Newborn Photography: Learn NOW!

If you want better newborn images, take our Online Newborn Photography Workshop.

If you want to photograph newborns, there is a lot to know.  From props to posing, from safety to editing, MCP Actions wants to make sure you are prepared.

In the upcoming months, we will cover everything. Professional newborn photographers will teach you how to pose, soothe, decorate and enhance newborns and babies.

We also have many great articles from this past on newborn photography. Start here and learn now!

Styles of Newborn Photography

Newborn Tips and Tricks to Make Your Session a Success

Answers to Some of Your Newborn Photography Questions and More Answers to Your Questions

So You Booked a Newborn Session: Now What?

How to Use Light in Newborn Photography

Video: Tracy Raver and Kelley Ryden, newborn photographers, on the Today Show






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  1. 1

    Danielle says

    I have just recently started doing newborn photography so I am definitely looking forward to reading all of these articles and learning any and all tips/tricks I need to know along the way! Thanks so much for posting all this great info… Much appreciated!!!

  2. 3

    marta gonzales says

    I’m doing my first photo session on Friday and it’s a newborn shoot. This article comes at the perfect time!!!! Can’t wait to grab another cup of coffee and start reading. I love your blog…I’ve learned so much. Thanks!

  3. 6

    Sheila Hovermale says

    Capturing the innocence of newborns is one of the most memorable and important pictures for any family. They stay little for such a short period time. Over exposure is definitely one of the hardest challenges.

  4. 8


    I would have to say skin can sometimes be my biggest issue. I also would love something that simplifies emphasis on the tiny features like eyelashes and eye brows…something that is not too heavy, but will give them a little weight when they are really fine.

  5. 10

    Koni says

    How does one achieve the SOFT, EVEN shadows when shooting in natural light? Like that family, for example: the infant in the middle is not lost in dad’s shadow dispite being sheilded from the light source. Nor is baby in mom’s arms blown out even though he’s fully in the light source. HOW??!?!

  6. 11


    I love this article! but I have a question. I am using a digital camera. Is it possible to have softness look in my picture? Or the photoshop does it? I am sorry I am a beginner.


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