Project MCP: Highlights for Challenge #4 and April New Challenges

We are excited to wrap up our first month of Project MCP with Challenge #4: Guess What?. The Project MCP Team has thoroughly enjoyed browsing through the photos in the Flickr Group, attempting to decipher what many of them actually are. Many of you have us stumped! This week, we decided that we would showcase the most bizarre, interesting and confusing of the bunch and see if you can figure out what they are.

 Submitted by Sunsetwatcher99

Submitted by purpletoesWI

Submitted by LisaBellPhoto

Submitted by koni hudak

Submitted by DoubleLPhoto

With the last day of March upon us, it is time to begin another round of challenges. Spring is in full bloom, making it the perfect time to pull out your cameras and capture the following April challenges:

  • Challenge #1 – Illustrate the following in a photo: Showers/Wet
  • Challenge #2 – Take a picture using a shallow depth of field
  • Challenge #3 – Interpret the following in a photo: Blooming
  • Challenge #4 – Get Low. Lie Down on the ground and shoot above

We cannot wait to see your interpretations of the April challenges.

Don’t forget, you can complete all four challenges, or just a few. If you are just joining us, you can check out all the details of Project MCP on the original Project MCP post.  Also, don’t forget to visit the blog each Saturday to see highlights from the past week and tips and techniques for the next challenge.

Do you need incentive to play along? Tamaron and Project MCP will team up  next month to give away a lens, so stay tuned!


We want to thank our corporate sponsors for Project MCP:



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