One Day Contest: Win a 2 Hour MCP Actions Photoshop Training

Super quick contest – who wants to play?

I am in the mood to do something nice.  I am eating healthier (cooking and watching what I eat) and exercising a lot (spinning class) – and I just am feeling good. The better my mood, the more giving I feel.  I’ve never done contests for our online classes, but there’s always a time to start. If, by the way, you are not interested in a class, later this month we will give away Lightroom 3 and start a contest for a choice of a Canon 5D MKII or Nikon D700.  So keep an eye out so you do not miss out!


  • To attend Wednesday’s Beginner’s Bootcamp Class for Photoshop.  It takes place at 10 A.M. to Noon eastern time, Wednesday, January 11th, 2012. Make sure when you are asked for your email in the comment section, that you do not have typos, as this is how we will contact you.  We will also add the winner’s name to this post when picked Tuesday night (the 10th) so make sure to check back so you do not miss class.


  • If you know you want to attend you, regardless of your contest status, you can purchase and reserve your spot in class now.  If you are chosen, and you already paid, you can apply the money toward something else on our site.
  • This prize is ONLY good for Wednesday’s Beginner Class (unless you are already attending – see last comment). It cannot be applied to another date/time or a different class.
  • This prize is not transferable.  Make sure to let your photographer friends know if you are unable to enter due to a scheduling conflict. You know the whole Karma thing – if you do nice things for others, you will get it back in return…
  • This class teaches how to use Photoshop CS2, CS3, CS4 and CS5+.  We do have classes for Lightroom and Elements – see our site for details.

How to Enter:

  1. Just add a comment and tell us one thing you want to learn how to do in Photoshop.
  2. For a bonus entry tweet or post to your Facebook about this giveaway. Come back and leave a comment letting us know you did.
  3. For one more bonus entry, subscribe to my Facebook Feed here (I can’t accept more friends due to the 5k limit) but you can “subscribe.” It looks like this:

Good luck and remember to check back and see if you won since the class is 1st thing in the AM on Wednesday, eastern time.



And the winner is… Tracy Nelson – #223. We had to pick a new winner as Tracy only had Elements and this is for the full Photoshop class.

The new winner is: Holly Spencer – #407.

Thank you – see you in training tomorrow.  I have emailed you as well.

I hope to see some of the rest of you in future trainings, or tomorrow, if you wish to sign up this evening.


Jodi Friedman, MCP Actions

Jodi Friedman is the founder of MCP Actions. She designs popular Photoshop actions and Lightroom presets that make editing faster, easier and more fun.

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  1. 9

    Jenna Walker says

    I have used photoshop from a graphics side for my interior design business, but am really just learning how to edit photos in general! Let’s start at the very beginning…

  2. 14


    I “think” I know how to make my brand/logo, but I am not sure I am doing it correctly. I feel like the way I am doing it, someone could come in, copy my photo, and do away with my logo completely.

  3. 20

    Tiffany McWhorter says

    I would like to learn how to use curves to make skin tones appear smoother and the “perfect” tone!

  4. 23

    Lily Prado says

    I’d like to master layers and how to better correct skin blemishes, make them look more polished. So excited!!

  5. 26

    Wendy H says

    I’d just love the opportunity to be ‘shown’ how to manage the basics in photoshop and then work on it from there.

  6. 29

    Amanda Dolan says

    I would love love love to win this!! I want to learn anything I can to help me use photoshop more efficiently!

  7. 37

    Amanda Geel says

    I would like to learn more about digital backgrounds. I have been hearing so much about these and have tried numerous times and just can’t get the hang out it.

  8. 40

    Melissa Corter says

    I would love to learn how to use photoshop in order to maximize the beauty and potential that every photo has. I love creating and would also love to enhance my creativity with photoshop to bring my work to the next level.

  9. 45

    Stacey Orton says

    I am fairly new to photoshop and still don’t know what things are called, but I’d love to learn how to make skin look perfect! And how to remove things I don’t want in the picture.

  10. 49

    Lee Whitehead says

    I have bought some of your actions & w/ the push of a button I have nice pictures. However, I think if I knew a little more about PhotoShop & its tools (plus your actions) I would have spectacular.

  11. 53

    Ashlie DeShea says

    I would love to learn the ‘real’ way to use Photoshop…. Anything I know is self taught fr
    books. I would love to learn from hands on learning. Curves, masking, more about layers, etc! :)

  12. 54


    There are so many things I want to learn, but in these kinds of classes, it seems I always learn something I didn’t even know I needed to learn ;-). I could use any skin color help offered, for sure!

  13. 56

    Michael Batten says

    I really have no comment at this time cause im just getting started with photoshop. Iv just bought the photoshop Elements #9 and have inrolled at UTA for Digital photography #1 so im sure ill have a few comments down the road , thank you so much for the mcp blog im a ever day reader, and i posted on my face book about the contest

  14. 57

    Melissa Lynch says

    I would love to learn the basics :) I’ve always been interested in pursuing photography. I own a nice SLR but don’t honestly know where to begin!!

  15. 62

    Kimberly Steffl says

    I would love to learn more about filters and gradients and when/ how to use them. Thanks for this wonderful opportunity!

  16. 71


    I am an Elements user and have PS but keep going back…I want to put my big girl pants on and LEARN everything you have to offer!!!! Thanks for the opportunity!!!

  17. 81

    Robin Bishop says

    I would love to receive this training. I really need to learn how to use photoshop without relying on actions alone. I want to learn masking, layers, and selective sharpening!!!! Thank you for the opportunity for a chance to learn!!! : )

  18. 83

    Faye Joyce says

    There is so much I want to learn!! I would love for my pictures to have more of a professional finish, more pop and vivid colors.

  19. 87

    Tammy says

    Masks, layers, curves and more!!! I’m already a fan, have been for awhile. Posted to my wall how AWESOME MCP is!!

  20. 88

    Holly d says

    I want to learn more about curves…and head swaps if you get into that!!! Thanks for the fun giveaway!!!

  21. 95

    Star says

    I would love to learn anything new but right now I’m trying to gain a better understanding of masking and sharpening without overdoing it.

  22. 103

    Yvette Lincoln says

    I’m a baby photoshop’r so I would be greatful to learn anything at all!!! Pick me!!! :)

    I’m subscribed to you too! And I’m sharing this post on fb!

  23. 115

    June Blauvelt says

    I would like to learn a little more of everything! haha (Especially working with layers, I’m still a little challenged with that)

  24. 117

    June Blauvelt says

    And now I shared on my Facebook 😉 Thank you! (and keep up the good work with your lifestyle change!!)

  25. 118

    Samantha says

    I have been faking it inside CS3 for some time now, I would really like to recieve professional training to take my photographs to the next level and cut time out of my post process. I know I would shoot more if I could acheive the look I am going for.

  26. 119

    Heather Bird says

    I want to learn how to jazz up my pictures by either making my own actions or learning how best to adjust other’s actions.

  27. 120

    Laura says

    Where to start?? I am so out of the loop since moving and having a baby. Your stuff looks fantastic! Would love to learn! After my CS software crashed I got Elements 10 for Christmas. Just haven’t had the time to check it out, would love shortcuts!

  28. 123

    Kristen Larson says

    Would love to enter the contest! Something I would like to learn in photoshop is how to better use masking layers in my own loader edits (not ones already created for me in actions I use). Thanks!

  29. 129


    I want to learn the basics….just got PS5 a few months ago and I’d like to learn how to open up a photo create layers and work with textures. I’ve always been a LR user so I find when I get frustrated in PS, I just end up going back to LR. ‘

    And I subscribed!


  30. 133

    Joella says

    Oh! This would be perfect I would love to win this! I always feel like I don’t know what I’m doing in Photoshop!

  31. 136

    Laura says

    I am a total PhotoShop beginner with a new Nikon D90. I need to learn how to get started editing my all the photos I’ve taken in recent months!

  32. 143


    I’d love to know more about correcting skin tones and using your actions to their fullest. I recently purchased MCP Fusion and would love some tips on how to get the most out of the actions.

  33. 152

    Shonda Hall says

    I went from CS2 to CS5! I want to learn more about actions! I am old school and way behind on technology. I need to keep up for my students sake too! Thanks!

  34. 161

    Heather wanninger says

    I am already following you on your blog. I would like to learn how to make my own “drag and drop” templates such as triptychs.

  35. 163


    I’m completely new to the whole PS thing so I’d love to learn anything! But 1 thing I’ve seen others do that I’d like to lear is how to “stretch the canvas”??? I believe that’s the phrase. Lol!

  36. 167

    Heather Solima says

    I need to learn curves!! I’m also dying to figure out how to soften skin without it looking blurry.

  37. 169

    Chamrie Andrews says

    Everything I’ve learned about photshop I’ve figured out on my own through trial and error and tutorials I’ve found online. So it would be awesome to actually be in a class where I could possibly ask questions if I needed too. And I would like to better understand curves. :) Congrats on sticking to your goal!

  38. 173

    Amanda Robinson says

    I would like to learn Photoshop in general, but specifically – I guess layers, and adjusting only one portion of a photo while leaving the rest.

  39. 175

    April R says

    Layer masks and color correction! Thanks for the great giveaway and best of luck with the healthy lifestyle changes!!!

  40. 176

    Sarah says

    Would like to learn something about curves and how to realistically merge photos (have 3 year twin sons and getting both to look good in the same photo is a challenge, to say the least!) Subscribed and shared on FB as well. :)

  41. 183


    Happy New Year! I am reading old blogs and learning as much as I can about Photoshop. I continue to rely on your great advice. I would love to better understand skys and skin smoothing. I know you are the right person to teach me!

  42. 189

    Ysa says

    Want to learn to do composites better, curves and masks. And 90% of the filters seem to do goofy things to the photos, but surely, it’s just that I must not know how to use them!

  43. 193


    I’d love to learn how to change the exposure on just a certain part of an image, ie. when the sun blows out a certain portion of it or when a face is too dark. Is that maybe called a mask? I’m not sure :)

  44. 195


    I’m embarrassed to say that I don’t know much about masking or curves. These are two essentials that are on my list to learn now that I have some more time to do so. This bootcamp would be perfect timing!

  45. 197

    Kristy G says

    I am a newbie when it comes to PhotoShop, so I need to learn the basics, as well as masking and layering (which both really do scare me at this point!).

  46. 202

    Leanne haddad says

    I. It’s my goal this year to learn photoshop! Among other things i’d really like to learn to add color to b&w pictures. Whether or not I win this contest, I’m looking forward to taking your class!

  47. 204

    Tracy Nelson says

    I would love to learn how to make skin look smooth and creamy…and just have that polished vibrate without looking over edited

  48. 206

    Regina says

    A true beginner here so I need to learn it all! I’m already a subscriber to your fb feed if that counts for an extra entry. Thanks!

  49. 217


    I’m getting back into photoshop after using it very infrequently for a few years. I really would love to use this class as a refresher to remember all the cool things I used to know and may have forgotten how to do!

  50. 219

    Ruth Walker says

    I would love to learn how to improve skin tone and unwanted things like runny noses on kids. I have Photoshop Element9 and have no clue where to begin using it. I would love the chance to take this class!

  51. 227

    Tara Reiners says

    I would love to learn how to actually do something in it! I have been studying my camera for over 6 months to learn how to shoot but have no experience editing. I would love the opportunity to open photoshop and be able to have a basic understanding of how photoshop works ; )

    I already subscribe to your feed : ) thank you for providing this opportunity!

  52. 232

    Ruth Walker says

    Yeah, I got it to post to my Facebook page. This is one of the things I would like to be able to fix among others.

  53. 245


    EVERYTHING!!! I just got photoshop and am overwhelmed, at the moment! love to learn curves and be more in control of my editing. I know the look I want but just can’t get there! THANKS!!!!

  54. 249

    Melinda T says

    One thing I want to learn how to do is everything! 😀 I’m very new to photoshop and have so much to learn!

  55. 252

    sara ackatz says

    I already subscribed to you and I have liked you :) Im a beginner I could use a lesson on everything. Im willing and wanting to learn

  56. 253

    Jill Johnson says

    Already a fb subscriber and I have never done photoshop, so the tutorial is a great way for me to learn. Doing the class with others helps learning easier too! I shared on my fb page!
    Thank you for offering this opportunity.

  57. 254

    Tami Hand says

    I would like to learn about enhancing the color of my photos. I am new to photography and would gain so much from a class like this.

  58. 266

    Melissa Rawlings says

    I would pretty much be happy learning anything. I have been using Photoshop Elements for a long time, but just got CS5 and I feel like a first grader in jr. high. I don’t even know the possibilities!

  59. 267


    I am interested in turning frowns into smiles. While I realize this may not be covered in this class, there are plenty of other things I’d like to learn. Spot lighten would be helpful.

    Happy New Year!

  60. 276


    I’m brand new to CS5…familar with Elements…but I want to learn how to save actions and how to save copyright data into the photo files.

    Thank you so much for this opportunity :)

  61. 278


    Yay!!! A Contest!!! I’m good with the VERY bare bones stuff in PS (crop & resize)…but I’m a beginner, and although I was lucky enough to figure out the layer thing, I’m really lost when I read about “…then just adjust your opacity”. Is this masking? I always have an over-edited look (or don’t edit at all) and I’d love to understand what’s available to me!!! :)

  62. 281


    Skin tones. I need help with skin tones. I am also lost when people say masks. It is my goal this year to learn to really know Photoshop :) Thanks!
    home at thelucaszoo dot com

  63. 285


    I would love to learn to create a simple watermark for every single picture I have edited….whether that means it’s cropped to a 4×6 or 5×7 size or if I’ve used several actions…I want ONE watermark that I don’t have to modify in anyway and can batch for all of my photography business job photos….I currently am unable to create such a thing based on my current knowledge…Anything I’ve done up until now 1) is not consistently sized or placed if I happen to crop photos or 2) I’ve used actions and the action of adding a watermark is not ‘available’ due to the other types of actions just used to edit the photo…I say boo to that…I would think there’d be a way…a universal batching watermark…that’s what I want!!!!!!

  64. 286


    I would like to create a universal watermark to batch my images….one that works whether or not I have cropped my images to specific sizes and if I’ve used ten actions to edit the photo….One simple watermark action that will distribute the same size and orientation on every single picture, no matter what!

  65. 295

    Kerry says

    So much to learn….
    One thing is would love to be able to ‘clear up’ skin without making it too obvious.


  66. 299

    Michelle Hrin says

    I just want to learn to do a clean edit on my own without using actions and getting a nice skin tone.

  67. 301

    Kathy Thorson says

    I would like to learn about all the tools that just sit there and I have no idea how to use them. I think I am just scared of them. I also want to improve my consistancy and increase my speed. I want to brush up on levels and curves too.

  68. 306


    I can work around Photoshop, but I am so slow. I would like to learn how to shortcut some of the things I do. I would LOVE to learn how to create my own actions. And, I would really like to know how to best use the program all together. Again, I’m really interested in saving time and getting the most out of the program.

    • 307


      This would be part of my resolutions… I would just like to make this the year I pick up my skills and try to truly grow my business. My year is going to be full of training ~ not only to better my skills, but to add to my confidence. I’M READY!!

  69. 308


    Just shared the contest on my FB page!! And, I already subscribe to you!!/heatherdiesen


    This is a great opportunity for knowledge!! Check out MCP Actions for great actions, tutorials and blogs!!​blog/2012/01/09/​one-day-contest-win-a-2-hour-mc​p-actions-photoshop-training/​comment-page-3/

    One Day Contest: Win a 2 Hour MCP Actions Photoshop Training
    Super quick contest – who wants to play? I am in the mood to do something nice. I am eating healthier (cooking and watching what I eat) and exercising a lot (spinning class) – and I just am feeling good. The better my mood, the more giving I feel. I’ve never done contests for our online classes, b…..

    Like · · Share · a few seconds ago.


  70. 309


    I’ve been reading your blog and following your tutorials for a year now in an attempt to better my photography skills. So far i’ve tried 2 actions, sometimes they work, and sometimes i’m not sure what i’m doing! But this years resolution is to learn more about my camera and how to take better pictures, and then how to edit them into even better photos. I get the composition part (i’ve taken a lot of painting classes) but what i really would love to learn is how to use photoshop to edit and enhance the lighting of my photos. This would be the perfect class for me!
    thank you for a great blog.

  71. 311

    jackie says

    I would love to learn how to improve the colors and bring out more details in the photos without over editing.

  72. 314

    Samantha Keller says

    I’d love to learn how to remove unwanted items in a picture without it taking forever or looking fake.

  73. 315

    Julie Stigall says

    Would LOVE to take your class. I would be interested to learn more about color balance and/or taking two pics and making them one! I’ve seen it done – it can look cool – have no idea on how to do it!

  74. 317

    kristina says

    How wonderful would this be? I would love to learn some new tricks. I bet there are short cuts to things that I do everyday.

  75. 321

    Chris O'Neill says

    Good morning!
    I would love to learn how to better edit/touchup peoples faces. Truth be told, I look forward to learning everything in Photoshop. I love your photos, so anything you teach would be welcomed!
    I am already a subscriber on facebook.
    I have a bunch of your actions, so any further education on how to better use them in Photoshop is always welcome….
    have a nice day

  76. 325

    Kerri Davis says

    I would love to learn how to make my photos pop! This would be a great class for me. Blew my budget on a new camera so to win a spot would be awesome! Thanks!

  77. 327

    Julie Loukas says

    Need it all! But really need to just start from the beginning, especially layers, and short cuts, and improving color and…

  78. 331

    Paula says

    I need the very basics. I am trying to decide on whether to get Photoshop or Literoom. It is obvious that post production is essential these days and I am ready to take the plunge! Love the difference I see on your before and after shots, and can’t wait to learn the process to get all the photos I have already taken and make them sparkle. I am already a subscriber but will do that again!

  79. 332

    Dena Crawford says

    I would like to learn how to edit. I have taken many photos but don’t know how to edit them to make them stand out. I would love to win this contest.

  80. 333


    I feel I “SUCK” at photoshop! I love using it but am SO SLOW!!! Am up to wee hours of the night and could use every ounce of help I’d be given and would appreciate it to the enth degree ;0)))

  81. 334

    karen says

    I am a newbie of photography, only 8 months in. Right now just using photoshop through picasa and really looking to buy something more advanced, but not sure what to look for. Would love to take a class and see if I am doing things right, and always looking to LEARN, LEARN, LEARN!!

  82. 335


    I would like to learn how to better utilize the actions purchased from MCP in order to get the best photo edits possible. Would be so thrilled to win the contest for one day training.

  83. 337


    There is so much I would like to learn about photoshop. I’ve basically been muttling through and learning a little at a time….maybe I will have to invest in one of your classes if I don’t win :)

  84. 341

    Debbie says

    I would love to take your on-line Photoshop class tomorrow! Have attended the curves class and it was so helpful. I would like to learn how to organize my actions palette better and more conveniently …color code, placement, size etc. Thanks!

  85. 343

    Jehan Seirafi says

    I’m self taught and only know the very basics. Would love to learn some quick tips to make it more efficient.

  86. 344

    Leslie says

    I’m pretty good at using PS for scrapbooking, but I’d love to be able to take my photos themselves up to the next level. I flail around in editing them and would love more information.

  87. 350

    Jennifer R says

    Already subscribed! Ohh, and bought some actions the other day and LOVE LOVE LOVE them!! Can’t wait to buy more!!!!

  88. 358


    I would love to learn retouching in photoshop. And an easier way to merge two photos together. (when you have to hold a babies head up)

    I shared on my facebook and I am already a subscriber.

  89. 359

    Iryna says

    I am a newbe and don’t know Photoshop. I am looking for beginner’s basics that would allow me to keep on learning on my own.

  90. 360

    Steph says

    I’d like to be less dependent on actions in Photoshop and understand how to make edits manually.

    Thank you!

  91. 361

    Jaimie says

    I’d like to know what actions are and what they do and maybe how they are put together. I’m very curious on learning anything that could help me make my pictures look their best.

  92. 365

    Gina Montes says

    I really want to learn more about masking and how to do things on my own without relying on actions all of the time.

  93. 368

    Christine Crumbaugh says

    Efficiency. Need to learn a good workflow pattern. I have some basic skills but don’t necessarily do things in a particular order. Plus I would love learn more keyboard shortcuts and other things to help me be more efficient

  94. 369

    Andrea Gunnell says

    I know how to do a few things in photoshop but I would love to learn more about how to manipulate things with layers.

  95. 373

    Bella says

    I would just love to learn to use the program better in general…I know the basics, and there’s only so far you can go with that! I’m already subscribed to facebook as well! :)

  96. 374

    kristina coan says

    Glad I came back and read about the bonus entries. I subscribed. Learning more about skin tones and cloning would be great. I know some, but there has got to be easier ways.

  97. 375

    Shannon says

    Gosh! I would love to learn so many things! Mostly, would love to learn how to speed up the process. I’m really slow, and would love to take your class and improve myself!!

  98. 378

    stacy cavanaugh says

    Entry 1: I desperately want to learn how to achieve the creamy skin tones And how to get rid of undereye circles.. Stacy

  99. 379


    I would like to have a more formal beginners photoshop training just to learn the basics. I have just been sort of teaching myself, and it takes so much longer. And, I’m sure, there is so much more I can learn from a professional! :) I’ll check to make sure I am subscribed on Facebook, but I think I already am. Over and Out!

  100. 382

    samantha says

    I would love to learn how to use Photoshop to edit my stuff more quickly. Currently, it is taking 10-15 minutes for the most basic edit. Everything has been self taught.

  101. 387

    Julie Emmerson says

    I have been a fan of yours for years. I am self taught and would love to learn a lot more about photoshop.

  102. 390


    already like your page and am subscribed to your blog, i love photoshop but am a beginner and would love to learn how to do more with my photos

  103. 392


    Please, please teach me how to even out skin tones without making the subject look like a late 80’s store shop mannequin.

    And what I learn from you in bootcamp I will incorporate with my submitted image of MCP 12 January ~ “Resolution” theme.

    Yes, I’m a follower and a tweet about your site to others.

    :0) A

  104. 401

    Jennifer Darcey Janssens says

    I would love to learn how to use Photoshop better as a whole. I’m working towards expanding my education surrounding photography currently so that I can turn this into a business in 2012. This is going to be a fabulous year!! Thanks so much for this contest! I’m going to share it on FB as well.

  105. 405

    Ashlie says

    I would love to do more vintage-y looks with PS. I know the usual go to’s but nothing else. Would love the opportunity. 😀

    Tweet’d too! :p

  106. 406

    Tammy Winchester says

    I would love to learn how to use layers in photoshop. Thanks for the chance to win the amazing prize. :)

  107. 415

    Jolie says

    I subscribe on FB and your blog! I would love to learn more about the actions and textures! Just today I was looking to see if there were classes on this exact topic!! UGH!!! how I hope I win!!!

  108. 428

    Cherie bock says

    I want to learn how to start if nothing else. I have a copy of elements but don’t know where to start. This is my year to be more creative! I am happy for whatever I can learn.

  109. 440

    rosalind says

    I am self taught and would love to learn the correct ways to use photoshop

    Im already a fan and subscribed. :)

  110. 442

    Suzanne Parker says

    thank you for offering this program.. i have photoshop and am completely confused… i would love to win this session.

  111. 452

    Joanne Hipp says

    just posted to my facebook page how much i wanted to win! things like this just don’t happen to me….

  112. 453

    Carrie H says

    I would love to be able do some nice clean editing to my pics and know my way around PS better. Right now I rely a lot on actions.

  113. 455


    I want to learn how to improve my workflow and hopefully expand my knowledge in photoshop as a whole. I’m sure there are a ton of things that I still don’t know! :)

  114. 459

    Cat Walker says

    I would LOVE to learn how to work with composite images (especially for newborns) and also how to perfect skintones :) Thank you for this amazing opportunity!!

  115. 461


    There is so much I want to learn in Photoshop. I think one of the most important things is uploading brushes, masks and how to benefit from using these as well as choosing to hep items in zip files or to upload them to my Photoshop program

  116. 473

    Jamie B says

    First off, I love your actions!! In PS I would like to learn to use a tool to remove an item that you don’t want in the picture. Like an undershirt showing, or a bra strap. Something like that. I am already subscribed to your page and will share! Thanks!

  117. 483

    Melodie Bohannon says

    Posted on my FB page… and I’m already a subscriber to you on FB, as well as a fan of MCP on FB.

    Does ‘everything’ count as one thing I want to learn?? 😉

  118. 495

    Jennifer D. says

    I want to learn how to make clean and crisp images with saturated colors without blowing the skin tones!

  119. 500


    I’m dying to learn how best to use the clone tool to remove unwanted things from my images. I never know whether to use patch or clone.

  120. 502

    Anne Marie Keigan says

    I’m already a fan and am having fun with some of the products; looking forward to trying out more!!

  121. 508

    cassidy lovelace says

    I would love to learn color pop techniques. I take a lot of pics of my kids and just beginning to use PhotoShop.

  122. 522

    Megan W says

    I want to learn how to use content aware fill! I would also love to improve my workflow and learn how to work more efficiently. I feel like it takes me so long to do just one picture!

  123. 525

    mariann says

    hmm… anything new that i don’t know already!! =) i haven’t played with it much recently, and i’m hoping its like riding a bike! ha! thanks!

  124. 535

    Michelle Payne says

    I would like to learn how to do ANYTHING with photo editing. I am someone comfortable with the design aspects of CS4 but am definitely a beginner when it comes to editing photos! I would love to attend this beginner course! :)

  125. 538


    I would like to have a better workflow using Photoshop. How to brighten eyes and how to correctly eliminate items in the background that are distracting. (i.e a telephone pole in the far distance that you did not see until you saw it on the computer screen.) So much to learn. I would love a chance to have a spot in the class.

  126. 541


    I would love to learn more about curves in photoshop so that they can help better my photos.
    I am just starting out in photography and this competition would be amazing and ever so helpful to win :)

  127. 543


    I love your actions! I would love to learn which actions mix the best, in order to get interesting effects and bold colors. I still feel like I blindly try a few, but it takes me a while to get the effects I’m going for.

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