the name… ya that funky one!!) oh and swanky that one is cool also!!

  42. Maggie says

    I love them all…they are so unique and different and what a pop it does to your images..but if I have to pick 1 fave it would be SOHO…its so awesome!!!

  43. Michelle says

    This is a hard one…I love all of them! I’m drawn to seahorse, but I think Vintage II is my favorite. I love that it has a classic feel.

  44. Lisa Thayer says

    Just posted to Facebook & let all my friends that have fun with photos know about your give away…..Thanks for doing this! ~Lisa

  45. says

    I LOVE the vixen one. I would freak out if I won this. I have been using makeshift fabric for backdrops trying to get the same effect. It’s just not workin. So here is hopin’! I shared this on my facebook and uploaded a picture I worked on with the actions from Magic Bag :p)

  46. says

    Gosh, I LOVE several of their backdrops, makes it hard to choose a favorite! But I’d have to say Back in Black is my favorite! And Thanks for all the great tips and blog posts you share here!

  47. Mindy says

    Back in Black has to be my favorite. I tend to look for the darker colors!! Thanks for the Chance to Win this wonderful prize!!!!!!

  48. Alexa says

    I love, love, love the “Poppy” background! I would love to photograph a puppy dog in front of it! More specifically my blue eyed puppy girl Topaz. ;)

  49. says

    My favorite is the Vintage II backdrop. I think it would work great for a big variety of photos and I love how brown goes with everyone’s skin tones and most everyone’s clothing.

  50. says

    I LOVE the Back in Black , Vintage II , and Seahorse (I obviously love the pattern) If I were to choose one specifically I’d probably choose seahorse it is SO refreshing!

  51. says

    I love all the backdrops! Soho is my favorite, though. Really gonna have to order that one soon. Keep up the good work!! I’m loving all your resources here.

    Off to Tweet and Facebook!!