9 Years Old * Happy Birthday to Ellie and Jenna

9 years ago today, I drove myself to the hospital, as I assumed I would be getting routine tests.  I was feeling very large, uncomfortable, and unsure what was next. Hours later, I was handed the most amazing 2 miniature people in the whole world, Ellie and Jenna. At approximately 5 pounds each, they were tiny little babies, and they were completely dependent on my husband and me for everything. Here they are at a week old.

jenna and ellie days old

Fast forward 9 years… They bring me so much joy.  They even do many things for themselves now (YAY!). They make me laugh and fill my life with love. They are growing up so fast. And some days I feel like they are almost grown ups.  It won’t be long until they are. For those of you who know me from my eBay days 8 1/2 years ago or even from the start of MCP Actions in 2006, you probably are thinking, “wow – they are already 9.”

On today, December 19th, HAPPY BIRTHDAY ELLIE AND JENNA! May all your wishes come true.

making a wish

I am so lucky to have you in my life – and you are so lucky to have each other.

pajama party

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  1. 1
    Lee-Ann says:

    Today is my twins’s 5th Birthday, too! Happy celebration to you Mom!! It’s certainly with great excitement we welcome our babies into this world, but what rewards to see them grow!

  2. 2
    Stacey says:

    Yeah! Happy birthday,girls! My boys just turned 10 nine days ago.

  3. 3
    Feuza says:

    ah so precious, got tearied up, raising two at the same age does not sound easy, God Bless you all

  4. 4
    Jurgita says:

    Happy Birthday to your girls! They are beautiful!

  5. 5
    Shirley L says:

    Happy birthday to your beautiful girls!! I love the newborn picture – how sweet!

  6. 6
    Lenka H. says:

    Happy Birthday, girls!!

  7. 7
    Tracy says:

    Oh my, I’ve been a fan of your actions for quite a while now (think I own almost all of them now) and had no idea you were a Mom of Multiples. I have 4 year old triplets and a 2 year old and cannot believe how fast the time has passed already. Happy birthday to your beautiful girls and thanks for all Photoshop gems!!! Many blessings to you and your family this Christmas season.

  8. 8

    Happy birthday girls and mom! It is my birthday too :c ) I wish you a wonderful new year!

  9. 9
    Crystal aka momaziggy says:

    Aw…I missed this yesterday! Happy Birthday to your beautiful twins. My oldest turned 9 last month! It’s a GREAT age! :)

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