MCP’s Annual Back to School ~ Multiple Choice Blog Survey + Contest

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Please participate in the MCP Back to School Blog Survey. Multiple Choices * Easy * Win Prizes!  I need your help to determine the direction and future of the MCP Blog.

photography school

While I am sure the blog cannot be all things to all photographers, I want to learn what the majority of readers like, dislike, and what they want to see more or less of on my blog in the future. Please take a few minutes and answer each of the polls below to help mold the direct of the MCP Blog. If you have thoughts that are not covered in the polls, or that you want to expand on, please leave your thoughts or ideas in the comment section below.

Thank you for your participation.  The more feedback I get, the better I can understand your needs.


  • And as an extra incentive, after completing your “Back to School Questionnaire,” just leave a comment on this post saying that you answered all the questions. Winners will be drawn at random.
  • For an extra entry, tell your friends about MCP, by writing on your personal or business Facebook Wall – and linking to my blog. Come back and let us know you did.
  • For another extra entry, go my the MCP Fan Page, and under my logo on the left, click “Suggest to Friends” – and recommend the MCP Fan Page to your friends on Facebook. Come back and let us know you did.


  • 3 names will be chosen at random to each receive $50 gift certificates for the MCP Actions Store (good on Photoshop action purchases only).
  • 3 additional names will be chosen to win Canon & Nikon Lens Mugs (I have one of each to give away – so if you have preference, please indicate that – Canon 25-70, Nikon 24-70, Canon 70-200).

Winners will be announced once I have a strong enough sampling. Around 1,000 is what I am thinking.  I will keep you posted on the Facebook Wall.

buy canon lens mugs

Thank you so much for participating.  Make sure to leave your comment telling us you completed your “MCP Questionnaire” so you are entered in the contest.

Jodi Friedman, MCP Actions

Jodi Friedman is the founder of MCP Actions. She designs popular Photoshop actions and Lightroom presets that make editing faster, easier and more fun.

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  1. 29

    Jen White says

    Love the survey! Learned about some things that I didn’t realize you offered. Looking forward to looking into some new things here.

  2. 30


    Just completed the survey :) … In #1 I answered other and I wanted to explain – I do read your blog directly on your site, but I subscribe to your feed and I use Google Reader’s “next” link in my bookmarks bar to take me to all my subscribed sites (if that made sense!) :)

  3. 31


    LOVE MCP ACTIONS!!!! I do a lot of personal photo editing and I love how easy you have made the process. I have taken many photography classes but have not taken any editing classes yet..You have bridged that gap for me and I look forward to taking some of your courses online.

  4. 73


    I LOVE your site, and use it quite frequently! Thanks for the opportunity to win some great stuff too! Just completely the survey…good questions :)

  5. 80


    I completed the survey but needed to leave a comment for answering the social network question… I get all of my updates through google reader, not a big social network girl I guess ;) Love the blog, your products and the wealth of information I have received from MCP.

  6. 92


    i have you listed i the blogroll on my personal blog. that way i can see when you post and follow you daily. i also read you on facebook if i see that first :)

    i think i have just about everything in your shop – what i really want is one of the mugs :)

  7. 104


    Just took the survey! On the question about opinion pieces I said you have a good mix but I do agree with the FB poster the other day who said it’s a little off putting when you post stories that talk negatively about the business.

  8. 137

    Tiffany says

    Hope I helped with filling the survey out. One thing I would love to see is a blue print on fixing or restoring old pictures. I have been choosen by my family with that task and some are giving me a run for my sanity.

  9. 164


    I often use Picnic for editing as well. I used to have their premium service, but now that I have PSE8, I used them for collages and such.

    Answered all your questions!

  10. 165


    I finished the survey. Thanks for allowing all of the input, and for caring what we think. Also, if I may ask, what actions did you use on the pictures of the little girl in the brown hat on the entry site? The pretty little girl with the freckles? I love that look! Love it!

  11. 173


    I just love your blog and all the wonderful information that you provide on here. I have told countless people about your wonderful blog! Keep up the good work! I love it all!

  12. 179


    I have completed the survey. Hope it helps! Either way, I have been visiting regularly for a few years now and the new format and increase in quality content is fantastic. It’s gone from an actions store with a few tutorials, to a fully-fledged photographer’s resource. I love it and thank you for the time and effort you put into it.

    I’ve also bought a few of your action packs and some of them I just couldn’t do without now. One of my favourites is the ‘Studio Black’ one, that get’s your background to a true black. This has saved me so much time, it’s unbelievable.

    Also the eye doctor and the dentist are used a heck of a lot, as are the powder your nose and foundation actions.

    All really valuable tools to me that have become an integral part of my workflow.

    (If I win a mug, I would love to have the Canon 70-200 one!)

    Many thanks,

  13. 196


    I love this blog! I found it via Pioneer Woman’s blog, and it’s kind of new to me. There are 3 diffrent things that have really stuck with me so far – the guest blogger post about music copyrights, the photography trends post, and the one about safety with posing newborns. Oh… make that 4: and the tute on how to use textures to enhance a photo. Everything is written concisely and is informative(whether a hobbyist or professional), and entertaining. Thanks!

  14. 201

    Susan says

    I completed the survey – could not believe you would only allow 3 votes for what we love best of the site – I love it all!

  15. 203


    Thanks for the chance! I LOVE your blog, out of all the ones I follow…I look forward to yours the very most. I think it has a perfect collection of everything photography related and I am crazy happy that I found it. Thank you so much for putting in all the time and effort that you do for people you don’t even know. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Oh, and I took the survey! :)

  16. 209


    Hope this help direct you. You are always very aware of the next step in your business.
    I can’t find those mugs online to buy- they are great. They always make me happy when I see them.

  17. 213


    I answered all the questions. I do follow your blog posts primarily by feed to my email, but I enjoy going directly to your blog when it is a post I’m particularly interested in, and I also follow your posts on FB.

  18. 215


    I completed your survey – overall, love your blog and the mix of things. I haven’t explored it very much yet just because I don’t have time, but I think the layout is pretty great!

  19. 224

    Shannon Heryet says

    finished the poll, and I’m excited to hopefully win a Canon mug :)
    I know someone that I would love to give it to

  20. 233


    Love the blog via email. Not crazy about all of the other sources, FB, Twitter etc. Same info on too many sources is overwhelming with the other info I have coming at me daily. I like just one source for all of my MCP stuff. Don’t have time to go to all of the other sources for the same info and don’t like having to use the other sources to enter the contests. I use FB for keeping in touch with family and friends. Having business stuff on there feels a bit invasive to me. But that’s just my opinion. Love the actions I have. (I have purchased three or four sets so far) May be buying more in the future, but many of your current collections with the newer actions also contain those that I have already purchased so I’m not keen about paying for the same thing twice. That’s why I once asked about buying individual newer actions. Maybe you might think about offering that to your loyal repeat customers who already have purchased three or more sets as a customer reward?? Anyway, Keep up the great work.

  21. 246

    Mary Lowe says

    I finished the survey and wish you luck on 1,000 responses. I love your daily posts. You have a log of good insights on a variety of subjects and it is very informative.

  22. 258

    Amy says

    Voted! I am a regular RSS reader, own actions that I use daily and attended group workshops months ago. I would be happy to answer an evaluation of the group workshops following the class as well – if you’d like feedback.

  23. 263

    Denise says

    I finished the poll. Thanks for the interest – but it looks like people are already pretty happy :D The Nikon mug looks pretty cool!

  24. 281

    Sue McFarland says

    This was an easy survey. I feel really badly because I only use your free actions. I am not in a position to buy just now, but if and when I do get extra money for my photography, I am buying some of the other actions. Thanks so much for allowing us to have the free ones….I have learned so much by using them and following your blog and site!

  25. 283

    Kathryn Hartsell says

    I completed the questionnaire and thought it was probably the best one of its kind that I’ve seen. And I loved being able to see the percentages!

  26. 290



    I completed the questionary and have one more answer to the question:
    Which photo editing software do you currently use most? (pick up to 3
    I also use Nik Software very very often :)

    And I do have one sugestion to the blog, if you use excreip function to display only first part of a blog post when on main page it would be much much faster to browse through it, or at least have a link at the end of the blog post to add comments :)

  27. 308

    Judy W. says

    I had to choose “other” for social networking, (I couldn’t leave it blank)but I do not use any of them. I only read your e-mails which then take me to your blog. I find it all very fascinating and helpful.

  28. 344

    Jenna Stubbs says

    I completed the survey and was planning to write to you and tell you of an idea that would make the workshops page easier to navigate….I wish you had a Calendar where I could view all of the upcoming classes for the month instead of me having to click on each separate class to find out the dates. While I haven’t taken any classes yet, I definitely plan to in the future, and I find myself clicking through all those different classes just to see the schedules and what might work with my schedule. Just another option for view it. I realize it helps to go to the specific class you are interested in , but I’m interested in ALL of them and need a calendar to help see what all the different times are =) Thanks alot

  29. 352


    I have just finished your survey. I just love your blog and all that you offer us! I hope someday to be able to quit my job (or at least get a day off) to where I can take one of your private sessions! I’m so challenged in that area! Hope this helps!

  30. 372


    This is weird. I answered the first two questions and got the message:
    You Had Already Voted For This Poll. Poll ID #31
    You Had Already Voted For This Poll. Poll ID #32

    I don’t remember voting in this poll before. How long has it been up? Should I keep on going?

  31. 373


    Just completed the survery, mentioned you on my business Facebook page & suggested MCP to my friends on Facebook!!! I would like the Canon mug if I win please. I just LOVE your blog!!! So helpful in sooooooo many ways!!!!

  32. 390

    Aurora Anderson says

    I filled out the survey questionnaire. Thanks for all you do to make your blog one of the best educational tools out there for photographers.

  33. 392


    I participated and answered to all the questions even though sometimes I couldn’t find the answer I wanted.
    For the mcp blog, I see your new post link on facebook, click on it and so it opens in your blog

  34. 393

    BobbiJo Richardson says

    Thanks so much for the contest! Would love to win any of your actions or the nikon lens mug!
    I have completed the MCP Questionnaire!!! :)

  35. 398


    It’s great that you’re willing to give your readers what they want! I completed the survey. I already have the Canon 70-200mm lens mug and love it! It makes me feel cool which is a good thing as I generally lack in the coolness department!

  36. 417

    TanJa Jacobsen says

    Answered all the questions in the Poll-
    Your Blog is the only Blog I ever Read, I don’t like Blogs much but your’s covers everything I need!
    Heading over to Facebook to share you with Friends. :)

  37. 419


    I hope my input helps you with your site design. I really like everything right now. This site has become extremely helpful in my business. Thanks so much!

  38. 459

    Malissa says

    I answered all the questions:) thanks for entering me:)

    I only have a Canon so if you pick me I need a Canon lens;)!

  39. 491


    Completed the poll. You are amazing Jodi! I own several of your action sets which I use all the time. The information you share on your blog is so helpful, and I really appreciate all you do!

  40. 494


    I did your poll and hope it helps. I enjoy your blog when I get time to sit and look around so I usually can only do that once a week or so but I spend time here seeing everything I missed.

  41. 500


    I forgot to add that I wish that you published more LR tutorials and presets. I know that you are a LR user, why don’t you do more of those? I always ignore the daily emails regarding blue prints or PS tutorials, but your business/marketing posts are fantastic! Thank you again!

  42. 509

    Julie says

    I completed the survey. One thing I would love to see would be blueprints that aren’t just using MCP actions–for those of us who have to save up a little before we can get them :)

  43. 510

    Sandie says

    I just completed the survey. I wanted you to know that I am still a beginner in photography and your site is one that I vist often to learn and be inspired. Thanks.

  44. 553

    Diane says

    I voted …had a hard time on choosing my favorite on the MCP posts..I like more than 3. I do like the guest bloggers..the tutorials on both photography and photoshop, the business etc. I love this website period..It is very informative….

  45. 557

    Juli L. says

    I just completed your “MCP Questionnaire”…hope it helps you with the site. I love everything you do and thank you for all your generosity with the video tutorials and free actions, they have helped me greatly, someday soon I hope to buy a few sets from you. :)

  46. 559

    Cathy S says

    completed the survey – good questions, but I am not sure you need much improvement!! love the site & thanks for the op to win!

  47. 561

    Debi says

    I have completed the survey. I love your website and enjoy reading your posts. I wish there were more tutorials for PSE users. I know you have been adding more, Thanks.

  48. 567

    Jennifer says

    Completed the poll! Shared on FB, and advised friends… I’ve always checked, but never subscribed…. did now! Thanks!

  49. 573

    Melina M says

    I finished the poll! I’m excited I found your blog and look forward to reading more. Either Canon mug if I’m by chance lucky enough to win :)

  50. 599


    I have completed the survey. I really enjoy your blog and have learned a lot about editing from your tutorials. I would like to use your actions but I use PSE 8. When your actions are available for PSE users, I will be sure to purchase them.

  51. 600

    Jody J says

    I posted about you on FB.

    Oh, and chose (on the survey) that I came to this site via “other” means. I just meant that I’ve favorited you on my screen and I go straight to you with one simple click!

  52. 603

    Meghan says

    I completed the survey! :) If I win a coffee mug I would like the canon one, but I hope I win a gift certificate if I win at all. Good luck everyone!!

  53. 607

    Sylvie Doucet says

    just finished the MCP Questionnaire and i love the fact you lets us give you some insight on your blog and want our opinion

  54. 611

    Laurie LeBlanc says

    Jodi, your blog is the only blog that I visit on a regular basis. You provide the perfect variation on topics, guest bloggers, interviews, products and tutorials that are so helpful. I completed the survey!

  55. 613

    Rachael L says

    Hi, I just completed the survey.

    For the editting software question I selected other. Up until a month ago I used ACDSee Pro, and I would continue to use them if my computer had not crashed and I lost the software.

  56. 637

    Ally White says

    I have completed your survey :) I love your site and i hope all our opinions help to enrich it. Keep up the great work!!!

  57. 666


    Pick me, pick me, pick me… pleeeeeasseeeee!!! I am due in a few weeks and my birthday is in a few weeks too so I would LOVE to try out a new Canon lens! :)))) Just did your survey too!