Contest: Win an Artsy Couture Gallery Block for Photographers

If you are looking for a unique, cutting edge product to offer your photography customers, you need to check out Artsy Couture’s Gallery Blocks.

Artsy Couture is a new sponsor on the MCP Blog and to celebrate, they are giving away a Gallery Block of your choice.ย  Dozens of styles and backgrounds to choose from – you get to design your dream block if you win.

  • Grand Prize: Gallery Block (your choice of style) – up to a $200 product value + shipping anywhere in the world.
  • Exclusive Discount: All MCP Readers get a 30% off discount code now through September 1st, 2011 on any Gallery Block products. Just use the promo code at checkout: ACMCP. Enjoy using this coupon code for the Artsy Couture Gallery Blocks.

classic 3 artsy couture gallery block

To Enter the Giveaway:

  • Leave a comment. Visit the Artsy Couture Website – check out the variety of styles.ย  Come back and tell us (in the comment section of the blog*) which layout you would pick if you win.ย 
  • Please like us on Facebook. Make sure to “like” MCP Actions on Facebook.

For Extra Entries:

  • Spread the word through social networking. Post about this contest or about what you love about MCP Actions on any social media sites: Facebook, Twitter, Blog, Stumble Upon, etc. For every place you post, come back and add a comment with a link sharing where you did this. You can get up to 5 extra entries for this – any additional may be deleted.
  • Add the MCP Actions banner (or a text link to our site) on your blog– please use the text “Photoshop actions for photographers” and link to our site. For the banner, grab the code from the sidebar. Once you add this, leave a comment* and let us know you did.

Artsy Couture Show Off Gallery Block

Contest Rules and Deadlines:

  • The contest starts on Wednesday, July 13th, 2011 at 9am eastern time. The winner will be selected via on the evening of Sunday, July 17th, 2011.
  • To increase chances of winning, participate in the “extra” entries.
  • * Comments must be posted on the MCP Blog, not in the notes section of Facebook. Follow the link to this post on MCP Actions Blog for your entries to qualify.
  • This contest is void where prohibited by law.
  • This contest is sponsored by MCP Actions and Artsy Couture.


Artsy Couture Gallery Blocks for photographers

Jodi Friedman, MCP Actions

Jodi Friedman is the founder of MCP Actions. She designs popular Photoshop actions and Lightroom presets that make editing faster, easier and more fun.

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  1. 3

    Paul says

    I’d probably go with The Storyboard. We’d probably go to the beach or theme park for taking the pictures. The three small boxes would be one for each of my 2 sons and one of my wife and I. The big one will be a family picture. The background would be the waves or an aerial shot of the theme park.

  2. 4


    I like the Storyboard! Perfect for my wedding pictures. I just found you yesterday. Love everything! I also just checked out Artsy Couture for the first time yesterday. funny :)

    I have already started sharing about MCP!

  3. 6

    Nicole L says

    Pick just ONE?! I am in love with all of it! Hmm. I would probably go with either the Quad or the Storyboard.

  4. 8

    Tammy Carwile Vazquez says

    It is quite difficult to choose just one! I suppose the storyboard would be my choice. :) Thanks!

  5. 18

    Tonia says

    These gallery blocks are amazing! I’ve never seen anything like this before. It was hard to choose just one but I would pick the storyboard. If I win I can finally get our wedding pictures on the wall in a nice display – it’s been 4 years!

    I’m already a fan of MCP actions on FB.


  6. 19

    Chrystal Styre says

    They are all SO nice!!! If I had to pick one..and that’s kinda hard…I would say the scrapbook!

  7. 23


    i offer these to my clients and can’t wait to purchase them someday. I was just telling my husband last night we are buying the invite one when we have kids. I would love the storyboard one. I already like you and them on Facebook.

  8. 25


    I would definitely pick the double focus layout. I have the perfect picture of metro tracks for the background and more detailed shot of the metro for the pics on top.

  9. 26

    kristie says

    I am having a hard time picking just one. I think to start with I would go with the The Classic Three(1) 10×8 and (2) 6×8 floats
    on (1) 28×11

  10. 36

    Lisa Thayer says

    It was hard to choose a favorite. I just could NOT choose ONE. So here are my absolute TWO FAVORITES: The Story Book & The Center Stage. Both can tell a story. This brings something new,different, unique and fun to the traditional canvas. I LOVE it! :)

  11. 69

    Bri says

    “The Showoff” it would be perfect for pictures of my kiddos! What a great product, thanks for sharing!

  12. 71


    I’m SO glad I finally know what these are and where I can get them! I saw another photog offering them on her web site, and wanted to know so badly where she was sourcing them!

    I really LOVe the simplicity of The Center Piece and The Stacking 10×8, and The Center of Attention and The Quad are really striking, also!

    Thank you for the great discount, too, Jodi and Artsy Couture!

  13. 82

    Crystal ~ momaziggy says

    Oh man..these are GREAT! I looked and LOVE the center stage! It would be perfect for a bunch of pictures of both my girls then “sisters” written in the middle. I’m so excited about this Jodi! Thank you so much to you and Artsy Couture!

  14. 93

    Corinne says

    AWESOME ~ I would probably go with the storyboard or triple and use it to for our newborn daughter, Ellie, who was born premature on 6/30. A fellow prof photog came over yesterday & did a session of her for me – the sneak peak is amazing and I would LOVE to create a floating board. More creative than the standard storyboard templates on canvas that I usually do. Fingers crossed. :)

  15. 109

    Rachel Talley says

    I LOVE the Rubix cube…I have a series of photos of my son eating his 1st birthday cake….they would look fantastic displayed this way.

  16. 131

    Sharlene says

    The Triple Triumph would be the one I would choose.. Perfect for the newborn shoot I have coming up

  17. 152

    Denise says

    I would love the Tripple Triumph would be fantastic, especially as I am having a new baby in Oct, and can in-vision the perfect set of shots for it!

  18. 154

    Elizabeth says

    I’m thinking about “Center Stage” so that I could make a memento from my wedding as we approach our 3rd anniversary!

  19. 165

    B. Reamy says

    Good morning! If I win this contest I would most likely choose The Quad to accent and display a few of my butterfly photos like the one featured here! :-)

  20. 166

    amber leblanc says

    love, love, love, LOVE!!!! The “Show Off” is right up my alley! These literally gave me goosebumps when I saw them!! They are definitely a piece of art, and not just a way to display your photos.

  21. 167


    Oh I love the brick look! This would be perfect in my studio and I’m sure my clients will have a new favorite item when they see it! Winning it would be fantastic… who doesn’t like free stuff, especially valuable free stuff! Thanks for your creativity – you continually inspire me to be better!

  22. 176


    I love these!!! I think for my first one I would like to get The Show Off. I was just telling my hubby about these last night and I have the perfect (and all too convenient) family session (ours) that I want to order this in!!!

  23. 182


    How stinkin’ fun are these!! My favorite display is “Show Off”! It would be perfect way to display my 4 loves.

  24. 184

    Dorothy says

    They are all beautiful but I would choose the Classic Two for my niece who is about to be married.

  25. 195


    I would love to win one of the large single blocks. I’ve been invited to show my work in an invitation only gallery show in early 2012 and this would really make my work stand out. I’m so excited! This will be my first show! I actually made one of these gallery blocks for a friend, when her baby was born in March. It is breathtaking! Thanks so much for offering one for “free” And, of course, you are one of my favorite “likes” on Facebook :)

  26. 196


    What a fabulous idea! I can’t decide which is my favorite – double take or focal point. And Triple triumph is calling my name too! Thanks so much for the chance to win!

  27. 204


    They all are so nice I would like any of them! The showoff would be my first choice – today. I’m sure that would change tomorrow since they are so nice! Great work.

  28. 210


    I like the Classic 3 or Triumph, Center stage & the block party !! It’s so hard to choose but these would be perfect either for my daughter’s upcoming cake smash I’m photographing or just random pictures of my family of 5 =)

  29. 219

    Stephanie says

    I really want the Triple Triumph – I love the saying they’ve used and want to use it for my daughter! I also love the Double Focus as well! They’re all amazing!

  30. 220


    I would love to add this item to our studio gallery. What an awesome product. This would be perfect for our neighbors little girls. They would be perfect for this to give to their parents…

  31. 230

    Melissa says

    I love, love, love the Show Off. Bringing the background up close or an element from the shoot really closes the gap in the individual pictures!

  32. 253

    Janet P says

    I think my favorite is the Triple Triumph (though it was hard to choose as there are several I really liked).

  33. 255

    Mandy says

    Can’t believe I hadn’t already become a fan of Artsy even though I’ve been coveting for months some of their gallery blocks! Now a devoted fan :)

  34. 256

    Anne B says

    Wowza! These are all fab, but if I had to choose just one I would select the Classic Three. I have the 3 amazing images of my kiddos that I could use for this style, and I’m already thinking of places to hang it. :0) Thanks for offering this!

  35. 258

    Amanda Smith says

    I love so many of them but have something in mind that would go perfectly on the “Triple Triumph” :)

  36. 265


    Love these artsy blocks! Just joined Artsy Couture and i am so excited to start using their products…would be a great blessing to win a free one as a first!!

  37. 267


    It’s VERY hard picking just one. I think that “the show off” would be my first choice because of the asymmetrical grid look.

    Really great product!

  38. 278


    okay, all their block are great, but personally i’m shying away from the idea of words on walls. kinda overwhelmed by the whole movement at this point, so i’m a bit more simple in my taste and like the portraits to speak for themselves. therefore, makes sense why i’m in love with “the classic three” and “the show off.” :)

  39. 285

    Suzanne V says

    If I had to choose one product it would be The Story Board. It was a hard choice as they are all gorgeous!

  40. 287

    Chelsea says

    Oh, wow, tough decision! I love the Classic Three and the Triple 8×8 and The Quad, but I think I would go with The Show Off. What a great product!!!

  41. 290


    Love the Classic three. Would be a perfect addition to my new studio gallery and I am sure my clients would be drawn to it right away! Your products look lovely.

  42. 291


    Love all the choices! The large number of layouts easily accommodate photos of various sizes AND clients can choose between highlighting a single photo or grouping several photos together!

    Wonderful product!

  43. 301

    Marilee Stujenske says

    I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, to win one of these – maybe the Triple Triumph or the Storyboard or any of them – they are awesome!!!!

  44. 302

    Marilee says

    I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, to win one of these โ€“ maybe the Triple Triumph or the Storyboard or any of them โ€“ they are awesome!!!!

    Use this post please!!

  45. 306


    I would LOVE to win “the Show Off”. They are all Great. I’ve never won anything, so this would be so FUN… thanks for allowing us all to participate…

  46. 309

    Kim says

    Totally Amazing! What a creative and unique way to display my photos. This will be a great way to print and display my scrapbook pages. I cant wait to try this new art form out.

  47. 310

    Kim says

    I forgot to mention in my last comment that the classic floating three would be the best for scrapbook pages.

  48. 312

    Debbie says

    If I were to win the Artsy Couture, I would use if for my friend’s wedding. I think they would love pictures from their wedding highlighted this way, absolutely beautiful!!!!

  49. 316


    Maybe it was the bride and groom photos that did it but I must say that The Story Board is the one that caught my eye. I love finding something new and exciting to show off my art photography.

  50. 320


    Love this new twist on a popular product. I like Party of Five as the best way to showcase a variety of expressions from a single portrait sitting. Thanks for sharing this news with us :-)

  51. 322

    Jessica B. says

    I would love the ‘Classic Three’. I’ve been looking for a unique way to display some pictures above our entertainment center- it would be perfect!

  52. 323

    Anika says

    Maybe it’s boring, but to try it for the first time, I would pick the single block, as large as possible. These look great!

  53. 329

    Michelle MacLellan says

    Wow! Love these – each and every one! Love the quote used on the midpoint (my favorite) but the storyboard is ideal!

  54. 338

    Anna says

    I love the storyboard. Since I don’t have a studio yet I think I would do a background of maybe a wheat field ready to harvest and my son and daughter together on one of the small ones then one of myself and my husband then individuals of my children for the other two small ones. Thank you ! Anna

  55. 345

    Helene Rogers says

    I like the classic three and the quad to be able to highlight multiple phots from a trip or an occassion,

  56. 349


    Love them!!!!!! This is absolute new in Holland and i would love to show this to Holland! I would chose the The Triple Triumph

  57. 351

    candace willard says

    I LOVEST them!!! I want the 4 picture lay out so bad! we just got new family pictures and I could put my kids in each of them!!!! SO FREAKIN CUTE!!!

  58. 361

    Andrea B says

    Would love the Show Off would be my first choice but they are all lovely!
    Film Strip would be my second choice :)

  59. 377

    Tammy Kiger says

    I would Love to win one of these. Personally I would pick the show-off style, that was I could show off my photos!!!!

  60. 381

    christina beaman says

    i love these product so much, and would love to win one. i really want the Triple Triumph or the Storyboard or well any of them would be nice.

  61. 398

    Dena Lagonigro says

    I purchased one of these gallery blocks for my in-laws as a Christmas gift last year and it was absolutely gorgeous!! Been dying to purchase one for myself, but the ones I love are a little out of price range for now…though completely worth it :) Would be thrilled to win one!

    • 399

      Dena Lagonigro says

      OH! The reason I didn’t mention which one I would pick is because I can’t make a decision…there are several that I would have to decide between, depending on what images I would use and where I would hang it!

  62. 403

    Marina says

    Wow….I had THE hardest time trying to decide which gallery block to pick. They are all so amazing!! Can’t believe this is the first time I am hearing about this, I would have ordered these for wedding photos instead of a regular frame!

    I am choosing: The Block Party

  63. 409


    These are absolutely gorgeous! It is quite difficult to just pick one – so I’ll settle for now with “The Show Off” that brick wall is unreal. I alreadly like MCP on Facebook – that’s how I found out about this competition and great product!

  64. 411

    Ana says

    I love these…all of them. I would be happy with any of them. Seriously, you should pick my name out of the hat.


  65. 417


    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE all things Artsy Couture! Especially fond of the Storyboards and the mini, mid-point and center stage, filmstrip… I would love to see my granddaughter all artsy coutured! Can’t wait to see the non-branded web site.

  66. 418

    Debbie Perrin says

    I would definitley have to have the triple triumph or the storyboard!
    I love Artsy Couture and MCP Actions! Together they’re a double threat!

  67. 421


    These are so beautiful and creative. I really like the storyboard, but I would be happy with any of them. I’m looking forward to seeing one in person! I love them! I already like MCP actions on facebook and I LOVE to use the actions on my photos!

    :) Kristina

  68. 425


    These are awesome! It would be hard to choose between the Triple 8×8 and the Classic Three. Would love to see one of these in my studio to show off to my clients and enjoy myself!

  69. 426

    Serena Swenson says

    Such a tough decision! I’d have to say either The Quad or The Show Off. Love them both! :)

  70. 427

    Serena Swenson says

    I already “Like” MCP Actions on Facebook! That’s how I found out about this. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  71. 429

    Sherri Peroni says

    Oh geez, since I can only pick one I’d have to say the Triple Triumph! It’s adorable and girly and perfect for my daughter’s room :) LOVE MCP Actions and Artsy Couture!

  72. 435

    Rae says

    These are the unique way I have been looking for to display the photos I restore in Photoshop. I would choose the single sets. Absolutely beautiful.

  73. 445


    This product is the coolest I have seen in a while! My favorite is the Block Party. Just finished a wedding and will be using some of the photos to create new options for my clients! Thanks for sharing this site!

  74. 450

    Cheryl says

    These are so beautiful and hard to choose between! If I win, I would choose the single. I want to replace a special photo of my oldest daughter and her new husband coming up the aisle. All their wall photos were stolen (along with much of their household belongings). That photo would look fantastic done this way instead of just matted and framed – although even that was stunning!

  75. 454

    Gephry Taton says

    The fancy floating ones are really pretty, but I like the timeless simplicity of the 16×20 single block.

  76. 461

    Abigayle says

    I really like the classic three. It would be great for my two young boys – one image of both and singles on the sides.

  77. 462

    Rachel Wood says

    I already like MCP actions on Facebook. I think I would choose “The Show Off”. I really like the layout of it and I would have two spots for each of my two boys!

  78. 463

    Alissa says

    I’m a fan of yours on Face Book. I can’t wait to order some of these with my Italy trip photos. Thanks for sharing.

  79. 479

    Denise A says

    I already like mcp
    I love all the layouts! I guess if i had to pick…the triple triumph. Love them all!!

  80. 480

    carol says

    oh, I have been a long time MCP liker and purchaser, you make the very bestest actions :>

    Thanks for telling me all about artsy couture.. if only I lived in the US and could order from them regularly. I have already determined that my christmas gift to me will be one of the ‘centre stage’ layouts and hang the shipping expense.. no matter how many of their beautiful layouts I look at, I always seem to come back to that one.

    I have posted this on my facebook page so that all my US friends can discover both of you here…

  81. 482


    I love the storybook and the Classic three… both are wonderful for the graduation collage I want to make for my best friend’s daughter. Due to circumstances they weren’t able to afford to do a nice graduation picture and I shot her Sr. pics for free… this would make a wonderful gift for them!

  82. 483

    Melanie S. says

    I LOVE the gallery blocks! Can’t wait to try them. If I win, I would pick the Triple Triumph for a newborn session.

  83. 493


    I’m already a fan of MCP (because they’re awesome!). And, I think my favorite, despite having a TON of favorites, is the Rubik’s Cube. That is GREAT for a newborn display!

  84. 495

    Marie Richards says

    Hi from New Zealand! I just love your Actions. I’d also love The Showoff block if I won… fingers crossed – have a great day… Marie

  85. 497


    I have three boys, Kollin, Kolt and Kruz! I would love to display their pictures in one of these. All of them are wonderful and would be a fabulous addition to our new home!! I guess the Triple Triumph would suit us best thought. Thanks for the contest and a chance to win!

  86. 499

    Stacy Sherman says

    It is so difficult to pick a fav, they are all goregous and completely unique! I fell in love with the triple threat!!

  87. 500


    I would choose the story board. I already like MCP Actions on Facebook as well as Artsy Couture. I keep saying “one day I’m gonna order one of those!”

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