Project MCP: Highlights for April, Challenge #3

Hello Everyone and Welcome to this week’s Project MCP Highlights edition! Perusing the Flickr gallery this week definitely made me wish I had a green thumb. There are several beautiful shots of both weeds and exotic flowers in full, brightly colored bloom. There are also a few clever interpretations of the challenge, which made us smile and one that made us chuckle a bit. Thank you all for sharing your shots with us this week; here are some of the Project MCP Team’s favorites for Challenge #3:

Submitted by ablissfulmess
Submitted by Nsphotos1

Submitted by Kris Carpenter

Submitted by Jillustrated

Submitted by JanelleFaith1977

Submitted by impressionsofalifetime

Submitted by Yellow Room Photography

Submitted by HollyRPhotography

The April, Challenge #4 is to get down low and shoot above. We are excited to see “what’s up”. See you all next Saturday.

We want to thank our corporate sponsors for Project MCP:



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