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UPDATE: for 2013, we are moving Project MCP to the MCP Facebook Group:”Shoot Me.”  Join now for periodic skill-based photo challenges and creative editing challenges, plus conversation with photographers around the globe.  Share your images edited with MCP products, and ask for critique on your images. It’s fun and it’s free. So join us NOW!



You know what they say, “if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again!”

Today, Project 12 officially becomes Project MCP. As a faster-paced, challenge-filled project, Project MCP is sure to inspire, teach and get you taking more photos.

What is Project MCP and how will it work?

Project MCP is designed to push your creativity, improve your photography skills and help you capture images and memories to last a lifetime. Beginners, hobbyists and professional photographers are all invited to share in the journey.

On the first Saturday of each month, the Project MCP Team will offer up four, or five, challenges; one for each week of the month.  The challenges might be a theme, technique or inspirational. Complete all, or just a couple. Take your photos in  one shoot or in multiple sessions. This way you can fit Project MCP into your schedule and your life.

To keep you motivated, each Saturday you can check back on the MCP Actions Blog to learn more about the challenges, see other photographer’s work and learn new techniques.

Where to upload your images:

You spoke, and we listened!

Submit your Project MCP photos by uploading your images to the Project MCP Flickr group (formerly known as the Project 52 Flickr group) or on the MCP Actions Facebook page.

  • You can upload five images to the Flickr group for each set of challenges posted.
  • Important: When posting your images to our group or page, tag them with the project name, month and challenge number. For example: Project MCP, March, Challenge #1.

How to participate in Project MCP:

  • Comment below and let us know you are on board. There is no timeline, so you can feel free to join anytime. The project is flexible; you can complete as few or as many of the challenges as you would like. Photos must be taken specifically for this project and within the time-frame indicated.
  • Join the Project MCP Flickr group and/or our The MCP Facebook Page, take your photos and upload your images.
  • Visit our Blog on the first Saturday of each month to find out the new challenges.
  • Bookmark this page: http://projectmcp.info – this will help you find the posts each month.
  • Remember, you can share unedited or edited images, iPhone, point and shoot, or SLR photos, anything goes. If you edited with MCP Actions, we’d love you to indicate what you used.
  • Spread the love – Everyone likes praise. Visit the Project MCP Flickr group and the MCP Actions Facebook page to view submissions and leave comments for your fellow photographers. Please only give constructive criticism if asked for. Remember many participants are non-pros and are just looking to have fun.  If you want detailed feedback and critique, indicate that.
  • Spread the word – Share on Facebook, Twitter, your blog and photo forums all over the web. The more participants we have, the more we will learn from each other as photographers and the more fun it will be. Grab a Project MCP Banner here.

A few guidelines:

We would still like to keep things as relaxed as possible for 2012, but to help things run smoothly we will stick to these guidelines.

  • Photos need to be taken in the within the noted time period and fit the challenge requirements. Do not use old photos which happen to fit a theme.  You will be cheating yourself.
  • Photos on the Flickr Group will be moderated. It make take up to 24 hours for your photos to appear.
  • Collages fitting the topics and time-frame are welcome. You can use tools like our Blog it Boards to display these.
  • No pornography, nudity, violence or any content deemed illegal by the United States Government. MCP Actions and its designees reserve the right to remove any photos  deemed objectionable.
  • Images must be taken by you.  You cannot submit images from another photographer.
  • By uploading to our project, you maintain copyright, but give us permission to use the photo on our Blog/Facebook, in the context of Project MCP. If we want to use a photo for any other purpose, we will contact you and obtain permission in writing. Please consider watermarking and branding your photos using tools like our Finish It actions  or Free Facebook Fix Photoshop actions.
  • Most importantly, have fun!

We hope that you will participate in Project MCP. We truly appreciate your feedback regarding Project 12 and hope that Project MCP is a change in the right direction. See you Saturday for the first challenges!

The Challenges Box: Current and Past Challenges

March, Challenge #1 –  Take a picture from a high vantage point, from above your subject

March, Challenge #2 – Capture a photo using natural light.

March, Challenge #3 Express the following word in a photo: Transition

March, Challenge #4 – Create a “guess what” photo – this is a photo that is so close up that the subject becomes abstract.

April, Challenge #1 – Illustrate the following in a photo: Showers/Wet

April, Challenge #2 – Take a picture using a shallow depth of field

April, Challenge #3 – Interpret the following in a photo: Blooming

April, Challenge #4 – Get Low. Lie Down on the ground and shoot above

May, Challenge #1 – Illustrate the following word in a photo: Neighborhood 

May, Challenge #2 – Sunny Day – Capture a photo with sunflare

May, Challenge #3 – Illustrate the following word in a photo: Friend

May, Challenge #4 – Get moving – Take a photo using motion blur 

May, Challenge #5 – One click – Don’t cheat. Think twice, click once – Show us your first shot

June, Challenge #1 – Express the following in a photo: Summer Love

June, Challenge #2 – The days are getting longer, but those summer nights are fun – Show us a night photo

June, Challenge #3 – Summer is about having fun – Snap a candid photo 

June, Challenge #4 – Illustrate the following in a photo: Refresh

July, Challenge #1 – It’s the 4th of July – Capture the meaning of the word “independence” in a photo

July, Challenge #2 – Still feeling patriotic? – Take a photo of something red, white and/or blue
July, Challenge #3  Try a new technique – Take a bokeh photo
July, Challenge #4 Summer is in full swing! – Take a photo of your favorite summer activity

August, Challenge #1 – The Olympic rings represent the union of the five continents and the meeting of athletes from throughout the world – Take a photo illustrating repetition – bonus admiration for circles!

August, Challenge #2 – It’s all about sports – Capture a sports themed photo

August, Challenge #3 – It’s a multi-cultural event – there are 193 countries participating in the 2012 Summer Olympics – Capture a photo which captures the essence of your country

August, Challenge #4 – Everyone wants to bring home the gold – Take a photo of something “gold”.

September, Challenge #1 Lots of pencils, more and more books – Take a photo illustrating “back to school” or  the word “return”.
September, Challenge #2 – Everyone knows a good teacher makes all the difference – Take a photo illustrating the word “teach or teacher”.
September, Challenge #3 – The weather is getting cooler and it is getting dark earlier – Take a photo with the theme “signs of fall”..(If it is not Fall in your part of the world, go ahead and take a photo with your current season’s theme.)
September, Challenge #4 – red, green, gold and brown are the signature colors of Fall –Take a photo with a Fall color scheme.
October, Challenge #1 – It is getting darker earlier and the sun is getting lower –Take a silhouette or shadow photo.

October, Challenge #2 –  The chilly fall air makes me want to curl up on the couch with a good book – Take a photo illustrating the word “cozy”

October, Challenge #3 The leaves are beginning to fall from the trees. –Capture a photo of fall leaves

October, Challenge #4 – picking apples and pumpkins, visiting the fair and creeping through the corn maze  – Take a photo of your favorite fall activity. 

October, Challenge #5 –  All Hallow’s Eve is upon us – Capture a spooky photo! 

November, Challenge #1 – November is Child Safety month – Take a portrait of a favorite child

November, Challenge #2 –  The days are getting shorter – Take a low light photograph

November, Challenge #3 – Veteran’s Day – Snap a photo documenting those who serve

November, Challenge #4 Giving Thanks – Take a photo of something you are thankful for

November, Challenge #5 Christmas is Coming, the goose is getting fat – Take a photo of the first signs of Christmas

December, Challenge #1 – Decorations are popping up everywhere – Capture a photo of a favorite piece of Christmas decor

December, Challenge #2 – Christmas is full of traditions – Take a photo representing the word “tradition”

December, Challenge #3 – The Christmas spirit – Capture a photo of the Christmas spirit

December, Challenge #4 – Twas 2 days before Christmas, and all through the house…Snap a photo of your Christmas wish

December, Challenge #5 – Happy New Year – 2013 will come in with a bang – Take a photo representing the number “13”.


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  1. 16

    Jason R says

    I’m in. Already doing a 365 project and a scavenger hunt, but why not throw another challenge in the bucket!

  2. 28


    I’m in – was looking for a Project which I can start right now and love to hear about this new setting! Thanks for all you do!

  3. 57

    Jennifer Taylor says

    I am definitely in! Can’t wait to see all of the talent and growth! Thank you for all the guidance and help that you provide to us “New” Photographers! :)

  4. 62

    Claudia Watson says

    I think I’ll give this a shot! I have a crummy camera and an amazing desire to learn. Let’s go!

  5. 73


    I was in for Project 12 and I will most definately take this challenge and see if I can produce a picture every week! I wanted to do a Project 52 at the beginning of the year but thought that it would be too much with a full time job I work at almost 50 hours a week and raising a 4 year old but I really enjoy photography so I would like to give it a try!

    • 74

      Project MCP says

      That is the beauty of ProjectMCP – you can do as much or as little as you like, take all the pictures in one sitting or several. We really wanted to make it flexible, as we are all busy! :) Glad you are in!

  6. 87


    I’m in! I’m about to start my 365-project (documenting my 27th year of life) so this will definitely get the creative juices going! :)

  7. 95

    Nina Mason says

    Sign me up! I am an aspiring photographer of I would love to have some new stuff and interesting shots for a future portfolio!

  8. 111


    I’m in! I joined for the year and got my photo in for January but just ran out of time for February… so I’m ready for March. Bring it! :)

  9. 118

    Sarah J says

    I’m really needing some inspiration and motivation to get back to my hobby. I’ve been off the bandwagon for a while. This looks great!

  10. 139


    Okay, I was on board for the MCP 12 option and will switch things up for this. I need to downloard the new button for my blog!! I think the Challenges will be fun!

    • 144


      I’m with you, Christina. There are tons of these time-intensive projects out there. I was looking for something that would fit with my busy schedule and allow me to explore one theme thoughtfully, on my time.

    • 145


      Christina, the other project was not very well received so we changed it – we are listing 4 themes and people can do all or just one. And submit 1 photo for each – a few for 1, or just do 1 theme. In a way this should make everyone happy.

      We are open to feedback but there was too much lag for most in a once a month project, so we decided to make it so it could go either way depending on the person.

      Sorry you are disappointed. Jodi

      • 146


        It’s okay. I know you can’t have everyone jumping for joy all the time. : ) I worked on my photos for March’s challenges today, and I’m feeling better about it. Sorry for complaining…

  11. 155


    Ugh. I shan’t be participating in this new project. I was really excited about the full-month, single-focus challenge. The reason I joined it was because I don’t have time to devote to these weekly or highly social-media driven project. Shame you threw the baby out with the bathwater on that.

    • 156


      Michelle, the other project was not very well received so we changed it – we are listing 4 themes and people can do all or just one. And submit 1 photo for each – a few for 1, or just do 1 theme. In a way this should make everyone happy.

      We are open to feedback but there was too much lag for most in a once a month project, so we decided to make it so it could go either way depending on the person.

      Sorry you are disappointed. Jodi

  12. 169


    I’m in… I hope. I have started projects like these before, and get so busy with other responsibilities, I fall behind. Wish me luck, this time!

  13. 202


    I’m going to try it, but I still doubt that I’ll do more than one challenge. I don’t mind so much the way that the assignments have changed because it’s really left up to us, as it is… but rather the uploading method. I very much preferred the link-up. That was the appeal for me. I’m in though…

  14. 203

    Kathleen says

    I’m late to joining the game but excited to give it a try. I’m hoping this is just the kick in the pants I need to do more photography!

  15. 208


    I used to follow along while we were living in Japan, but since leaving after the earthquake and us having twins…well time has been a a premium. I also merged everything to a new flickr account. So slowly emerging again and hope to start back on some of the challenges as time permits…you may remember our crazy hairless kittehs :-)

    Glad to be back.


  16. 210

    5wisches says

    Just found this site thanks to The Pioneer Woman’s website. I love the idea and look forward to joining in on as many as I can!

  17. 212

    lwebbshots says

    I am seeing uploads to the Challenge that do not fall within the scope, either time wise, for instance on is there now from September 2011, or that do not follow the theme.

    I am confused how these entries are getting approved and what is the point of the rules the rest of us are trying to follow.
    thank you!

    • 213

      TLHarwick says

      The Project MCP Team has been working very hard to moderate each and very photo, unfortunately, sometimes a photo or two slip through the cracks. We are pretty liberal in the moderation, as the challenges are open for interpretation. We hope you will continue to be patient as the team works towards more closely moderating the photos posted for each challenge!


  18. 219

    Sara Francoeur (Simply Sweet Photography) says

    Hi! I’d love to try this out!! It sounds like an awesome oppurtunity to learn and grow! :)

  19. 223

    Sue says

    I’d like to re-join. I did some of the 2011 challenges, and I think I’ll love the month-long challenges. So I’m in, beginning in April! Thanks for your work in running this group!

  20. 228

    Michelle Schneider says

    I’m on board! Do I have to link my photo from the facebook page to this blog, or just leave it on facebook? Just want to make sure it makes it to the project board!

  21. 236


    Gonna try this! Challenges have helped improved my photography. I’d also LOVE to win that lens! 😀 I’ll put my photo up on your FB page!

  22. 240

    Jill Brunks says

    This sounds like a great challenge! I wish I had begun taking part at the beginning of the year. Oh well, better late than never. I will be doing the May Challenge and can’t wait to get started.

  23. 241

    Elle Zee says

    I found your challenge a few weeks ago and am excited to try to join in from time to time. Thanks!

  24. 242

    John Motycka says

    I just found this when I was looking for a way to get my photography creative juices flowing – I think this may be it.

  25. 248


    I joined too, I’m a complete amateur (just started to shoot in manual mode, to be honest) but I want to improve and have fun, and your challenges sound like the perfect inspiration to do so!

  26. 261

    Gina Baj says

    Just what Ive been looking for …… something to help me get up and play with my camera. Im in!!!! and can’t wait.

  27. 263

    Michelle Schneider says

    Can you please direct me towards the August challenges? I’ve been looking for over 10 minutes and still come back to this page where I only see March through July. Thanks!!!

    • 264

      Project MCP says

      I think the main page has been updated now, so you should see them in the “challenge box” above. Sorry for the delay!


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