Giveaway: Win a 16×20 Framed Gallery Wrap Floating Canvas

Contest: Enter to Win one of two 16×20 Framed Gallery Wrapped Canvases by Color Inc Pro Lab.

I am a HUGE fan of Gallery Wrapped Canvases.  I have a bunch of them throughout my home. I was excited to order another when Color Inc asked me to check out their new “Framed” version.  It is really unique and has  space around the entire canvas where you can see the wrapped part.  It’s so interesting and almost appears to float inside.  It also dresses up the canvas, kind of like wearing jewelry with a dress. So if you want to WIN a Framed Gallery Wrap, read on…

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Below you can see the image I photographed of the ceiling of the United States Capitol on a Framed Gallery Wrap Canvas in my dining room.

framed gallery wrap canvas by color inc

Here is a closeup of the texture of the canvas.

closeup of a gallery wrap canvas

And here is a photo of the frame and how it floats inside.

framed gallery wrap

Now is your chance to win. Get your image printed on a beautiful framed gallery wrap.

To Enter:

Two winners will be picked at random to each win a 16×20 Framed Gallery Wrap from Color Inc. on Sunday, March 27th.

Add a comment to this post at the MCP Blog (not on Facebook notes) and tell us:

  • What image would you select to print if you win this contest?  You can attach a low res (600px wide) to your answer – OR just tell us about the image in a few words.
  • Make sure you are a fan of MCP Actions on Facebook.

Get a bonus entry:

  • Post about the contest on your favorite forum, blog, Facebook and twitter each count as an extra entry. Just add a bonus comment for each. Good luck everyone!

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  1. 1

    James Haverstock says

    I have a beautiful sunrise landscape from Bryce Canyon in Utah that would look fantastic on canvas. And I certainly am a fan of MCP Actions.

  2. 2

    James Haverstock says

    You are up and running on my website. I am happy to publicize your site and the actions available to the rest of us. Good luck to all!

  3. 3


    I’d order a canvas print from our most recent wedding we shot last Saturday of the bride and groom in front of the Old Stone House in Salisbury, NC. I’d like to start pushing canvas prints to our customers but would need a start-up example of one.

  4. 4


    I would use a photo of a local antebellum home I took a few years ago. Over the weekend, I met the original owner’s granddaughter at an auction, and we became fast friends! I have always loved this home, and it’s one of my favorite photos. Thanks!

  5. 5

    Christina says

    I actually took this one yesterday and it has to be my fave of all time! I would love to display it for my clients to see and offer the product to them

  6. 6

    marissa ford says

    I would choose to print an awesomely haunting and beautiful picture I took on christmas eve of snow falling which also almost got published in national geographic.

  7. 9


    Oooh! I have a shot of some out of focus headlights on a dark night that I have been trying to figure out how to print/display and this would be perfect! I am a fan on FB as well 😀

  8. 10

    Carolyn K says

    I’d choose a photo I took from the lava fields in Iceland! I “like” you on fb. Thanks for the giveaway!

  9. 12

    Erin says

    I’d use a photo of my son and husband on a winter hike that I took recently. It’s backlit and hazy, and the scenery is dreamy. Great giveaway, thank you!

  10. 13

    DeAnne Watson says

    I would love to win a custom wrap photo. I would use a photo recently taken of my family. I have been remodeling my house and the new wrap would look just great with my house! Choose me, choose me!

  11. 15


    I would choose a picture of my two kids together at christmas. I have NO pictures of them hanging on my walls. eeeek! bad mommy! I’m a fan on facebook.

  12. 16


    I would pick this great fun family shot of us in Rome this past year. All of us acting like monsters in front of a fountain in Borghese Park. I like you on FB – Simone T. Thanks!

  13. 18

    Tasha Seiler says

    I took some nature macro shots during an icestorm and I think I would use one of those. Its amazing what a macro lens can capture. These canvas are amazing…

  14. 19

    Aja Freeburn says

    I have always wanted a wrap of my daughter… or something I have in mind for the future…. this is fantastic though. Gorgeous art!

  15. 20


    Ooh, I’m actually not sure which image I would use! I’d have to narrow it down but it would either be one of my 2 kids together or one of my floral images. I hope my indecision still counts as an entry!! 😀 I’ll attach an example, at least.

  16. 21


    I would chose this image of my son. I love his expression here as he dons his fathers cap. Makes me want this stage to last as long as possible.

  17. 22


    What a great product and giveaway! If I won, I would use a photo of an adorable baby boy I photographed last summer. It’s a toss up between an adorable shot of him smiling in his sleep or another of him sleeping with a cute blue knit elfin hat on. Thank you for the giveaway opportunity! I will definitely be checking out Color Inc with that code! :)

  18. 24

    Danica says

    I’ve been wanting to do exactly that to this print – gallery wrap and put in a floating frame! I’ve tried traditional printing with mats and frames or just frames and nothing looks right. I think a canvas print with floating frame would be perfect.

  19. 25

    Sue FitzGerald says

    I have a photographer (friend) lined up to take our family portrait very soon so I would love that on a canvas. My big confession is that I don’t have any proper photographs of our family together, only snapshots taken by non photographer friends. Awful to admit considering my youngest is 12 and my oldest 19 :-)

  20. 28


    What a great idea to frame a gallery wrap! We had a birth photographer when our daughter was born in April of 2010. There’s a picture of her a few minutes old with her daddy looking over her that I keep saying I’m going to enlarge for her room. This would be perfect for that!

  21. 31

    Patricia says

    This would be a nice addition to our new house, as we are trying to be creative with the artwork that we are putting up.

  22. 32


    I took this photo of lotus flowers in the summer of 2010 at Forest Park in Springfield, MA. About a week before I took this, my 4 year old son had casts put on both of his legs to treat his disability. I think this photo reflects that time in our life perfectly…where the smaller bud is rising up, strong and eager to bloom, while the other bloom is watching in support, where there is some gloominess around, yet the flowers glow…kind of like my son and me. This is the photo I would choose to have made into a canvas wrap.

  23. 35


    Wow! You already have that framed? It looks gorgeous! I would frame one of my native desert prints (probably poppies in bloom in the Superstitions)

  24. 37


    I will be making a canvas of mt boy/girl twins. They are 14 months old,and the loves of my life. And, sadly, I have no pictures of them up on my walls, lol!!

  25. 38


    Eeek. I’m on the spot. I don’t know what photo I’d want a new canvas of. It might require me to make my three kiddos cooperate and give me a new fabulous image of them. 😉

  26. 41

    Melissa Brott says

    I would get this family picture that includes our dog Haley. She was our first “baby” & although we’ve had her for 13 years & LOVE her like one of the kids, we rarely include her in family pictures. So when she started acting her age this month… I had to make time to get a family picture of all 5 of us.

  27. 42


    I’ve recently moved from southern CA to a small town in Ohio, so I’ve taken a TON of photos of the changing seasons….all new to me! So, I would either choose one of those, or possibly the family picture I took for our Christmas card this year:

  28. 44

    Mary Beth says

    I have a great picture of my grandmother I’d love to give to my daughter for her bedroom since she’ll never get to know her as she passed away last year.

  29. 45


    I would use the attached photo. I actually did not take it, but it is of me and my husband at our wedding. I love it so much and it is my dream to have it as a canvas print. Thanks for the opportunity!

  30. 47


    March 27th is my seventh wedding anniversary. If I win this I will print a picture of a trash the dress shoot I did last year and give it to my husband. It would be such a wonderful anniversary gift.

  31. 50

    Maryrose says

    I would pick one of the first images I took of my baby with my new 35mm 1.8. I love the photo and would love to have it framed!

  32. 52

    Julia Goss says

    been a fan for forever :) I would choose a beautiful portrait of my daughters with their grandparents since they live soo far away and we dont get to see them that often !

  33. 54

    Leslie says

    I would use a photo of my 2 daughters sitting among the beautiful blooming spring flowers that I recently took :) Nothing like sisterly love!

  34. 55

    Suzanne says

    I finally got a good shot of my two kids together. I would love to put this on a canvas! Already like you on FB!

  35. 56


    I would print a picture from my fiance and I’s engagement shoot from earlier this year! After 7 years, this was the only time we’d ever had someone else take a picture of us (typically, I’d set up the tripod and remote control it). These were 10x better because we just had fun with it!

  36. 57


    i would print a picture of my two sweet kiddos and their precious friends from
    Mississippi that have a very special bond. You see my 6 year old son Benjamin and my friend’s 6 year old son Carter had open heart surgery on the same day and that is how our families met. Benjamin was 8 days old and Carter was 4 months old. I captured the precious bond they have in a photograph I took when we went to visit during winter break.

  37. 60

    Jeannie T. says

    I love canvas pics! I would love to win! I would choose a photo I took of my family in our backyard. It’s not too often everyone looks pretty good in my photos.

  38. 62


    I would love to win because I have a gorgeous picture of my husband and son for his 1st birthday that I took in our town’s fabulous art alley. He’s pushing my son on his first Radio Flyer tricycle and the look on both of their faces is pure bliss!! So sweet!!

    Katie Probandt

  39. 63


    I love the frame they put the canvas on! It looks wonderful! If I won, I would use the image of my aunt’s 3 grandchildren to cheer her up, since she is going through lots of personal problems right now….

  40. 64


    Oh, I would definitely print my antiqued tree… the texture of it would absolutely compliment the texture of canvas and accentuate the aged feel of the tree and the image.

  41. 65


    I would print a really pretty weed photo I have that is silhouetted against a bright orange sky. I think it would look great against the wall!

  42. 66

    Shannon says

    I would love to get this photo of my daughters and I done in a gallery wrap. It was taken on our vacation to FL the first of March.

  43. 67

    Emil says

    Awesome giveaway! I have several photos from an ice storm last month that I think would look FAB as a framed gallery wrap! We are re-doing some decor in the house and it would be great to have some new art work.

  44. 69


    This is a photo of an empty building I drove by while exploring El Paso, TX. I photoshopped it…bringing attention to the melting pot El Paso is!!!

  45. 71


    As I think about this I would probably print the picture I took that inspired me to become a photographer. It is a beautiful picture of my three kids that every time I look at it, it reminds me why I do what I do and I am so thankful to the Lord for it.

  46. 75

    Carrie says

    I would probably pick an image of myself and my hubby! We have very few photos of us together, so now would be a good time to have one done (a little incentive, if you will;)

  47. 76


    I have a photo of my friend’s 3 little sons standing on a dock at a lake. They are holding hands and looking away. I was thrilled with how it looks in black & white so I would get that printed and give it to my friend for her birthday.

  48. 79

    Liz says

    I would print one of my son… he’s almost 7 months old now, and I still don’t have any nice big prints of him up on the walls. I have several that I like–most of them are of of him grinning his big, toothless smile.

  49. 89

    Cassie Kurtz says

    It’s a tough choice since I am a HUGE photography fan! My house is full of art! However, since I am a worship leader at my church I would use a picture of a full house of passionate worshipers, hands lifted high, in worship at a church somewhere like Hillsong in Australia or Jesus Culture in California. That way it captured the presence and reminded me everyday to walk in that presence!

  50. 91

    Hope says

    Welll…I’m a first time mom expecting my daughter to arrive pretty much any day. So, I’d have to say I would pick a print from her upcoming newborn session!!! Possibly one of all 3 of us to go in the living room?!

  51. 102

    Margie says

    I would love a canvas of one of these flower on a bench pics or a family photo. I already like you on FB and love the give aways!

  52. 103

    Nancy says

    I would print a landscape photo I took at a winery at the foot of the Blue Ridge Mountains, which really are BLUE! I’m already a fb fan :)

  53. 107


    Its a tough choice, But i would definatly pick this one from this amazing wonderland shoot My best friend and I took last Summer. I loved them. It will perfect timing since I am working on a new photo gallery in my home.

  54. 109

    Annette G says

    I would love to see some of my floral photography on canvas, but I would probably choose an engagement photo of my son and his fiance as a gift to them.

  55. 111


    I would LOVE to win this contest! The picture i would choose is a shot i took in my backyard in the woods, during my favorite time of year… I am moving away, far away from home so it would be the perfect way to take it with me.
    thanks for the opportunity!

  56. 112

    Jen says

    Great contest! I would choose a photo of my family name painted on the remainder of the Berlin Wall. I discovered the painting last fall while visiting the city!

  57. 113

    Marianne says

    I would get it made of a silhouette of my husband tossing my son into the air! One of my favorite images. :)

  58. 115


    I would use this photo that I took of a bridge located in a park where I go when I need to reflect and decompress. I’ve been wanting to frame it and hang it in my hallway so I can have a piece of that calming feeling in my hectic home.

  59. 119


    My son has a incurable, inoperable heart disease and we are kind of a country family so I want to do one of us in our “cowboy” clothes standing by a 3 rail fence with all of us holding the letters H O P E. So if I won that is what I would do.

  60. 121


    I have a photo of my two little girls (ages 21mo and 3mo) side by side that was a total spontaneous shot! My oldest just popped in the frame next to her sister (I was taking 3mo portraits), and the best part is that my older daughter isn’t wearing a shirt. So random, so cute, and so SO dear to my heart!

  61. 124

    Ellen K says

    It would definitely be one of my hubby and I for our bedroom. I don’t have many because he hates having his picture taken, but we got some recently that even he loves!!

  62. 125


    I would LOVE to order a framed canvas of my children for my home! This is one of my favorite shots of them from last summer. Children grow up so fast but moments like this are cherished in a mother’s heart forever!

  63. 126


    I think I would have to go with the picture I took of our old street sign….It is now in my father’s backyard b/c they updated the streetsigns to the green and white!!! It was an old wooden sign and has GrayStone Pl and Betty’s Branch Way on it. Great childhood memories on those two streets and all my friends that I still talk to grew up on it as well!!! I really hope I win!!!:)

  64. 129


    I would select an image I took of my daughter at 3 months. I had taken her that day to have pictures taken at the mall (a place that shall remain nameless) and had a terrible experience. I realized that I could take way better pictures myself, as a novice. I played around with my camera settings and began shooting manual and fell in love with photography. I’ve come a long way since then, but I really love this image still.

  65. 130

    Ashley says

    I would use a photo of my beautiful son. It’s embarrassing that I’m a professional photographer yet have no professional-grade prints up in my house (I put all of my income back into the business!). My fingers are crossed that I can finally have a great canvas to display in my house!

  66. 132

    Shannon says

    I would pick an image that I could show clients for selling purposes and would look good hanging in my home; most likey, a portrait that I have taken of my daughter standing on a hill with balloons in her hand.

  67. 133

    Christie Mancini says

    I would love to have a canvas wrap of my children for our home! This is one of my favorite shots of them last summer.

  68. 134

    Sarah P. says

    I would get a print of a silhouette I got of my nephew Chase this past summer. He was sitting by of our glass front door looking outside one afternoon. He was about 16 months old in the picture just sitting there soaking up some sun. I love it in black and white. Chase just loves to look out windows!

  69. 135

    Sara Marriott says

    I think I would choose this photo I did the other night, simply because it would look so perfect hanging in my house.

  70. 138

    Brenda says

    I would love to print a photo of a 1 year old that wouldn’t let go of his mom’s leg for his birthday portrait!

  71. 139


    I want to start my own collection but never knew where to start & I have clients ask me for them all the time but didn’t know where to go for the best ones! I love this picture of my daughter she has the most amazing blue eyes!

  72. 141


    I’d order a canvas print of a recent photo I took of my kids all laying on the floor laughing. It’s one of my very favorites. And I definitely like MCP on facebook :)

  73. 143

    Tonya says

    I have so many pictures of my children that I need to get printed and framed- so I know for sure it would be a picture of them. Though ideally, I’d find someone to take a picture of our whole family, and do it that way instead!

  74. 147


    I have a picture of my dog, a shiba inu, where he is sitting in the sun with his face raised and his eyes closed…just sunbathing. That is the shot I’d use :-)

  75. 150

    Andrea T. says

    I have some gorgeous shots from Alaska of a river winding through snow with mountains in the background, a brilliant blue sky and a few clouds…or maybe I’d be inspired to take some new shots.

  76. 151


    I think I would either do one of our wedding photos or we have a family photo shoot on April 16th and if I really like one of those I would then do a family picture.

  77. 152

    Patrick says

    I would print a picture of my girlfriend and I on the beach. The sun was setting behind us, we were holding hands between us and we stretched out outer arms up over our heads – our arms making a heart shape. With the sun setting behind us it made a cool silhouette on the sand. I think the canvas texture would look awesome with the sand.

  78. 154


    This one. Hands down. I wish I could have picked a picture with all three children, but, this might be my all time favorite of my oldest two. It was taken at the pumpkin patch this past Fall. I have a similar picture from the prior year as well, so comparing and seeing how much they’ve changed is…bittersweet.

  79. 155

    Marisa says

    I’d order a canvas of a shot I took in Hawaii. It has the beach, ocean and two red umbrellas and I love it. I’d normally say that I’d use a picture of my daughter, but I’ve found that most of the shots of her that I like are too tight and don’t leave enough room for the wrap of the canvas.

  80. 158

    Christina says

    I would print a picture I took of my niece last Easter. The grass is so perfectly green and her blue eyes pop amazingly!

  81. 159

    Jacy Voglewede says

    These are amazing! I would have a family portrait of ours in the new wrap! We have some great family shots but have done nothing with them yet!!
    Thanks for all the great information!

  82. 161

    Mandy Meaux says

    I “like” your page already…I love it actually! If I were to win, I would have my moon shot from the other night framed. I’m so excited with how well it came out.

  83. 162

    Trish Lester says

    I would love to have one my photos put on a gallery wrap from our trip to Sedona, Az! I have so many, it will be hard to choose! But, this one will definitely be a contender! Thanks for the chance to win!

  84. 165

    Beth Kraenzlein says

    I would LOVE to try one of these. I have a picture of my twins Amanda in her cheer uniform and Michael in his football jersey.

  85. 171

    Didi says

    Probably a picture that my sister has taken. She takes great pics! But I’m not sure which one exactly yet…

  86. 172

    JoNeal Hansen says

    I would definitely get a family picture of us to frame. Family is very important to me, and we have tons of pictures of my girls on the wall’s, but none of us as a family! And the framed art would just make it perfect!

  87. 173


    I’ve loved looking at all the photos people posted here. If I won I think I would use a photo I took in the Cotswolds. But there were so many great ones from that trip, it might be hard to choose. This is my favorite, though. Dreamy!

  88. 175


    I am a fan on FB & if I had to pick a shot? Torture… I have lots I would love to print, I would love to see how they turn out so I could start printing lots & lots :o)
    OK one? Maybe this one as it was just taken yesterday & it would be a lovely gift for his parents.

  89. 177


    I would chose to print a photo of an upcoming shoot I have scheduled. A local dance instructor who teaches dance for a local gym contacted me asking for portraits that would be used for their marketing materials. I think using a photo of a professional dancer in mid-air with pointed toes would be PERFECT for a floating canvas print like this one. I couldn’t be more excited about this shoot!!! Breaking into advertisement photography for local businesses is a huge deal for me! And having a printed canvas to show as an example that would support the brochures and posters using my photos is an amazing opportunity. : )

  90. 180

    Christina says

    I’d love to get a canvas of our family done. We’re expecting another girl in June, so this would be perfect!

  91. 181


    I am going to be shooting a bridal portrait session this Monday of my friend’s daughter. I would love to give my friend a beautiful Color Inc canvas print as a surprise!

  92. 183


    I would have uploaded but was in a hurry…Anyway, I have a beautiful image of my son. I have four kiddos and they are all beautiful but this picture takes the cake. It’s on my website if you’d like to see it. Thanks for the give away! nikki

  93. 185

    Cyndi Larimer says

    I love canvas prints!!! If I win, my print will be a b/w closeup photo of my husband and my son. We only have one child, and he’s seven now and not such a poser. :(

  94. 186


    I would love to have this image of my youngest daughter on canvas because not only does it showcase her natural beauty but my skills as a photographer and artist. The colors I think would be amazing on canvas. I believe it would really help to me to sell more canvases and my services.

  95. 187

    Anita Dodds says

    At the moment I think I would choose a favorite scene of aspens in their fall glory or maybe a great photo I took last year of a beloved dog who just passed away from old age.

  96. 189

    Em says

    I would choose my favorite photo of me with my beloved hubby. =) While I have a lot of photos of clients, I love pics of our family the most. <3

  97. 190

    Laura Cole says

    I recently took some pictures of my husband and daughter outside in the snow. I’d love to make one of them into a canvas!

    I’m already a fan of MCP actions on facebook.

  98. 195

    Kristi Duncan says

    I would get a canvas of my son. I already have one of my daughter kissing her horse (that she was bucked off of) and I feel bad that I have not bought one of my son to display. I have a fantastic picture of him surfing (won best of show at the local fair) that I would put on the canvas – please pick me!

  99. 196


    If I won this giveaway the one photo I would definitely get on a canvas is my daughter’s 2 year photos (attached) and then a photo of my son I used on his 5 year birthday invite.

  100. 197


    I photographed a beautiful little boy this week – you can see the image here: that I think would be fantastic on canvas! I would love to use it as an example of my work to show new clients – and to demonstrate the awesome products that are available!

  101. 199

    Bethany hein says

    I’ve always wanted to get a canvas of me and my husband on our wedding day. It’s a picture of us outside of the chapel on our wedding day where we got married :)

  102. 200


    For a canvas and frame this cool, I might just be inspired to get family portraits done. If not, I have a great picture of my boys to use. Thanks for the giveaway!!

  103. 206


    I would definitely have an image of my 2 children where out older brother is picking at the younger sister printed and put on my wall.
    Love the real life moments best:)
    THANKS Paola for telling about the contest~

  104. 207


    Tough call. I’ve been wanting some big prints of my kids, so I’d be tempting to do one of those. But I also have a shot from my trip to Italy 7 years ago that I still love (a mosaic from the ceiling of St. Peter’s) and would love to have in the gallery wrap texture.

  105. 208

    Melissa says

    What a beautiful spot. I really want a canvas photo of my schildren on our blank wall. I will have to check out their web site.

  106. 209


    I think I would print this image of our home after a devastating ice storm in 2007 to remind us that no matter how awful things seem, we are able to overcome anything together. Yeah – I think that’s exactly what I would do. :)

  107. 210

    Susan Butler says

    I would have a print of one of the churches I photographed in Russia. My 11 year old son was the youngest member of the Singing Angels to participate in a tour on a cruise ship in the Scandinavian region. I went along as chaperone – trip of a lifetime! We visited and he sang in 6 countries – London, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Russia & Estonia. I bought a new Nikon D5000 to take along and so glad I did!

  108. 211

    Kathy says

    I would print this beautiful photo of my almost 1 year old baby girl. We had an amazing “smash the cake” photo session and having a canvas print of this image would be perfect for her bedroom.

  109. 212

    Anna-Leigh says

    I have a photo I took of my daughter on her first birthday (now 21 months), that I’ve just been procrastinating having made into something nice. SO this canvas would be awesome!

  110. 214

    Susan Butler says

    I would choose a church in Russia. My 11 year old son was the youngest Singing Angel (of Cleveland, OH) to participate on a Scanvinavian cruise ship tour last summer. We visited and he sang in 6 countries – London, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Estonia & Russia. It was the trip of a lifetime. I only hope he was old enough to remember it forever!

  111. 215


    I would love to have a canvas print of a picture I took of the Sears Tower. It was a foggy evening. I converted it to black and white and it turned out really nice.

  112. 216


    I would love to have one of these done with pix of my girls. I could then use it to promote this type of printed media to my clients. Win, win for both of us.

  113. 218


    The day before the super moon it was hanging in the sky at dusk here in AZ. Az has some of the most awesome skys at dusk. It looked huge in the sky and I wanted to capture a couple pics of it. My wife was cooking dinner and I told her I will be right back. Anyway I get all set up and the moon kept going behind the clouds. I was standing a some railroad track, i wanted a pic of the moon over them. Anyway had to scratch that plan. Looked down and started taking pics of the tracks. This is how I got to this pic. Totally unplanned. I would love to put this pic on a canvas. Sometimes they are the best pics.

  114. 219

    Brandi says

    I would choose a Macro Shot of Butterfly Wings…I recently lost both Grandparents & a 14 yr old Nephew…I feel as I am going through a lot of Changes. As we all know Butterflies represent Change. This Print would signify an important time in my families life. A Print to be Cherished forever. Thank you!

  115. 223


    I have some gorgeous shots from trip to Jackson Hole last summer and would pick between two; one of six horse spread out in the field with the mountains and a river behind it or one of the lake and the red barn across the lake at sunset!

  116. 224

    crystal {momaziggy} says

    Love it. Sadly I’ve yet to print any canvas so this would be perfect. I love how unique the frame is.

    I’d put a picture of both my girls at the beach that I took a couple years ago with. My little xsi. It’s still my fav pic & have always wanted it on canvas. I’m a fb fan already.

  117. 227


    I am a gal who luuuuvvveeesss texture, so I would like to see my photograph called “Three Pears” printed on canvas. I shot this in my home “studio”, aka, the family room. I have a couple of windows that provide wonderful soft side light that nicely wrapped around my pears. The text is a reference to the scripture in Matthew 18:20. I love the idea of placing scriptural reminders around the home or office. Thank you for the contest opportunity.

  118. 230


    I have a portrait of a beautiful Peruvian Paso mare against a sunset that would look fabulous as a floating print. And be a great way to advertise my services at the horse shows I photograph!

  119. 231


    I would LOVE to win a canvas! I recently ordered some test prints from Color Inc and they were amazing, and I’m planning to use them if I get the courage to enter a few of my shots in a local photography contest. I’m a hobbyist/amateur, and I’m just starting to feel good enough about my work to want to pay for a quality print when I finally get around to ordering them. I took this image of my daughter this past Sunday, and would love to have a niece art piece made from it to hang somewhere in our home. Thanks for the offer!

  120. 236


    I would actually order a picture of my own daughter. She is now almost 21 months old and the ones I have displayed around my house are of her when she was 6 months old.

  121. 241

    Lana Parker says

    I would have a photo of my two beautiful children in their martial arts uniforms stiking a cool pose, possibly with num chucks or bow staffs! Or something similar to this picture….

  122. 242


    Ii would print the image of my middle child, Susie Homemaker, dressed in an apron my grandmother (alive and well) made for my mother as a child. Charlotte’s smile, warmth and beaming joy speak volumes to the essence of her in childhood.This 5×7 print lifts my heart on the long winter days… I Would love to look up and see it displayed in a place on our playroom wall where it will be enjoyed by all who enter our home!

  123. 244


    I have numerous photos I’d love to have printed on canvas, but one of the first to come to mind is a shot I snapped of my son holding his baby sister for the first time after returning from Afghanistan, for obvious personal reasons :)

  124. 245

    Annette Kirk says

    I would have this image of my son playing on the beach done on canvas. I took it not too long ago for the MCP 52 week project “view from here”. Since we will soon be moving to Ohio I won’t have this view anymore but I could always see it on my wall!

  125. 247

    Heather Fitch says

    I would love to order one from this weekends awesome newborn baby session I just did. I have never seen one of my photographs on a canvas before so I would be very exciting.

  126. 249


    I’m currently decorating my home to be used more as a gallery for clients so I would love to have one of these! I can’t decide which photograph yet I’d want….there’s too many!

  127. 250

    Genevieve says

    My husband and I remarried after working through difficulties that separated us for 2 years. This has been such a wonderful blessing to reunite our family as we have 2 small children. We are doing so well in our new life!!! I would love to get a canvas print of a picture that my father took of our family walking along the beach just after our remarriage last summer and hang it on our family room wall as a comemorative. Thanks.

  128. 251

    Lana says

    I would put a picture similar to this one…. of my 9 year old, 2nd degree black belt ) or one of him and his 6 year old sister, blue belt….maybe together with their weapons, num chucks or bow staffs!

  129. 252

    Tara Prince says

    What an awesome giveaway! I have so many that I would like to get printed on canvas. The first one would be a picture I have of my nephew blowing bubbles.

  130. 253

    sheri Young says

    I would order the picture below as a canvas print. I titled the photo “The Journey”. It is of my 87 yr old grandmothers hands and her actual baby shoe. This is one of my favorite pictures that I have ever taken.

  131. 254

    Ashley K says

    My fiancee and I just got our engagement pictures taken, so I would definitely print one of those and hang it up for everyone to see. :)

  132. 256

    Kara Snider says

    I have a great photo of my daughter when she was 2 years old with her dad’s cowboy hat and a very sober expression. It would look great in the wrap with floating frame!

  133. 257

    Miranda G says

    Wow! Love these! I think I would have to do a really cool pic of my one year old, maybe do a photoshoot specifically for this. So cool!

  134. 260

    Genevieve says

    It would be so hard to decide! I’d either choose a favourite client shot to display in my office and show as a sample for future clients, or a shot of my son Victor for our home…either way I would love it though!!

  135. 263

    Chava says

    I took a picture of my daughter and stepson for our christmas cards where she is wrapped in tree lights and he is “hanging” an ornament on her, I would love to get that as a wrapped canvas

  136. 265

    PeggyN says

    I would choose a photo that i took last summer at the beach of my granddaughter, her husband, and their 8 month old sweet boy!

  137. 266

    shelley b says

    Cousins at Poppy’ Ranch!! we get together every spring break and we love taking pics of our kids together. Would love to have a big memory of this.

  138. 267


    I would loooove to win a framed canvas!! I would choose one of the beautiful photos I took yesterday of my friend’s acoustic guitar. It is a close-up of the frets and absolutely gorgeous! Choose me!!

  139. 268

    Poupee says

    I’d pick a favorite picture of one of my kids. I’ve tried all too many times to get a “good” one of both of them at the same but I’ve never succeeded in catching a great expression from them simultaneously. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  140. 270

    kristin t says

    I have been working on some word art for a “family rules” type of print. It would look SO amazing on canvas!

  141. 272


    I would print one of my favorite pictures from the vacation that I just took to Moab, UT. What amazing scenery out there. I got a couple really great shots that would look terrific on one of these canvases. Fingers are crossed.

  142. 273


    i would have a family picture we had taken last fall done. i have yet to order prints and i think this would be beautiful mixed with framed prints!

  143. 274


    I printed an enlarged photo of my 3 kids at the Four Seasons in San Diego, but I forgot to edit the closed umbrellas to make them look open, plus since then I’ve added glowing lights in the lanterns behind them. I would have Color Inc. print me a big ol’ beautiful print that includes my dramatic changes.

  144. 275


    I would have one of my kids framed. We are not on facebook so I can’t friend you there but you are my friend and fav!!!

  145. 276


    In the process of totally revamping my current website, and a little scatterbrained to make a decision on which print I would have made into canvas if I won…….NOT an easy decision. But for now, I’m going to go with my favorite pic I took when I was visiting Colorado. My first time there and I was blown away by the scenery. Thanks forgiving me a chance to win!

  146. 278


    Awesome!! Will enter to win this for a wedding client who I just ran into the other day. She didn’t order much of her son’s wedding pics because they just don’t have the funds.

  147. 279


    I have an awesome photo I snapped of the city street my husband and my first apartment together was on- I’d love to blow it up and make it a canvas to remind us of where we started.

  148. 281


    It would be hard to choose between a landscape shot I took of the sunrise at my grandparents’ cottage for my personal enjoyment, or a b/w of a senior football player for display in the studio!

  149. 283


    I would probably get a sample image of a newborn (wrapped on a blanket) to show clients or my favorite image of one of my children (probably the baby girl wearing her striped leg warmers). And I’m a fan on FB!

  150. 286

    Larissa says

    I have some pictures I’ve taken of the pear trees blooming this spring that I would love to hve printed on canvas!

  151. 288

    Mandy E says

    A picture of my baby girl – her adorable little face and pigtails make me smile every time I look at them!

  152. 289


    I <3 Color Inc! The image I would select for this if I am chosen is a picture of my 2 daughters. One is 4 yrs old and the other is 20yrs old! I tend to print so many sample images of client work and very little of my own family for my home. I think this would be the perfect opportunity to not only showcase a fabulous new item but to also have a beautiful portrait of my girls!

  153. 290


    I took this picture on our anniversary. It was truely beautiful, and I was so thankful I could capture it. I would love to have it on canvas!

  154. 291


    Thanks so much for this opportunity! I’ve been stalling on getting a canvas framed print of this print for my very empty living room wall!!

  155. 294

    Madeline G says

    I have a very nice picture of a sunrise in Venice and its gondolas. Yes, I woke up early to take the pics. Thanks for this great promo!

  156. 295

    Errin Andrus says

    We just moved into a new house with bare walls everywhere and a fireplace that needs a family picture hanging right above it. I would get a canvas of our recent family pictures we took. AWE I love them! I hope I win. I am a fan on FB too!

  157. 296


    I would print a picture from my wedding, OR. . . a picture of the SLC, UT Temple. I can’t decide right now, haha. OR..find something from a client shoot I’ve done to use as a selling tool. hmm..

  158. 299

    Beth Shirley says

    As an amateur photographer, being able to take this image made my future as a professional photographer, seem a bit more attainable. – Thank you, Beth

  159. 300

    Amy says

    I’ve been wanting to have a framed print of my…don’t laugh…dog. I took a photo of him yesterday “smiling” in the backyard that I think would make a fine tribute to my best bud.

  160. 302


    I would order one of two brothers from a recent session. I would love to give it to their Mother as a gift since she’s been crucial in me trying to get started and referring clients.

  161. 307

    Annette says

    I would have this image of my son playing on the beach printed. I took it not too long ago for the MCP 52 week project “view from here”. We will be moving to Ohio soon and I won’t have this view for much longer but I would always be able to see it on my wall!

  162. 312

    Kim B says

    I have an image of my daughter in her zebra print tulle skirt that I would have printed for my office. I have black furniture and a few zebra like accents and a canvas in that print with the black frame would look awesome!

  163. 314

    Alison says

    I would probably do this photo that I just texturized a little while ago. I love seeing the photos that everyone has selected

  164. 315


    I got married last May and my dad was our photographer, for the most part. He took an absolutely gorgeous picture of my husband and I kissing right during sunset. I have been dying to get it on a gallery wrap.
    And I like mcp on facebook :)

  165. 316


    My best friend’s birthday is coming up, and I recently took a photo of her little girl playing outside in her easter dress and sun hat that she loves to pieces. I would get that printed and surprise her with it for her birthday. She’s a very special person with a big heart, and an incredible mommy. She deserves it :-)

  166. 317


    I would LOVE to have this photo printed as a gallery wrap. I just got the Nikon 105mm lens, and I took this photo just after trying it out. Having my images hanging on the wall in my home is a goal for me! No more empty walls or frames! :)

  167. 320

    Christa says

    What a great opportunity! : ) I’d order a shot that I can hang in my office, so something from with a lot of bokeh… like this wonderful close-up shot of a cactus I took last spring. : )
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  168. 321


    I have been wanting to have this picture printed for quite sometime and this giveaway might just be the opportunity. I might even be inclined to give it to a friend.

  169. 322


    I’d order a canvas of one of my favorite newborn shoots ever – my own baby girl! It would be a great sample that would make me happy to look at it too :)

  170. 323

    Becky says

    It would be a picture I have of my son in the pool on our vacation last year. The colors are beautiful and I have the perfect spot for it!

  171. 326

    Jaclyn says

    I would make a print of my little dog Toby or maybe a collage of several pictures of him. Looking at a picture of him always makes me feel happy. And I’m a fan of MCP actions on FB!

  172. 327

    Amanda I says

    I’d print a photo either from our upcoming wedding or our San Francisco honeymoon. (And I like MCP on Facebook.)

  173. 328

    Renee S. says

    I took a lovely picture of my daughter during a rain shower holding an umbrella looking in a koi pond surrounded by azaleas! I was amazed that it turned out and I love it and would love to have it printed on canvas! What an awesome giveaway! Thanks

  174. 329

    Emily says

    would love a canvas of a photo of my 4 year old daughter on the beach last week – complete with hot pink polka dot bathing suit and her pearls!! the water is crystal clear blue, not a cloud in the sky, and she is a complete princess. perfect for her room!!

  175. 330

    Julie P says

    Thanks for this awesome contest! I’ve been dreaming of getting the attached image done on canvas and this would be a great opportunity to do so!

  176. 331

    Gina H says

    I would use this for one of my many flower pictures I’ve taken in my garden, I sure miss it in the cold WI winter months. It’d give some warmth to the inside while it’s snowing out.

  177. 332

    Ally White says

    I know exactly what i would do if i won a canvas!! We are having family portraits taken soon. These are the first “real” portraits we have taken as a family since my boys were small. They are 18 and 16 now :) My fingers are crossed!

  178. 334

    Dalinda says

    I would select an image of a hydrangea that I recently took at the Dallas Arboretum. The colors are outstanding, and they would compliment the colors in my newly painted guest room! I especially love the hydrangea because it reminds me of my grandmother, who had beautiful blue and pink hydrangeas planted at her home.

  179. 335


    Hands down it would have to be a silly picture of my husband and I with our 8 awesome kids. As other photographers can probably attest….Wall portraits of my own family are few. :-(

  180. 337


    I had the opportunity to travel to Italy this past May. One of many images that really stand out is a picture of one of the villas we stayed in. Every time I look at the photo, it brings a smile to my face bringing back so many great memories.

  181. 338

    melisssa french says

    i would print one that is To be taken at my daughters one year birthday party in a few weeks. I CANNOT wait to take them and get them printed. LOVE this!

  182. 340


    This is a photo of my son, taken by myself. I have taken quite a lot of photos of my son in his short 2 years of life, but this one by far is my favourite of his. I would love to see this on a canvas up on my wall.

  183. 342

    Nidia C. Lopez says

    I would love to have a canvas of my husband and I at our wedding. We didn’t have the luck of having a great photographer, so we thought to print any of our photos. In fact, we never recieved our wedding album :( So having a nice big beautiful canvas of our wedding day would be awesome!!!

  184. 343


    I would love to get this shot of Balanced Rock in Arches National Park-UT on a canvas gallery wrap. Twilight…the La Sal mountains in the background….red rock…my first image taken in the park..I will never forget that evening.

  185. 345


    I would print a beautiful, candid, black and white shot of my children kissing eachother. It’s such a sweet moment between them that I want to remember forever!

  186. 347


    I would do a photo “session” with my kids – black backdrop, all of them in jeans and a white tank top (baby in just a white onsie) and it would probably be in black and white to hang on my very bare walls…it’s an image I have been looking forward to taking of them and I might even include the dogs too…lol but it would be of all my babes for sure.

  187. 355


    I would order a canvas of my son, Remington’s, foot and husband’s hand. I created a 365 project for my son’s first year and this is one of my favorite images.

  188. 359


    I would love to win this contest! I would use a photo of my preemie newborn twins and gift it to my Mom (their grandmother). I have wanted to give her a canvas to say thank you for the 60 + days my preemies spent in the NICU~ and she was there for support :)

  189. 363


    I have several images in mind and can’t decide yet which one to have printed.

    I’ve also shared and tweeted this contest on Facebook and Twitter.

  190. 364

    Jenny Miller says

    I would make a canvas of this picture, an image I will always have in my mind of my husband and youngest son from his first summer at the lake.

  191. 365


    My boys are amazing little guys. They are the very things that keep me going from day to day. One of my favorite pictures of them is the time they tried to fool me through the screen door. They switched hats and my younger son put on my older son’s glasses. Through the screen I couldn’t tell the difference! I had to get their picture. It will make me smile for eternity!!!

  192. 366

    Daniele says

    The picture I would pick if I won this amazing gift would be a picture of my 2 girls. They are my life and I don’t have nearly enough photos of them on our walls. This would be a perfect addition in our home.

  193. 368


    Ooohhh… what a hard decision! I think I would have to be a little selfish, and order a canvas print of one of our wedding pics. We don’t have any wedding pics around our house any larger than a 5×7!

  194. 370


    So many great images below! I would love to win a framed canvas. I think I would probably use a pic of my kids, or, um, eh…. oh let’s face it. I’m a mom of four. It will probably be a pic of my kids!

  195. 377


    I would frame a beach wide angle shot split into 3 individual 6X9 canvas prints. the birds were framed perfect, but it’s kind of cheating because it’s impossible to take a bad picture of that

  196. 379

    Beth says

    If I won this amazing offer, I would order the first great photograph of my son that I captured with my new Canon 2 years ago just after his 1st birthday. There have been many great ones since with lots of practice and constant learning. It would be so great to display this favorite photgraphy of mine they way it should be displayed! Even if I don’t win, I might have to bit the bullet and order one anyway!

  197. 381

    Suzanne says

    I have a snow photo taken on our farm…There is a wonderful curve to our white fencing leading to our red barn and in the snow it was so pretty…hope to use that for the wrap…

  198. 383


    I also am a huge fan of canvas prints! I would get it of a picture of my three kids on the beach in b&w or one of the pictures my dad has taken of dogwood tree blossoms (also in b&w)to hang in my bedroom :-)

  199. 385


    I have too many to choose from…..but I am leaning towards this photo (minus bad watermark placement- lol) of my dog who just passed away last month . I’ve had her for 15 years since she was 2months old !! Its been devastating to say the least….. ( Plus this same photo of her also won 2nd place at last years Dog Expo Art Exhibit ) ….

  200. 387


    Oooh, these are beautiful! I would love to use a picture of my twin 2 year old boys as they are getting into daddy’s tools naked! My computer is in the shop, and I’m on my hubby’s pc. I’m a mac! or I’d upload a pic.
    Thanks for the opportunity!

  201. 389

    Kay says

    I am already a fan of MCP on Facebook! I would get a great shot of my 5 grand daughters to display on the canvas.

  202. 390

    Brenda Kingston says

    I would put a picture I just randomly took the other day of my plum tree blossoming. I think it came out pretty good and would look wonderful in my bathroom. Believe it or not, the bathroom is a great place to place your art. I am already a fan on FB and have led many others to become fans of MCP. You are awesome!!

  203. 391

    Sara says

    I would LOVE a gallery wrap. I’ve never had one (sad I know). I’m dying to put a new picture I just took of my baby in a red tutu on a gallery wrap! I edited with MCP’s color explosion and now I’m dying to put it on a canvas.

  204. 392


    My best friend is getting married; she keeps encouraging me to sell my work.
    I have been taking photos but only sharing them with her electronically; we live far from one another now so this is how I show her what I am working on. She keeps telling me with every image that I am getting better and better. I have always been the creative one but since I have moved away she has become the one to act on her creativity that I never knew she had; she now creates and sells jewelry and is very successful I may add.

    I have a photo of a flower that she loves and was planning on printing it for her as a wedding gift. We have this sonnet from William Shakespeare that we use to recite when ever we would get our hearts broken, it would lift us up and remind us, we are great and there is no settling in love and that true love is what we deserve.
    I have been slowly teaching myself how to create artful work from my photos. I have created from my photo and have incorporated the sonnet in to the image. I know she will be proud to hang it on her wall. It will be my first ever piece and my way of thanking her for the encouragement to never settle not just in love, but in life. I would print this image on the canvas and it will be her wedding present from one best friend to another.

  205. 393

    Vipha N Guerrero says

    I would make this picture into a canvas!!! I think it’s beautiful and I’m entering this into a contest my city is having.

  206. 394

    Jeffrey says

    I do nature photography and have an amazing close-up photo of a timber rattlesnake that I think would look awesome as a gallery wrap.

  207. 396

    Cristen says

    I would love to turn one of my favorite photos into a large canvas – it’s of my husband giving my son a little kiss as we were out walking together one evening. Such a sweet moment – I want to remember it :)

  208. 397

    BridgetSoup says

    Ooooh my goodness. I think I would get this photo of a tree that I took this summer. It has a piece of string tied around it from when I was a kid(about 12 years ago) and the tree is slightly growing around it already. It’s like a time capsule for me. I love it. I would definitely get that one… and hope to take pictures of it for many more years :)

  209. 401


    I would probably choose one of my recent florals–maybe the bright yellow tulips or a close-up super shallow DOF orchid shot I took recently (which was in your Project 52). What a great giveaway–thank you for the opportunity!

  210. 402

    Shellie Evans says

    I would LOVE to have this picture of a gull on a floating canvas. What better way to display a bird. I was so pleased with this shot as I’m a relatively new hobbyist photographer and this looks like it’s been shot by a professional! (well I think so anyway.

  211. 404

    Catherine K. says

    I would get a canvas print of one of the pictures from our recent trip to Prague. Loved that city SO much!

  212. 407


    I would print a photo of my family from our holiday photos since we don’t have many photos on display of our entire family (I’m always behind the lens). I like you on FB, too. Thanks for the giveaway … fingers crossed I win!

  213. 408

    Katrina Flaws says

    These are so beautiful for prints! I would order a print of one of my abstract images with a pattern…lots of lines and color for that “kapow” look!

  214. 412


    I’d like to order a picture of my own children!! After being so busy with other people’s children, it would be nice to have a gorgeous shot of my own kiddos hanging on my wall. I HEART my girls :)

  215. 413

    Erik Ammon says

    Wow, what pic to use…it’s tough between family and nature…we do have many canvases of our family (we love them, too!!), so I’d go with a nature shot. Which one? This shot was taken right out of the camera a few months ago in the very early dawn.

  216. 415


    I’ve added a link to both of my Facebook accounts…my personal account and my Gemini Portraits account. Thanks for the giveaway, what an awesome prize!

  217. 418

    Christina says

    It’s so hard to decide! I’d probably order one of my kids that I took for Christmas. I actually would like to get a canvas of each of them and hang them together.

  218. 420

    Heather says

    I posted this on my facebook. :)
    And tagged you, too.
    I’m also obviously a fan on facebook….I forgot to say that in my last comment about getting a picture done of my son as an infant. :)

  219. 425


    I would order a print of one of the images that my grandfather took in Japan during WWII. He recently passed away and we found all of his old slides, film, etc and are converting it all. I think it would be a great testament to his legacy to have one of his amazing images hanging on my wall.

  220. 426

    Kirsten says

    I would LOVE to use this for the latest photo of my two boys. I’m still learning how to use my camera (because it seems that it is smarter than I am!) but was able to snap what I consider “the perfect shot”! I have the “perfect” spot to hang it!

  221. 427

    Sue Evans says

    The image I would choose would be one of our children that I took in October 2008. There’s a little pond across the street and a trail that you can follow along one side. If the image would fit onto the canvas properly, I would love to enlarge the one of their backs walking along the trail with the sun shimmering through the treetops. (There are some others from that same evening that would work if that will not fit.) Sample of my favorite image attached. Thanks so much!

  222. 429

    Christy says

    My plan is to take some b&w photos of me and my husband for our bedroom. I want the pics to be us but not of us if you get my drift. Take pics of our hands together, our feet, body parts (but not in a dirty way). I want it to be romantic but tasteful. I would love to have them done on canvas.

  223. 430


    I would get a canvas doen with a photo I took of my son last Fall whiel doing a session of our kids. It was a great image that really captured his real smile.

  224. 432


    I recently took a picture of an old, rustic, teal door in a a small town. I think it would look FABULOUS printed and framed!!!!
    I’m already a fan on facebook.

  225. 433


    I have several photos that I would like to turn into a canvas. One of my current favorites is of my daughter’s feet as she was riding around on her trike. It just captures her at this age perfectly.

  226. 436


    I absolutely adore canvas gallery wraps! I recently did a surprise photo shoot of my niece who was 10 months old @ the time. This image is my favorite from the session & would love to surprise my brother & his wife for their anniversary w/ this as a canvas gallery wrap!

  227. 438


    I’m actually taking my coworker’s engagement photos this weekend – so if I win I would like to pick one of the photos I take and make it a canvas print so I can give it to them as a wedding present. :)

  228. 441

    Lyndsay Knolls says

    I would print my absolute favorite photo I took of my little boy. He was 6 months old and wearing an adorable knit hat. He looks like an angel!

  229. 442


    I would like a print of the photo I took at devils den in gettysburg. This is a beautiful product! I would love one of these to show off and try to sell to my customers!

  230. 445


    I would LOVE to win this and order a print of my parents 4 grandkids for their anniversary coming up in April!!!
    PS thanks for the push to check out color inc Im their new customer!!!!!

  231. 447

    Amanda says

    I have an awesome butterfly shot that I recently took, I think I would use that for the canvas print, in my dining room. Thanks for the opportunity!

  232. 455

    J Johnston says

    I LOVE gallery wraps but I’m not sure what photo I would use right now. If I won, I would be able to find one!

  233. 457

    Erin O. says

    I’d definitively get a photo of our daughter. She is 6 months old, so of course I have thousands to choose from. I just edited one of her crawling and it looks very vintage. I might get that one on canvas and hang in her room.

  234. 458

    Diane Schlesinger says

    What a great giveaway! I just spent way too much time reading all the comments and looking at the photos Lots of beautiful shots. I would get a canvas with my 3 teenage kids.

  235. 459

    Sara says

    I would print the picture my husband took of my 5 week old son lying in my hands (5 years ago!). Then I’d have to buy a second shot of my daughter as a newborn too :)

  236. 460

    Amber Beardsley says

    I would probably choose this photo of the Mackinac Bridge that I took last summer. It would look lovely hanging in my living room.

  237. 462

    Brenda says

    I would print a picture of my nephews. They live in australia and this is a photo of the last time I was out there. I don’t get to see them very often and miss them greatly.

  238. 463

    Kim S says

    Ohhh LOVE the canvas…I would probably do a canvas of my youngest son (2) in a field with an old barn in some old overalls with no shirt underneath and bunch of bright colorful balloons that he is hauling around. SO adorable and a gorgeous pop of color!

  239. 464

    Krista D. says

    I know exactly the two photos I would have done – one of my 3-year-old son peeking out of his playhouse door, and one of the Yosemite Valley that I took last month while on vacation with the hubs.

  240. 471


    Hmmm, how to pick which photo I would get printed… I would have to use this photo I took last year at a branding, I love the detail on the chaps and the colors. Plus it would look great in my new office that is currently being framed out in my basement!

  241. 473

    Natalie Haney says

    I have a beautiful, beautiful pic of the kids jumping in a canola field…I would definetly get that pic done…..I want to always remember them…like that….young and happy and free….it seems like they are growing up so fast!

  242. 474


    I would definitely have an image of all three of our children printed on such a great canvas. . . . one with them ALL looking at the camera!

  243. 475


    I would use this picture that I recently took of my daughter after I put her hair in pigtails for the first time! I would probably give it to my grandmother because she is IN LOVE with her one and only great-grandddaughter! :-)

  244. 476

    Eva Marina says

    One of the very first pictures I took of my two boys together. The baby was crying, but my three year old was beaming. He was so happy to finally be a big brother!

  245. 479


    so hard to decide! & i love Color Inc. This one is a random shot of my kids at our local farmer’s market a few years ago – probably still my favorite. a canvas would do it justice :)

  246. 481


    Oh, I have an amazing photo of Tibetan prayer flags hanging in the wind that I took on a family hike last year. I would LOVE to frame it for my husband’s father’s day gift.

  247. 483


    i would use a pic of myself and the hubby- we’re having a session done with just the two of us with an amazing photographer in June- I can’t wait!!! Thanks for the opportunity! I am a fan of MCP always!

  248. 484

    kay lee says

    I really need to get an updated family picture up in the house. My second daughter is 9 months and we only have pics with our first little one….time goes by too fast. It’s time to update so the second child doesn’t feel left out! LOL.

  249. 486

    carla patton says

    my son’s senior year and he is my baby ….. would love to have this one done ……it is part of his senior pics he let mom do ….

  250. 487

    Melody Smiley says

    one of photos from our trip to italy!! celebrated our 10 yr anniversary there. have some beautiful photos

  251. 489


    I would print one of our recent baby photographs for a local boutique. They’d LOVE to have it displayed and I’d love to share it with them. We LOVE those babies! PLEASE PICK US!

  252. 490

    Carrie McCaughtry says

    I would so love to win this! My apartment has terribly empty walls and I would love to have a canvas of a print from my hawaii vacation. The views there are amazing!

  253. 496

    David Loud says

    I took this one of my little boy holding a green balloon. The isolated color technique is getting a little long in the tooth, but I really like the composition.

  254. 498


    one of my shots called “eye in light” of a horse on our ranch named George. i had it printed and framed a few years ago and sold that copy at Art Walk in Alpine, TX. I’ve been intending to get it reprinted to hang in my home and just never have gotten around to it!

  255. 499


    I would print this picture of my husband who will be deploying soon. It would remind me of why he is gone and what we have to stand for.

  256. 500


    I would order a canvas of my 4 kids i have several favorite shots from the years and have always wanted to have some of them professionally canvased..

  257. 502

    Colleen says

    I would print a photo of my daughter. We have lived in this house for almost 3 years but I have not printed any new photos I have taken or put any photos up on any walls. Kinda Sad actually.

  258. 503


    Not sre if my last post posted or not, but I would post the picture I have of my husband holding my son in the air in front of an american flag. He is deploying soon and it would remind me why he is there and what we have to loose. Home of the free because of the brave…

  259. 504

    Cyndy Jones says

    I would love to order this using a picture of a flower or something in nature. I don’t have one yet – but have been playing around with my lenses in my parents gardens.

  260. 506


    Since having kids, being a stay at home mom has kinda taken
    over my time! i have thousands of photos of my kids and family
    on my computer…but have yet to hang a single one on my walls!
    SO…i would have to choose this one as a MUST HAVE on my wall!
    its the perfect photo of my husband and daughter and it would be
    the perfect welcoming image to have on our giant blank wall in our
    entry way!

    thanks for the awesome opportunity MCP!

  261. 507


    This is a tough decision. My first thought was one of our wedding photos. My second was a picture of my girls in the hospital after my youngest was born, but after a second to think about it I made my final decision. It would have to be a picture of our family when my husband returned from deployment, so my girls can look at it and kiss it every day while he is deployed this summer. He has been gone so often and missed so much of their lives, I would want them to be able to see him every day weather he is home or not and remember how it felt to hug him.

  262. 512


    I would have this shot made into a large canvas. My mom (in the green) passed away from matastatic breast cancer this past Christmas Eve. One of my BFF’s, Julie Geiger-Schutz took this shot along with several others of my sister and I. This was taken shortly after my mom was diagnosed. We didn’t know how much time we would have when these were shot. But we knew there would be plenty of humor, laughter and grace…
    I would hang it in my studio that is soon to be completed. Although I didn’t take it, I am IN it and I created wonderful memories. It would be a great selling point for fun, humorous sessions.

  263. 514


    I took a gorgeous picture of my daughter in her pointe shoes and a ballet outfit as she was waiting to have her portraits taken! I just fell in love with it! I am at work right now so don’t have the image with me!

  264. 516


    We just had faimily pictures made and it would for sure be one of them.
    Possibly the one of me modelling my patchwork skirt creation…just for fun :)

  265. 517

    Leanne says

    If i was lucky enough to win, I would have a picture of my beautiful little girl put onto canvas, as im going through a very difficult time at the moment and I know, walking in to see my gorgeous girls face sat proudly on my living room wall, would cheer me up and make me forget about all the other worries in my life.
    P.s. Thanks for doing this great giveaway!

  266. 522

    Rebecca Ort says

    I have been wanting to get a few canvas prints of my son and daughter to display on a large wall we have with a few other images.

  267. 526

    Juju says

    I lost my dear, sweet chocolate lab last November, but before that, I was forever taking his photo–he was a wonderful model! I’d love to have one of his portraits done on a canvas gallery wrap to display in my home.

  268. 528


    I would love to have one of hubby and I’s wedding pictures printed. Our photographer went bankrupt before we had a chance to get anything printed (even our wedding album), so all I have is the images and nothing to display. This would be great to have!!

  269. 532


    I would choose an image I got doing and equestrian shoot for a client that I’ve wanted to get for my sons room. There is one horse right up close to my camera and two are behind and to the left and the one in the middle is showing his teeth and wrinkling his nose. Making a totl mr. Ed face. It’s a riot. I laugh every time I see it, and I know my son would too :)

  270. 533

    Amanda Stone says

    I would order a canvas print of the sand dune photo I took while my family and I were on vacation in Myrtle Beach!

  271. 534


    If I were to win, I would order a picture of my boy dressed as a girl dressed as a butterfly, sitting together under the kitchen eat bar, sharing the snack of apples. My little girl is feeding her little brother her apple. It’s just so precious!

  272. 535

    Mindi Jacob says

    I would have a photo of our kids kissing printed, for sure! It’s just so sweet and really shows how much they love each other!

  273. 539

    Deborah says

    I would have it done of my good friend of her daughter. She was born at 26 weeks weighing only 14 oz & 10 in long. She is now almost 9 mos and up to 11 lbs. She is a miracle from God and it would be wonderful to have a big canvas like this for her parents.

  274. 540

    Karin says

    The picture will be of our dog, Ivy. We just learned she has cancer and will be put down on Monday. Terrible weekend ahead :-(

  275. 545

    Tracy says

    For Mother’s Day last year my husband got my a bouquet of my favorite flowers (Calla Lilies) and I spent a few hours with the light shining in through my window at just the right angle snapping away picture after picture. I would love to have a nice print of this to hang on my bedroom wall.

  276. 548


    I have an image of my husband reading to my daughter curled up on his lap- she LOVES that picture because it was from before he got sick and passed away. I would love to put it in her room.

  277. 550

    Tracy says

    LOL this is so hard, I went back and looked at my pictures again and I found a different one that I would really like to have in a canvas print. This is a picture of my neice I took at the lake a few years ago then edited with photoshop.

  278. 551

    Danielle says

    I am a stay at home mom with little to no experience in photography but have a huge passion for it. I really wished I had gone into the business. I just happened to really luck out on this shot. I would love to see it large. Thank you so much for the opportunity to share this image. I love it!

  279. 553


    I would print a picture that I took of my husband in his dress blues when he was company commander giving the Oath of Office to over 160 new Lieutenants in the Army that had just graduated Infantry Basic Officers Leaders Course. It was such a proud day for me and so many other families!

  280. 554


    It would be a picture of our granddaughter that I took at a local state park when she was 3 (she is now 9) and it still is my favorite. She is sitting on top of a picnic table overlooking the lake in Autumn. She has her PopPop’s hat by her side that she loved to wear. It is precious to me. Thank you for this opportunity to talk about my favorite picture also the opportunity to win something.

  281. 555

    Lauren Hull says

    I would order a canvas print of a photo recently taken during a family cruise to the Southern Caribbean. The photo is of my sons and nephew in the beautiful blue ocean. Such a great memory of the day on the beach in Barbados.

  282. 559


    I might choose a photo of my 12 and a half year old dog that I lost 2 years ago – I’d love to see him everyday in that way.

  283. 560

    Leah Manning says

    I would order a print of my mom
    walking down the road with all
    of her grandbabies holding hands
    – I just took it this month and
    it’s so preious. Especially since
    she has bone cancer and every
    memory is precous!

  284. 562

    Tish C Hill says

    I would have this made into a canvas, it’s the first photo that I ever entered into a contest and actually got a prize! LOL What a great giveaway! Thanks for having it! :)

  285. 564

    Courtney D says

    i would use this fabulous picture of my girls in the midst of a giggle storm. don’t have any canvas wrapped yet but want to!

  286. 567

    Jennifer Wiertel says

    Well looking at all the posts there are many beautiful photos that would look absolutely amazing on a canvas wrap especially in 16×20, Mine is a personal photo, not even professional taken a few years ago with a Canon SD1000, it is of my mother. She represents strength to me, and I watch her in her last minutes still fighting, her battle to cancer was a long fight but she was taken to heaven in 2007 and I’d love my kids to see a beautiful large canvas of their Nana especially because my 12 week old daughter never got to meet her. Thank you for the giveaway, best of luck to everyone

  287. 569

    Tracy Waye Kelly says

    I would print my very last family photo taken before my husband passed away in November. It has to be printed, but as of right yet, I can’t bring myself to do it. Perhaps this will help along :)

  288. 571

    Traci Cameron says

    I would love to get it with a picture of my twin boys. We have a bunch of pictures of myself & hubby, but barely any of the boys. And the size of this is awesome!! I’d really love to win!

  289. 572


    I would print this timeless picture that I took of my children last Fall. My daughter, Norah, is helping my son, Jonah, to walk. She is leading him down a path at a forest preserve near our home (I hope she’s leading him down the right path!). I think it would be SO BEAUTIFUL on a canvas!

  290. 574

    Amber Speck says

    I print a photo of my third and final baby since his photos are at a minimum in this house. Being #3 has it’s drawbacks. :) Maybe this one or perhaps I’d be inspired to shoot another.

  291. 575


    I took a picture of myself and my kiddos a couple of weeks ago. I’m the photographer, I’m rarely IN the photos. I’d print it in a heartbeat.

  292. 576


    I have the most adorable picture of a newborn grinning from ear to ear (and come to find out she had just peed)
    I will hang it proudly in my new studio!

  293. 577

    CindyC says

    This photo of my son and daughter taken by One Fine Day Photography (we have permission to reprint the photos) at my son’s wedding Feb 19, 2011

  294. 578


    This is the image I would love as a canvas right now! I love the way my daughter is trying to stealthily grab her brother’s ear (she loves to do this while sucking those two fingers, and he is not such a fan!). It’s so them right now, and it just makes me happy!

  295. 580

    Kelli Coley says

    I just love this pic I took of a recent “Urban” type shoot. I call it “Urban Chic”. I think it would look AWESOME on canvas. Hope you guys like it as much as I do.

  296. 581


    I know this may be strange coming from a girl but I would use a photo of our car we reacenty took – I think it would look pretty cool
    good luck to everybody :)

  297. 582

    Diane Poff says

    I have a photo of an Amish couple in a courting buggy (open buggy), he is playing a harmonica and she is pulling up her stockings. I won “Best of Show” with it at our state fair, and would love to do this picture.

  298. 583


    I would LOVE to have a 16×20 canvas to give to my mom and dad. My dad loves the Blue Angels and I captured this photo when we saw them this past weekend. It would be so amazing if I could give this to them. It is a portrait that would look great in their home and it has so much meaning. Thank You so much for the chance to win this.

  299. 585

    Denise Kennedy says

    I love this photo of my husband. He rarely allows me to photograph him but relented last Halloween. He is out of town quite often so I would love to have this on display in my home!

  300. 587


    After moving back to my hometown from New York, my husband and I decided that we wanted to decorate our house with images from HIS hometown (where we previously lived)’s a quaint little village situated on the Great South Bay. So far, we just have 1 canvas wrapped photograph adorning our walls..but I would LOVE to win this so that we can have TWO! :)

  301. 589

    Stefanie Diamond says

    Definitely one of my three girls! Since I started taking my love of photography more professionally, I feel like I’ve been neglecting my own kids’ photos! They had no idea I was taking this picture, and I love how my oldest is protecting the baby, and my middle one is spacing out. Captures them all perfectly. Would love this on my wall forever!

  302. 593

    ShaBean says

    I actually haven’t taken the photo I will have printed yet. But I know what it will be. My best friend; my sister in all but blood, is getting married next Feb. I’ve been drafted to photograph the wedding. I’m not a wedding photographer. I’ve never done one. Somehow, I have to not bawl through the ceremony; not drop my camera; get the most fabulous shot and frame it perfectly so she won’t hate me for the rest of our lives! This photo; the one that I will take under enormous emotional pressure, will capture their love, hopes, maybe a laugh and their utter lack of pressure. And if I’m really lucky, we’ll stay friends!

  303. 595


    Okay I haven’t taken the shot yet, but it’s in the works! I am doing a sort of fantasy shoot with my kids (bold crazy props) I know a canvas would be so YUMMY for my wall!!! Of course I am a fan 😉

  304. 596


    I’d have a certain picture of my kids printed on it… the one I took before my oldest went back to the Naval Academy in January. We don’t know when we’ll get to see him again. It was a happy day, a fun day. I’d post the picture but it’s on my other computer, which won’t boot up at the moment! I’ll always treasure that moment.

  305. 601


    I would print this photo I took of my beautiful daughter gazing into the distance (really just toward the window of her room) with amazing window light showing off her brilliant blue eyes.

  306. 603

    Kim says

    I would print a picture I took of my daughter on her first birthday wearing a tutu that I made her and sitting with the giant cupcake that I made from scratch & decorated. She was so careful in picking off the frosting and little bites of cake that she barely even got dirty!