Contest: Win “Get Schooled” Portraiture Guides, Templates ($1,100 in Prizes)

Get Schooled: School Portraiture Contest

Courtney of Get Schooled: School Portraiture Guide is so excited about the launch today that she wants to giveaway some fun Get Schooled: School Portraiture products.

Read all about each product by visiting the Get Schooled Blog or Website.


Here are the prizes:

  • One Lucky MCP Action Blog readers will win the “whole lunchbox!”Β  The guide, all marketing materials, forms and the sweet little book “It’s PICTURE DAY!”
  • Four readers will win the Get Schooled: Guide
  • Two more winners will receive the book template “It’s PICTURE DAY!”
  • Everyone will get a 25% off code – I will post this code when the winners are announced Sunday.

That’s a total of over $ 1,100 in prizes!


How to enter: you can have multiple entries in the Get Schooled contest. Make sure you leave comments for entering directly on the MCP Blog. Comments posted to Facebook notes will not be integrated.

  1. Comment and let us know how you feel these products would help your business.
  2. Spread the word about MCP Actions and Get Schooled: School Portraiture. Come back and leave an individual comment for each Tweet and/or post to Facebook about the contest.
  3. Go to the Get Schooled Blog and find the word of the day – come back and post it!
  4. Find a fellow photographer on Facebook, Flickr or a blog and leave a kind comment on one of their images.Β  Spread a little love blog love. Then come back and add a comment to let us know you did this.

The 7 Winners will be announced here on the MCP Blog on Jan. 24th in the late afternoon.

Jodi Friedman, MCP Actions

Jodi Friedman is the founder of MCP Actions. She designs popular Photoshop actions and Lightroom presets that make editing faster, easier and more fun.

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  1. 4

    Sarah says

    I am just starting out and want to start on the right foot. With such a high new business failure rate, I feel that learning from people that have established business plans and ideas would give me an edge up.

  2. 8


    i was just telling a photographer friend how great the ‘get schooled’ guest post was yesterday. this giveaway is so perfect – i am gearing up to do a second shoot at my daughter’s preschool next term and this information would be so fantastic! i am particularly interested in seeing the ‘it’s picture day!’ book template. =)

  3. 10


    These products would allow me to produce some structure in my marketing materials as well as how I market – especially in areas that are looking for something new and different.

  4. 11


    I am super excited about winning these fantastic guides to help our business move into the boutique school photography market. We have a ton of private schools and home schoolers here and this would so help me to provide for them the type of images those discerning clients demand.

  5. 12


    Thanks again for another awesome giveaway! This is such a great concept. I can’t tell you how many people complain about the standard school pics (they haven’t changed in 40+ years!) and I am pretty sure our preschool programs in the area do not have a portrait program at all. This concept would also work great for large day care centers. Thanks MCP!!

  6. 14


    We just had a local Charter School approved and my daughter will be attending next year. Before I read the Get Schooled post yesterday I was thinking about emailing the principal to put my photography services on her radar. This would be a perfect addition to my business, I am so excited about the possibility of providing higher quality school photos!

  7. 20

    Clair says

    I just fumbled through a round of school photos for a homeschool academy in the fall. I would LOVE to get some of the get schooled info to help me do better in the spring. Thanks.

  8. 21


    this would help my business tremendously! there are a lot of photographers in my market and this would help me establish a new line of what i can offer as well as introducing me to multiple new potential clients. it could change my business!

  9. 22


    It’s been suggested by fellow parents that I start doing into school portraiture. With my own children in the local schools, I have contacts that would help me get my foot in the door. This would certainly help by providing a roadmap to successfully accomplish this goal and get the word out in this area which is saturated with schools.

  10. 26

    mim Owen says

    Winning this would help me to have the confidence to move forward into working with my local nurseries. I would love to win, please!

  11. 28


    I’d love to win this awesome contest! School Portraiture is a great way to grow my business, especially at my daughter’s private school – her school portraits are always miserable! I’d love to be able to give parents something they’re PROUD to hang on their walls.

  12. 31


    I think these products would help my business as I have recently moved to NE Kentucky. What I have observed in this area is that people will not let the economy stop them from spending money on photos of their children. The people here seem to cherish the memories and will give up other “luxury” items before they will pass on purchasing photos. But I’ve also noticed that the quality of photos offered aren’t always the best. I know I didn’t want to buy my own child’s school portraits because they were so posed looking and it just didn’t look like her. I think if I could hone in on the skills that it takes to create quality school photos then I will have cornered this market.
    I’ve recently gone from working outside the home to staying home and am leaning on my photography now as a business rather than just a hobby. That being said, any help I can get without having to invest money is like winning the lottery for me! I don’t want money, just knowledge!!! πŸ˜‰

  13. 35

    Shelly LeBlanc says

    Hi, This package is great!!! I feel like I am re-inventing the wheel every time I prepare my marketing materials for school photos. OH BOY, I’d love to won this one!!! I think it would save me a ton of time and a great deal of angst.

  14. 36


    Since I just started building my business I have been thinking about way s to meet more families. Since my son goes to a smaller Private school, I know this is avenue I could undertake WITH THE RIGHT PREPARATION. This is just what I would need to get this off the ground!

  15. 38

    Jenny says

    I am just starting out by taking photos of the children in my SAHM Club. This would help me get more tips to better myself and to help me get started when I am ready to make the jump.

  16. 39

    Rebecca Timberlake says

    How fabulous! I have been trying to figure out how to get into the private schools in my area, so this guide would be a huge leap forward for me. I am looking forward to seeing all of the amazing tips and tricks that you have come up with.

  17. 49

    Michelle Garcia says

    I am just starting off and could use all the help I can get. I have 5 kids in school myself and would love to be able to send home school pictures that parents would treasure forever! Thanks for the opportunity!

  18. 51


    Awesome giveaway!! This package would help me greatly as I was just considering getting involved with my daughter’s preschool photos. :)

  19. 53

    Wendy says

    I have been doing school portraits for homeschoolers and realize I need some help and direction. This would be perfect!

  20. 54

    Melissa Dunne says

    I definitely believe everything happens for a reason. Last week my friend brought up her kids preschool pictures and how awful they were, so we started talking about me contacting preschools to do thier school pictures and this put the idea in my head. Two days later I read the MCP blog post about the Get Schooled Guide, and the very next day a friend contacted me out of the blue from her preschool that she runs and asked me if I did school pictures! It made the hairs on my head stand up because it was just all laid out right before my eyes! I am so excited about this venture and know that it will be a great way branch out in my photography business. I would love to win these guides, because I definitely need some direction on where to begin! Thanks so much for the contest!

  21. 57


    I moved to a new place last year and have been trying to establish myself here. I did one preschool and really enjoyed it. It was great to receive such great feedback and get some business from that day. I want to pursue more schools but haven’t really known how to go about doing that. This would be great!

  22. 63


    This is an area of photography that I have avoided because it seemed too intimidating and overwhelming. Not to mention that school portraits did not fit into my style. I am so excited about getting into this area now!

  23. 64


    I have been having a lot of trouble getting into this business here in my city and this guide seems as though it could really be a huge leg-up on how to break into this market.

  24. 65

    Amber Spratling says

    I would LOVE to get the get schooled collection! I live in a small town and do alot of the preschools and school functons, I constantly try to come up with ways to not sacrifice my quaility to “school pictures”. Sounds like this is a great resource!

  25. 66


    This is a super exciting opportunity! I think the Get Schooled guides and blog would take my new business into a whole new and fun direction. It would be such a blessing to learn from her expertise and wisdom! Thanks for doing this!

  26. 67


    This is perfect timing for me. After seeing the generic rubbish produced by my son’s nursery, I went in a couple of days ago, spoke to the manager…and I am now their photographer for this year! Having some advice on how to make my natural style work in a high volume situation like a nursery would help all the parents get the memories they deserve…and would also help me get my new business off the ground.

  27. 69


    Tweeted the contest too!

    Funny story… a friend’s son got his school picture proofs back with two “different” poses, as they promised. Only thing was they flipped the picture to get the second pose! Hilarious. And they thought she wouldn’t notice?!?! LOL.

  28. 71


    I would love to have these as i love doing preschool pictures and would like to have most of my business doing school portraits. All it takes is a few minutes getting that great picture, parents are happy but more importantly that school picture may be the only picture that child get professionally all year why not make it great. Would love to have new ideas so that I can come back with something a little different each year.

  29. 75


    Okay, I just facebooked about “Get Schooled” and linked to the website.

    Wendy Zippwald I am loving the new “Get Schooled”. I need to refine my preschool portrait business.

  30. 76


    I have been thinking about trying to get into the daycares, private schools, and preschools. This would be a great help in starting that venture! I would love to get my hands on all of this information!

  31. 80


    I just attempted school pictures this fall…and OMGosh what a disaster! Everything was complete chaos even though i felt really organized going into it. I have spring pictures scheduled and think this would be an AMAZING resource for me.

  32. 84


    I couldn’t find a word of the day…which I’m curious what is now and where to find it…

    but i did become a fan on facebook of Get Schooled because i’m already hooked up with MCP

  33. 92


    This is just what I need for my business this year. Preschool portraits have been on my list of things to research I love toddlers and would love to work with them and schools!

  34. 93


    What a terrific product! I wouldn’t have been confident to take a job like shcool portraits until I seen the amazing packages you offer. It takes all the guess work out of it and makes it fun!

  35. 94


    This would be a dream come true. I actively photography the kids at my son’s day-care. However, I am no where near organized, I lack a good work flow, pricing, and package. I desperately need this.

  36. 95


    I’m starting out, and I think this is a great way to get new clients. We are also a military family, so I think this would help me when we move to a new town to set up there.

  37. 97


    This is such a genious idea, I can’t believe it! I think these tools can help me in ways I never dreamed of. I’ve already contacted people to map out their interest in this type of school portraiture, and the response I’ve gotten is really exciting! I live around a lot of preschools. I would LOVE to make this a branch of my photography seeing as how I’m still getting off the ground, this is just my ticket. I plan to do this!

  38. 101

    Jill says

    I hate typical school portaits! I’ve often thought they should hire me when I get my son’s daycare pics. This would help tremendously!!

  39. 103


    I’m just starting out and have no marketing materials or any kind of forms…talk about a boost to the business! i would so appreciate it! I would love to rock a “new school portrait” Lord knows that no one really buys the plain ones they have now! (i know i don’t)

  40. 105


    shared on facebook! Now I’m on to Twitter! I just read over the details of the package and it would be fantastic for my business! REVENUE! :)

  41. 114

    Marilyn says

    This would be so helpful to get started in this side of business! What a fantastic giveaway!! I did some blog love already :) The word is GIGGLE and I’m off to comment my Flickr friends.

  42. 116


    What a wonderful giveaway! These would be such an asset to my growing business. I have been hoping to branch into the school portrait world for a while but just haven’t been sure where to start. These look like they will be extremely helpful! Thanks to MCP & Get Schooled for this great giveaway!

  43. 117


    Would love this! Just started going “pro” this year, as part of my new years resolution :) Retweeted for you and even if I don’t win, I will probably buy it!, lol.

  44. 120

    Jobrina Hofleit says

    WOW, have been waiting for this! Just starting my business out and this would be a great resource!!! Word of the day “giggle”! Thank you MCP and Get Schooled!!!

  45. 124


    We have a ton of private schools around here and the pics that my kids have brought home are nothing exciting… I’d love to use this as a baseline to get my foot in the door and shake up the local competition. I think my personal style will resonate with the parents better than what they are currently being offered.

  46. 129


    I am looking at doing some school portraits next year. I have been looking for good information on this and this looks awesome! I loved the post yesterday

  47. 136


    This would make a great b-day present for me this week, if I won. I am still working on establishing myself in a new town, so every little bit of good advice helps.

  48. 141


    I think all the products are very great tools!!! I launched my photography business in Sept. 09 and to this day I don’t have a solid client base. I am lucky if I get one person in a 3 month span. I Have tried everything I have learned but still I think I would need something more edgy, new and fresh. The school portraiture guide and marketing kit is something that would benefit me and shape me into the photographer I dream about..

  49. 144


    I have taken a few nursery school photos and would love to win this prize to help out my business. I am also a Nursery school teacher and would love to take my business in this direction.

  50. 147

    Suzie Wolf says

    Great give away – thanks for all that you do. I would use it in conjunction with what i do with sports photography for kids. thanks!

  51. 153

    stephanie p. says

    This is something that I have thought about for years. Even dabbled. I was going to go full steam ahead for this next year. This would be so awesome to win! No reason to reinvent the wheel when someone has already done it for you.

  52. 156


    Am hoping to break into the school photos with the Early Learning Center as the “old” photographer here in this small town still has the schools and I hate to cause any hardships….they are wanting to retire soon…so I am treading lightly! Your information would be extremely helpful to me…please pick me!!!

  53. 160


    I would love to get into this market! This is exactly what I have been looking for to help me do this. I love it when things fall into your lap!

  54. 172

    Jeanine says

    This market is a passion of mine and a personal mission since so many are unhappy with the traditional (BORING!) school photos. I would love to delve into this market very well prepared!

  55. 173


    I have been following you on facebook and your blog for awhile now. I love your blog and all of your wonderful tips. You have had some great contests, but this one is the first one I have entered. I really NEED this kit. I am a beginning photographer and I am very passionate about capturing precious moments for my clients to treasure forever. I, like Courtney have the disadvantage of living in a new place and therefore lack the social networking groups to get my business off the ground. I have considered school portraiture, but I have no idea how to set it all up. I would LOVE to win this set!!! Thank you for the opportunity!

  56. 180

    Wendy F. says

    This is an area I have been thinking about tackling, but I don’t know where to start. I live in a very rural area that is definetly lacking in this area. This product looks great!

  57. 182


    What a great give-a-way!! This information would be sooo valuable. As with most people, I live in a market that is dominated by the bad chains, and I think this information would make it soo much better to get my foot in the door!

  58. 183

    Jessica Hedrick says

    I am just getting started and starting to spread my name in the local area. Unfortunately, we are moving in 6 months which doesn’t help :-) My husband was just accepted into the Chaplaincy in the Army on Active Duty, and I have been looking for a way to get my name out there and earn extra income for my family. This looks like a FANTASTIC way to do it! What a great idea to share and I am looking forward to reading this new guide-my 2 passions, photogrpahy and kids!

  59. 191

    Jessica Hedrick says

    Just posted a comment to and you should check out Ashley’s work too! She is an amazing photographer and I am lucky enough to be her second shooter for a wedding in Martha’s Vineyard in the spring…she is looking into serving the Lord in Africa in the near future. Find me on facebook and you can check out the awesome images that she took of my son (Jessica Sweeney Hedrick)!

  60. 198

    Sarah says

    I’m taking a “Launching Your Photography” business class this semester, working on my photography, and collecting as much as I can about different types of services to offer. The class covers obvious services – weddings and family portraits – but it doesn’t cover the details of offering school pictures. So this might be the perfect reading to supplement my studies!

  61. 201


    I was just to a Preschool teacher who has asked me to consider doing something like this for her kiddos. I have not said yes yet because I find the process overwhelming starting from scratch. I love this product! Her ideas and style are so engaging! I would love, love, LOVE to have this complete set and start this arm of my business. THank you so much for doing this contest!

  62. 202


    I am so wanting to get into school photography but didn’t know where to start. There is such a need for it here in my community. Unfortunately they mostly use deathtouch, or a local photographer that has always done it and therefor always doing the same thing. Just like they said, cattle. I am so excited that “Get Schooled” is here to help us out.

  63. 209


    This would be a fabulous tool for my business- last summer I offered a school-portrait style service to a local kids’ gym and feel it did not go as well as it could have. Some professional and experienced insight would be wonderful to have handy when I offer that service again this year and years to come!

  64. 210


    I have been doing school pictures at my kids’ private school for the last three years, but would love some new ideas on how to jump start this market!

  65. 213

    Michelle says

    I LOVE how Courtney is changing school portraits. Her work is amazing and I’d love to bring that to my area as opposed to the assembly line way it’s done now.

  66. 214


    I am jso so this would be a huge help for me as I explore and build new clients. Looks like it is packed full of valuable information. thanks!

  67. 217


    I’ve got the local school account for this spring and need help pulling it together and advertising. Then I want to shoot for the surrounding area schools! This would help!

  68. 219


    I am sooo in love with the idea of taking school photos to the next level! I can honestly say that as a student and even as an educator, I never had a good school photo! What a way to start my business – and to build clientele!! Also, I’m thinking that it’s possible some of this knowledge could carry over to church directories! Who says Olan Mills has to have the monopoly on this? :)

  69. 223


    this is EXACTELY what I need. I am passionate about giving clients/parents QUALITY school pictures with a difference and not just the same-old same-old. kids should look fw to me coming to their school next year!

  70. 224


    I would love to receive these guides because I think they would give me the tools I would need to tap into the school portrait market – and do it in a fresh, new way!

    Thanks for the great giveaway!!

  71. 228

    michelle riebeek says

    I love the information provided in the blog I would absolutely love to have the materials in this giveaway! I want to know the secrets!

  72. 231


    I already do school pictures for a small local school and wouldn’t mind adding a few. I was asked to do the pictures there, so don’t really know how to go about getting into schools, and expect that this information would be extremely helpful. πŸ˜€

  73. 236


    super COOL!! my hubby just left his full-time job to come on with our business (HUGE jump!) and we’re restructuring and planning and plotting… i’ve never been interested in “standard” boring photo jobs, but THIS has potential! wow – can’t wait to head over to the site and check this out! this would DEFINITELY be a way we could take our fAMILY business to the next level, providing a new outlet and a new avenue to build contacts and stretch our creative juices. coolness!

  74. 240


    I am in the midst of trying to put together a quote for a private day school. I would be over the moon if I could get my hands on these products. I can’t wait for them to be released!! p.s. – I love that the word of the day is giggle. That’s a good one!

  75. 243


    on the spur of the moment today I decided to stop in at one of my favorite kids boutiques for a quick peek and I ran into a woman that I had been thinking about lately….. she and I worked together at IKEA almost 10 years ago and I alway wondered what had to her….. I walked into Dragon Lilies and she was right there… carrying her 4 month old son Chase….. we did the usual…. how are you? how many kids do you have now? what are you up to these days….. funny thing is many of our big answers were similar…. 4 kids each and each stretching our photography creativity…. Caylee is a creative photographer and you can see her lovely portrait work here….

  76. 244


    living near a small rural community and having many others nearby I often get asked to take pre-school or sport or dance photos and I am not quite sure how to be most efficient with this…. I think the “Get Schooled” portaiture guides would “guide” me in the right direction!

  77. 250


    These resources are awesome! We’ve been shooting preschools for the last couple of years and these would rock to have! I cannot wait to see the details of them:) They would really benefit us to help in organizing and marketing!

    Word of the day: giggles
    commented on Chris Crook, Stacy Gough, & Shannon Gurney


  78. 251


    What a great idea she has put together. I’m crossing my fingers. We live in a very small town, 4 hours away from any bigger town, what a great way to get my foot in the door =)

  79. 253

    Allison says

    Wow this looks like it would be very helpful in starting at schools. I can hardly wait. Thanks for the idea.

  80. 255

    Tammy says

    As someone just starting out these tools are invaluable. To be able to v and not spend time recreating the documents would be just what my start up business needs to get started.


  81. 262


    Just today I was trying to figure out what direction I needed to take my business in the next year….my oldest daughter had just received a partial merit scholarship to a very high end school …how was I going to come up with the difference every year..then I saw your post on the MCP BLOG (which I am a huge fan of) clicked through to the “Get Schooled site” and suddenly all the stars aligned. This is it!!! Thank you!!

  82. 282


    Receiving this material would help my busines venture into a great open opportunity in my area. I love the idea of awesome school pictures!

  83. 283


    This is exactly what we need right now. We have been fighting the balance between the people who expect “old school” portraits and those who want a fresh perspective…we want to be true to who we are.

  84. 286

    Cortney Jones says

    WOW! A wealth of knowledge to help me figure out how to grow a new division of my business, there are so many ways this would be a great big improvement to things. Mostly, I’d say knowing how some else is successfully making this work is pretty priceless.

  85. 288

    Cortney Jones says

    So many talent photographers to support and show love too, how do I choose? K, I decided to show love to my fellow Utah photographer she is doing great and will go far.

  86. 295


    This is something I’ve thought about doing for a while, but had no idea how to get started! Can’t wait for the 25% (or if I’m the winner, free) code!

  87. 297

    Ally says

    A friend was just telling me about a company that does this and suggested I do it. And I was thinking, yes that would be great, but how?! And then you have this on your blog! Yay. And I have spent sometime over at Peachtree. This information would be fantastic and so very helpful!!

  88. 301


    Wow! What an amazing product! As a beginner in the ‘professional’ photographer business (having paying clients:) I could really benefit from everything that is offered in the guides and templates. Winning them would be the best and because I’m running at full force in the social networking community, I could be a great representative of the product once I start using them!

  89. 305


    I would love lOvE LOVE to win these items! I recently tried approaching a private school about school portraits and it didn’t go the way I had anticipated. :( But I’m ready to hop on that horse and try again!

  90. 307

    Marie Schenck says

    I thought about Courtney’s post on the blog all day yesterday and today. What a wonderful idea! I think that this giveaway would be awesome for my business-it would let my business stand out among a sea of child photographers in my area. Plus, it’s time school photos get a little sass!

  91. 314


    After years of disappointing and almost offense school pictures I contacted my daughter’s school last year to begin exactly the type of photography “Get Schooled” is referring to above. I have shot three schools the past two years but would love to expand this aspect of my business.

    I just feel all parents deserve photos that look like their children…

  92. 317


    WOW!! How exciting!! What a great giveaway! I am just starting out with my photography business and was just talking to my husband about doing school portraits!! It would be so wonderful if I won!!! I need all the information on getting started that I can find and their “Get Schooled” guides look great!

  93. 322


    I would love a chance to win these materials. I have one school client already and am very interested in growing this portion of my business, but need a better workflow. Thanks for the chance to win!

  94. 324


    I would love, love, love this. My twins are entering preschool this fall, and I’d love to have a concrete plan in place to help me reach out to various local schools.

  95. 327

    Holly Irwin says

    These products look amazing! I am starting a new business and this would be a great way to learn something new.

  96. 329


    This would definitely help me tighten up my services! I already have a good relationship with the school and could use some help with the parents!

  97. 330


    These things are GREAT! I am actually about to take the plunge into daycare world and these couldn’t have been brought to me at a better time!!! So I’m happy they are offering a 25% off!! :)

  98. 333

    Chelsea says

    I’ve been trying to expand my business and if I could get started doing school portraits, it would give me much needed revenue to reinvest. Doing school portraits would also get my name out there to local families.

  99. 334

    Chris says

    I love the marketing concept of expanding my current photography business by expanding through school photography! These guides would provide me with the much needed information to use to expand my business.

  100. 339


    They would definitely help me market myself more. My name is slowly getting out via my website and blog, but would love to learn more ways of reaching my customers!

  101. 344


    I’m moving to a new area and this would help me jump start my business! As a military wife, moving is hard. Now that my kids are not in playgroups, this is a great way to market and meet new clients! Being organized will help immensely! (BTW thanks for everything! You inspire me regularly!)

  102. 347


    I had my first experience with shooting school pictures this past fall with the possibility of doing more next year. The guide looks like it would really help get me moving in the right direction!!

  103. 348


    This is awesome, I been looking for this product to come out!! This year I was ask to do the photography in a private school, but I would like to expand to another private school. Need to learn how to approach other schools.

  104. 354


    This concept crossed my mind, but after I saw Lifetouch having a monopoly over all the schools and even churches, I got discouraged. But, I think you got something here. I’m really excited about this product. =)

  105. 358


    I have been wanting – and hesitant – to break into this area. But, I would LOVE to and this might help put me over the edge and do it!! I was soooo excited to see this post!!!

  106. 360


    These are amazing products and I would love to implement School Portraits into my business! What a wonderful, valuable resource to help get this started! Thank you so much for offering such a wonderful opportunity!

  107. 370


    This lunchbox would probably save me about three years of mistakes, trial & error, research etc. I am in the process of reseraching how to set up such a business for preschoolers and I feel like this blog post fell out of the SKY! What an an amazing product!

  108. 381


    This is a great contest! I have to say, I hadn’t really thought of school portraiture until I saw this blog post. But now I’m inspired! As I’m just starting out, this would be a great way to get my name out there! I’m working some other avenues as well right now, but would love the information from Courtney to move in this direction as well!

  109. 382

    Michele Abel says

    This looks very interesting, and something I had never even thought of! Thanks for bringing this to my attention.

  110. 383


    These products look FANTASTIC!!! They would SOOO help my business, as I just moved across the country and don’t know many people, so breaking into the school market with a professional presentation and great organization that this product provides would be a God-send! Thanks for the chance to win!

  111. 385


    I’ve been doing lots of marketing research this past month getting ready for year #2 of business! Thanks for the contest & I am going to go check this all out!

  112. 391


    I really need anything that will help me build my business back up!!! Two years ago it was going pretty good, but my husband made a decision that moving would be best for us and since then it has been very hard building my business in a new town. Anything to inspire me and get me going will be a blessing!!!

  113. 396


    I am just getting started in portrait photography and I love taking pictures of kids of all ages. I could really use any help I can get as posing is not my natural strength. I previously photographed sporting events, so no posing needed. Any guides I can get will help me improve and take better pictures! Thank you!

  114. 402


    This would help my business by leaps in the future. My bro in law has actually been bugging me about getting into school photography. This world just be a great start for me and a great adventure for my little business.

  115. 408


    I would love to win this. I have been thinking the same thing about getting something new and fresh for school portraits. I want to get into doing more of them… What a great contest….

  116. 409


    Word of today: Silly.
    I’m wondering are we supposed to do all of the requirements every day or just once? I’ve shared and am posting love on another photogs site (I do that pretty much every day even when not entered into a contest).

  117. 423


    I am looking to break into the School Portrait Market and this package gives the in and outs. The guide, all marketing materials and forms, WOW this cuts out tons of the tedious leg work and would help me get down to the good stuff ~ working with the camera and the kids! I WANT TO WIN!!!

  118. 426


    I think this would be a ton of fun and I could really use the possible referrals, since I have been in business less than a year, I even use to be a pre-school teacher.. I loved it and I think it would be awesome to go back to the preschools!! :)

  119. 430

    Courtney Hathaway says

    How awesome! I’d love to win because I think so many schools go the “traditional” route and it would be awesome to break into them with custom photography! I just don’t know where to start. :)

  120. 431


    I’d love to win this prize! I have photographed one preschool, and while I did get through it, there is much I still need to learn. The “Get Schooled” guide looks very comprehensive and well put together!

  121. 434


    I recently closed my photo jewelry business and am planning to pursue preschool portraiture for 2010. Like many others, I’ve been overwhelmed and have not had the time to get “organized” yet :) Your package looks invaluable and I would LOVE to have it be a part of my new fresh start for 2010.

  122. 439


    What an awesome product! This would be a HUGE asset to my photography business. I have thought about this for some time but needed a little help trying to break into that market! I NEED IT!

  123. 440


    It would be extremely helpful in that I did one school last year and I wanting to market to a few more schools but currently am stumped as to the best approach. Plus I love that this is a twist on traditional school portraits!

  124. 448


    The schools in our area have one company who does all the portraits. Every childs image looks the same. These products would be a great guide on helping me take my ability into the schools for a fresh and exciting change to the traditional idea of school portraits.

  125. 456


    As one who cannot stand the traditional school portrait on the traditional blue or grey background, I would love to enter this niche in my area. This would help me get a jumpstart!

  126. 463


    Hi there! I would love to win because this packet could really help kick start my photography business! And I very much need that PUSH in order to justify quitting my dayjob. My two children go to daycare and their school pictures are just horrible! I hate buying them. But the ideas on the Get schooled Blog are brilliant! I would buy those photos in a heart beat! And feel strongly that most of the other parents would too! If I could pull that off I know that would give me the “push” I need to finally be free of the torture I call an 8-5. Please pick me! Save me from this cubicle!!!

    Jenny McCann

  127. 467


    I left some love on a fellow photographers blog, who I’d never left a comment for before! I think this is a fabulous thing to start doing..we wanna know if you visit!!

  128. 472

    Tracey Talley says

    I have been doing preschool pictures for a couple of years now and I have NEVER seen anything like this! This is a fabulous package and would be helpful in more ways then I can explain! The marketing materials alone are fabulous. I would be head over heels to be the winner!! :)

  129. 475

    Morgan Mosiman says

    This looks like an awesome guide. I was just starting to work on adding school portraits to my business…this would come at the perfect time!

  130. 477

    Morgan Mosiman says

    A friend of mine, who is a wedding photographer, just had work published! Facedbook’d her about how wonderful it will be to see the article :)

  131. 485

    Olivia says

    This would definitely be an asset to my business! I did non-traditional school photos for my daughter’s Mother’s Day Out Program last fall and I really think this is an untapped market. It was fun for me to work with the younger children and capture their unique expressions. Thanks for the giveaway!

  132. 488


    Completely awesome!! This would be so beneficial to my business!! I am so busy with 18 credits in college classes, two kiddos, and my photography business sometimes I just dont have the time to find the help/resources to get the admin/business part right!! Please help! Thanks for the opportunity!

  133. 497


    WOW! This is an amazing product to win. I think this would help my business a lot because I just started with the schools. It will give me great idea’s and tips on how to make the most of this! Thanks so much! This would be AWESOME!!!!

  134. 503


    Ohhh I have Soo been thinking of doing school portraits. Just no idea How to approach schools ect. So I would be OvertheMoon if I won =)

  135. 513

    jennie says

    love it! i could really use this; no more excuses for getting my children’s portraiture business off the ground : go right to the source and provide an awesome, self-selling product as well! love courtney’s enthusiasm and expertise…..really inspiring! thanks for the opportunity!

  136. 514


    I LOVE Courtney’s work and would love to have her as a mentor for my new business. I’m new to the area and could really use the help with time-saving tips for promoting.

  137. 525


    Just trying to get my business off the ground…still new to the community so I don’t have the contacts all of the local “home grown” photographers do…this package would be a wonderful to help teach me the ropes to school photography so I could have something new to offer the local schools which in turn would then turn into, hopefully, repeat business outside the school…the product looks wonderful! Thanks for being so generous with the contest.

  138. 527


    I truly believe that knowledge is power. More you know and more you will get ahead. As a start-up business, there are so many things I’ve never even thought about as a photographer, therefore I know Get Schooled: School Portraiture products will help me tremendously. I wanna win! :)

  139. 538

    Ashlea Dews says

    I commented on several pictures on FB that INSPIRE me. MCP inspires me- thank you for what you do!! Get Schooled= GREAT!! :)

  140. 543


    i have wanted to persue this side of the business and didn’t really know where to even start. thanks so much for the opportunity to win!


  141. 544

    Susan Weeks says

    These would be great! I have worked in a special needs preschool for 20 years. Our parents always want “school pictures” of their preschooler. Unfortunately, most school photograhers don’t have the time or experience to “work” with our little ones to get them to respond for a great photo. Most seem to get annoyed when we try to help them out.
    Thanks a bunch!

  142. 549


    oh my! this would really help me get my non-profit up and running! so many youth athletes could use financial support so they can participate in little league and other sports…..fingers crossed!


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