MCP Project 12: Develop Your Skills as a Photographer

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For 2012, we want you to grow as a photographer. We are transitioning from MCP Project 52 (from 2011) to MCP Project 12 for (for 2012). We will not be using the Project 52 Flickr Group going forward and are moving it into archive mode.

What is MCP Project 12?

MCP Project 12 gives photographers the opportunity to take more photos, be creative and have fun. Hobbyist and professional photographers can join us by capturing images based on our monthly themes and share with the MCP community.

At the beginning of each month, for the next 12 months, we will introduce a theme on our blog. You will have up to a month to brainstorm, develop your ideas, and take your photos. If you prefer a weekly challenge, like Project 52, challenge yourself to use the theme in multiple ways.  You may upload up to four images per month.

Where are the themes listed?

The monthly theme will be listed in two places.

  • On the MCP Project 12 Home Page. (That’s where you are right now.) Bookmark this page in your browser as the “Home Page for Project 12.”  We will add the new theme to the list each month.  We will also link the month to the new blog post where you enter your photos.
  • On the 1st of every month we will introduce a new theme (for January it will be on the 2nd). This post will be under the category “MCP Project 12.” You will enter your image(s) on the monthly posts.


January 2012: Theme – RESOLUTION ~ Visit Archived Photos from Month One

February 2012: Theme: Love (Alternate Theme: Leap)Participate Here Starting 2/1/12


How to participate:

  • Enter a comment on this post and let us know you will be joining in. You can participate every month or just a few. Join in at the beginning or start later in the year.
  • On each monthly Project 12 Blog post, there will be a linky tool to submit your photo. Photos can be linked back to your Blog, Flickr or other photo hosting site.

<<< Learn how to add your images here. >>>

The guidelines:

We plan to keep things as relaxed as we can for 2012. To help things run smoothly, here are some “rules.”

  • Photos need to be taken in the month you are participating. Do not use old photos which happen to work well for a topic.
  • Unlike 2011, all photos must fit the theme for the specific month. Be creative and interpret the theme as you wish but make sure it was taken for the theme.
  • As of now, we are not limiting the amount of images, as long as they fit the guidelines. This could change. Ideally we would like to see one to four photos per photographer each month. If you want to share more, and each is unique, you may upload these too.
  • Collages of multiple images are welcome if all photos fit the theme or tell a story related to it. You are welcome to use tools like our Blog It Boards to display these.
  • We would love you to edit the photos in Lightroom, Photoshop or Elements using MCP’s actions or presets. This is not a requirement.  We welcome your photos whether edited or not.
  • No pornography, nudity, violence or any content deemed illegal by the United States Government. MCP Actions and its designees reserve the right to remove any photo or photos deemed objectionable.
  • Images must be taken by you (in other words – you must own the copyright)
  • By uploading to our project, you maintain copyright but give us permission to use the photo on our Blog/Facebook, in the context of Project 12.  If we want to use a photo for anything else, we will contact you and get your permission in writing. Please consider watermarking and branding your photos using tools like our Finish It action set or Free Facebook Fix Photoshop actions (which can be used for photos anywhere on the web).
  • We will not sell our mailing list, but will extract emails from Linky submissions and the comment section of Project 12 posts to communicate with participants, send reminders, etc.  If you no longer wish to receive them, you can unsubscribe at any time.

How can we see other photographer’s images?

  • You can see all photos on the blog post at the first of each month on the Linky Tools. Just click on the thumbnail images. You are welcome to leave a quick note or “like” for the photographer too, but unless they ask for critique, keep it simple.
  • On the last day of every month, we will have a special post from one of our team leaders and possibly an occasional surprise guest. We will share a few of the many photos that spoke to us, moved us, or impressed us in some way. We cannot feature everyone’s images, but we’ll share a small selection of inspirational photos with all of you. We may do additional posts during the month featuring an image – or might mention your photo on the MCP Facebook Page. Watch for these.

How can I get feedback on my photos before I upload them for submission in MCP Project 12?

While you work on your images, you are welcome to post photos to the MCP Facebook Wall and ask for advice and feedback from MCP fans. Alternatively you can post to the comment section of monthly blog post with your photo(s) and ask for ideas, critique, etc from participants.  The

How can I contact you with my questions about MCP Project 12?

If there is something we did not cover above, please leave a comment in the “comment section.”  If your question is personal, you can also send an email at:

most important way to grow your photography skills is to practice, practice, practice.  Now is your chance.

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We want to thank our corporate sponsors for MCP Project 12, Tamron USA and MCP Actions.


If your company wants to take part in sponsoring MCP Project 12, please contact Jodi at




  1. 6

    Leah Landry says

    I am in!!! To complete Project 12 is one of my New Year’s resolutions. What a perfect way to improve my photography skills!!

  2. 16


    This will be my third year doing a weekly project and as usual I always struggle with what/how I will do it. I’m hoping this will be just the creative juice I need for the upcoming year :-)

  3. 19

    Barb in Horseheads says

    I plan to participate as much as possible. Sounds like fun. Can’t wait for the first theme.

  4. 21

    Jodie Masterman says

    Right, slightly different, but still with the themed challenges which help us to use our creativity and depict what the theme means to us. I was slightly wary when you said it was going to be different, because I love the themes; they make me get out and challenge myself with an end goal in sight! But now we have all month to give ourselves more time to find that perfect fit to our interpretation of theme. Love it, and thanks Jodi/Moderators for 2011 – I had a blast each week coming up with a photo. Looking forward to this year (in other words, “I’m in”).

  5. 32

    Treasure says

    I’m game as well! Loved the 52 week project! Thanks you to all the mods who worked very hard to make it happen!

  6. 39


    I am going to try this. I have never done a daily/weekly/monthly photo challenge before…so this one sounds PERFECT! (And I like that I don’t HAVE to use flikr.) :D

  7. 53

    Kelli says

    I’m in! My word of the year is “create” and with that I want to practice and grow my skills as a photographer. Looking forward to it!

  8. 55

    Mrgella says

    I’m looking forward to the new format. Hopefully it means that I’ll have more consistent participation. Thanks!

  9. 56


    I’m in! I’m new enough that I need a theme to help me come with ideas. The monthly format will be easier for me to accomplish too. Thanks, Jodi!!

    • 58

      TLHarwick says

      Most definitely! You can use flickr or another photo sharing site for your upload! Cannot wait to see your shots!

      Project 12 Team Leader

  10. 77

    somer says

    this idea sounds fun, but I do wish it was a flickr group again. flickr is just really easy for a community feel.

    • 78

      TLHarwick says

      You can use flickr for your stream and upload it to the linky tool. It is very easy!

      Project 12 Team Leader

  11. 88

    Rebecca Weaver says

    I’d like to chip in at least part of the time. This style of project should fit nicely into my routine. Should be fun – cant wait to see this month’s theme!

  12. 89

    Laure says

    I am looking forward to participating. I just finished project 365 for 2011 and I have been wanting to follow up with a less intensive project. This one fits the bill perfectly.

  13. 91

    Christine says

    I like the thought of having a month to really plan a shot out–because sometimes I need that time! This sounds fun!

  14. 98

    Barb says

    I’m in- can’t wait! I admired the pictures from last year, but I didn’t participate. One per month is much easier for me to do.

  15. 114

    H.McLaren says

    I’ve never done anything like this, so I will try it. I’m nervous ,it feels like the first day of school !

  16. 139

    Amanda R. says

    I LOVE the idea of doing it monthly, that way I get a chance to really think about the photo and not be so rushed. Thanks for putting this together. I can’t wait to start!

  17. 151


    Excited for this! Gives a bigger window and feels like less pressure to get shots done during the week. Also love that the theme is required!

  18. 166

    Tricia says

    I’m in! I admired everyones work last year and have been anxiously awaiting the 2012 project to be announced!

  19. 169


    I’m in! This sounds way more doable than the Proj. 365 I tried previously–I made it through about two months worth :(
    I look forward to the challenge–and all the options available for help/critique and inspiration. Thanks MCP!

  20. 185

    Esmaralda says

    I am going to give this a try as I was contemplating doing a Project 52 this year. Although looking at some of the pictures from last years’ Project 52 I am a little intimidated by the level of great photographers on this site, but hopefully that will just mean that my skills will grow this year :)

  21. 200


    Never done anything but mind my own little quiet business with my developing photography skills. I’m excited to try to be a small part of something that forces me to do a little more!

  22. 201

    Alipoodles says

    I’m in. I found I ran out of time with the weekly challenges (although I loved getting themes to shoot). I may try and find another weekly challenge to keep me photographing

  23. 225

    marjan says

    will be there as i loved project 52 – thanks for keeping it going as it is the best way to learn and be inspired – happy new year with lots of creative and inspriring energy and time

  24. 231

    Nupur Barua says

    I had a blast with Project 52, and I would love to be a part of this, too. Thank you, and a very Happy New Year.

  25. 247

    Carol Harris says

    I watched Project 52 last year and never entered a photo, but this year I’m going to give it a try. Thanks for the opportunity.

  26. 250

    Tiffani Mason says

    Definitely up for the challenge! I have just recently upped my photography from hobby into business and so I definitely need the practice! I will be editing in Aperture though instead of Lightroom or PS.

  27. 256

    Ruth Shevlin says

    Thanks for the extra breathing room. Taking the theme pictures was not my biggest challenge. Time to do it right before the week was over – now that was a challenge. I’m in!

  28. 262

    Maureen says

    A month is quite a breather from 365 or 52 Week projects, although I didn’t mind the 52 week format at all–kept me on my toes. I’m in again for 2012. Wasn’t clear on whether there’s a Flickr group again, but I’ll figure it out. Thanks so much!

  29. 271

    Janneke M says

    I think I can handle a project 12 — and I really want to grow this year in my photography skills. I’m in!

  30. 277

    Els says

    Great, now I can join in this new project. Heard about Project 52 from my sister in Australia, but too late. Now I will join in this Project 12 and from the Netherlands I will contribute and learn and enjoy. Thanks for this opportunity and Happy New (Photographic) Year!

  31. 298


    I’m happy to join you this year, I’ve missed most of the 52 projects as I unfortunately discovered you only at the end of 2011..

  32. 319

    Gail Rosenbaum says

    This is a new goal for me. Enter either a contest or start a project that I will stick to throughout the year. I’m determined to complete this goal.

    Thanks for the motivation.

  33. 350


    I like this format much better…I can see myself completing the entire year and that brings a big smile to my face! Thanks for doing this again!!!

    Count me in!

  34. 365


    Well, I guess I’m in! I tried to do P52 last year and did okay for awhile, but then I totally dropped the ball. But I guess one failure is not a good excuse to stop trying, right? I’m looking forward to the monthly themes!

  35. 372

    Alicia Vermeys says

    I will play along also — I love to push my creativity limits! I also enjoy seeing how others interpret the same themes differently!

  36. 386

    Jackie S says

    I do believe I will participate! I am just putting together a book with my images from Project 52. I did one every week, altho 2 or 3 never got posted :-). It’s been a fun way to look back at the year and my growth!

    • 405

      Ingrid says

      hahaha I am so new to this that I saw the add image to your comment and thought it was a thumbnail picture I would be posting. If you can delete the picture so I don’t look like a complete noobie, I’d appreciate it :P

  37. 407


    I’m excited to try this challenge. Last year I didn’t complete project 52, so I’m even more motivated to make it through project 12. Thank you for putting this on.

  38. 411

    Casey says

    I’m looking forward to participating in MCP Project 12. I did MCP Project 52 last year and I know it helped me grow as a photographer!

  39. 415


    I cant wait to start this months theme!! I did project 365 last year and found it too hard to do a daily so I love the idea of 1-4 a month!! much more manageable with children!

  40. 416


    I head up the photography team at my church in Muskegon, Michigan (where I also work as communications director). I’m going to propose Project 12 to the team because we meet monthly. It will be a great way to help them increase their skills, challenge them, and keep us all connected. Thanks MCP!

  41. 422

    Jesse Conway says

    I’m in a well. Hopefully this will be a kickstart for me to get my butt in gear and take some photos again.

  42. 435

    Mary says

    I am in for sure! I was able to get through part of project 52, but then my camera broke and I was out for weeks! I am excited to fully complete Project 12!

  43. 443

    Cindy says

    I plan on joining. My camera has been sent for repairs. Cracked lens got stuck on camera. Man helping me broke my camera trying to get lens off. So when I get my camera back and running I would like to participate.

    • 444

      TLHarwick says

      Hope your camera makes it back soon! Glad you are planning on joining the fun.

      Project 12 Team Leader

  44. 454

    Evelyn Williams says

    I LIKE THE theme. No images come to mind immediately so this will be something I ponder this month.

  45. 461

    Stacey says

    I have always wanted to do something like this, but 365 projects and even Week 52 projects are too much for the time I have….

    Thank you for this!

  46. 465


    This is totally what I need! Thank you for letting me join the group, and I hope to learn alot over the next 12 months! Happy blogging/picture taking everyone!

  47. 466


    I’m glad this is a project 12 and not 52. Less pressure, more time to think and actually accomplish! I hope to participate consistently!

  48. 476


    I have a new DSLR (this is my first non-point and shoot camera) so this is the perfect challenge. I’ve used your actions for several months and love them. Thanks for hosting this great challenge.

  49. 479

    Rachel Hughes says

    Looking forward to joining this project and developing my skills and getting inspiration from all fellow photographers. Thanks Jodi for putting on another exciting project. My new years resolution is to actually complete this one ;). Soon to be a mother of three under 4 I hope this will be more manageable.

  50. 483

    Aimee Junnila says

    Watched this all last year and wanted to join but never had the time. will be making the time this year!

  51. 485

    Jenni R says

    I’m totally in!! I cannot wait! I’m actually going to be doing Project 365+1 (hopefully I can do it), but will be incorporating Project 12 into it!!! I cannot wait!

  52. 506

    andulqa says

    i was just looking for some photo challenges for this year because one of my resolutions is to take more photographs :) so count me in, looks like fun :)

  53. 523


    I can’t believe I’m adding another thing to my incredibly full plate…. but this is a “me” thing so it is okay! I AM IN!

    I’ll look forward to challenging myself!

  54. 527

    Carly Clifford says

    Absolutely in. Looking forward ot this, its going to encourage me to get creative but not as time consuming as the 365/366 Project for some who still has a ‘day job’!

  55. 537

    Louise Wilkins says

    First time I will have tried this. I’m in also! Look forward to the challenge and reason to get out and do some photography!

  56. 551


    Looking forward to this years challenge. I really like the idea of Project 12 and I find the challenge will be very doable, as far as time, commitment and creativity are concerned.

  57. 562

    Jody says

    I’m in! I’ve never participated in any type of photography challenge before, but I think this will be the perfect push for me to broaden my horizons! :) Looking forward to the challenge.

  58. 566

    Nathalie Seguin says

    I just completed a project 365 for 2011.It was intense and a lot of work, but so much worth it. Posting photos once a month should be much easier. I’m in!

  59. 591

    Linda says

    Hi. One of my goals for this year is to improve my photography skills, this project will be just what I need to get going. Thanks! Off to find January’s theme now.

  60. 595

    Steve Circeo says

    Why not? I’m in. (Okay, that doesn’t sound too enthusiastic, but I will work toward enthusiasm after coffee.)

  61. 613

    Cindy Conner says

    Would love to participate. Maybe this will get juices flowing this new year. Thanks for the opportunity.

  62. 626

    Isabella says

    I am happy to join Project 2012!! Looking forward to a year of learning and growing in the art of photography!

  63. 633

    Charlene says

    I’m really going to do it this year. I’m going to do the monthly and maybe some weeks here and there. Now I gotta start thinking about my first picture!

  64. 638


    I’ll join in. I do have a question. Do we get an email each month as a reminder or do we need to check back each month for the topic on our own?

    • 639

      TLHarwick says


      Jodi may send out an email (will have to follow up with her on that); but keep your eyes peeled because the new theme will be posted here on the blog on the 1st of each month!

      Project 12 Team Leader

  65. 650

    Michelle C. says

    I’m in too.

    Are there any app plans in MCP future? I would love using my iPad to view and participate.

  66. 652


    I think I’m gonna join in this year… I always feel left out of the good fun you have over here… plus, its a great way for me to get more creative <3
    Thanks Jodi!!!
    ~Tracy Joy

  67. 660

    Tracy says

    I am going to try this out-hope I don’t forget about it! great idea, thanks for opening it up to anyone:)

  68. 704

    Carolyn Conley says

    This is a great way to get involved with a photography community and receive feedback. I will be joining in on project 12.

  69. 718


    I am really excited about these challenges. I am a new photographer, my kids are grown and now I have a new camera and some time. Here I go.

  70. 720


    Oh how I’ll enjoy a monthly theme rather than a weekly one – fits in perfectly this year with my schedule. Looking forward to meeting a whole new bunch of photographers to be inspired from!

  71. 729