Project MCP: Highlights for April, Challenge #2

The pool of inspiration for April, Challenge #2’s highlight post was not “shallow”  (pun intended). In fact, the Flickr gallery is waist-deep with beautiful, interesting and creative photos taken with a shallow depth of field; so much so, that the Project MCP Team could not narrow their favorites down to only a few. Here are some highlights from Challenge #2 – take a photo with a shallow depth of field:

Submitted by Tonionick1

Submitted by Posers by Tammy

Submitted by HollyRPhotography

Submitted byEls_stra

Submitted by Double L Photo

Submitted by juliemankin

Submitted by GeorgiaPeach79

Submitted by Elyktra

Spring has officially sprung here in the US and to celebrate the season, Challenge #3 for April is to capture the word/concept of “blooming” in a photo. For most of us this will incite visions of beautiful flowers opening themselves to the sun; however, the Project MCP Team challenges you to ponder the definition below when taking your photo this month. We look forward to seeing everyone’s interpretation!



1. in bloom;  flowering; blossoming.
2. glowing, as with youthful vigor and freshness: bloomingcheeks.
3. flourishing; prospering: a blooming business.
4. Chiefly British Slang . (used as an intensifier): He’s got his blooming nerve.

5. Chiefly British Slang . (used as an intensifier): not blooming likely.

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  1. says

    just wanted to respond to your post subject “mean.” very well said, indeed. i’ve been on the receiving end of some of this type of speech, even if only mildly; still it was enough that i now do not *ever* post on any forums, discussion groups, or blogs. (although obviously, i am doing that right now, hopefully it will not backfire on me . . . !)

    there are many times i’d like to ask something, or add support/agreement, or whatever. but when i see how some others were treated within that setting, i simply am not willing to subject myself to even the slightest possibility of being the target.

    sadly, we so often say things in the cyber-world that we would never say face-to-face. still, i don’t find this particularly comforting; nor am i willing to accept it as an excuse for people treating other people poorly.

    so, Jodi-thank you for tackling this unpleasant subject, and i’m so sorry that you’ve had to be on the receiving end of any of it yourself :o(

    best wishes -

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