$200 For Whatever You Want To Print – Giveaway

This contest is now over – the winner is: Katrina Curry – comment #330 – thanks to all who entered!


What would you do with $200 to spend at Nations Photo Lab?  Every hobbyist and professional photographer wants a reliable place to print their images.

One lucky winner will find out.  Entering is easy – winner will be posted at the top of this blog post on Sunday, March 25th.  Check back then.



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  1. 2


    I would want a canvas and tons of prints to create a collage of photos for my daughters room. She has been bitten by the photography bug and I know having her prints from a photo lab would just blow her away! :)

  2. 3

    Olga F. says

    Canvases! To me there is nothing more satisfying than hanging a canvas of your own work in your home.

  3. 7

    Paula says

    I LOVE NPL! I would get some canvases for my wall from wedding photos and also some nice enlargements.

    Thanks for the chance!

  4. 8


    I’d buy a few gallery wraps and some gallery blocks. I’ve gotten both from them in the last few months and they do an excellent job. And I found out that if they don’t get the color exactly right, they will work with you until it’s correct. I love the people at Nation’s Photo Lab!

  5. 15


    I would buy….so much. I love the gallery blocks and the personalized growth charts. However, given the time of year, I may use it for a Senior Picture Package.

  6. 19

    Michelle Baker says

    There are lots of things I would get – I’d get elegant edge cards for Easter, canvas prints for my family room, and prints of photos I haven’t purchased for myself yet!

  7. 22

    Megan B says

    I’d order several gallery wraps of wedding and family photos in various sizes. I want to create a gallery wall in my upstairs hallway.

  8. 27

    Jennifer Conard says

    What wouldn’t I want to get is the question. I am a family and children photographer, and I am trying to start my own business. I would REALLY love to show off my work by prints and canvas products. Also, I think a lot of my clients would really love the cube decor. It is really cute and a fun way to display your children.

  9. 30


    I am torn between the biggest canvas the money will get me and a variety of smaller items including cube decor and photo boxes. Such decisions!

  10. 32

    Mindi Allbaugh says

    Canvas, gallery blocks, prints, I want it all!! :-) Love NPL and MCP!! Already suscribed. Thanks for the great contests!!

  11. 37

    Nina Mason says

    I would love to do the photo cubes and the growth chart for my son! I think they may have a new customer soon!

  12. 38


    My wish list is long! I have been drooling over Floating gallery Blocks, Sweet Frames, and Canvas Gallery Wraps for a while now. I just received my first gallery wray this week and I love it! So, now I would have to choose between Sweet Frames or Floating Gallery Blocks? Oh, sweet torture! I have a ‘baby’ business and a baby granddaughter, so finding subjects will NOT be difficult!

  13. 43

    Rebecka Lynn says

    They have so many cool items out there that it was hard to choose, but I would purchase some Gallery Wraps of some new photos I recently took.

  14. 47


    oh man this would be so awesome and fun to win! I would get a bunch of gallery wraps for me and my family, some for my business to showcase, a giant image split ive been looking for for my kitchen, boutique packaging for my business, those cute little block gifts for my nephews bday coming up… i could go on!

  15. 57


    Canvases are a huge hit right now and I’d love to decorate my new house with some great images! But I might have to add some of their other products since there are so many great ones!

  16. 59


    I would love to win! I would use the credit to build my welcome pack and boost my brand (:

    I’d get rep cards, business cards, folded business cards, postcards, and if I have anything left I’d get some show case prints (:

  17. 61


    Lots of prints for customers, probably some metallic prints to use as examples, maybe some gallery wraps or standouts. And I already use Nations exclusively, so that’s perfect! I hope I win!!!

  18. 63


    I would love to win the gift certificate from Nations! I use Nations for all of my printing and products! I would use the gift certificate to order samples for my business! Nations is an awesome lab that offers great quality prints and always the latest products to offer to your clients!! Anyone looking for a lab, definitely check out Nations Photo Lab!!!

  19. 68

    Debbie says

    I would probably use it for a stretched canvas. I have been meaning to get some of my photos printed on a canvas but just haven’t gotten around to it yet…

  20. 82

    Denise R Santiago says

    I already subscribe and enjoy the tips…I liked Nations Photo Labs..

    I would get Templates, Standouts, Gallery Blocks and Canvas

  21. 84

    Carolyn says

    i am (hopefully) seeing a small studio in the no so distant future… I’d love some gallery wraps/clusters to show of work for clients!

  22. 89


    I really love the wood block prints. SOOOO great. I think I would order one of those. I already liked you on Facebook and I also subscribed to your feed!

    Thank you for another great giveaway~ maybe I’ll win one!


  23. 104

    Amy says

    So much to choose from but I would most likely get a bunch of metallic prints (oh how I love them) and some canvases. I have liked you and been subscribed to you on facebook for a long time!

  24. 105

    Cindy B says

    Liked and subscribed. I would use the funds to purchase birth announcements for our new baby expected this summer… probably prints from the birth and possibly a correction on an old wedding photo that was difficult to enlarge. Thanks for a great giveaway.

  25. 116

    Tiffany McMichael says

    I would get a gallery wrap (plus 30% off until 3.31) is awesome! and probably some new business cards.
    Thanks for the giveaway! Love Nations and MCP Actions!

  26. 131

    Sherry says

    I already like you and get the feed. I would get some linen textured large prints and maybe a canvas.

  27. 132

    adela says

    I would love to have the canvases,the prints and press cards!! I already like on get your feed and like on FB! Thank you.

  28. 135

    sue says

    So many wonderful options, but I would love gallery blocks, image splits, boutique packaging and wall grips!
    thanks Sue : )

  29. 149

    Katrina Garcia says

    I would def make a growth chart for my little guy!

    garcia (dot) katrinai (at) gmail (dot) com

  30. 152

    Tracey says

    I’ve been wanting to order canvases, but have been waiting due the cost. This contest would be perfect!!

  31. 163

    moniquehasana says

    I love you for this giveaway. I really would love to have the Image Boxes. I am already loving you on FB as Monique Jones. Thanks

  32. 167


    Oh how I would LOVE to win this, it would be PERFECT timing! I just remodeled a space into my first actual studio space, So I would use the money to buy sample products to show my clients…and a book of my favorite images for my portfolio

  33. 169

    jodi benson says

    I would definately go for a canvas, a very large canvas!!!!
    thanks for offering this giveaway…

  34. 173

    Kris says

    I would love some new canvases. My son just finished up his senior year of wrestling and there are some photos calling out to be canvased.

  35. 176

    Tammy Sullivan says

    If I was to be chosen, I would want to try out the blocks, hand stretched canvas’s. I use them for my metallic prints (which I love)
    I must add I love browsing around on your site. It is so full of knowledge to be learned. Thank you for this.

  36. 182

    Natalia aka Maygirl says

    fantastic chance! thank you
    If I win I would like to order gallery wraps – it is my very old desire – to use for home decore + photo albums!
    thank you for the chance!!!

  37. 194

    heatherK says

    I would order some professional prints for my family photo gallery which now consists of empty frames. I would also definitely order some Metallic prints of several different photos of mine, including some B&W – those sound so neat!

  38. 207

    Heather Hawkins says

    I would definitely get canvases. I have a bunch of portraits I’ve taken of my daughter that need to be up on the wall!!

  39. 208


    my new obsession are canvas prints…love, love, love them!

    I have liked you for a long time on facebook already…does that count??

    And I’ve downloaded some of your fun things too :)

  40. 210


    I would order a 30 by 30 canvas block for our living room. We have a gorgeous view of Mount Baker looking out of our back door/patio and last summer at 4 in the morning I was able to catch a really stunning shot of it. It’s a family favorite!

  41. 217

    Gina Y says

    I love their gallery blocks. Might get studio samples of those!
    Already a huge fan and FB follower of yours!

  42. 218

    Sammie Parks says

    I liked your page ages ago! lol But from Nations photo lab I would LOVE the blocks with photos on them and a few canvases. But mostly those adorable blocks lol

  43. 227

    Kay says

    I would love to put this toward a really nice gallery cluster. I have liked MCP Actions for a long time now.

  44. 232

    purity marsh says

    I already like you on fb but i would love to get the canvas prints as well as a growth chart for each of my kids..thanks

  45. 239

    Heather Van Hoof says

    I would love the canvas blocks or the frames or prints….I would really not have a hard time spending $200 if I was the lucky one. Thanks so much for the opportunity! Fingers crossed….

  46. 241


    NP’s metallic prints are even more gorgeous than non-metallics, but I would probably order a large gallery wrapped canvas, too.

  47. 245

    Traci Spencer says

    Already “Liked” and “Subscribed”… G+ {check}, Tweeted {check}, Pinned {check}.. :)

    Nations has all sorts of goodies I would love to try.. Maybe one of their Floating Gallery Blocks, oober cool Image Boxes… Metal prints!

  48. 252

    KimR. says

    I’d love a Canvas Gallery Wrap, Gallery Block, Growth Chart, Floating Gallery Block…Heck, one of everything would be great!

    I’ve liked MCP on Fb for awhile and I shared this!

  49. 253

    Allison Benton says

    Already like MCP actions, and subscribed to news feed. I would order prints, canvases, a growth chart for my niece and nephews.

  50. 260

    RACHEL NEAL says

    I would LOVE to purchase some lovely canvas and gallery blocks! Thanks so much for this awesome opportunity!

  51. 266

    Victoria Meyer says

    I would purchase a canvas for every room in my house of my new son!! I would also purchase 8×10 for my portfolio for my new photography business.

  52. 272

    Marni Moore says

    I am a amateur photographer who has other people’s pictures on my wall. If I won, I would put a lot of my best work onto canvasses and hang them up around my house!!! yay!

  53. 273

    kelly mcknight says

    Loving my new camera – and would really love to see some of my new shots printed and displayed in my house ! Great Contest – Thanks !!

  54. 277

    Nicole T says

    I would love some canvas prints and the photo cubes. I would probably end up spending way more than $200!!!:)

  55. 279

    Amanda Walker Fleming says

    I’m already a fan of your page! I would love some gallery wraps to hang in the studio I share space with, and as a way to show clients how great gallery wraps are for displaying their photos :D!

  56. 282

    Chantel fowler says

    I think id start with a standout and photo book but there’s so many things I’d love!!! Already a fb fan of mcp actions and now a fan of nations photo lab!

  57. 283

    Delora Cannette says

    I would order a couple of the canvas gallery wraps! My walls are almost bare and I need updated photos of MY OWN children to hang on them!

  58. 286

    Nicole Miranda says

    I am already a fan! Have been for a couple years now!

    I would order a growth chart, an album, and probably try and sample everything I possibly could. :)

    Thank you for the opportunity!

  59. 294

    Roberta Hoyt says

    Impressive ideas for photos. I have bookmarked this company for photo gifts. It was well worth the time to enter this contest!

  60. 296

    Ryan Heatherly says

    I would like some, decor blocks, the floating gallery Canvas Prints for an artistic look or wall grips for some funny walls 😀

  61. 303

    Beckie Amidon Austin says

    I need some of my prints on canvas to showcase in my home studio. This would be a great way to do that!!

  62. 306

    Rebecca Ickes says

    Okay… 1. I subscribed via Google reader. 2. I shared your contest link on my Facebook timeline. 3 & 4. I shared your contest link in Facebook groups “A New Me in 2011″ and “Walking the Walk”. 5. I also Pinned it with Pinterest you can check it out at http://pinterest.com/pin/82824080617197061/

    Products I would buy… Photobooks are always great, but I would really like Gallery Blocks, Wall Grips, and the Image Boxes! I SOOOOO hope I win :)

  63. 308

    Chamrie Andrews says

    I love Nations Photo Lab! I use them for all my printing! I just photographed my sister-in-law’s wedding this weekend and I would love to give her a canvas! I have also always wanted one for myself, but never gotten around to it. I have MCP’s button on my blog and I like you in facebook!

  64. 321

    Cathy Barrow says

    I believe I would start with canvas prints ad growth chart. I have triplets, so I would probably just go nuts ordering things. Thanks for te chance to win!

  65. 323


    I’d order 8×10 prints and a 4×6 leather album to get a taste of their quality and come out of pocket a bit for a growth chart to try a new product that isn’t available at the lab I currently work with!

  66. 348

    Jen J. says

    Already liked and just subscribed! I would love a canvas wrap for myself and a photo cube to give as a gift to the adorable newbie I just photographed.

  67. 368


    subscribed to your blog today :) already liked you on fb. and added a hyperlink to ur page on both my fb walls :) what an awesome prize to try for :)

  68. 371


    I have used Nations Photo Lab for my sports team shots. I have an order to place for a softball team, so that’s what I’d use the credit for, as well as a gallery wrap of one of my pictures from Ireland for myself! I’ve “liked” MCP actions for a while now and I shared on my personal Facebook page. THANKS!!

  69. 376

    Ann Rocole says

    Elegant shaped cards for sure! I have birth announcements to send out tgat would look great in a unique shape.

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