Sun Flare: How to Achieve This Special Light

I’ll admit it…  I’m addicted to sun flare, especially a good sunburst.  I’m secretly quite proud when I achieve it, especially since it required actually remembering the tips I read about creating it in the first place.  Perhaps you are like me and scour the internet for all things photography related and end up only remembering a small tip of the iceberg!.  I remember reading those essential tips of how to achieve great sun flare on the MCP Actions Blog.  I find myself saving plenty of Jodi’s emails in case I need to refer back to the plethora of helpful information.  I’ll save you some time and compile some links to previous articles that she has posted regarding sun flare.  Hope you enjoy it as much as I have.

Signed, your fellow MCP Actions fanatic – Jeanine (I will be putting more posts like this together for Jodi in the future, where I dig into past blog posts. So in the comments, please let me know what types of compilations would be helpful to you in the future).

If you are looking to achieve sun flare, haze, or a crisp star-burst, you will find these posts super helpful:

10 Sure Fire Tips for Sun Flare

5 Killer Ways to shoot into the sun and sun Flare

How to Turn Night into Day

The last article also discusses silhouettes so stay tuned and we’ll post another “flashback” with plenty of links for that topic.

Have a read and try it out.  I bet you will be hooked like I am!

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    OMG this is awesome! I am a new fan of MCP everything, and I feel like I’ve learned soooo much already!!! Thanks for this post and thanks in advance for future ones too! Can’t think of anything right this sec on what I would want you to “dig” up, but if I do, I’ll let you know. :)

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    I am TOTALLY addicted too! I love the drama and the challenge, because it really can be even when you know all the tricks! It’s funny now I look for ways to get flare and a little bit of blown out parts in my pictures these days :)


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