Underwater Pictures & Video Using the Canon G11 Camera

Underwater Pictures Using the Canon G11 Point and Shoot Camera

While I am definitely not going to win any major prizes from my vacation snapshots using the Canon G11 Point and Shoot camera with underwater housing, I did have a blast and captured some super fun memories. My kids LOVED that I could put on this strange plastic piece with bright colors popping up all over for the controls, and take pictures of them swimming under water. It made for a very entertaining few hours.

Canon G11 underwater housing

What I liked:

  • FUN! I had the best time taking shot videos and snapshots of my twins.  It was entertaining for all of us and they were so excited to see what they looked like with goggles or eyes scrunched up in the water.
  • No worries. Well, sort of. Since this was my first time, I still had not grown to trust the under water housing.  But after a few minutes, and after checking for leaks over and over, I forgot I was even in the water.
  • Ease of use. Setting the camera inside and closing the clam shell plastic was easy.
  • Underwater camera setting. This underwater white balance setting on the G11 proved very useful and effective.  I loved the colors of the photos straight out of camera.  I shot RAW just in case, but did not need to adjust for the images captured under water.  Ones taken above water did color shift a bit though.
  • Details. This camera really captured details great, even underwater.  I loved how you can see each bubble around my girls and even the air blowing out their noses.

taking pictures under water
What I did not like:

  • Battery drained faster than normal. Or did it? It may have been that I kept playing back each video to see what it looked like.
  • Hard to press the buttons. I missed a few shots when the flash did not go off, or sometimes the shot did not go off at all.  While the controls are big, you have to press hard.
  • Slight delay. The release is less snappy underwater. You really have to plan ahead. Timing was everything.
  • Limbs chopped. Easy to accidentally chop limbs, as seen below.  But still not a horrible thing for a snapshot.

underwater pictures with canon g11

And the middle ground…

  • Hard to predict. It is hard to predict what you are going to get. Well this could be a like or not like, depending.  It was unexpected, mainly since I myself was not underwater.  It was like taking a picture with my eyes closed.  I suppose I could have gone under rather than being lazy and just putting my hands under with the camera, but heck, this was more fun. As you can see my twins LOVED being silly. And they will always remember these shots.

Underwater picture with Canon G11

And now for the video… My twins wanted to be silly and try and make me laugh.  So yes, it is silly, definitely not professional in any way.  But I thought you might still enjoy watching. I will say, when uploaded, it does not look as crisp as when I view direct on my computer.  Some shrinking and pixelization is occurring.

And now for the video… My twins wanted to be silly and try and make me laugh. So yes, it is silly, definitely not professional in any way. But I thought you might still enjoy watching.

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    Dave Richards says

    Thanks for thaking the time to post this. I have a G11 and was not sure if it was worth the outlay for the underwater housing as it will be used for exactly the same as the clips in your post. Its exactly the result I had hoped for. Going to ebay now! Thanks again

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