The Ultimate Camera Bag and Shootsac Lens Bag Giveaway

Every hobbyist and professional photographer with a d-SLR needs a way to carry his or her gear. Whether you want a bag to hold your lenses and flash or you want a camera bag that holds even more, our giveaway this week has you covered!

Two winners will be chosen – one will win Shootsac’s new product, the Tote & Shoot. The other will win the lens bag that started it all, the Shootsac + one cover.

shootsac contest

Enter now. Here’s how…

The Prize:

  • Prize 1: Tote & Shoot in your choice of colors, subject to availability.
  • Prize 2: Shootsac Lens Bag with your choice of one cover, subject to availability.
  • PROMO CODE for all: Everyone gets $25 off a $75+ purchase at Shootsac by using the discount code: MCPSSTS11. Code expires 12/31/2011. Order by 12/14/11 to ensure delivery by Christmas of all in stock products.

To Enter:

Add your comments on our blog post (not on our Facebook Wall/Notes section – these will NOT count)

For your main entry, reply to the questions below:

  • Visit the Shootsac website and check out both products – then come back here and indicate which of the two bags you would prefer to win (the Tote & Shoot or the Shootsac)? If you pick the Tote & Shoot, indicate which color you would want?  If you pick the Shootsac, tell us which pattern cover you would pick?
  • “Like” MCP Actions on Facebook unless you don’t use Facebook (go here to “like us” if you have not prior).
  • Subscribe to out “public” updates via Facebook. See top of our blog for the subscribe button.

Increase your odds of winning. Do any or all of these extra credit items (add a comment/extra entry for each):

  1. Upload a photo on the MCP Actions Facebook Wall that you edited using MCP’s Photoshop actions or Lightroom Presets (they can be the free ones if you haven’t bought any yet). Tell us what actions or presets you used.  Please do NOT write that the photo is for extra credit on our wall.  To get credit for this, come back to our blog and just comment that you added a photo.
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Contest Rules:

This contest is sponsored by Shootsac and MCP Actions. It is open to participants only where permitted by law.

Winner will be picked via random drawing on the evening of Sunday, December 18th and announced on the MCP Blog. Winners will also be contacted by email. If we receive the winners’ mailing addresses by the morning of Monday, Dec. 19th, and you are in the United States, Shootsac will do their best to deliver by Christmas. If we hear back past that time or your are outside the US, delivery will most likely occur after Christmas.  Odds are winning are 1/# of entries. Increase your odds by participating in our extra credit items.

Here are a few images of the new tote and shoot:

And the original lens bag – the Shootsac:

shootsac lens bag

Jodi Friedman, MCP Actions

Jodi Friedman is the founder of MCP Actions. She designs popular Photoshop actions and Lightroom presets that make editing faster, easier and more fun.

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  1. 6

    Lori says

    I love shoot sac and as much as I would love the lens bag my IDEAL bag is the grey tote and shoot my main reason is a a packrat I am that photographer that thinks if I don’t have I will need it the tote and shoot is my idea bag to carry my camera and all its gear (and maybe at least remember my wallet for once ;))

  2. 7

    Rebekah B says

    I want a red tote and shoot! I love how big and roomy and stylish it is. Perfect for a mom and photographer on the go!

  3. 10

    Teresa says

    Love, love, love the Tote and shoot. It’s a bag you can take anywhere and nobody would know you had a camera in there. It’s perfect for all occasions. My favorite is the red one – I have a thing for red bags:)

  4. 12

    Jessica Vocke says

    I would love, love, love the Tote & Shoot in Silver! I have been checking out new bags and always seem to come back to your site and I absolutely love the new Tote & Shoot! :)

  5. 20


    Oops, I would love to enter the contest and if I were the winner I would enjoy sporting my new Tote & Shoot in black at weddings. It is a classy looking bag and an perfect wedding photography attire.

  6. 21

    Jenni R says

    Totally the Tote & Shoot in red!!! Would love love love this bag! I already “like” you on facebook of course!

  7. 23

    Callan Halliday says

    Already a fan of MCP Actions on Facebook. I would love to win the Tote & Shoot in red. So stylish and looks spacious too!

  8. 29

    Amy says

    I love the Tote and Shoot – especially the red one! I hope this counts as my entry because I could use a “win” this week!

  9. 38


    I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE my shootsac! And now the Tote and Shoot, a definite must have. I would love to win the Tote and Shoot in Silver. Crossing my fingers, Crossing my fingers.

  10. 44

    Kim Carmody says

    I would love to win the Tote & Shoot bag in gray. It would be so nice to be able to bring one bag with me when out and about. Many times I am decide not to bring my SLR and lenses because of the hassle of carrying them, that I end up losing out on so many photo opportunities.

  11. 46

    Lindsey says

    love love LOVE the bags! Never knew such stylish camera bags existed. For the comp – I would LOVE to win the Tote & Shoot bag in the silver colour. So feminine :)

  12. 47

    Robin says

    I would love the original Shootsac with the Baroque cover because I don’t do as many shoots (yet!) that would facilitate the need for the Tote and Shoot.

    (shared on Pinterest and Facebook!)

  13. 48

    Lindsey Allen says

    I would have a hard time choosing which one I want… I think they are both awesome! Probably the Shootsac, though. :)

  14. 50

    Jenifer Clark says

    Love the Tote & Shoot in silver. The inserts that are coming are awesome and I look forward to one day owning the set.

  15. 52

    nikita says

    Tote & shoot in black! Awesome bag!!! I’ve been looking for something like this

    I already have been a fan of MCP for a long while on FB :)

  16. 53

    Debbie M says

    I never knew about this bag, until I saw your post last week. And then I went to their website and watched the video. They put in alot of years to get us photography girls, a camera bag that is both stylish and useful and doesn’t look like a camera bag.

    This would be the BEST present to win for the holidays.

    I would love to win the Tote and Shoot in Black..or red or silver.. Doesn’t matter… its a SUPER GIVEAWAY!!

    Have liked MPC actions since I found you months ago…. you are the best…

    Happy Holidays…

  17. 54

    Jessica says

    I love both products but the Shootsac with the Baroque cover is my favorite! The Baroque cover looks so much like the KISS book dustcovers that I love. (As if I need my album dust covers to match my camera bag, but still super cool!) I like you on Facebook and as always, thanks for the contest.

  18. 58

    Dawna Branson says

    I’d love to have the Shootsac with the “Baroque” cover. Love the idea that I could just slip it into my purse and go.

  19. 63


    I think the Shoot Sac with the scroll work and tannish background. I already have a big bag to carry the main heft of my gear, though at weddings I don’t pack it all over the place. Way too heavy so the smaller shootsac would be perfect for packing around the lenses for quick changes, and other smaller items more so on normal photoshoots or even just around town.

    Moments Photography of Miami, FL

  20. 68

    Laura F says

    Oh either one would be great!! Been wanting a shoot sac lens bag for about a year. The tote and shoot is nice for the space. I am going to have to go with the Tote and Shoot in red!! Thanks.
    I have been a fan of yours on Facebook.

  21. 69

    Christine Meyer says

    The Shoot Sac – looks ideal for travel and even soccer games.

    Red or Black…… Tough decision. I’d have to go Red.

    FB – Fan!

  22. 75


    This looks like the PERFECT bag for someone like me who travels with gear and wants to look incognito! I’d love the the Tote & Shoot in black. Thank you for the opportunity to win…I already “like” you on F/B

  23. 79


    Ohhh so excited!!! I am super conservative with my bag choices so I am gonna have to go with the color choice of gray in the Tote and shoot bag! I love that side pocket!!!
    Thanks for having a fun giveaway, I love me some MCP!!!

  24. 87

    Gillian says

    Oh, the Tote and Shoot would be perfect, in black. I have been looking and looking for a great camera bag and this would be wonderful! Perfectly set up for my needs!

  25. 94

    Ashley Peterson says

    I would LOVE to win the Tote & Shoot Camera Bag in Grey! I was leaning toward the original shoot sack at first, but after seeing the versatility and space in the Tote & Shoot, i was immediately sold! What an awesome product! Thank you so much for the opportunity to win! Great give away!!!

  26. 99

    Alison K says

    I’d love the Tote and Shoot in either Black or Red! What a great looking bag. I’ve been a fan on fb for awhile now! :-)

  27. 104


    I would definately pick the Tote and Shoot. Although I would probably end up getting the shoot sack as well, I travel a lot, always on the go so the Tote & Shoot would be the way to go…I would also have to pick the red color since it goes with the acronym for my company Rebecca Elizabeth Designs….RED!!!

  28. 106

    Danielle says

    I would LOVE a Tote and Shoot bag in Red. I love the side pocket for your camera to sit in, what a fantastic idea to keep your camera safe.

  29. 111


    I absolutely love the tote and shoot in red. I need this so bad with my part time job as real estate marketer which includes photographing houses and writing blogs so I always have tons to carry and this bag is amazing!

  30. 123

    Jeanine Kolkemo says

    Wow, so hard to choose, been wanting a shoot sac. The bararoque cover is the bomb. It totally matches my logo, would have to go with that one.

  31. 125

    Bonnie says

    I’ve looked at a lot of camera bags lately and love the Tote&Shoot – looks like a very versatile bag, especially like the side loading camera pocket and that it has a place for my iPad too! I’ll take a silver one, please :)

  32. 126

    Shawn Corbett says

    I want a Shootsac with the cowboy cover. I love to have it for when shooting cause of it’s fast and easy way of changing lenses. I also uploaded a photo to your facebook wall using the lightroom presets.Here’s the link to the photo,
    I also shared the contest info. and how great your actions were on facebook. And I subscribed to your blog. Thanks I hope I win. Good luck to everyone!!

  33. 127


    Oh my gosh! I love all things MCP and I love all things shootsac!! I’ve been wanting to get a shootsac for years now…I’d love to have it in FLING!! Thank you MCP for all that you do! I’ve learned so much from you!! And, shootsac…your products are amazing!!! :) Happy Holidays!!!

  34. 129

    Melena says

    I love both products, but if I had to choose, I would go with the Tote and Shoot in red -so hot! What a fun and functional camera bag and so perfect for traveling! I LOVE it!

  35. 133


    Visited the shootsac site and I really would love that tote n shoot bag….the red one. If I won the shootsac….then the red and black stripe cover is the one for me! Either bag is great! And I want then both actually! Thanks for the giveaway!

  36. 135

    Danica says

    The Tote and Shoot in black! Genius! Why didn’t I think of something like this?! A bag for travelling women photographers. Brilliant!

  37. 143

    Amber Dixon says

    I would LOVE the Tote and Shoot in Silver :o) Already a MCP fan on Facebook and cannot wait to make my first action purchase from you!

  38. 144

    Gina England says

    I would love the Tote & Shoot in black or gray…shared and posted on facebook and subscribed to RSS feed today!

  39. 146

    michelle brown says

    I already liked your facebook page months ago, but I do not tweet. :( I would love the red camera bag. Thank you for the opportunity!

  40. 150


    OH MY GOSH! This is SOOOOO what I have been hoping to find the past SEVERAL years! I NEED that TOTE & SHOOT. BRILLIANT! LOve all the colors, but the grey is super cute and neutral!

  41. 158

    Tricia Orr says

    I’ve been a fan on FB for a while and have quite a few of your actions and just love them!!

    I love the tote!! I’m always looking at bags and they always seem to fall short on a few features. One is the room to carry what you need. The other very important one is that the opening is never large enough. I would have a hard time picking between the silver or red!!

  42. 159

    Jen Albert says

    I would absolutely love to win the Tote & Shoot in Silver! I’ve been carrying all my gear in a reusable grocery bag, which I know is a bad idea. I already liked you on facebook and shared on Twitter! Thanks so much!!!

  43. 169


    I would love to get the Shoot sac with the slick cover. The Tote and Shoot is beautiful but I don’t think I could pull it off. Of course I “like” MCP actions on Facebook.

  44. 175

    Christine Crumbaugh says

    I would love to win a shootsac. Looks the perfect solution for keeping my lenses at my finger tips. The Baroque cover is stunning and I would love to own it! I love MCP Actions on facebook! Thanks for the chance to win!

  45. 214

    Jocelyn Miller says

    I would choose the Tote and Shoot- It would definitely help with props during my kiddos shoots! And probably in red :)

  46. 223

    Anne Gardam says

    i would love to own the tote and shoot! I’m a busy mom of 2 (soon to be 3), and photographer and I know this bag would be used a lot! I’d love it in black.

    In the uploaded photo I used your free coffee shop web triptych, gallery frame and watermark.


  47. 231

    AKo says

    I want them both! But if I had to pick, I think I would actually go with the Shootsac lens bag with the Baroque cover. I do also want the Tote and Shoot, but I am not so sure how my bad shoulder would handle it since it doesn’t sling across. Definitely wouldn’t say not to one, however!

    Like you guys on facebook!

  48. 233

    sandie waters says

    I’d love the tote in red. I like that it will keep my camera and my lenses safe – and fit loads of other stuff too!

  49. 237

    Crystal (momaziggy) says

    Ooo…I have the Shootsac lens bag and would LOVE the Tote & Shoot in Black. I’ve heard ot it, but this is the 1st I’ve seen of this bag Another great giveaway Jodi…thanks so much! <3

  50. 240

    Mikell R. says

    The red Tote and Shoot is definitely calling my name. Thanks for introducing me to this beautiful bag and for the chance to win one.

  51. 244


    Oh my goodness!!!! I WOULD LOVE to win the Tote and shoot in grey! Such a great giveaway! Thank you for your generosity in putting this contest on and continuing to make our job easier! You guys are awesome!

  52. 249

    T Strickland says

    I would like the Shootsac with the baroque cover. Lately on shoots, I’ve had to bring small towels for my clients to sit on. Having the Shootsac, I wouldn’t have to carry the extra items.

  53. 262

    Jamie Buckert says

    I love them both!! They have great looks for a very functional bag. I like them both, but probably the Tote & Shoot best in Silver. I am an MCP Fan and frequent user of actions. Thanks!

  54. 279

    Tana says

    I just watched the video on the tote and shoot website, wow! Beautiful bag with both form and function!! The red is gorgeous but I think I’d pick basic black so I could use it everyday.

  55. 287

    Melissa Ramsey says

    I love both of them but I think I would enjoy the Shootsac more and I like the Baroque cover on that one. Thanks for another Great Givaway

  56. 291


    This is so great … another contest!
    I love the black tote n shoot… perfect for my new camera and lenses ;}

    Oh.. no need to say it…. I Like MCP … on facebook… looks great on my blog.. and twitter… I have pinned ya … n tweeted ya.. and share u on fb :}

  57. 304

    Sheila says

    1. I would adore both bags! And I really need them! I would prefer the shootsac in the Baroque cover.

    2. I already like MCP on FB a

    3. Shared on my FB page!

  58. 312


    FINALLY!!!!!!!!! A Camera bag that looks great AND is super functional!

    I love the Tote & Shoot. The red is amazing but I’m a basic black girl….I’d go for the black!

    LOVE IT!

  59. 314

    Liz says

    I’d pick the tote and shoot. I’d be happy with any of the colors but if I had to choose I’d pick black or silver.

  60. 317

    Rebecca Gray says

    I would definitely pick the Shootsac with the Baroque cover! And I already like MCP Actions on Facebook. I’m saving up to purchase some of your actions, and have used your freebies with joy.

  61. 319

    Kristie says

    Just wanted to let you know how great I think your give aways are!! Thanks!!

    I like the shootsac the best with the flutter cover.

  62. 337

    Tiffany McMichael says

    Love the Tote & Shoot!!!! I would choose red! I had seen the product online before, but watched the video for the first time and wow! If I don’t win, I know what just got added to my wish list! :)

  63. 339


    I would LOVE the Tote & Shoot. I’m looking for a better bag and this looks like the perfect solution. So Tote & Shoot in Silver would be my choice.

    I like you on Facebook.

  64. 343

    Heidi Wilson says

    Wow, I’ve been wanting the Shootsac FOREVER!!! I would pick the Shootsac with the “slick” cover. What an awesome giveaway!

    I already like MCP on Facebook. :)

  65. 347


    I LOVE the shootsac with the cowboy cover. So darling! i’m dying to have a shootsac, as I’m doing more events and really need an easy way to access my lenses quickly. Hope I win!

  66. 361

    Becky R says

    I would love to win a Shootsac with a Baroque cover. It looks so much more comfortable then the waist-belt I’ve worn in the past!

    I also like you on FB!

  67. 363

    adelayda says

    I would choose,of coarse the Tote & Shoot bag in red,what a dream come true,I could carry everything that I need for a shoot!
    Iam a facebook fan.

  68. 372

    Carly Clifford says

    1. I would loove the shoot sac with the Cowboy Cover would be so handy!

    2. I am a long time lover of MCP!

  69. 377


    I have been dreaming of a Tote & Shoot since they came out! I would love to win a silver T&S!!!! I SO need this bag! Truly stunning and great design! Thanks for the chance to win!

  70. 383

    Elaine Villaflores says

    I already like MCP Actions and just tweeted. I would love to have the Tote & Shoot in Red! Going to post a pic on the fb site. Thank you!

  71. 393


    ummm…..I totally have been wanting the ShootSac for eves!!! But so sad…they dont have my cheery yellow cover any more TEAR :( its ok….I think I would like the damask one than 😀

    Time to share you guys!!! <3 xoxox

  72. 394

    Trisha Cross says

    being a mom of two young boys and aspiring photographer the tote and shoot sac would be awesome! i could carry my camera extra lens, ipad, sippy cups diapers and wipes! i would love it in black! i’m already a fan of mcp actions on facebook and have shared your page with all my friends!

  73. 398


    1. The Tote & Shoot rocks! If I don’t win I’ll probably buy one anyway! :) I love the black one – for its versatility. Man that thing is cool!
    2. I already like you on FB. Yay!

  74. 402


    Tote & Shoot in RED Please!! I am a mother of two children, step mom of two children, and fur-mommy of 4 dogs! I am constantly on the go and always have a problem of where to put my Nikon! I don’t want to put it in my purse and hurt it, but I also don’t want to bring my huge camera bag either. This would be perfect to combine my purse and camera bag into a manageable bag that looks great and has function! With 4 children and 4 dogs, my expensive photography hobby gets little funding! This would be a wonderful Christmas gift for ME! Thank you greatly! Katie

  75. 406


    I already like you on FB. I think I’d go for the Tote and Shoot as I just recently got my first shootsac (and am in LOVE!!).

    Fingers crossed I can get another shootsac bag!!

  76. 410

    Wendy Gilley says

    I would love the Tote & Shoot in silver.

    I already “like” you on facebook.

    I added you to my RSS feed today.

    Shared the contest on facebook.

  77. 413


    I would love the ShootSac Basic lens holder in Black. I’m a fan on Facebook already. This would replace my 10 year old bag and I would be very happy and grateful for that.

  78. 434


    I LOVE SHOOTSAC! I have the shootsac and can’t remember what life was like before. A tote and shoot would be my next dream addition, but is not within the near forseeable budget. If I were to choose I would pick the black tote and shoot.
    And I still like MCP actions on fb. :-)

  79. 435

    Elizabeth E says

    I have “liked” MCP Actions on FB for quite some time now and would be thrilled to win the Tote & Shoot in silver!

  80. 440


    OMG, I would LOVE a Tote & Shoot camera bag in black. I’d like a new camera bag and am due to have a baby in March — I would love something to carry a few baby items stuff in addition to my camera and lenses!

  81. 442

    Misty says

    You have such great giveaways!! I haven’t won anything, but it’s always worth trying :).

    I would love a shootsac with a baroque cover!!

  82. 444

    Scrappin' Annie says

    I would love the Shoot & Tote – in red….. I like you on Facebook. Thank you for the great giveaway.

  83. 445


    The Tote and Shoot would definitely be my choice! And in black! :) With all the extra storage, it would be perfect to take on our trip this winter as a carry on!
    I am a fan on Facebook. Thank you for the chance to win!

  84. 447

    Shauna VW says

    Ooooh! I would love the Tote and Shoot in red. As a busy hobby photographer mom of three kids 5 and under, this would be awesome. Only 1 bag to house my camera, lenses and other kid-needed items!
    I already like you on FB!!

  85. 452

    Mrgella says

    Both look pretty essential, but I’d go for the Shoot Sac in gray because my current bag just doesn’t cut it!

  86. 460

    Carlita says

    I am a fan on your facebook page. I would choose the tote & shoot in black. It looks like an amazing bag! Thanks for all the great tips!

  87. 473


    Thanks for having another great giveaway! I think I’d go for the shoot sac. I already have an Epiphanie bag and a camera bag that’s bigger for EVERYTHING. But I have lots of lenses and have to often pick which one or two I want and a shootsac would be great for bringing all of them. I’ve liked you on facebook ages ago!

  88. 476


    Wow! Hard choice… I like the new one, though. The Tote and Shoot, in silver! Watched the video – impressed with the thought that went into it. Looks great.

  89. 477

    Nicia says

    I would LOVE to have the Tote n Shoot and I wouldn’t even care which color, because I’d be to excited that I even received one!

  90. 494

    Sarahzilla says

    I would prefer the Shootsac Lens Bag with the Baroque cover. Super-cute AND functional! Already “like” MCP Actions on facebook!

  91. 496

    Stephanie Henderson Richards says

    I would love the Tote and Shoot in red. Looks amazing! I already like you on Facebook and shared on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest

  92. 501


    I would LOVE a Tote and Shoot in Silver. It is the perfect bag for individual shoots or to protect my camera while on family outings…i usually take my small point and shoot but now wouldn’t have too!

  93. 502

    Wanda Scott says

    Love both, but if I had to pick just one, then it would have to be the Tote & Shoot bag. Thanks for offering this give-away!

  94. 508


    I would love to win the Shootsac with the Baroque cover to be able to carry my lenses with me on a shoot! I liked MCP Actions on FB. Thanks for such a great contest!

  95. 511

    Ann Cameron says

    I would love to win a Shootsac and my favourite cover is the brazen cover. I borrowed my daughter’s shootsac for a recent overseas trip and instead of just using the bag for my lenses, I found that I could take my lenses and everything else I needed (passports, purse etc) with me. It became my handbag and was so convenient and comfortable to wear. I like the fact that it goes across the body to distribute the weight more evenly which is a good thing for someone who suffers arthritis like me.

  96. 512

    Andie says

    Tote & shoot, in the grey color – it’s a much nicer way to carry a camera around. My bag has definitely seen better days!

  97. 513


    I can’t decide; I can’t decide!!! I think I would love either, but with all my traveling I would love to tote around my camera and passport in the Tote and Shoot, in that sassy RED!!!
    thanks so much for the give away!

  98. 515

    Rebecca says

    I have wanted a shootsac since the day I was born… ok, that’s an exaggeration. But now that there is a Tote & Shoot, I’d have to choose that! I hate carrying multiple bags and always carry more than just a camera/lenses. I also have an iPad2, and I see there’s a pocket for that too! I’d choose silver, because gray/silver is my color :)

    Already an MCP fb fan… and a Jessica Claire fan, too, for that matter.

  99. 523


    The Tote and Shoot in grey (since they don’t have purple or pink LOL).

    Looks TOPS! I don’t have a workable camera bag – hard to find one that carries few lenses etc.

    I already “Like” you on facebook – and have bought heaps of your actions! LOVE THEM!!!


  100. 524


    I like the Tote and Shoot for my needs right now. I am always back and forth on the road and my current backpack just isn’t working for me. It doesn’t keep my equipment tight enough in place.

  101. 527

    Melissa Cooke says

    Wow – so hard to choose. I have always wanted a shootsac, but now I am also in love with the tote & shoot. Still think my first choicewould be the shootsac with the baroque cover. That would be most practical in shooting events, carrying all the lenses I might need with easy access.

    I already “Like” MCP Actions.

    I hope I win!

  102. 535


    Thanks for the opportunity to win! This is actually on my Christmas wish list, maybe it will actually come true! :)
    I would LOVE the silver Tote and Shoot. I already like you on Facebook!

  103. 562

    Melissa Inskeep says

    Its so hard to decide which one I’d like better. They are both so COOL. If I had to choose I’d probably pick the grey tote & shoot sac just for the fact I could get my camera in it. Thanks so much for the great giveaways!

  104. 564

    Erica says

    Tote and Shoot in red because it suits my day to day needs more – but they’re both great.

    I am already a fb fan!

  105. 566

    Missy Dodds says

    Thank you for the opportunity on this giveaway. Its an awesome item. If I could win anything I would love the Tote and shoot in blue. Very cute!

  106. 577


    I think I would like the shootsac with the black and white damask cover (I think it’s called Baroque) would be great to wear crossbody and have handy to change out lenses…

    I already “like” you on facebook and I liked Shootsac just now on their facebook page.

  107. 593

    Christine Barry says

    I would love the shootsac with the fling cover. I have been having problems with heavy bags on my shoulder and this looks so perfect, to lighting my camera bag load. I like you on my fb and my blog.

  108. 609


    I also added and photo, banner, and chatted about you on my facebook (personal and professional). Not sure what “bonus” that gets me, but I hope an extra Christmas present! Happy Holidays all! Best of luck to everyone.

  109. 610

    Sara says

    I like the original shootsac! I prefer a cross body bag. I don’t want to have to put it down while I am shooting but the new Tote & Shoot does look really nice! Good for transporting everything.

  110. 617

    Jenessa Evans says

    IN LOVE With the Classic ShootSac in Baroque Cover or simply black! I so need an extra hand during weddings and this thing would rawk!

  111. 622

    Amy W, says

    Oh such a hard decision! If I have to choose only one I would go with the Tote & Shoot in grey. (and of course I like you on facebook)!

  112. 627


    What a novel idea, perfect for when you’re always on the go and adds that touch of class to your attire.

    I definitely would like to win the red Tote & Shoot.

    Since my logo is red this would provide that extra touch of glam to my mobile studio :)

  113. 635


    I would LOVE the Shootsac Lens Bag with the Baroque cover! I was just saying the other day that I am in desperate need of a good equipment bag that can easily allow me to switch between lenses. This would be perfect.

  114. 638


    It would be such a blessing to get the tote and shoot in silver. A lot of the time on my family shoots I have my little guy with me and It would be awesome to lighten my load a little.

  115. 642

    Patsy Lander says

    I really have been thinking seriously about another brand of camera bag…that was until I saw the Tote and Shoot!!! I am so in love with it!! A perfect design for me and my “stuff.” Someone finally got a camera tote RIGHT!!!! Love Love Love it!!!

  116. 643

    Maria Longoria says

    shootsac!!! 😀 As for the pattern? The bloom cover. :) I miss spring already! And I liked yall already on FB. <3

  117. 644

    Lori P. says

    A very hard decision to make, but my camera bag is just not working, so…. I would pick the Shoot Sac in Black please.

  118. 645

    Patsy Lander says

    I shared this amazing give-away on my facebook wall for all my friends and family. I have been a fan of MCP for quite awhile already!!