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Blueprint: Use Photoshop Actions to Add Drama to Your Photos

Blueprint: Use Photoshop Actions to Add Drama to Your Photos

Liz Sethi sent in this Photoshop actions Blueprint of her oldest daughter. The subject was modeling on her new barnwood rug (this prop is so popular right now). The photographer’s goal with this shot was to take a good image and make it have more life and drama. To achieve this, she needed more contrast and sharpening.

Here is her step-by-step Blueprint using MCP’s Photoshop Actions:

  1. Ran the Eye Doctor photoshop action, used default opacity, and just enhanced catchlights, brightened the iris and used sharp as a tack
  2. Flattened image
  3. Ran Urban Cover Model Photoshop Action, reduced opacity on the Smooth me out layer to 25%
  4. Ran MCP’s Free Photoshop Sharpening Action – Crystal Clear Web Resize and Sharpen, painted off effect on her hair because it was “too much” sharpness for me
  5. Ran MCP’s Free Watermark action and did the emboss layer
  6. Flatten and saved

“I’m doing a 365 on my blog and just about every picture on the blog has an MCP action on it.  I have purchased actions from other vendors, but your actions are easiest for me to use because they will run on separate layers, are FULLY customizable and adjustable (and a lot of actions aren’t!) . Quite simply, MCP makes my photography look fantastic.”

Here is the before:

model on barn wood mat

Here is the after:

model on barn wood mat flooring

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  1. Marianne
    March 19, 2010 at 10:39 am —

    I love this!!! Can I ask, where she got the barnwood rug from. The only one I see is on Savvy and bargain outfitters but they are all the white washed ones.

  2. March 19, 2010 at 11:49 am —

    Very cool!! I got my rug a couple weeks ago. Did she color something on the rug or use gels because I’ve not seen them that color. Mine is regular barnwood color, which I think is beautiful, but hers is cool too! Such a very cool prop since we had to tear down our old wood barn because it was getting dangerously close to falling in.

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Blueprint: Use Photoshop Actions to Add Drama to Your Photos