1. 2

    Libby McFalls says

    Not sure where I’m supposed to comment so if I’ve duplicated…please forgive me! I shared this on my FB page. And I suggested it all my photography friends. My favorite feature? Hmmm….I think its probably MCP Live!

  2. 3

    Brenda Gembarski says

    I love it all! I think the best part is MCP live, that will be so much fun.
    I have put this on my FB page and suggested to my photograghy friends.

  3. 8


    I love the featured fan photos. It is fun to see what others have done and also learn from their edits by noting what actions they use. Love the new experience and having everything available right on FB (where I spend a lot of my time)! :)

  4. 12

    Heidi Brand says

    Great new page. I shared the main page because I want everyone to be able to look around from the new page and see all the cool things you have for us. Thanks so much for the Facebook actions!

  5. 13


    MCP Actions Giveaway | I “shared” the page with your free Facebook action!! I love that you simplified it for everyone… and then GAVE it to us… FREE!! That makes it so simple and cost-effective for all of us. Thank you so much!

  6. 23


    I love that it reflects MCP better than just the regular ol’ FB layout. It’s like a compact website. Easy to navigate. Easy on the eyes. It is brilliant!

  7. 24

    Brant Anderson says

    I just found MCP about a month ago. So I don’t have a favorite yet so I shared the main page. Maybe some x-mas cash will allow me to buy something.

  8. 25

    Tiffany says

    I LOVE the new MCP Facebook page! My favorite feature is the featured fan photos! I suggested your FB page to my photog friends and happily shared it.

  9. 27

    Janelle says

    I shared MCP Actions on Facebook with all my fellow friends! I love the new facebook action… great idea!! I also just commented that I would share anything offered by MCP… but that the new facebook action would be beneficial to all posting pics on FB.

  10. 28

    BridgetSoup says

    I also shared the whole site with my friends on facebook! There are a lot of amateur photographers like me on there, so I’m sure it’ll reach more than 8 :)

  11. 33


    I just shared your link with my page. I am fairly new to MCP, so I have not actually bought any of the actions yet! I have been waiting for Christmas! BUT from what I can see, I will LOVE bag of tricks and so much more! I love being able to see the before and after photos. I have downloaded the free actions and going to try them out now!

  12. 34


    I’m obsessed with MCP. Love that you offer the sharpen for web with watermark for FB. Great idea! Makes life a lot easier. I shared on my profile, and on my business page!

  13. 37

    Sarah Sunstrom says

    I shared and I love the Eye Doctor action. I use it on almost every image…just makes eyes pop! BEST.ACTION.EVER!

  14. 43

    Tyler says

    My favorite part would have to be the before an after photos. These actions are just phenomenal I love them. There all we use in our studio!!!!!!!

  15. 46


    I love love the main facebook page of MCP actions! I love the tab with the featured fan page! awesome!And i’m totally suggesting to my photography friends!!

  16. 47

    tiffany says

    Wow! Love the new page!!! And thanks for the facebook action. My favorite as of now is that when I click action it lists all of the actions available from you. And then when I click an action from the list, it takes me right to it.

  17. 53

    Melissa Abbey says

    shared the free action on my FB page. My favorite feature? I don’t know…I like the whole page—crisp, clean and well put-together!

  18. 55

    Corry-Lyn says

    Already liked, shared your actions page, and recommended to 11 fellow photogs! Love your actions, dying to try some more! Also, thanks so much for your tutorials, they are very helpful!

  19. 56


    I shared the whole MCP page, I think. Either way, I shared it, and I love MCP actions! And I would love it even more to win some money to spend at MCP!

  20. 60

    Bridget Swindle says

    I love the featured fan photos! It so great to see what actions others have used and the effects they got from them.

  21. 62


    i am a fan of the new MCP facebook page! I shared the link with LOTS of my photographer friends. I LOVE the facebook and web actions. Talk about helping the workflow! Thanks MCP

  22. 63

    Bekkie says

    MCP really has high quality Actions, top of the line. Not only do they have great stuff, they are very helpful and friendly! Love ’em!

  23. 66

    Debbie says

    Hi, I have shared it with all my photography friends!! I have bought two sets of your actions already and love them!! I love MCP live, love to see your before and after photos, I just love it all!! Thanks!!

  24. 82

    Adele Lamb says

    Love the new FB experience! I shared the link to the Free Actions….love actions, love YOUR actions, love FREE so that you can learn and experiment before making a major investment! Thanks!!

  25. 83

    Adele Lamb says

    I also suggested the page to over 15 of my friends – sent it to everyone I know who has a nice camera and are interested in photography – Thanks!!

  26. 89


    Thank you so much for the action. It’s perfect. I love how you show the before and after. I’ve always been a huge fan of your resizing action and this one will be just as great. I love your work Jodi. Keep it up!

  27. 90

    Sue McFarland says

    I love the entire site…I can’t possibly choose just one place to share!! I am at your site daily and have learned more from it than any other place I go!! Thanks so much for all the wonderful info, techniques and actions!!

  28. 97


    I shared on my facebook page. I shared your the main page with the “share” button so people could see it all, but I like the befores and afters the best!

  29. 100


    I love the action page and the layout! I pretty much love all of it and can’t wait to see the MCPLive in action!
    I shared it on my FB page and suggested it to my friends….yay!

  30. 101

    Susan Dingess says

    Love the fan photos. I downloaded the Facebook action; tried it and now I am going to try a before and after.

  31. 107

    Tamara Eastlick says

    I loved the easy layout and all the different features. Especially the easy to use free action downloads. It’s a great site.

  32. 108

    Tamara Eastlick says

    I also “suggested” the site to over 8 different photographers or graphic artists that I knew would enjoy this site.

  33. 111


    I shared the “live” page and can not wait to get in on one! That is just the coolest thing!! I love being able to ask questions and get immediate answers, simply because I’ll forget my question by the time someone emails me back my answer! lol!!

  34. 115

    Shannon says

    I love the free actions! :) That is what I shared. I also suggested friends and 8 of those were photographers. All the professional photographers I know already have you ‘liked’! :) Thanks for the fun giveaway!

  35. 118


    I shared your page on fb and sent suggestions to a few of my photog friends :) Also added your button to my blog, and posted about your give away!
    I love MCP for all the help you offer!!!

  36. 122


    I love the before and after pictures it really allows us to see what that particular action can do for our photos. I am a visual learner so this really will help me when I buy my next action pack.

  37. 130

    Jody says

    I just love how interactive it is! And that fans can post their photos too! I hope it will be a great forum to for constructive criticism as well!
    Way to go!

  38. 137


    I shared. I TOTally shared. What will interest my friends, aside from your brilliant actions, is the set up of your Facebook presence. I am very interested in playing on the site and seeing what you’ve done.

  39. 139

    k(risten) says

    Don’t post this one – two would be cheating. But I forgot to tell you what I shared – it’s the video tutorial that I posted.

  40. 140

    Steph Pfeiffer says

    I shared the Videos page, but it’s hard to choose…kinda like choosing which MCP Actions Photoshop actions set I MUST have. :)

  41. 144


    I shared the welcome page because I think the entire experience is wonderful, I cant believe that facebook can be that cool!!! thanks so much for the free actions!!

  42. 146


    I shared the main page on my FB page. I love that there are tons of options and opportunities! :) My fav feature is probably the featured fan photos.

  43. 148

    Betsy says

    It is like “one stop shopping” with the links to everything (espedially the Blog)! I love the access to the video tutorials and actions.

  44. 149

    Jennifer Tedeschi says

    Hi Jodi, I love the live tab- can’t wait to learn something new!
    I just shared your link on my FB page. I am new to using actions in PS, so I have not actually bought any of the action sets yet. I have asked Santa (DH) for the “bag of tricks.” I have downloaded the free actions and have been using them to see how I can make my images “Pop.” Thanks for this wonderful giveaway during the Holiday Season.
    Happy Holidays,

  45. 155


    I love the tutorials! Downloading the actions is great, but if you don’t know how they work it can be really frustrating! I love all the actions from your site.

  46. 156

    Rachel Potter says

    I shared the History page! I think this is an easy way to reference commonly asked questions! LOVE the new site!!

  47. 158

    Rachel Potter says

    I shared with all of my Photog friends who were not already fans… most of them were… But I found 14 more!

  48. 162


    I love all the actions!!!! (well the ones I have purchased), lol. Bag of Tricks is my favorite, it has soooo much to offer. It made a ton of difference in my photographs….Thanks so much!

  49. 165


    I love them all, but to share, it would be the free action page to show my friends, family and other photographers your great actions and let them have a test run before purchasing. Awesome job. P.S. I also sent out a “suggest to friends” to 8 of my photographer friends. I hope they enjoy as much as I do. Thanks!!

  50. 166

    Bethany says

    I <3 them all but shared the photo w/ the burnt edges as I <3 that look! I have put this on my Facebook & suggested to photographer friends!

  51. 170

    Elizabeth Graham says

    I shared your page, suggested to photography fans and my favorite feature is free actions!!! I love your actions but I can’t afford to buy them. the more free ones the better for me. thanks so much.

  52. 175

    Sue G says

    My favorite part of your FB experience is the Before and After photos. It is amazing how many different effects there are in a few actions. They make editing photos so much faster and easier. Thanks MCP!

    I’ve shared and suggested your FB page to 13 of my digital scrapbooking friends!

  53. 178


    I barely had 8 to suggest too!! Just about all my photog friends had already signed up, being I had sent suggestions when I first ‘liked’ ya, some time ago!!! Great fun, and thanks for all you do!!!!

  54. 179

    Shara Kramer says

    I’ve only used the free actions and I really love all of them. I’m saving for The Essential package. Would love to have that!

  55. 180


    I shared your page with my friends and told them if they’re not using your actions…they are missing out. Love them all and look forward to more purchases. My favorite feature is your attention to detail the how to’s and the great new actions you continue to come up with. Looking forward to using the newest! Love them all!

  56. 181

    jennifer komp says

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the Blueprint Fan Share – Outdoor Senior Photograph

    I photograph a lot of seniors, so this is awesome.

  57. 187


    My favorite feature of the new page is the welcome page because it is so attractive to the eye showing the free actions, fan photos, and other features! Thanks for this giveaway!

  58. 193


    I shared the “actions” page. Not necessarily because it is my “favorite” per say, but it is so cool. I love seeing all of your actions at a glance, and then having the ability to click and go right to them, is very very cool. :-)

  59. 200


    In addition to “like”ing and “share”ing, I also “suggested to friends” to all of my photographer friends…thanks for the free facebook action!!!!

  60. 210

    Summer says

    I shared the whole site as I think the whole page is wonderful. Fresh new ideas and a great wat to gain inspiration! Thanks for all your hard work and new free actions! I also shared with 8 fellow photographers!

  61. 211


    I shared your info…in fact on Saturday I have a post linking to your site as one of my favorites for photo tutorials, actions and inspiration…so the timing of this is fabulous!! Thanks so much for all you share!!

  62. 216


    I shared the main MCP Experience page – to show people all their options! I felt that going straight to the chat page (epsecially if it’s offline) or the actions page wouldn’t tell the whole story…

  63. 218


    I loved the facebook experience. Especially the video tutorials 😉 I also invited some of my amateur photographer friends to join in the experience… 😉

  64. 219

    Natalie Haney says

    Oh yeah baby…left a message on my facebook! Love the Live section….too cool!! Will be checking the facebook page every day!!

  65. 231

    Melissa Field says

    Because I am just getting my feet wet, I shared the main page.I’m so excited for all mcp will help me learn!!

  66. 236


    I shared you with my friends and family plus some to let them know a hint of what i want for Christmas. lol.
    I love your actions and you always bring fun with your emails.

  67. 237

    Kylie Verdouw says

    Wow what an amazing concept for facebook users. I love MCP action but am now a fan of the facebook options. Favourite feature well hard to choose but like Live MCP.

  68. 238


    I shared the facebook action! Love that there is now an easier way & no more crappy looking photo’s!!
    I also suggested to 56 of my photohgrapher friends & added MCP’s facebook page to my pages favourites!
    Love you guys! x

  69. 245

    Leanne says

    ~lol~ I think I left my comments in the wrong area….sooooooo here we go again 😀

    I shared and recommended….I am totally new to Actions on photoshop. Just downloaded a few and can hardly wait to try them out and get creative!!! Thank you for your awesome site~cheers

  70. 252

    David Crawford says

    I love the Photoshop/actions video tutorials. I am a visual learner so these are the best. I also love the new FB actions, so quick and easy, thanks.

  71. 253


    I love the whole experience, what a fantastic marketing tool for businesses. I also love the before and afters with “recipes” but the thing I love and think my friends will love is the cool free actions for your facebook pictures. I know this isn’t a part of the facebook experience but I must say I LOVE MCP actions, I have all the actions saving up for the blogging boards (just starting mine up) I really want those to complete my collection. Thanks for all of your help with my photography, you are truly a life saver!!!

  72. 259

    Angela Brown says

    I LOVE the new MCP Facebook page! My favorite feature is the featured fan photos! I suggested your FB page to my photog friends. :)

  73. 260

    Julie says

    I love your actions and their ease of use. My favorite has to be Fan Favorites, the before and after blow me away every time. Thanks for doing this.

  74. 261

    Lori Dungan says

    I love pretty much every feature you offer, but I would have to say I love the video tutorials. Even though I use Photoshop there are still techniques I’m not sure how to do. With the help of these videos I can review them anytime and as much as I want.

  75. 262

    Valerie Sielert says

    I have to admit that I’m just getting back to photography and sort of reteaching myself with a new digital camera and I have pse8, learning that too, slowly. so winning some actions would be very cool for me.

  76. 271

    Amanda Dye (Dye Designs) says

    I love how you have the before and after pictures side by side and the new live chat feature.
    I shared the main page because it was hard to choose just one page with so many fun features. I figured the main page would show the most

  77. 276

    Maine Mom says

    I shared the Welcome page because it seems the most logical place to start. I love all of the pages though and will check it everyday. I have never seen a FB page like yours and I think you are on the cutting edge! Thanks for all of the hard work you do.

  78. 277


    I love the vivid colors your actions bring to the world! I love my actions and plan on doing some fun Christmas shopping! Thanks for always sharing! You are the best!

  79. 281

    emma Wood says

    I shared this on facebook. I’m loving the free actions and the ton of great information on here. Brilliant!

  80. 283


    I really like the fan photos that show the end results of the actions used. I suggested you to some of my friends, as well as shared your page.

  81. 293

    Keysia Griffin says

    Jodi, Your actions help me minimize the time i spend editing my photographs! They are a blessing…Waiting to build up my collection and have all of them. Thanks again. I shared the MCP Experience on my Facebook Page as well as suggested it to friends.

  82. 297

    Trish Ejnik says

    I love every single thing about mcp actions. everything. I didnt know what I was missing. it has brought my photo taking to a new level. thank you for bringing your products into my life.

  83. 300


    I really like the History tab. You tend to ask your fans questions with great topics and it’s interesting to hear what others have to say about it. It’s also super convenient that you don’t have to visit the MCP Actions page and scroll, scroll, scroll for the specific questions you were looking for. A timesaver, definitely.

  84. 301

    Kathy J says

    Impressed with the concept and that it is customized to you (and not facebook)! Great design and looks like a place to come back to often.

  85. 303

    Kirsten says

    I love the free new actions for Facebook!

    Also, very much a fan of the before/after area… so inspiring on what we can do!

    I’m just getting a little more into my photography and am about to branch from scenery to portraits, so a set of your actions via gift card would make my whole year!

  86. 307


    LOVE the new tab – how fantastic and love that you talk about outsourcing!
    My favorite feature has got to be the before and after examples that tells what actions they’ve used – that’s the easiest way to learn! I posted on my FB page for sure!

  87. 308

    Nava says

    I also love the fan photos and how they go from blah to amazing using the MCP actions! Seeing them side-by-side helps so much when you’re trying to visualize what actions look like what and how they can magically ‘undo’ damage you thought was irreversible :)

  88. 313


    I shared your actions and tutorials with a friend who is just getting started with Photoshop. You have great tutorials and have made editing so much easier! I love the results!

  89. 317

    claudia says

    I shared your page. I didn’t know all this was possible with FB, it looks great! I especially like the before/after pix of your fans. Great addition!

  90. 320


    wow.. I had no idea Facebook could look soooo good. Loving what you’ve done. I shared and let others now how much I like the before and after. The sharpening is awesome too.. playing more now!!!!

  91. 325

    Tommy Botello says

    I liked scrolling through the fan photos. I shared the first welcome so all my friends could see the beginning and experience the rest. I also suggested to all of my photog friends, well over a dozen or so.

  92. 326


    Wow! I seriously cannot choose my favorite part of the experience, I love the whole look and feel of it! Very cool to feature the fan photos. I love the history and have gotten some great info there, what a great idea! And thank you for the facebook action, AWESOME!

  93. 327


    I love that everything is so easily accessible in one area! Can’t wait to get my hands on that free action and try it out. FB always makes photos look so awful! The fan photos are probably my most favorite part because you can really see what a difference your actions make! Amazing!!

  94. 332


    Shared this with friends, as I always boast on how smart these actions are. My fave is usually powder nose. I think I have most of the actions already :)

  95. 335


    MCP Actions Giveaway | I “shared” the page with your free Facebook action!! I love that you simplified it for everyone… and then GAVE it to us… FREE!! That makes it so simple and cost-effective for all of us. Thank you so much!

  96. 345

    heatherK says

    I shared the Free Actions page. As we all know, the word “Free” works very well at getting people interested in something!

  97. 349

    Kim Minshall says

    My favorite feature was the free actionset! I have been working on a blog, and it has taken me forever to line my pictures up either side by side or top and bottom, so this action will save me a lot of time!!

    I also suggested this page to friends :)

    I hope I win because I am a student, learning photography and have already started a business that is growing :)

  98. 356

    blemaire says

    Great new page. I shared the main page because I want everyone to be able to look around from the new page and see all the cool things you have for us. Thanks so much for the Facebook actions!
    I love the before & after photos and the ease of use!

  99. 359

    cynthia says

    AMAZING new site! I love all you’ve done. I shared the video tuts on my FB page. I look forward to utilizing more of your tools and workshops. :)

    Thanks for all sharing your knowledge and resources!

  100. 362


    I have to say I went to the facebook page and I can not pick just any page that I like. I love it all!!! This is an awesome site and has an awesome Facebook Page! I do intend on recommending this to the other photographers I know!

  101. 364

    DawnMarie says

    I am so excited to have found this. I did share it on my profile. I will share with other photogs that I know too! I am just trying to decide what to get first!!!!! I cannot wait to start playing!

  102. 367

    Mary Ann says

    Such a fun facebook page. I shared about the free downloads because once they go there for those, they will see all the rest.

  103. 369


    The Facebook Fix actions has to get my vote! Thank you very much indeed for those, I’ll certainly be using them!

    The page looks excellent!

  104. 370

    Heather Stewart says

    I love your site and share it whenever I can. You have a wonderful site and offering. I always learn something new when i visit.

  105. 372


    Shared the love on my facebook and suggested to friends to take a look. Love everything about your site. Your actions are amazing! Downloaded some free actions and cant wait to use them! TY for all you do

  106. 382

    Dawnette Walters says

    I shared the “new” experience! I love how down to earth you are and that you take the time to share your knowledge with those of us that are just starting out. I will continue to read your posts daily! Thanks so much!!

  107. 385


    Thank you so much again for your generosity and for your helpful tools. I shared your Fan Page and shared to my photographer friends.

    Jodi, I have a question, maybe it is ignorance — but how do you achieve the pop up windows on your Fan Page and the links? They are such wonderful additions to the page…maybe I just don’t realize the tools are there to use them.

    Thank you so much again for everything!

  108. 386


    Shared on FB!

    Loving it! Love the before and after fan photos, and the one stop shopping:) Need to start adding your actions to CS4:P Have a few for PSE8, but now to play with the BIG kids:D

  109. 393


    I shared the main page so everyone can see all the cool stuff you offer, can’t wait to check out the live section!! Love your actions and hope to be able to try out more in the future!

  110. 397

    Frank Del Vecchio says

    Thank you for the contest. Love the new way that MCP comes to FB users. Shared this site with ALL 130 of my FB friends by posting to my wall.
    Love your free actions for FB (one and two pictures). Love your photgraphy tips and your photoshop tips. You have a great thing going here.

  111. 398

    Debby Herold says

    Hard to choose what I like best since you’ve done a great job with all of it. I think my favourite is the before and after. I love to see how people use actions to improve their photos.

  112. 400

    Kelly K. says

    I love the featured fan photos, especially when you list what actions they use. It helps me figure out which action sets I need to purchase next!

  113. 402

    Tiffany M. says

    Opps I forgot to say I shared the page…I’ll let my friends figure out what they like from the home page…

  114. 404

    Keysia says

    I just love McP Actions! I’ve shared it with all my photo contacts and even posted a before and after using the magic skin action. My fav is Magic Skin. But I know I will love Complete workflow when I win it. hint hint

  115. 406

    Rashelle Cuperus says

    Lovin’ the new MCP experience!! So fun! My fave is the before and afters, the videos, and the FB action! Wonderful! Shared on FB the FB action page as well as the main page. What a great contest!

  116. 409


    I love looking at before and afters and seeing what mcp actions the photographer used to improve their photo! Really helps with deciding on which actions to apply to my photos :)

  117. 410

    Robin D says

    I love the layout it flow easily and I really like the featured fan photos section. I like seeing the before and after photos. I have plenty of the before pictures and now I can access the information I need to make the after pictures.
    Thanks again, for sharing and inspiring…

  118. 423

    Misty says

    I shared on my facebook I have lots of photographer friends on facebook. I am new to this site and I am so excited to learn more. My favorite par is MCP Live.

  119. 427


    What’s not to like about MCP? Jodi has done a wonderful thing here. I am someone who, 3 years ago didnt know a THING about Photoshop or photo editing…and I have learned SO much from Jodi! Her actions are awesome, her classes are awesome…she is awesome! Thanks Jodi!

  120. 438

    Jennifer Liebmann says

    My favorite feature is definitely the free action page. It’s what drew me in to MCP Actions in the first place :)

  121. 442


    My favorite feature is the photos side-by-side and fb sharpening and watermarking. I used it this morning to show photos from an event we photographed yesterday. Made it EASY PEASY! THANK YOU!!!

  122. 443


    Really… I have to pick one thing that’s my favorite…? Hmmm, I love the whole revamp! But, if I have to pick out one thing, I think it would the “History”, very cool how you did that! Now the past few months all make sense.. 😉

  123. 444

    Steph says

    I shared the FB action since a friend of mine and I are teaming up to start an online portfolio- seems like the perfect action!

  124. 447

    Julie Pasta says

    I shared about the MCP Actions Free actions on the FB experience page since that is a great way to learn about MCP Actions without investing a lot. Loving all there is to learn!

  125. 448


    Retrying. Didn’t seem to work the first time:?

    Shared on FB.

    Loving the new FB Experience!!! Really love the Fan B/A photos!!!
    Love your actions, tutorials and site. This just takes it to a whole new level. Awesome!

  126. 449


    I love the before and after photos dealing with any and all actions. The actions really make a difference in my photography and seeing that other photographers use them too makes me believe I will reach my photography potential. I hope my skills will continue to grow!

  127. 453

    Nikki says

    Shared my fav Bag of Tricks with my photo savvy FB friends. WHo couldn’t use a little more in their bag of tricks. LOVE your stuff! Just got my CS5 today, cannot WAIT to PLAY!

  128. 458

    Kylie says

    Wow this page is great! I love the before and after shots and of course the tutorial videos… have posted to FB so all my photo mates will see…. hope i win – would be unreal!!!!!!

  129. 462

    Krista Stark says

    Of course I shared my favorite photog page but choosing just one favorite thing is not easy :) I do love the before and afters and I love how you are commited to helping others :)

  130. 464

    Melanee says

    I liked your page, shared your page and have even suggested it to many friends. I love your actions and would love to try some of the others (I am just waiting til after Christmas to purchase), but it would be awesome to get those before Christmas! I can’t wait!

  131. 468

    Sue McFarland says

    I shared the main page cause I think everyone will love going to every single page and seeing all the amazing stuff you have created with this site!!

  132. 474

    Rick Kleinosky says

    I shared the main page too. I have the whole set of free mcp actions and they are a useful addition to my toolkit.

  133. 475


    Wow, this is great! I LOVE all the features it’s hard to pick a favorite. I would have to say my favorite would be the video tutorials. I am a visual learner and your tutorials are very well done. I wish I didn’t have to go to work right now I want to go back and explore = (

  134. 477

    Nicole Watts says

    I recommended MCP Experience Facebook page to all my friends interested in photography and there are more than 8 pro photographers in that group!

  135. 479

    Janie says

    Video tutorials are my favorite. I shared this with my FB friends. Not sure if I’m jumping through all the right hoops or not (haha) but I’m trying.

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