Pricing Help + Winners of the Easy as Pie Pricing Guide for Photographers

Pricing photography?

Last week was Pricing Week here at MCP Actions Blog. Thank you to all who attended the live chat with Alicia Caine from Easy as Pie and Served Up Fresh.  I hope you learned a lot about pricing.  I plan to have the main questions and answers from that session up in about a week, so if you missed it, look out for that.

If you are wondering what other photographers across the globe charge for various size prints and products, make sure to read and contribute your prices to the MCP NAME YOUR PRICE GAME for photographers.

Coming up this week… Enter to win a $500 Gift Certificate to Adorama Camera.  DO NOT MISS THIS!!!

And now for the winners of the New Easy as Pie Pricing Guide (Alicia will send you the information via email):

  • #67: Joe McKenney
  • #594: Kasia Gilbert
  • #639: Sam Butler

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    Holy Cannolis! I just saw this on Twitter just now! Thank you so much! Alicia has so much great info I just can’t wait! Thank you so much for having this give away and the chats. I have been reading the Served Up Fresh Business Basics and am so excited to get more information! Thanks again! I can’t wait!

  2. 2


    BTW, your NAME YOUR PRICE deal you have going on is amazingly eye-opening. I had already started to rethink my pricing strategy and this is sure to push me over the top! Thanks again for all these great tools for us dreamy-eyed business starters! Keep up the excellent work!

  3. 4


    I would put the gift card towards the Canon 5D Mark II. I love the blog posts… love that they encompass all photography and not just actions (and Love the actions!). Thanks!

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