Contest {Enter to Win} Stand Out Mount Prints From Color Inc.

This week, you can enter to win a white standout mount up to size 20×24 from Color Inc. We will be giving away 2 prizes. So you are twice as likely to win. Stand out mounts are a perfect option when you want the three-dimensional look of gallery wrapped canvas but do not have enough space on the edges of your image for wrapping or want to keep costs down.  They are also the perfect product when you want to hang a print without buying a frame and want images displayed in a simple, beautiful way.

I love the clean, modern look.  And they work well with both single images and storyboards and collages.

Color Inc. is offering an exclusive discount code for MCP readers of 15% off all White Stand Out Mounts for 30 days.  Just use the code “wso15” for this great deal.

stand out mount

To enter this contest for the 20×24 white stand out mounts with print, please add your entry on this blog post {comments left on Facebook will NOT be counted – sorry}. Winners will be picked on Sunday, so check back to see if you are one of the “lucky” 2.  And remember, everyone wins since Color Inc gives you 25 Free 4×6 prints with the code mcp10 (one time use per customer).

  • Tell us what type of image you would print if you win – would it be a portrait, landscape, macro, wedding, animal, sports, etc.
  • Optionally, you can upload an image (just make sure it is 600px wide/72ppi or smaller) if you know exactly which image you would pick.  This does not count as an extra entry, so please upload it in the same entry.

Do you want to increase your luck and chances of winning? Here are other ways to get bonus contest entries:

How to get extra entries in the MCP Actions Photoshop Contest

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  1. 5

    Kami F says

    A portrait of my 10 month old son. My walls are covered with pics of my 1st born and he needs some love too!

  2. 8


    Oops forgot to tell you what photo I would choose! I would pick this photo of my little puppy Sallie. (Please delete my other comment. Thanks!)

  3. 9


    I love these as well. I was at the open house last night and checked em out first hand. I would love to have one for my son’s up and coming session.

  4. 15


    I would print an image of my family on here. Its been 361 days since we welcomed our 3rd (and final) child and we have NO FAMILY PHOTOS displayed. This would be a great one to start!!!!

  5. 16

    Jeanine says

    A portrait of my daughter. She is changing so fast and I’m clinging to her youth since she is my youngest. Thanks for the contest!

  6. 18


    I could really use this as a studio sample- I’d probably print a family portrait from a recent session. Fingers and toes crossed! What a great contest :)

  7. 19


    I would print a portrait of our family that a dear friend and fellow photographer took for us! It captures the spirit of our family perfectly! It will hang proudly above our mantle for all our friends and clients to see!!

  8. 22

    Kristie Bradley says

    I would get a print made for our Pet Photography Fundraiser. My students have been working hard on their images and our final exhibit and silent auction is coming up. It would be cool to offer a raffel with the prize being a standout with their choice of image of their pet!

  9. 27


    i would probably print an art print i made of my three kiddos feet, so that i could enjoy it, knowing it’s my kids, but still use it to display as art, for future clients!

  10. 28


    I would love to win this for a client of mine. She is such a sweet client and she deserves a piece of beauty on her wall. What better way to get this than thru Color Inc. they do such a great job and they are just the bomb!!! I would love for her to have this as a mothers day gift from one mother to another. Her girls are just precious and this picture just explains it!!

  11. 36


    This is the image to my earlier comment. I would love to win this for a client of mine. From one mommy to another for Mothers Day. This client is one of the sweetest and she deserves a peice of beauty hanging on her wall, and what better way to do this than a picture of her girls from Color Inc. Please delete the above comment. I didnt get the picture in it!! :)

  12. 39


    I would love to win this! I would choose a photo of my children. I take a lot of pictures, but rarely print them.

  13. 49


    This is a GREAT giveaway!! There are so many prints I have to choose from that I would love on a stand out mount. I think I would probably end up choosing one of my most recent macro shots of the spring flowers. I have recently gotten into macro photography and have LOVED photographing the spring flowers.

  14. 55

    Emily S says

    I would print a photo from our photoshoot in December (they are still sitting on the disc)

  15. 56


    I love standouts! Would definitely use this to print out a newborn image of my new little guy (due ANY MOMENT!). Fingers crossed!

  16. 59


    This week we lost a beloved pet in the family and at the end of the month we’ll be losing our 2nd due to old age. I think I would do a diptych of the 2 dogs and have that sent in for the family.

  17. 69

    Sandy says

    I don’t have a single enlargement on my walls. My daughter is a senior this year, so I would for my first one to be one of her senior portraits.

  18. 70


    I am opening a new studio soon, I am in the middle of picking images for displays now so this contest really comes at an awesome time!
    I want several different mounts displayed and a stand out with the studio name would be awesome!

    so far, I have bare walls!! NEED to fill them up :)

  19. 81

    Alison N says

    I would choose a recent maternity or newborn image to enlarge…or I’m so excited about taking my kids for their summer portrait session :) I would proably enlarge one of those to redo my wall collage!!! Thanks~

  20. 83

    Connie says

    We are heading to the Virgin Islands in June, so it would probably be a family photo from that trip. Thanks!

  21. 88


    I would make this my photo to remind me of our beautiful beaches and hope any pray they stay like this and don’t get tarnished by the oil spill coming our way!

  22. 98

    Kristen says

    I would print either a wedding photo of my husband and me, or one of my favorite landscapes!

  23. 105


    I would print a photo of a giraffe to go at the opposite end of the hallway from my mother’s award winning giraffe photo.

  24. 107

    Connie McClain says

    I would soooo love to win this! I would definitely get a photo of my boys (2 & 4 yrs old) printed. I’m just getting my business started, so it would be a great way to show off my capabilities. :)

  25. 111

    Laser says

    I would like to do a portrait of our Sheltie who we had to put down after 15 years. Hope I am lucky :)

  26. 118

    Beth Kraenzlein says

    I have the perfect action shot of my daughter playing softball that I would LOVE to have printed that big and I have been wanting to order a stand out of it.

  27. 122


    I would love to have a print of my baby boy. It’s so odd that as photographers, most of us seem to have a limited number of family photos displayed. Too funny! Thank you for the great giveaway

  28. 125

    kim Van Pelt says

    I would order a portrait print or a collage print with pictures of kiddos. Thanks so much. Would love to display a standout mount. Thanks.

  29. 126


    I just recently took a picture of my two children out in a field holding hands and wanted to get it enlarged this would be perfect for that image! Hope to win :) Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  30. 142


    I would love to do one of these of my kids from the pics I took of them a few weeks ago. Not sure if I would do a studio one or one of the outdoors ones, but definitely something from their most recent “session”. :)

  31. 150


    If I won, the image I would print out is of my baby girl. The poor thing, I have so many pics of her older brother and hardly any of her. My goal is to get some more pictures up of my little Layla.

  32. 151

    Crystal ~ momaziggy says

    I would love to win this because I’ve never tried printing one before and have been wanting to for the longest time! I would print an image of my girls to display in my house! I already know where it would go! Thanks Joki!

  33. 164

    RCH says

    I’m working on a landscape (of his rural hometown) for Father’s Day — I’d love to print that! Or one of my girls…. Hmmmm. Such a great product!

  34. 176


    I would print a portrait of our 16 y.o. dog, Maggie. Maggie has terminal bladder cancer and such a portrait mounting will beautifully and fittingly preserve her image and memory for our family.

  35. 181


    Beautiful. I would enlarge one of my nine month old…there are currently no pictures of him hanging in our house. Shame!

  36. 185


    I LOVE LOVE LOVE this product. I didn’t even know it was available. Thanks for the info. I would die for one of these photos of my girls having their Tea Party this spring!

  37. 197


    i would have to go with some newborn shots…i really need to decorate my studio with some past shots and i think these standouts will be the PERFECT display!

  38. 200


    I would print this picture of my parents, taken on Easter. My dad asked me to take a picture of the two of them (which he never asks), I think mostly because he’s worried about her health and he’s afraid of what could happen. He’s a rough and gruff kinda guy, so for him to ask that I take a picture of the two of them speaks volumes to me. I would love to give this print as a gift to them because they are such wonderful, loving parents

  39. 204

    Amanda says

    these standouts are awesome! I don’t know which picture I would choose…I will have to pick among many favorites!

  40. 206


    Love this! I’ve been wanting to get one of these (storyboard of my kids), but keep putting it off. I’ll have to go for it now!

  41. 209


    I would LOVEEEEE to win this!! My family and I just did spring family portraits yesterday that would be PERFECT for this!!! Oh, I hope I win!!!!

  42. 216


    I think I would choose to print one of my macros. I don’t have any large prints of those yet, mostly all landscapes.

    either that, or I’d print this pic of my mom’s dog :)

  43. 231

    Juanita says

    I would get a print of my husband and I. Or maybe a landscape one. It’s so hard to decide.

  44. 235

    Whitney says

    A wedding photo… I’ve only been married for 2 years and I still haven’t printed out the big ones yet!

  45. 243

    Sarah C says

    I am just starting out and have never had one of these printed from one of my photos! It would be so exciting! I would probably pick a picture of my son (only child) to hang in my own house and use as an example for potential customers.

  46. 248


    I would print a stand-out of our family as we never seem to get that many ‘great’ shots of all three of us!


  47. 252


    I would most likely do a wedding portrait of my husband and I (we’re almost at our 1 year anniversary :) ) or I’d make one with a floral landscape that I took a few weeks ago.

  48. 257

    Bethany says

    A portrait of me and my husband. I do these kind of things for my clients all the time and we don’t have any pictures of us!

  49. 262

    Katy Williford says

    So hard to choose what I would print! probably a landscape of our family land in the fall.

  50. 263

    Rachel says

    I would print a portrait of my beautiful freckled nosed, curly locked strawberry blonde daughter.

  51. 265


    I would love to try one of these. I don’t have anything other than standard mats and frames in my house and I can’t wait to get more prints of my girls on the walls. I would use it for portraits!

  52. 266


    About a month ago, I did a small session with my girls. They both love fiarys. So, I had my oldest dressed up as Tinkerbell (her favorite). I then took a shot of my youngest daughter with her hand on the bottle. I then used photoshop to put my daughter in the bottle. The girls LOVED it!!

  53. 274

    Bob Wyatt says

    I would so love to have this waterfall image from last Saurday on a standout. I had such a great shooting day, my wife even came with me for the first time and made it even more special.

  54. 281


    This would be fun. I have thousands of pics of my kids, but they all live on the computer . . . this might actually make me hang some images finally!

  55. 282


    At first I was thinking I’d print a landscape picture, but then with the idea of a wedding portrait I knew I’d want to blow up one of my wedding! Perfect!

  56. 300


    I have planned to do a gallery wall in my living room with something just like this! I would start with a portrait of my family.

  57. 303

    Samantha says

    I would print a portrait of my two wonderful daughters that I took in a field of yellow flowers.

  58. 307


    Oh, and I forgot to say that I’d print a photo of my daughter… I’ve been wanting to hang on in her room! And I subscribe RSS via google reader :)

  59. 309

    Terry says

    I just took a picture yesterday of a dragonfly that I really like and since the dragonfly is a symbol of transformation and denotes good news/events, and yesterday brought a real change of events to our household, I would choose to honor the day by mounting that image.

  60. 314

    Sally says

    I’m just getting back into my photography and I am starting to display pictures at some locations, this would be a great way to do that, it would really make the picture look like a piece of art.

  61. 315

    Laura Z says

    I would print a picture of my two children I took in an empty residental lot, it is my most prized photo I took of them together.

  62. 318


    I would print a portrait of one of my sweet boys. Not only would I have a great picture for my walls but I’d have a great sample to show clients. =)

  63. 320

    Casey Marvin says

    I would love to put our first ever family portrait on it! The kids are 5 & 8 so I figure it’s about time!

  64. 328

    Carey says

    I got this shot tuesday evening of my kids holding hands. this was the first time it has ever happened and it made my heart go pitter pat! I’d LOVE to try out stand out mounts with this image. I LOVE color inc!

  65. 334


    Photos of my family. I’m craving a great heritage wall in our new house. I’d love for the “centerpiece” to be a few large prints of us.

  66. 335

    Jessica says

    Wow, love this site. I would love to enlarge a photo of my children or of my recent trip to Italy, I have some beautiful photos of the old castles there!

  67. 337


    I would use it for a senior portrait of my daughter and for a sample! This way, I’d get to enjoy it and it would be a showpiece as well! :)

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