Win a NEW Camera Bag * You Pick the Style and Color

Contest: Enter to win a Jo Totes Camera Bag

Are you forever on the search for the perfect camera bag?  There are so many different styles and types of camera bags out there.  How do I know?  Because I’ve owned most of them at one time or another.  I am a firm believer that just like there is no perfect food, there is no one-size-fits-all camera bag.  I use different camera and lens bags depending on the situation and occasion. The common denominator for me, they have to be both functional and attractive.  From my Shootsac for times when I am on the go and need to switch lenses quickly, to my large Jill-E Jack bag for rolling all my gear and for travel, I need variety. In case you are wondering, I have tons of purses too… And I tend to love camera bags that look like over-sized purses and for that reason I have owned a Kelly Moore bag and my newest one, the Jo Tote camera bags.

camera bags for women

For those of you who LOVE the look of a purse style camera bag, and who want to carry with you a camera, a lens or two and stuff like your wallet and a lip gloss, you must check out my latest advertiser to the MCP Blog, Jo Totes.  April, the owner, sent me two styles. The Rose, which has a dressy, classic look, is just beautiful.  It would be dressy enough for toting around at a wedding yet fun enough for every day.  Plus it comes in great colors. The Rose is the perfect day bag for carrying your camera and an extra lens with your purse items while out and about. The Missy, which fits a little more and can handle more weight than the Rose, has a fun, vintage look. And lots of pockets. Even after trying both, I am torn on which I prefer.  But Jo Totes are so reasonably priced, you may just want to get one of each.  The Tote style looks really nice too, but I cannot speak from experience for that one.

bright color camera bagsSo which of these Jo Totes Camera Bags are you wishing for? Enter to win one of three prizes being given away.  Winners will be picked at random on Sunday evening. If you want to purchase now, and you are picked as a winner, your purchase price will be refunded.

1) One Missy (winner can choose color-black is out of stock, but will be back in September if you can wait)
2) One Rose (winner can choose color)
3) One Olive or Scarlet tote
To enter:
  • Just add a comment to the blog (not facebook) – and let us know, which style and color most fits your personality.
For extra entries:
  • Upload a photo to the comment section that illustrates why you “need” a new camera bag.
  • And as always, if you “Like” me on Facebook, new “fans” only or “Follow” me on Twitter for the 1st time, you get an extra entry for each.  And if you spread the word on this contest, on your blog, Facebook, or Twitter, get extra comment entries for those as well. Just add a comment for each of the extra things you did. Good luck everyone!

inside of a camera bag

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  1. 1


    I love them all and really would be excited to win any of them! The Rose Plum one is one of my fav colors in the bags :)


  2. 6

    Tori says

    I am so dying to get the Missy bag (black). But alas, by purse refuses to corporate! :( I have been drooling at Jo Totes bags for a VERY long time! I will upload a picture of my current, grubby makeshift camera bag soon… trust me, it’s awful!

    Hope I win!

  3. 8


    OMG, I have been drooling over the teal rose bag for months, I have the website set to my “home” page so when I get online it pops up…I need a new camera bag but due to my husbands accident (he fell from a tree stand, and was paralized, broke his neck, back, arms, ribs, facial injuries…) we have a hefty Hospital bill.. so all I have been able to do it DREAM about haveing a stylish camera tote to sport my camrea aroud it when I go shoot ! I HOPE AND PRAY THAT I HAVE THE OPPORTUNITY TO WIN THIS (unless there is some one else out there that is more deserving) God bless !!!

  4. 13


    I fell in love with the Pink Missy from when I first saw it awhile back. <3 <3 <3 I love the look and it fits my personality so well. That and I have a HUGE… no wait… HUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE bag/purse/handbag fetish. Most women have shoes. I have purses/bags/handbags. And to have a stylish camera bag? Oh, that would just be totally awesome!

  5. 15


    I am the same person as comment #3 sorry it didn’t upload my whole post..

    I like the Missy or the Rose… The rose being my favorite :)

  6. 18


    I Love the Jo tote bags. I have Olive that I got when they first came out last year. I am thinking I need to add a Rose to my ever growing camera bag collection in either teal or Clementine.

  7. 19

    Darcie Rose says

    I’m loving the Rose bag, of course it is my last name, but I think the Missy would suit my needs better, plus it comes in pink!

  8. 30

    Allison says

    I love the Rose – and I would love plum for the fall! Plus, when I viewed the website I saw BONUS – the bag has a shoulder strap – even better!!

  9. 35

    JeanetteVictoria says

    OMG these are marvelous. I’m not sure I can even wait to see if I just might win. I LOVE theses! I travel a lot and sometimes I just put my camera in my purse because I don’t want to even look like I am caring a camera. The tote is perfect for me!

  10. 37


    I’ve been wanting one of these for awhile now!! I hope I win!!! My favorite is The Missy… but I also love The Rose!! Thanks for such a great giveaway.

  11. 39


    The rose in that orangy-ambery color is beautiful. I have camera-bag angst. I can’t choose a new one (or am too cheap to get a really good one) so I’ve been using the same beat-up small thing for years.

  12. 41

    MelissaF says

    Gosh, this is such a hard choice! I have no “day” camera bag so I’d love to win any of them. I guess I’m gonna go with the Missy…in black…hmmm, or maybe pink :-)

  13. 45


    I would be a Scarlet tote girl all the way! Red is by far my fave color and it sure would be nice to have something fun and cute to put my equipment in. My Canon bag is a little worn! :)

  14. 53

    Adrianne says

    Oh, man, just one?? I love the purple Missy because it just looks so pretty and I could hid that it’s a camera bag. BUT the red tote is just me. The flat bottom and four legs for sturdiness are just the sort of thing I want in a bag. Not to mention that it zips on the top to protect your gear. Okay, so the red tote now and maybe the purple Missy for Christmas??

    BTW, do you know if this will fit a 70-200 2.8? That is something I have a hard time with in other bags. Carrying that lens still on the camera (lens hood reversed, of course). Thanks!

  15. 57


    The Missy bag in black is one of my faves! I love the inside pattern, but the black goes great with just about anything. I’d be so excited to win one!

  16. 63

    Missy says

    I love all the bags, but the “Missy” is also my name and totally my style. This would be wonderful because I am in the market for a new “bag/purse” for a disney trip!

  17. 73

    Angie Taylor says

    I would love to win a new bag, pleae enter me in the contest. I love, love, love the pink Missy bag.

  18. 76

    Sara says

    OMG, I need one of these!! I ADORE the Missy in Pink! The pattern of the fabric of the liner is a really nice touch too. I will probably be buying this bag if I don’t win it!

  19. 78


    I would defintely choose Rose in Teal! Love Love Love it.

    I am following you on twitter now…SPrice80

    The picture: I need it because mine stays goes in back in the box and that is how I carry it around. Sad right?

  20. 80

    Ms. O says

    Hello, I am just starting up on my photography and I am yet to find a bag that I love. I would like the Rose in Yellow. Because Yellow is my favourite color anyways and It would be so perfect for me! Hope i win!

  21. 84

    Lisa m says

    Oh my gosh, these are simply gorgeous! I love them all, but I think I would pick the “Rose”, my second choice would be the blue bag with the outer pockets. Thanks!

  22. 100


    I want all of them! :) I love them. But, if I had to pick one… it would be a yellow rose one. Why… I think it shows who I am. Yellow: Happy, Fun and Love to Laugh! The Rose Style: I appreciate feminine classic things. Pick me!

  23. 103

    Donelle says

    I love all of them, but my favorite would have to be the Rose in teal, its such a fun bright color, Im so sick of just owning black camera bags.

  24. 104


    I’ve been eyeing up that teal rose bag for WEEKS! I would fall right over if I actually won what I’ve been lusting after for all this time.

  25. 105


    These are all gorgeous and I would love to win the rose in brown. Sometimes I wish I could be a little less obvious of what I am carrying in my bag and this certainly can pass as a comfortable yet beautiful purse.

  26. 109

    Stacey R says

    I definitely need the Missy. I only have a really small bag that I cannot even put an extra lens in. I have to carry my purse since I have severe food allergies and need to have two epi-pens with me at all time. It would be wonderful to put it all in one bag and be able to go.

  27. 110

    Nicky says

    The Rose -black or plum color – what a cute bag!
    I’ve been looking for “the perfect” bag for a while! I don’t have one now and need something that I can carry my lenses, camera, P&S, plus a wallet and an extra diaper for my youngest. HARD to find something so versatile, but isn’t a messenger.

    I also just started following you on twitter!

  28. 111


    OMG! Awesome, what a great giveaway! I actually emailed April a bit ago to tell her how much I loved the new Rose handbag (even though I don’t have one yet :P). I was hinting at my husband to get me the bag for our 5 year wedding anniversary but he didn’t get it so much! Haha…

    Anyway, I love the Rose tote in Bronze. It’s so my style (vintage yet modern)! All the other colors are gorgeous too. I absolutely love the design and concept behind these bags.

  29. 112


    Hi Jodi! I would really benefit from the Missy bag! I am currently using a huge tenba rolling pack as my primary bag and it’s so heavy! I sometime use a big handbag to just carry around one camera or lens so the Missy bag in ANY color would be so perfect!!!!! Thanks so much!!!!

  30. 114

    Heather Lynne says

    I love the Rose in plum or teal, I also love the Missy in Blue or Pink … uh, yeah, I think they are all WONDERFUL!! I would SOOO love to have one! Thanks for a fabulous giveaway & a Fabulous blog!

  31. 115

    LisaW says

    Love that Missy bag! Looks like it would be just perfect for me. I need something. I hate carrying a purse and a camera bag and I take my camera everywhere! Usually end up stuffing personal stuff in the camera backpack or my pocket. Not a good solution.

  32. 117


    Love the rose one… but deciding on a color would be difficult. I just need a bag to travel with, I get tired of hauling my big camera bag everywhere I go :(

  33. 127

    kimberly Gonzalez says

    I just twittered this…I would love to have either the Rose or the Missy tote in plum, teal or clementine!!!

  34. 132

    Angie Taylor says

    Oops! I meant to say I am now following you on twitter, not “I’m not following you on twitter.” Sorry!

  35. 137


    I love them all! I like the Rose, but without the rose. I love the Missy – that’s really my style but might be a little big for me. I’ve had the Tote on my watch list for a long time now and will like just have to break down and get that one! My issue is I carry a laptop daily to work and need a bag that compliments my laptop bag or handles a laptop as well. Anyway – Jo Totes are awesome!

  36. 138


    Just spread the word on Facebook:
    I’m lusting after that rose bag in teal. Jo Totes are awesome looking, check out MCP Actions little giveaway if you would like to try your hand at getting one of your own:

  37. 139


    I would love a new camera bag! When I go on a shoot, I often take two bags because my current camera bag will not hold extra lenses.

  38. 146

    Jodi says

    I really like The Missy, love the bright colors, I’d probably have to go with the turquoise color. I love that it doesn’t look like a camera bag, but you can fit so much in them! I like that its big enough to fit purse items in and eliminate the need to carry a purse. Often I just take my cell phone and keys with me on a photoshoot simply because I don’t want to carry two bags. I love this idea! I also like the fact that it has a long strap to carry messanger-style. Love it!

  39. 155


    I “need” to win a Rose tote because I’ve been forced to carry my gear in a dedicated diaper bag! If I have an “official” camera bag, maybe my husband will approve another lens purchase so I can fill the slots!

  40. 157

    Linda Kondratski says

    Wow, this is a tough one as all three styles are super cute! If I had to choose I think the rose style as the flower motif is just darling!

  41. 158

    Jennifer Garnett says

    I love the Rose – clementine! It is so fun and stylish, I’d want to use it for my everyday bag too ;)

  42. 163

    Cristen Smith says

    Love the Rose bag in plum. Love the floral “girly” feature. There have been times when I needed to carry my camera and several lenses on location, but did not have a bag to carry everything in. I would have to carry at least 2 different bags. Having 1 bag to put everything in would be so nice. Did I mention it was cute? :)

  43. 167


    If I had the extra cash I’d have a different style & color for every outfit I own. But if I HAD to choose a fave? I DO have a thing for extra pockets. The Missy is beckoning to me….

  44. 173

    Addie says

    Decisions Decisions. I REALLY like the look of the Rose bag but I love the extra space the Missy bag has. I think I would have to go with the Missy bag even if it did mean waiting until September. It would be well worth it.

  45. 176


    Oh my goodness, these are adorable, just perfect for heading out the door to a function where you don’t want to announce your bag…I can’t decide! I like them all..probably the missy or tote would be best for me. But not sure~ the tote, i think.
    Here’s my reason I need it..hubby carried my loathesome box bag for me for half a sweet, but if I get this one, he’s free!

  46. 187

    Tessy says

    I love the Missy style bag. I need a new camera bag because the one I have the strap always falls out. It is black and bulky and annoying to carry.

  47. 190

    Jennifer Garnett says

    I need to win because I don’t have a bag. I just put on the lens I hope I want and wear the camera =P

  48. 194

    Addie says

    I need a new camera bag because this one just isn’t cutting it. It is to small for my gear. Notice the lens sticking out of the top of the bag. I can’t even zip this thing.

  49. 202

    Addie says

    I “like” you on facebook. And if there was an option to “love” you on facebook I would click that too. Thanks for your site. It is awesome.

  50. 203

    Susan says

    Oh my goodness – the missy bag is fantastic! I would use this all the time and desperately need a bag like this – I am always juggling my camera bag, a purse and my daughter’s sippy cup and snack (ha!) What a great idea, thanks for the opportunity!

  51. 207


    Camera bag purses are my newest obsession. I have an Ephiphane bag which I love. I am uploading a photo (more points?) I’m at the office at my desk. However, summer is ending and I would another one for fall. The rose in plum is calling my name very loudly! However, anyone of those would be great:) I am never without my camera so I will probably never again purchase a purse that is not a camera purse. Thanks for the opportunity Jodie!

  52. 212

    kennedy tinsley says

    If I could chose just one- it would be The Missy…colour Olive….I lead a colourful life with 4 boys running around…a camera bag with extra pockets would be a great ‘addition to my family’-No more Diaper Bags!!!

  53. 213

    Tamara says

    I LOVE them all, but if I have to pick I would say the Missy in blue. I’m just starting out and don’t have an actual camera bag right now. Would love to win this so I can have a place to carry my additional lenses.

  54. 214


    I love Jo Totes! I currently have the Scarlet Tote and get comments about it all the time :) I would love love love the Rose tote in plum! Very classic, polished, but fun…that’s the way I try to be anyway :) Thanks for another great giveaway!

  55. 216

    Carrie says

    Ooooh, the Missy in either pink or black would be just perfect! Black because I could bring my camera different places without being super obvious and pink because, well, pink is just so girlie and fresh!

  56. 217

    Susan says

    The Scarlet bag is also wicked cool by the way – and I just started following you on twitter (suserat3)

    Thanks for the amazing opportunity!

  57. 218

    Claudia Aaldijk (Goodlives) says

    The rose is my favourite. Really adorable and stylish with the rose on it. So much better then those black ugly camera bags you normally see.

  58. 219


    I also just followed you on twitter and re-tweeted your tweet. This whole twitter thing has me a little be-fuddled. I am already a fan on fb. Thanks again!

  59. 222

    Sadonna Lingnau says

    Oh how I love the Missy Bags. Its hard to chose which one too. Black would probably be my prefer choice but as its out of stock and who wants to wait till September right? I like the Pink and Blue colors. They look really close to the Epiphanie bags that I have been drooling over for a long time. My camera bag is a backpack and once its all packed up its mega heavy and hurts my back. Been looking for a bag that is more of a purse/bag and one I can take every where. Hope I win…..

  60. 224

    Colet says

    I like that red Missy, but would choose the Rose in teal and give it to my friend, who has been hinting heavily for this bag as a birthday present.

  61. 225


    Oh wow – I think any of the three would suit me just fine. But I am really digging the yellow and blue, which is strange because I’m usually a red girl :) So stinking cute and functional – gotta love it!


  62. 236

    Linda Ritchie says

    I am a fledgling, so anything above my black canvas Nikon bag would be a step up. But my preference would have to be the red Missy.

  63. 247


    Wow – these bags are gorgeous – and any of them would be a real treat. However, the Blue Missy is crazy-cute… although, I might prefer in my go-to, favorite color, PINK! SO want to win one of these. If not, I’ll have to start saving…!

  64. 248

    Darien says

    I would love the Rose Marigold bag. I love how the Rose bag looks classy & yet a little shabby-chic at the same time. The bright marigold color is perfect for me (I like bold color bags) and I’ve been dying for a cute yellow bag for awhile!

  65. 252

    Mary says

    I honestly love them all and would just love to have one of each! If I had to choose just one, I would definitely love the Scarlet Tote! sooo beautiful!!

  66. 253

    Jessica says

    Hello! Thanks for the contest! These bags are fabulous! In fact, I totally can’t decide which one I love the most. I want them all…. is that bad? I do think the Missy would hold more of my stuff and the pockets are too cute. Anyway, I already like you on Facebook. Now following you on Twitter @jessmarvelous and @sugarspicephoto. Also, tweeted @jessmarvelous and @sugarspicephoto. AND…. I “liked” Jo Totes on FB too…. does that get me another entry? maybe? Beautiful bags!

  67. 258

    Heather says

    I have been eyeing the Missy in blue for awhile now and just haven’t taken the plunge to buy one. I would love that one!!

  68. 273

    Jessica Hedrick says

    Marigold!!! I usually wear darker colors and love to add that extra pop of color :-) Yellow is my favorite…bright and cheerful! Plus the rose adds that sweet, feminine touch!

  69. 280


    The Olive Tote without a doubt. I absolutely LOVE all the styles, but I love that the Tote’s can carry enough for me to take the camera and kids all at once, or carry all my requirements on a paying shoot, AND look stylish and sleek too! Totally in love xx

  70. 282


    Oh my! I have been lusting after the Jo Totes bags for so long and I talk about it so often that my mother in law just the other week promised me the Missy Blue for Christmas! Wouldn’t it be nice to save her the money! (or if I was so lucky as to win, I could get a different one!!) I love the Missy Blue! It’s so Bright and FUN! Fingers crossed!!

  71. 284

    Amber Lea says

    I am torn between the Missy and the Scarlett tote. The Missy suites my practical side, but the red, makes my heart smile!

  72. 288

    Ashley says

    It’s so hard to choose! I love the Rose bag. I’d have to go with the plum color, still elegant, but not to flashy.

  73. 297


    Ok so the Missy is definately me. I love all the little compartments on the outside of the bag and did I mention I am addicted to bags and would love to have one for my camera that is fashionable and functional!! I always hate taking my big camera with me because of it’s bulkyness and with this bag I could take it everywhere and no one would even know! Love it!!!

  74. 299

    Patricia says

    Any of them would be an upgrade from the one that I have now, it is the free nikon bag that comes with the kit. But if forced to pick one, the scarlet tote would suit me best!

  75. 317


    I would love the Rose in Bronze. It is a perfect bag for my portrait shoots during the day, and can double as a vintage purse that reflects my understated personal style.

  76. 319

    Melissa Mc says

    I ADORE these bags! I love the Missy in blue and the Tote in olive…But if I had to pick just one, it would be the Missy!

  77. 321

    Tamara says

    I LOVE them all but if I would have to choose I would say the Missy in blue (my favorite color). Love all the pockets on this one. I am just starting out and do not have an actual camera bag now. Just using an oversized bag. Would love to win this so that I can carry my extra lenses and maybe buy a few more… Thanks Jodie!

  78. 324

    Deidre E. says

    I lovethe plum ROSE bag. It is beautiful and my fave color! I love the vintage look, I think this one definitely suits my taste best! Thanks MCP!

  79. 328

    Patricia Schario says

    Any of the bags would be a vast improvement from the standard free box bag that I received when I purhased my camera. However, if I had to pick just one it would be the scarlet tote. Thanks :)

  80. 329

    Shay Winget says

    I would love that red tote! I currently have a huge, ugly bag that is falling apart. The red tote would fit everything perfectly, and it’s my favorite color :)

  81. 332


    The Rose bag in Plum is beautiful!! Clementine would be a very VERY close second! I have the big boxy, boring and black Canon camera bag. So dull. So non-representative of the photographer in me! The Jo totes are fun, functional and funky! I WANT ONE!

  82. 333


    These are all so pretty! I could definitely see myself carrying the Olive Tote around town–clean lines, fun color, and so stylish!

  83. 335

    Julie says

    Oh my heavens. I’ve been drooling over those bags ever since I first saw them. I’d have to go with Missy in Teal.

  84. 336


    Oh my goodness! I love them! This is exactly what I’ve been looking for, and need! All of them are beautiful, but I especially love the one with the flower on it, and I like the teal too.

  85. 337

    Deidre E. says

    I think the pathetic-ness (not a word, but still applies) of my current camera bag comes through pretty well here…………

  86. 341

    Melissa T says

    Oooh. I like the Missy, which is ironic, because my name is Melissa. But I NEVER have gone by Missy. Anyway, that’s the one I like. I like all the buckles and pockets for organizing. Thank you!

  87. 348

    Kim Bolyard says

    It is a hard choice…I really like the Rose in yellow but I alos love the turquoise bag…I would love to own on of these, thanks for the chance to win on.

    Kim Bolyard

  88. 352

    Courtney W. says

    I love the Missy in blue! It’s gorgeous! I only have the camera bag my camera came with 3 years ago & it’s way too small & a pain to carry around. I would absolutely be over the moon if I won!

  89. 355


    I love the Rose bag because it 1. totally suits my girly persona and 2. its a camera bag. Something I don’t actually own yet as right now I’m just using my free “wedding bag” from my Macy’s registry sign-up.

  90. 362

    Shannon Marie says

    I believe the tote would best fit my personality. I love totes that I can put everything into a “bag” and go. Lot my reusable “totes” from the grocery store…but they won’t hold my camera. :-)

  91. 365

    Julie says

    I followed you on Twitter. First time I signed up & followed anyone! lol
    I’ve got my eye on that Missy in Teal. *drool*

  92. 368

    Suzette says

    Oh wow! Love these, really love the Missy,in Black, these are perfect for running about with, when you want to take a camera, but don’t want to ruin your new outfit with a grubby camera bag, or is it only me that lugs around a way past it’s sell by date bag, as I always end up buying something else than a new bag :)

  93. 377

    Pia says

    I would love the blue bag it reminds me of a sunny Florida sky. I spent the whole weekend looking for a bag to fit my needs. Nothing,only black nylon. So I bought an embroidered diaper bag and made my own inserts. I could really use a rela bag though. I did ask Santa for one. He said maybe.

  94. 381

    jennifer remington says

    oooooOOOO! oooooOOOO! Pick me! Pick me! I would LOVE any of them, but my fave is the rose in yellow :) Thanks for the fun giveaway!

  95. 382

    Tina B says

    I think the Missy Black fits me best. I love the other colors but seeing how I do alot of outdoor shots, the black would probably suit me best. AWESOME BAGS!

  96. 386

    Lindsey says

    thank you for the great contest. I would LOVE a new camera bag. Something so cute and stylish.
    I love the Missy – blue and Tote in Scarlet
    I have still been dragging around my old bag to the park, beach, photo shoots…

  97. 390

    Margaret says

    I love the Rose in Marigold and Teal!! So stylish and would be perfect for me to carry on a plane when traveling. These bags are awesome!

  98. 394

    Kelly says

    I love the scarlet tote (though I would take any!). I’m also a girl of many purses…so a camera bag that has style would be great!

  99. 402

    Margaret says

    Just added you on Facebook and Twitter. I just discovered your website today and LOVE it! I don’t think I’ll be getting any of my actual paying work done today.

  100. 403

    Christina says

    Oooh! The Missy in blue for sure. I love the style and that color just makes it “me” in so many ways.

  101. 410

    Vickie says

    I would love to have the blue bag, I love the size and style. I hate carrying my purse and camera bag all the time. Camera bags have no style they are great for what they are made for but not very stylist. I would love to have a bag that I could use for both when I wanted to have a finished look and take my camera equipment with me.

  102. 411

    Kristen Hay says

    Oh, my! These are the cutest bags! Love the Rose one in black! Also love the Scarlet one…perhaps that is because my 4 year old daughter is named Scarlett! Thank you for your actions and your wonderful blog–I am learning so much and am daily inspired! The uploaded picture is of my daughter Scarlett!

  103. 418

    Romana says

    Missy blue is my favorite. But frankly all of them look great and you can still look smart even when draggin all camera equipment.

  104. 429


    Here’s the “reasons” why I need a new camera bag. One represents form and the other function. BUT, for expensive camera equipment coupled with a stylish photog, neither will do. Wish me luck!

  105. 436


    Oh my gosh. Do I ever need one of these. This one is so outgrown but I can’t afford to buy a larger one. I love that they look like a purse. The Missy bag would be perfect for me.

  106. 438

    Jodi Byrnes says

    I posted twice this morning and didn’t see my post below, just wanted to make sure you knew I posted! I also posted on facebook! Thanks!

  107. 443

    Jodi Byrnes says

    Love the blue bag! I love how you can have both purse items and camera items in the same bag! I love the shoulder strap or how you can carry like a messanger bag as well. I like how it does look like a camera bag and simply a purse. thanks!

  108. 444


    I would love one of these gorgeous bags! I am going on a fun girls trip to NYC in Dec and I need a cute camera bag. The Rose would be my style choice. Color…hmmm..I love all the colors, but the practical side in me says ‘bronze would go with almost everything’

  109. 445

    Deana says

    I would love, love, love the Tote. It is streamlined and not fussy. More classic styling. That one would suit me perfectly. Thanks for the opportunity to win one.

  110. 450


    Ok, I shared on Facebook about this Contest, posted on my wall and added my comment. I hope this works. Thank you thank you!! I hope I get to use my new bag on my next trip to ES.

  111. 458

    Laura M. says

    Funny that you post this, I just decided a few days ago that I was going to buy The Rose. I really need a cute camera bag/purse, and I love this one. So I really really hope I win! :)

  112. 461

    Melissa says

    Gorgeous bags! I would LOVE the rose bag, it would be so perfect to be able to handle my camera and lens in a fun and stylish way. Shame on me, but right now I just through my Nikon in my purse!

  113. 462

    Cobie Allen says

    I am sooo wanting The Rose!It has such a classy feel and would be so much better than my backpack bag that I have now. Its too “Guyish”

  114. 466

    LaShawn says

    I was JUST looking at these bags yesterday. I need a new bag before we go on vacation.

    Love them all, but the rose looks so different from all the other “girly” camera bags”

  115. 469

    christie farrelly says

    These are great totes and I love how you encourage other business’s. I love the one with the rose beacuse what women does not like roses and it is so feminine. I like plumb because that is my daughters favorite color and whom I take the most pictures of.

  116. 470

    Jackie says

    I love the Missy….in black…it would be hard to wait….but I think it’s the one that suits me most! These are awesome!

  117. 471

    Audrea Donnelly says

    This is my camera bag….’nuff said.

    Would love the Rose in Black. I usually like more traditional bags, but sometimes you gotta be a little girly.

  118. 472


    I love the tote one and the color is fabulous! I really need one because all I one is the small little bag that came with my camera and I have nothing else. It does not travel it is better for storage! Thank you

  119. 473

    Tamara says

    I LOVE all of these but if I would have to pick one I would pick the Missy in blue (my favorite color). I’m just starting out and don’t have an actual camera bag. Would love to win this to carry all my lenses.

  120. 476


    If I had to choose, I would definitely get the Missy Bag, but truly, they are all fabulous and would meet my needs. Thanks for the chance!!

  121. 479

    Tamara says

    LOVE them all but I would have to choose the Missy in blue. Love the liner in this one! Just starting out so I don’t actually have a “camera bag”. Would love to win this!

  122. 481

    Susan Evans says

    Wow!! I have to say I love the red one the most, oh but wait…. I love the rose bag. They are all so cute. How in the world do you decide? (-:
    I’m sure if I won I could make up my mind very quickly!!

  123. 484


    OMG these are the most beautiful and functional camera bags for women! I am so in love and want one in every color! But for this contest I’ll be perfectly content to have the Missy in blue (or pink? hmm?). No, blue. Oh, who am I kidding, I just want one!

  124. 490

    Cindi says

    Wow, these look fantastic. I would love to win the Missy, in black. And I would have no problem waiting until it is back in stock in that color!
    Thanks for the opportunity.

  125. 491


    I “liked” you on FB and posted the contest there! glad I found you and can’t wait to dig deeper and sharpen my photography! I’m working on a photo of the day project, posted on twitter & facebook – below is yesterday’s photo, One Pound of Peaches.

  126. 493

    Allison Jones says

    Seriously…look at this thing?! As I collect lenses and filters and other accessories, you can see I have a bit of a problem! I clicked ‘like’ on your profile and have already been receiving the blog – which is incredible! I’d love to win the ‘missy’ very classic! Pink is great but that bag would look amazing in any colour!

  127. 497


    I also began following you on twitter! I travel a lot as I am a hot air balloon pilot so winning this bag means easier traveling for me as I can combine the purse and camera bag! Below is a photo I took from another balloon of my dad flying our family balloon

  128. 498

    Nicole says

    I love them all too, but I think I’d LOVE to own the Scarlet or Olive Tote. Then again I love the Teal Missy as well. How is a girl to choose??? I just love how big and bold they are. They fit a ton. I was shocked to see how affordable they are!!!!

  129. 499


    OHHHH!!! I have been looking at the Rose Plum Jo Tote for the longest time now!! I would LOVE to own one. I was going to wait for Christmas to ask Santa for it, so I would be wonderful to win!!!!!

  130. 500


    As new photographer just starting her business, I have been searching for the right camera bag that will hold everything I would need on my shoots. So far each bag I’ve gotten just doesn’t seem to hold enough. As I was looking at “The Missy” I thought to myself, ” Now that’s what I need!” Something that holds everything in a nice compartment style, yet opens wide from the top. And pockets? I LOVE pockets! Perfect to hold those personal items that you need to take along with you such as key’s , cell phone, etc, so you don’t need to bring a purse! LOVE it! Would love it in black. Sleek, purse like, yet very roomy for everything you’d need for a shoot!

  131. 503


    I need The Rose tote! My current bag is a Kata brand backpack that is awesome but it’s HUGE and looks like I could use it for a trip across Europe! I mostly just use my camera and a lens or two so I just don’t need that large of a pack most of the time. Thank you for the fabulous giveaway!
    Keeping my fingers crossed!! :)

  132. 509

    Meghan Camino says

    Definitely the Missy bag! I lug a lot of stuff so my bag needs to handle the weight and I love buckles and pockets. I’d probably want to wait for the black though the blue is beautiful too!

  133. 510


    Scratch my last post. It didnt’ upload the picture.
    I’m supposed to fit my camera in this thing? i’m always afraid it’s going to fall out because it sticks out so much! and the buckle doesn’t work properly.

  134. 515

    Laura Glover says

    I love them all!! Hard to choose my favorite, but would have to go with the J Totes Rose Bronze. Thanks for the opportunity.

  135. 520


    I love them all also!!! HMMMM, if I had to choose, I think I would go for the Blue Missy, OR Plum or Chocolate Rose, OR Olive tote. Currently I am running around with a Walmart special camera bag that is nothing great to look at. I would love to get one of these bags, and I just might! The prices are VERY reasonable.

    Thanks for the chance,
    Jamie Solorio

  136. 521

    Doreen Wallace says

    I just had my camera stolen right out of my hands in Cambodia- so now I am shopping for a replacement and a bag! this would be great!

  137. 530

    Nicole says

    Talk about needing a BAG period. All I have is my original bag that I bought when I bought my first camera. HOW SAD!! And honestly, I didn’t even buy it. It was a gift, camera and bag from my husband. Don’t get me wrong it was nice and all but I have been looking for some time. I really thought about a Kelly Moore Bag, but I have a hard time spending money on ME! Sorry about the quality, I took it with my iphone for ease.

  138. 531


    I want them all! These are so cute and so practical! I currently have a camera bag-backpack that is not only blatantly obvious, but is too small for my new camera and has no room for any personal items.

    I would love to get all three…the Rose in Plum, the Missy in Black, and the Tote in Scarlet. I would pick the Rose in Plum first, though! Soo pretty!!

  139. 537

    Candy Navarrette says

    What a hard choice! I think for how much i carry, the Missy bag is for me. Although, I am in love with the rose bag in plum, marigold, and teal!

  140. 539


    I would choose the rose bag. It’s cute and classy at the same time. And I would choose black for the color so that it goes with everything and doesn’t clash at weddings.

  141. 542


    WOW! Any of the beautiful bags could be made to work for me!!!! But the Misty Bag would fit my need the best. What a fun way to be fashionable and organized while working! I think my clients would like it also when I am on location, The bags say, “We are going to have fun and something different!”

  142. 545

    Allison Jones says

    Seriously??? I mean look at this thing! It’s like mini me’s camera bag…obviously I have a serious problem and could really use a cool new bag! I’m just getting ready to do some local coverage and since I’m on mat leave with my newest boy, the ‘missy’ would hold a diaper and some wipes! :o) I love your blog and have hit the ‘like’ button so all my facebook friends can learn how to be better photogs too! Good luck to everyone!

  143. 547

    Krystal says

    Does this mean we have to pick one as our entry? If so I would pick Rose but I’m not sure what color. It’s hard to decide.

  144. 549


    I haven’t had a camera bag since mine broke, which is the one I got in the mail along with my very first DSLR (Canon Rebel XTi) so this is perfect! I’m really drawn to the red for some reason … Is that The Rose that’s shown in photo?

  145. 553


    They all look fantastic and my current bag is tired, brown, and not big enough! A nice new bag is on my wish list. :) I’d love either #1 or #3 in a low-key color but honestly I’m not gonna be picky. Thanks so much!

  146. 556

    Leeyen Lobendahn says

    Oh my the Rose plum would be my dream come true.I need this bag so bad that I can’t find my camera :(

  147. 557

    Krystal says

    Why I need one of these bags. I can’t afford to buy one of these and I love them. I have tried to make myself something to protect my camera in whatever bag I put it in. It works ok but the protection is limited. Here is a picture of my little, make from leftovers camera “thing”.

  148. 565

    Crystal says

    I have the med Jill E that I store and use for travel or when I need all my gear and I recently purchased the Rose {Plum} that I LOVE! So if I won I think I’d go for the Missy since it’s a bit bigger than the Rose and I could carry all my gear in a purse style bag vs. the bulky Jill E.

  149. 566


    LOVE the Rose style, but torn on the color-Marigold, Plum, and Teal are all super fun! Also love the Tote in Olive Vine because it matches my branding! I love bright colors and feel like they fit my fun loving personality!

  150. 573

    Becky Pisel says

    On a recent trip to San Fran, I biked across the Golden Gate Bridge and my purse (with camera and extra lens) fell off the bike. Said camera is making a rattling noise but still works. I have been admiring Jo Totes for a while and am IN LOVE with the Rose in Yellow. I wish I had one on the bridge so my camera would have been better protected. So glad you are running this contest!!!!!

  151. 577

    sylvie says

    I think the Rose would be a perfect fit for me. Not too huge (don’t have a lot of gear yet) but still roomy to add some mommy-must-have (diaper and burp cloth anyone?). And I love the little flower, a little touch of girly.

  152. 583

    Jaclyn says

    The olive tote is beautiful – also love the fabric on the interior. It’s the perfect size for someone like me who’s just getting into photography and accumulating some lenses. The Rose in teal also appeals to me.

  153. 584


    I am the rose marigold. I love the color and the simple folds of the bag with a dainty flower. Simple, understated, and beautiful. Thanks for offering this!

  154. 587

    Lori says

    They both look great, but I adore The Rose in Plum, the style and color are just classic and gorgeous. I don’t need a huge bag so I think The Rose would suit me my needs perfectly.

  155. 588

    Loraine says

    The Scarlet Tote is the one for me. Very classic! I need to tell all my pgf’s (photography girl friends) about these.

  156. 590


    Note the lack of camera bag in this photo. That’s because I don’t have one.

    ps, please excuse the poor quality of the photo, I had to use the camera on my phone to take this photo of my camera.

  157. 598

    Heather Craven says

    My personality is indecisvie. That is why I don’t have a Jo Tote yet. I’m too busy changing my mind about which style and color I want.

  158. 601


    I love the one with the flower. I’m kind of the funky, bohemian type and I don’t really like most of the camera bags i see out there. I think flower bag and I could be good friends forEVAH!

  159. 604


    I LOVE the rose totes! And that plum color fits me to a tee! I also love the space that you get with the Missy bag, I guess Ill have to get both eventually! :)

  160. 606


    The rose or the tote…but I would say #1 the rose! LOVE it! Super cute…would be perfect for weddings etc when you’re all dressed up!

    LOVE the plum colour!!!

  161. 608


    The rose in bronze for me! I love the idea of more than one way to carry my camera. Right now I have a large black eelskin handbag that I bought to fit a tenba camera bag insert. I wish the insert came in a fashionable pattern but to have the style designed with the practicality together would be wonderful.

  162. 617

    Meghan says

    I would LOVE to win the Rose bag!! I see teal! I would love a teal one! Thanks so much for the opportunity!!

  163. 626


    You are very generous to give this away. I have hinted to my husband that I would love one of these for Mother’s Day, for my anniversary, for my birthday… so far, no luck. I love the clean lines of the tote, especially in red.

  164. 630

    beulahmom says

    Boy oh boy! Such a hard decision as to which bag is the best. They are all classy looking. I think I like One Rose the best…or maybe One Missy…or maybe… Well, you get the idea! I love them all!!!

  165. 636


    I love the rose design in the color clementine. Not only is it adorably sassy and cute, but it would be easy to spot if I accidentally sat it down somewhere… which I something I NEVER do (yeah right!) :)

  166. 648

    Kathy E Miller says

    I love the camera bags and I could really use one. Mine is full of lens with no room for my wallet, just my drivers license.

  167. 651

    Candace Hutcheson says

    I love these stylish bags!! These are AWESOME!!! It would totally make my day if I won this!! thanks for the chance!!

  168. 653

    denise S says

    I have been eyeing these for awile but keep changing my mind on which one to buy. But I will pick the Missy if I am lucky enough to win.

  169. 654


    All are too cute, my wife would love if I won the Plum Rose. That plum color is her favorite color and she just adores that rose on the bag.

  170. 655

    Jaclyn says

    I love them all, but I’m most fond of The Tote…especially the scarlet one. I just love anything red. It’s so fun!

  171. 663


    The Missy in that gorgeous teal blue color. SO me. I love the pockets and the style. I’d carry it even if I didn’t have a huge camera to carry around and protect.

  172. 669


    They are all great, but the Rose bag in Marigold is a dream! I love colorful bags and I really need a new one. My old camera bag is a hand-me-down from my dad and has travelled half the world with me…it is starting to look too shabby to be taken places now.

  173. 670

    Kylie M-W says

    I love all of the bags but my favourite has to be the “Missy” bag in blue. I just love how happy the colour is and how well the lining compliments it!