Giveaway: The Epiphanie Camera Bag Contest

This contest is over.  The winner is entry #: 1,234 – Teresa Schmid

Look for an exciting, new contest starting this Wednesday.

Every female photographer with a d-SLR wants a stylish way to carry her gear. If you want a camera bag to hold your camera, lenses, flash and even car keys and wallet, our giveaway this week has you covered!

One very lucky winner will get to pick the style and color of their new camera bag. Entering is easy. Read below for details.


Enter now. Here’s how…

The Prize:

  • Winner’s choice of any color and style camera bag from Epiphanie.

To Enter:

Increase your odds of winning. Do any or all of these extra credit items (add a comment/extra entry for each):

  1. Spread the word about MCP Actions products, contest, or blog. Do this on social networking sites, your blog, or photo forums, as permitted. Comment and tell us know where you shared. For ease, use the Share Links for Facebook, Twitter, Pintrest, Google Plus, Stumble Upon, and more. One extra comment/entry per place shared.
  2. Add on your blog one of the following: MCP Actions Banner (html code on the sidebar of our blog) OR or a text link to our website (something like “MCP Photoshop Actions” or “MCP Lightroom Presets”)
  3. Subscribe to our blog RSS feed for the 1st time – see the orange icon at the top right of our blog. If you add it today, leave a comment letting us know.
  4. Visit Epiphanie on Facebook and Twitter. Leave some love for them and let them know the MCP Actions sent you.

Contest Rules:

This contest is sponsored by Epiphanie and MCP Actions. It is open to participants only where permitted by law.

Winner will be picked via random drawing on the evening of Sunday, April 29th and announced on the MCP Blog. The winner will also be contacted by email. Odds are winning are 1/# of entries. Increase your odds by participating in our extra credit items.




Jodi Friedman, MCP Actions

Jodi Friedman is the founder of MCP Actions. She designs popular Photoshop actions and Lightroom presets that make editing faster, easier and more fun.

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  1. 1

    I just ordered the Lola in teal so I would probably pick the Clover in gray. Love these bags!

  2. 2
    Beckie says:

    I absolutely adore the “STELLA” bag – thanks so much for the opportunity to win one of these gorgeous bags!!! xoxo Beckie

  3. 3
    Leslie Barber says:

    If I win, I would want Lola in Red. And I am subscribed and like your facebook already!

  4. 4
    Robin Saylor says:

    Lyric is one of the most beautiful bags I’ve ever seen … feminine, not too big, great colors!
    Love it!!

  5. 5
    Tracy Harvey says:

    I would definitely pick Stella in Purple!

  6. 6
    kari says:

    It was so hard to choose! They are all pretty fantastic. I think I loved Clover the best though. It’s so stylish and I love the panels on the inside. <3

  7. 7
    Renee Saenz says:

    I’d be very hard pressed to decide between the Belle Teal and the Clover in red! They are both so gorgeous and roomy!

  8. 8
    Chelsea Grachek says:

    I would pick the Stella style in Grey! These bags are so awesome!

  9. 9
    kari says:

    Shared on facebook

  10. 10
    LisaNygards says:

    Oh, I fell in love with the GINGER bag, and since brown is my favorite color, brown it would be! :)

  11. 11
    colleen says:

    I love the Paris, black or purple! Can’t really choose, maybe both!

  12. 12
    Alexis B says:

    I really like the Belle in the teal color :)

  13. 13

    You guys are great. love all the updates i get on facebook! You guys truly encourage me in my photography! I’m a student at virginia tech and i have fallen in love with photography. i am set on it becoming my future!

    ps Love the lola!

  14. 14
    Amanda S says:

    I LOVE the Lola bag in the hot pink color. But I also am a big fan of the teal color too…ohhh the choices! They’re all so cute!!

  15. 15
    Faith Dawson says:

    I LOVE the Paris… I would definitely pick that one. I already like MCP Actions and I subscribe to the status updates! I also shared a little love on Epiphanie’s facebook.

  16. 16
    Jacklynn says:

    I would love Clover in Teal :)

  17. 17
    Faye Joyce says:

    Awesome giveaway! I would love The Stella!!

  18. 18
    Alyson says:

    in LOVE with the Paris bag in black!!!

  19. 19

    I want the Lola in red! I have the clover in grey and I adore it!

  20. 20
    Ali W says:

    lyric in yellow all the way. what a pretty bag!

  21. 21
    kari says:

    Linked to you on my photography blog. — it’s in the section marked “Other sites I find interesting”

  22. 22
    Tami D. in Ohio says:

    If I were lucky enough to be picked, it would have to be the Lola in Pink – what a divine bag!!!! Awesome!

  23. 23

    They are all amazing, but I think I would choose the Teal Lola! LOOOVE THIS BAG!

  24. 24
    Christine H. says:

    I love Lola in black! Thank you for another great giveaway!

  25. 25

    Step #1 done!! I would definitely love to win the Paris or Clover!!! Thank you so much for doing this!

  26. 26
    Jacklynn says:

    Oh and I already sub to status updates and like the FB page.

  27. 27
    kari says:

    Visited Epiphanie on facebook and shared the love!

  28. 28

    Just left some love on epiphanies facebook page! :)

    ps love the lola…i’m just going to leave it on every comment :) it’s great!

  29. 29

    Step #4 done!! :) Once again, thank you so much for doing this for us!

  30. 30
    Tami says:

    Omigosh just what I’ve been looking for! I love the “stella” in blue/gray. I’m amateur all the way, but maybe this is just what I need to do more with my hobby ;)

  31. 31
    Sara says:

    Oooo, My camera bad recently fell apart (at a wedding I was shooting, gah!), I would totally go with the Paris, it’s the perfect size and I love the purple which happens to be my fav color.

  32. 32
    Annie Shade says:

    Love these purses!!!!!!!!!!! I would love to have the grey Clover purse.

  33. 33
    Tami D. in Ohio says:

    Liked and eft some love for Epiphanie! :)

  34. 34
    Rian says:

    I’d get the Ginger in Blue. These bags look great, what took so long for someone to come up with this?!

  35. 35
    Rebecca Weaver says:

    I love Clover, in red or teal. So pretty! And I’m subscribed and ‘like’ you. Always look forward to your updates!

  36. 36
    Emily says:

    lyric ooooo

  37. 37
    Kristina Carlson says:

    I love the clover bag! I love the bright colors but I would probably go with the black!

  38. 38
    Jill says:

    I would like the lyric in brown please! I already like MCP Actions and I’m a subscriber. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  39. 39
    Nicole says:

    How do you choose one? Ha! I love them all, but I think I would go with a Teal Lola! It’s perfect :)

  40. 40
    Cherise Porter says:

    I’m in love with several of the Epiphanie bags… but I would probably end up choosing the Stella in that gorgeous plum color! LURVE it!

  41. 41
    Sandy says:

    Love these bags! I would pick the Belle Bag in the teal/blue color. Gorgeous!!

  42. 42
    Annie Shade says:

    Love these purses!!!!!!!!!!!! Would LOVE to ahve the Grey Clover purse :)…..My fingers are crossed.

  43. 43
    Naomi says:

    Paris, Paris, Paris!

  44. 44
    Samantha Whitelaw says:

    Paris-black wow I think I am going to buy ten haha

  45. 45
    StacyBrick says:

    I love the Paris in purple, so pretty!

  46. 46
    Jamie Jahns says:

    I love love LOVE the Clover in Pink! I also would totally be happy with the gray with pink interior style :)

  47. 47

    Just started following you and retweeted one of your tweets!

    ps…love. the. lola.

  48. 48
    Nicole says:

    I think I would go with a Teal Lola! It’s perfect :)

  49. 49
    Delaina says:

    I’m in love with that yellow lyric bag!

  50. 50
    Angela Hanson says:

    It’s so hard to pick just one! I love the Clover and would probably pick the grey color, but I do love the teal too! :)

  51. 51
    Harmony says:

    ooooo…..I am so in need of a stylish camera bag ;) I would pick the Lyric in Mustard….LOVE IT!!!
    I already follow MCP so I will now follow Epiphanie on FB and will share this Giveaway on my FB page (hope that counts as 3 entries?).
    Thanks for the opportunity!!

  52. 52
    Vikki says:

    I love them all, but i would choose Clover in black

  53. 53
    Sandy says:

    I also tweeted about the contest (dacotahsgirl) and shared on Facebook. :)

  54. 54
    Sunday says:

    I love the Lyric in blue. Great giveaway, Jodi!

  55. 55
    Sue says:

    Ummm…Challenging at best to pick a favorite Epiphanie bag. I think — emphasis on think — Belle would be my first choice.

  56. 56

    Just started following epiphanie and retweeted one of their tweets!

    ps still lovin’ the lola

  57. 57
    Sarah M says:

    Always the Lola

  58. 58
    Kathy Worley says:

    I like the Lola Red. Have a wedding shoot coming up and would love this bag for my gear.

  59. 59
    Betty Baez says:

    I love Stella in the grey!!

  60. 60
    Melissa Ackerman says:

    Would love the Clover in red! I have the Paris in black. The Clover was a close runner-up when I was making my decision. Would LOVE to win one. These bags are phenomenal!

  61. 61
    Anngee says:

    In love with the Lola and Paris!

  62. 62
    Betty Baez says:

    Subscribed to feed

  63. 63
    Marisa says:

    I love the ginger bag in slate blue!

  64. 64
    Bethany W says:

    These camera bags look amazing! I would probably choose the Clover in tan! I also shared this giveaway on my facebook page!

  65. 65
    Cherise Porter says:

    I “liked” Epiphanie on fb and left them some love!

  66. 66
    Kari K says:

    The Lola in Pink!

  67. 67
    Betty Baez says:

    Fan of Facebook.

  68. 68

    So hard to pick!!! I think I’d have to say Clover in Teal.

  69. 69
    adela rodriguez says:

    Wow,it was so hard to choose,love the Bella and Stella,beautiful bags and awesome giveaway,thank you so much.

  70. 70
    Vikki says:

    Already follow MCP and Epiphanie on facebook
    also shared this on facebook

  71. 71
    Sandy says:

    Posted on the facebook page for Epiphanie Bags :)

  72. 72
    Jennifer says:

    I would pick the Clover bag–very stylish! Can’t decide on a color though :)
    And I became a fan of Epiphanie on FB too

  73. 73
    Sandy says:

    shared on facebook :)

  74. 74
    Lisa A says:

    I would choose LOLA in black…it’s PERFECT!

  75. 75
  76. 76
    Pauline says:

    I love the Clover Bag in Hot Pink.

  77. 77
    Betty Baez says:

    Subscribed to the blog feed via yahoo reader

  78. 78
  79. 79
    lauren says:

    i’d totally go for the lyrics epiphanie bag in mustard! :)

  80. 80
    Dee Shackelford says:

    The Belle in teal

  81. 81
    Cherise Porter says:

    I shared about the giveaway on FB. (Though, I’m really hoping to win, LOL!)

  82. 82
    Lavonne says:

    Hard choice but I think I would go with Lyric in the plum…love that one for sure!

  83. 83
    Brian says:

    For my wife:

    Ginger bag in Caramel

  84. 84
    Sandy says:

    Left a “tweet” and am following Epiphanie on Twitter. =)

  85. 85
    Brian says:

    I pinned the contest on Pinterest

  86. 86
    Brian says:

    I liked it on Facebook

  87. 87
    HeatherK says:

    I would definately go for the Stella in Grey. Love these bags!

  88. 88

    The Clover is so cute and would hold a bit. Love the red color.

  89. 89
    Brian says:

    I tweeted it

  90. 90
    Sara says:

    Shared on twitter

  91. 91
  92. 92
    Chelsea Grachek says:

    Shared MCP actions on my Facebook page!

  93. 93
    Brian says:

    I +1’d on Google+

  94. 94
    Sara says:

    Subscribed on facebook to MCP

  95. 95
    Beth Olsen says:

    Clover or Paris look cool and I can carry my MacBook Pro along with my camera stuff!

  96. 96
    Brian says:

    I subscribed to updates on Facebook

  97. 97

    I just pinned the LOLA bag on my “so freaking cute” pinterest board! :)

    ps you guessed it. i love the lola :)

  98. 98
    Brian says:

    I subscribed to your RSS feed

  99. 99
    Sara says:

    Liked Epiphanie on Facebook

  100. 100
    Sara Cardiff says:

    Love these bags! They are so perfect for on location photography. I would love to have Belle in the teal to match my logo colors.

  101. 101
    Annie Shade says:

    Love the Grey Clover!!!!!!!!!!!!

  102. 102
    Sara says:

    Shared on Facebook

  103. 103

    CLOVER!!! Either in the gray or teal…or maybe the pink or tan :) I love them all!!!

  104. 104
    Shannon Wade says:

    Love! I would choose the Clover, in red :)

  105. 105
    Sandy says:

    Added your banner to my blog sidebar. =)

  106. 106
    Judy Klimek says:

    I would get LyRic, because of the ability to hold the Ipad also. Would make it convenient for travel. I also like the color choices.

  107. 107

    I just pinned MCP actions and training to my “photography” board! oh i am a …little…obsessed.

    ps you can probably guess what i am going to say here :)

  108. 108
    Cameo K. says:

    I love the clover, in black, gray or teal! It’s perfect!

  109. 109
  110. 110
    Kait says:

    I love these bags! I have been hunting for a camera bag that doesn’t LOOK like a camera bag. I would definitely choose the Stella in Plum!

  111. 111

    Oooh, I would love either the Clover or the Paris :) I drool over these bags!

  112. 112
    lauren says:

    visited epiphanie on FB and shared some luuuv. and shared on FB, too!

  113. 113
    Stacy Espinoza says:

    If I won, I would pick the Belle bag in the teal or maybe the pink color. There are so many great bags, it’s hard to pick just one.

  114. 114
    Lavonne says:

    I shared on facebook.

  115. 115
    Jody Martin says:

    I would pick the LyRic in the Yellow color! It is amazing! I also subscribed to the status updates and liked MCP Actions!

  116. 116
    Cherise Porter says:

    Oh! And lest I forget… I’ve “liked” MCP Actions on FB forever! :)

  117. 117
    Jillian says:

    I love the Lyric and the Lola best, but if I had to choose I really want and LOVE the Lola in Teal!

  118. 118

    Love, love, love Belle in tangerine! These bags are wonderful! Can’t wait to get one!

  119. 119
    Amber says:

    Love the Clover bag, but the color choice is tough… probably grey or teal!

  120. 120
  121. 121

    I’ve already liked MCP on Facebook. It’s how I found this giveaway :)

  122. 122
    Fran Dellaporta says:

    I would LOVE the Belle in Fuschia!

  123. 123
    Chelsea Grachek says:

    Visited Epiphanie on Facebook,and tagged MCP Actions in my comment :)

  124. 124

    What a lovely giveaway, I sooo love this one [stella] !

  125. 125
    Lindsay says:

    Ohhhh the Lola in teal. Wishing upon a star for that one!!

  126. 126
    Jamie Frascone says:

    I would love love the Lola in red or black!! I already like NXP on facebook and now I will like epiphanie on Facebook as well!! Thank you for this opportunity.

  127. 127
    Betty Baez says:

    Stumbled username angelgenius27

  128. 128
    Lindsay says:

    Like you on FB.

  129. 129
    Marla says:

    I’d pick the Lola, in red. Beautiful bag. :)

  130. 130
    Christina says:

    The Lola in pink!

  131. 131
    Sara says:

    Just pinned on Pinterest!

  132. 132
    Tina says:

    I already like and subscribe. :) I am in LOVE with the Lola in teal. Thanks for doing another giveaway!

  133. 133
    Rebecca says:

    Just tweeted =)

  134. 134
    Michelle Bennot says:

    LOVE the Clover in Teal! I really need a new camera bag for my Canon D7 I got for Christmas! :) will share on Facebook!

  135. 135

    I just subscribed to your RSSfeed by email! oh my gosh I am starting to get a little worked up about this!

    ps. yes ma’am you guessed it! lola.

  136. 136
    Liz says:

    I would love to win the Clover in red! What a great give away!

  137. 137
    Erika Hess-Raines says:

    I would love the Lola in black… its so cute and stylish…. id be proud to carry my canon rebel in that! Sharing on my fb wall!

  138. 138
    Shelly says:

    I really like Clover & Paris, but they’re just a little too big, I’m going with Ginger, it’s a little smaller. As for color, I guess the dark brownish red color. Thanks for sharing these bags with us, they are all so beautiful!

  139. 139
    Hannie van Breda says:

    I would totally love the GINGER bisque. Finally a camera bag that looks absolutely stunning!

  140. 140
    Susan R says:

    ginger in brown posted to facebook… I love those bags!

  141. 141
    Lindsay says:

    Helped spread the word about this amazing giveaway. Beautiful & totally hip bags!! ;)

  142. 142
    Gina England says:

    Liked (previously) and shared on facebook!! Would just love to have either the Lola or the Clover in teal!! Thanks for another great contest/giveaway!! :)

  143. 143
  144. 144
    Sandy says:

    Subscribed to your feed via Google Reader :)

  145. 145
  146. 146
    Betty Baez says:

    Google +Ed this post

  147. 147
    Suzanne Ripple says:

    Love the Paris Bag!

  148. 148
    Annie Shade says:

    Would Love Grey Clover Purse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  149. 149

    Oohh..I love Lyric..and clover..and stella…they are ALL adorable!

  150. 150
    Amy says:

    already liked and subscribed :) beautiful bags.. I would take the stella bag in grey!

  151. 151
    Lavonne says:

    I “liked” Epiphanie on facebook and let them know MCP Actions sent me. Thanks for the giveaway.

  152. 152
    Amber says:

    I would pick the lola!

  153. 153
  154. 154

    Let me rephrase…I am a subscriber..and I have liked your page..and I love Clover..and Lyric..and Stella..I am torn between greys and teals..ooh and yellows…Oh and the Red..Soooo pretty! :)

  155. 155
    Annie Shade says:

    Would LOVE grey Clover purse!

  156. 156
    Kelly Sartin says:

    The Clover in pink/fuchsia I’d love to win !!

  157. 157
    Annie Shade says:

    Grey Clover!!!!!!!!!

  158. 158
    Sarah W. says:

    I just purchased a used Ginger from someone & I love it. I would choose the Belle, but I’m having a heck of a time with color choice. Have it down to peach or teal!

  159. 159
    Jody Martin says:

    I linked you to my blog (

  160. 160
    Jody Martin says:

    I also shared on FB!

  161. 161
    Anna Hettick says:

    I would pick the lyric or stella !! Thanks!!

  162. 162
    Sara says:

    I would get Lola in Pink or Lyric in Yellow! :D

  163. 163
    Jody Martin says:

    And i subscribed to your blog!

  164. 164
    Suzanne Ripple says:

    Tweeted MCP Actions

  165. 165
    Nicole Tichio says:

    I would love Ginger in cream!

  166. 166
    Gina England says:

    Have shared on Twitter too!!

  167. 167
    Alison says:

    I love the belle bag in teal!

  168. 168
    April says:

    I would choose the Lola in Red. LOVE it! Already subscribed and LIKED your page!

  169. 169
    Sara says:

    Subscribed and already like MCP! :D

  170. 170
    Tina says:

    I have Tweeted (0402sgrl), shared via FB, and Pinned. Can’t wait! Good luck to all!

  171. 171
    Terra says:

    If I won I’d pick the clover bag in red or teal. Great bags , they are so cute!

  172. 172
    Chrissy says:

    I love so many of the bags, it would be difficult to pick. Maybe the Belle in teal…or pink? Thanks!

  173. 173
    Lizzie says:

    I subscribed to the status updates and likes MCP Actions. And I love the CLOVER!

  174. 174
    Sheila Pack says:

    I love the CLOVER bag, in teal, or green, whatever you call that color… LOVE LOVE LOVE that you are making camera bags for women that are fully functional AND fashionable!!
    Up until recently, those terms were mutually exclusive!

  175. 175
    Hannie van Breda says:

    And I left some love on the Epiphanie facebook site!

  176. 176
    Gina England says:

    Have subscribed to your RSS feed as well…still have my eye on the Lola and the Clover in Teal. Either one would be fantastic!!

  177. 177
    Aimee L. says:

    Oh boy, so hard to choose!! I love the design of the Lola bag, though…probably would get it in teal. :)

  178. 178
    LadyLaLaura says:

    A pink LOLA would have been great :D

  179. 179
    April says:

    Shared your post on my facebook wall.

  180. 180
    Vicki Mc says:

    I would love a pink clover bag! And I’ve liked and subscribed for a while!

  181. 181
    Alison says:

    Shared on FB

  182. 182

    Niiice bags! I think I’d choose the understated Ginger if I happened to win. =)

  183. 183
    Aimee L. says:

    Shared the giveaway on Facebook!

  184. 184
    Melissa P. says:

    I would pick the Belle style, I’m not set on a color yet. They are all so cute! I love that they look so trendy and nothing like a camera bag.

  185. 185
    Alison says:

    I pinned it :)

  186. 186
    Erin says:

    Hands Down, the Clover in Pewter! What amazing bags! I was just looking last night for a new bag…fate? :)

  187. 187
    Jeanette says:

    OMG – these are fabulous! Definately would be a Fashionista carring this. The Stella and The Belle in plum are my faves PLUS they are the names of my momma and grand-daughter. GOtta love that!

  188. 188
    Hannie van Breda says:

    I am following Epiphanie on twitter now and left them some love :-)

  189. 189
    Krystal Griffin says:

    Love the new Lyric, but I’d have a hard time choosing a color.

  190. 190
    Vinitha Selvaraj says:

    Ahhhhh…. These are such lovely must have bags.. I have been eyeing on these for quite some time.

    I would love to win a Pink Stella bag.. I think its so cute.

    I am already a fan of “Epiphanie bags”

    Subscribed RSS Feed to my email.

    left comment on Epiphanie FB page and Tweeted about this awesome giveaway.

    folowing MCP Actions on twitter.

  191. 191
    Summer says:

    I love the Stella bag in pink. It was love at first sight! Thank you so much for doing this contest!

  192. 192

    I love the Lyric in raspberry or the Stella in gray. I would be thrilled with either!

  193. 193
    Linda Thompson says:

    If I were to be lucky enough to win, I’d definitely pick the lyric bag. I can’t decide on a color though! lol They all look so nice…I’d have to narrow it down to the yellow or the red, I think. :)

  194. 194
    Linda Thompson says:

    I also shared this post on Facebook!

  195. 195
    Cindy Rizzotti says:

    If I won, I would love the teal Clover bag! All of the bags are beautiful!

  196. 196
    Alison says:

    Shared on Twitter

  197. 197
    Nicole Stockdale says:

    Ginger or the Lola!! This would be so fun to show off to my girlfriends who are photographers! We complain about the lack of stylish camera bags – yours solve our complaints!

  198. 198
    Tommi Boger says:

    I would choose the Clover in Red. Love it!!!!

  199. 199
    Paula L. says:

    Love the Ginger in brown! I have never seen these before!

  200. 200

    i love the new lyric and id pick it in yellow :) its about due time for me to get a new bag too!

  201. 201
    Mary says:

    pick just one???? i can’t…

    Ginger in Bisque or Caramel
    Clover in Caramel
    Stella in Gray

  202. 202
    Agnes Dela Cruz says:

    I would love to have the Paris in Purple. I love huge bag that I can place all my stuff and I think this is so perfect for me. :)

    Subscribe to ur status update :
    Liked MCP on FB: Agnes Dc

    fb post :

  203. 203
    Julia says:

    Clover in black!

  204. 204
    kaye says:

    I would love the Clover in gray! I’ve been looking a camera purse.

  205. 205

    Tweet easily shared!!

  206. 206
    Crystal says:

    I would pick the bag STELLA in the color pink. That bag is so fabulous and girly. I have a camera bag that is like a backpack now and I would love one that just looked like my purse. How flirty and fun! I would love to win. Thank you for this contest.

  207. 207
    Ashley says:

    I Would choose either the Ginger or Lyric in slate blue. They are all super cute though!

  208. 208
    Tommi Boger says:

    Shared the post on my facebook page! Thanks again!

  209. 209
    paola says:

    Would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Stella in Plum!!!!!

  210. 210

    If I won I’d pick Ginger in caramel! These bags look amazing!

  211. 211
    Julie Walter says:

    I like the Ginger. It would be perfect for those occasions that I want to bring my camera, but need to dress up, like weddings.

  212. 212
    Makila Lors says:

    I like the Pink Lola bag.

    I am subscribed and like MCP.

  213. 213
    paola says:

    would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the STella in Plum!

  214. 214
    Makila Lors says:

    I liked Epiphanie on FB!

  215. 215
    Cassie Lopez says:

    Ginger – I love love love Epiphanie’s Ginger!

  216. 216
    Tommi Boger says:

    Just subscribed via Yahoo. THanks so much!

  217. 217
    Ashley says:

    I love the new Lyric and that it holds an Ipad!! I would love Slate Blue – so versatile! Thanks for the chance!

  218. 218
    Alena says:

    Love love love the ginger and the clover! If I had to choose it’d be the clover thoUgh!

  219. 219
    paola says:

    Would LOVE the STella in plum! liked and subscribed!

  220. 220

    Shared on Facebook – letting the ladies and guys know for their ladies!

  221. 221
    Nicole says:

    I love the Lyric, especially in plum! The iPad pocket and cross body strap are awesome!

  222. 222
    Kristine says:

    I LOVE the Ginger bag!

  223. 223
    Jenny Reed says:

    SO hard to choose which one but id have to go with Lola in teal :)

    tweeted and shared on facebook!

  224. 224
    Kristine says:

    Also subscribed to your RSS today, thanks!

  225. 225
    paola says:

    would LOVE the Stella in plum!!!! already liked and subscribed!

  226. 226

    I LOVE them all, but I think the Clover bag in pink would be the one for me!!

  227. 227
    Kayla says:

    I love the stella in grey or purple

  228. 228
    Christine Oliver says:

    I love the “Clover” in the Camel color.

  229. 229
    Jamie says:

    I would love love the Lola in red or black!! I already like MCP on facebook and now I will like epiphanie on Facebook as well!! Thank you for this opportunity.

  230. 230
    Carrie Zimpfer says:

    I love the clover in camel!!

  231. 231
  232. 232
    Nicole says:

    Shared on Facebook!

  233. 233
    Jeanine Kolkemo says:

    Love that Bella in pink.

  234. 234
    Cassie Lopez says:

    Passed the word along to Epiphanie on Facebook that you sent me their way.

  235. 235
  236. 236
    Nicole says:

    Subscribed to the blog!

  237. 237
    Christine Oliver says:

    I subscribe to MCP’s Status updates and already like the MCP FB Page.

  238. 238
    Stacey says:

    Iwould love the Lola in red or teal, I can’t decide

  239. 239

    I already have the “Lola” in black but I would love the “Stella” in pink!~

  240. 240
  241. 241
    Amy says:

    I would choose the Clover in gray. I already like you on facebook and am subscribed to your updates!

  242. 242
    Nicole says:

    Left some love on the facebook page! Love you products :)

  243. 243
    Corry heinricks says:

    Love to own an E bag someday, keep hoping….. Lola in teal maybe, so many gorgeous ones to choose from though

  244. 244
    Becky says:

    I would love the Belle in teal! The perfect size for my camera!

  245. 245
    Stephanie Ziolkowski says:

    I would love the Ginger in Bisque!!

  246. 246
    Jamie Buckert says:

    Love these bags. I would probably choose the clover in gray!!

  247. 247
    Belva says:

    I love the clover in black. I think I may be ordering a bag before my summer vacation!

  248. 248

    I LOVE all the bags, but would choose the ginGer style bag in brown if I got my pick! This would be awesome to win!

  249. 249

    I am loving the yellow [lyric] bag! Love that you can just sling it over your shoulder and go!

  250. 250

    Subscribed to your RSS feed :)

  251. 251
    Belva says:

    I subscribe and like your FB page.

  252. 252
    paola says:

    also pinned, shared, subscribed to blog

  253. 253
    Christine Oliver says:

    I shared the giveaway on my FB and also “liked” Epiphanie. I really love their selection. :)

  254. 254

    I am subscribed to your status updates and I “like” MCP Actions already on Facebook! :0)

  255. 255

    Clover is a thing of pure beauty. I never win giveaways, but boy would I like to this time!

  256. 256
    Juliana Hawley says:

    I LOVE the Lola in RED!!!!!

  257. 257

    These bags look so stylish! I would pick the Clover bag!

  258. 258

    Left love for Epiphanie on FB and Twitter!

  259. 259

    Tweeted for a chance on Clover!

  260. 260
    Judith says:

    I absolutely want “Clover”! Actually, I would take any of them and even in pink (I hate pink)! Finally bags that look awesome. Thank you!!!!

  261. 261

    Left some love on E’s facebook

  262. 262

    I “Liked” Epiphanie on Facebook and left them some love!

  263. 263
    Janelle says:

    I love the yellow ‘Lyric’
    …and the brown ‘Ginger’ :) Heh..

  264. 264
    Annette G. says:

    I love the Stella, either in plum or grey! I also really love the Belle. =)

  265. 265
    Karla Aldinger says:

    I am in love with the Lyric. I love the new style and the customization and flexibility!

  266. 266
    Jennifer says:

    I love the Stella in gray! Crossing my fingers…what a great give away!

  267. 267
    Emily says:

    I would definitely get the Ginger in slate blue. But seriously, all of those are GORGEOUS!

  268. 268

    I would love the new Stella bag in purple!

  269. 269
  270. 270
    Jessie Lucas says:

    I love the Caramel Ginger – so pretty :)

  271. 271
    Anastasia says:

    Wow these bags are awesome! So many styles and colors, it’s hard to choose. I think I like Ginger in caramel the best. Second choice would be Lyric in Plum.

  272. 272
    Emily says:

    Commented on their Facebook!

  273. 273
  274. 274
    Emily says:

    Tweeted at them as well (@emu143).

  275. 275
    Jessie Lucas says:

    I have one of your buttons on my blog

  276. 276
    Amber says:

    I would LOVE the Stella in gray. It’s gorgeous!

  277. 277
    Emily says:

    Put a post up with a link to their website on my school’s group FB page (I’m a photography student).

  278. 278
    heidi says:

    Oh, I would love a ginger in the creamy ivory color! :)

  279. 279

    Shared via Linked-in.

  280. 280
    Justine Renee says:

    I would love a Stella in plum!

  281. 281
    Emily says:

    Subscribed to your status updates :)

  282. 282
    Cindy W says:

    Love the Clover, and would do in gray or black. Wonderful bags.

  283. 283
    Tiffany says:

    I love the Clover bag!

  284. 284
    Emily says:

    “Liked” you on facebook!

  285. 285
    Heather says:

    Definitely the Magenta/Pink Stella! It is gorgeous! I love them all but this one really does it for me.

  286. 286

    Visited and liked Epiphanie on Facebook!

  287. 287
    Juliana Hawley says:

    I also shared in FB, likes their site and left some LOVE on your site : )

  288. 288
    Jen says:

    Definitely the Clover in gray!!

  289. 289
  290. 290
    Janelle says:

    I love Ginger!

  291. 291
    Julie says:

    I love them all- I think maybe the Lola- such a hard choice

  292. 292
    Tiffany Bumgardner says:

    I would adore the clover black or grey bag. This is an exciting opportunity and they are so cute thanks for te contest and information it be great to win one but I’ll be saving money for one now!

  293. 293
    Amanda L. says:

    I think I’d choose the clover bag.

  294. 294
  295. 295
  296. 296

    It is so hard to choose! These bags are magnificent! Must spread the word! In the meantime, I am
    In love with the Ginger and Clover. Now I want to buy one!

  297. 297
    Rebecca says:

    I love the Lola and Belle in turquoise and the Stella in Plum (?)…it would be a hard decision, but I would be thrilled to have to make it!!

  298. 298
    Janelle says:

    “liked” epiphany and left them a note from you

  299. 299
    Janelle says:

    shared giveaway on facebook (Janelle Wourms)

  300. 300
    Janelle says:

    shared on my business facebook page (Janelle Wourms Design)

  301. 301
    Julie says:

    Shared on Facebook!

  302. 302
    Carrie says:


  303. 303
  304. 304
    Julie says:

    Pinned it as well

  305. 305
    Amanda L says:

    shared on twitter

  306. 306
    Stefanie says:

    They are all amazing, but I would pick STELLA in grey. Beautiful.

  307. 307
    amanda l. says:

    I liked Ephanie on fb, and twitter!

  308. 308

    Shared on my FB page!

  309. 309
    Jennifer La Sante says:

    They are all so awesome, it’s hard to pick! I think I would go with the Clover in Grey.

  310. 310
    Abigail says:

    BELLE – Tangerine
    Wow!!!! These purses are awesome!!!! I sometimes leave my camera behind because Im afraid of loosing it but with this purse it will defenitly will go with me all the time. I would pick Belle in the Tangerine why? Orange colors are in for for spring season. Good luck Ladies!!!!!!

  311. 311
    Julie says:

    Like epiphanie on FB now as well! Hope I win a bag :)

  312. 312
    Wendy F says:

    I liked mcp actions on FB

  313. 313
    Wendy F says:

    I would love to win Ginger in red.

  314. 314

    Tweeted from @kimblitt

  315. 315
    Anna Thomas says:

    I love love love the Lyric bag!!!

  316. 316

    I love the Clover in gray or teal!

  317. 317
    Carol E Brooker says:

    I love the Lyric in slate blue, I shared on face book and I already subscribe to MCP’s Status updates, I liked Epiphanie on FB and left a comment that you sent me,and I also pinned you.

  318. 318
    Dusica Paripovic says:

    I would probably pick clover in black!

  319. 319
    Amanda W says:

    I would love a Lyric in brown.

  320. 320
  321. 321
    Debbie M says:

    Love them all, but think I would pick the Stella.. any color.
    Share on my facebook page..
    Would really love to win one of these bags.. What a great giveaway..
    Congratulations on whoever wins!!!!

  322. 322
    Dusica Paripovic says:

    I shared on FB!

  323. 323
    Amanda W says:

    I have a permanent link to MCP actions on my blog. Thanks!

  324. 324
  325. 325
    Jenn Shock says:

    The red or pink Lola would be my choice :)

  326. 326
    Liz says:

    I would get the Lola in green or black.

  327. 327
    Mindy says:

    ooh, I’d want the lola!

  328. 328
    Sue K says:

    I am subscribed and also on Facebook. Thanks for the chance to win. I love the Ginger.

  329. 329
  330. 330
    Dusica Paripovic says:

    I subscribed!

  331. 331
    Andrea says:

    What beautiful bags! Hard to pick as they are all great. Stella and Ginger would be on the top of my list.

  332. 332
    Mindy says:

    I like MCP actions!

  333. 333
    Christina says:

    Lyric … I’d love a Lyric bag!

  334. 334
    Melissa says:

    Makes it hard for a girl to decide! Probably the clover or GinGer! True beauties!

  335. 335
    Crystal (momaziggy) says:

    I have the Lola in Red and LOVE it!

    I’d LOVE to add the Stella in gray to my bag cabinet! Thanks Jodi…this is great! :)

  336. 336
    Quin says:

    I love the Clover!

  337. 337
    Dusica Paripovic says:

    Shared love and let them know you sent me!

  338. 338
    Liz says:

    I just liked Epiphanie on FB and said you sent me!

  339. 339
    Jennifer says:

    Love the lyric in plum!

  340. 340
    Lauren says:

    Lola in red!!

  341. 341
    Carolina says:

    I love LOLA in any color!!

  342. 342

    I subscribed to your email feed.

  343. 343
    Mindy says:

    your button is on my sidebar!

  344. 344
    Sarah Speakes says:

    Love the Lola in teal!

  345. 345

    Subscribed to the RSS feed as well! (Can you tell I really need a new camera bag? LOL)

  346. 346
    Jennifer says:

    Added you to my RSS reader!

  347. 347
    Mindy says:

    I left a message on Epiphanie’s FB wall!

  348. 348
    Monique says:

    I just checked out the Epiphanie bags! I really love “Clover” in teal. Let me know as soon as I win, please! I enjoy reading your posts and learning from MCP Actions.

  349. 349
    Carolina says:

    Suscribed to your blog RSS feed.

  350. 350
    photoquilty says:

    Lola or Paris. Nice bags!

  351. 351
    Katrina S. says:

    I would pick the Lyric in Mustard!

  352. 352
    Tuesday says:

    I love the Ginger bag in slate blue!

  353. 353
    Laura Glover says:

    I love all these bags. Especially, The Stella….in a purple! Love!

    -Laura Glover

  354. 354
    Laura Ballard says:

    Love the Clover bag and I’ve already liked MCP actions and subscribe to status updates! A really cool bag! It would look GREAT hanging off my shoulder.

  355. 355
  356. 356
    Monique says:

    Shared the love and let Epiphanie know you sent me. They have really great bags! Liked you on facebook (a long time ago) and subscribed to you blog updates! Thanks for all you do for photographers!

  357. 357
    Kristen says:

    Love Love Love the Clover in Gray..

    I had no idea that they made camera bags so stylish. This would be so perfect for all the moments I wouldn’t want to miss out on. Especially with an active 11month old. Thanks for the opportunity!

  358. 358
    Tanya Sall says:

    The Paris in Black is to die for how fun are these!!!!!!

  359. 359
    Tracy says:

    Thanks for the giveaway! It’s a tough choice but I would choose the Clover bag!

  360. 360
    Carolina says:

    I twitted it! my id cemaraphoto

  361. 361
  362. 362
    Crystal (momaziggy) says:

    I posted on Facebook…

  363. 363

    I follow Epiphanie on FB and Twitter (and they sent me to you today)

  364. 364
    Crystal (momaziggy) says:

    I posted on Twitter…!/Momaziggy

  365. 365
    Sarah says:

    Shared on Facebook!

  366. 366
    Crystal (momaziggy) says:

    I have your banner on my PS for FUN Blog…

  367. 367
    jennifer says:

    totally in love with the “stella” bag…but could easily see myself carrying almost any of them! thanks for the giveaway!

  368. 368
    Stéphanie Rochon says:

    Love the lyric in yellow or brown

  369. 369

    Liked Epiphan!e on Facebook

  370. 370
    Tracey Miller says:

    Love the lyric in slate blue

  371. 371
    Sarah says:

    Pinned on Pinterest

  372. 372
    Jennifer McGraw says:

    The grey Clover bag is my favorite!!!! Already like both sites on facebook and am subscribed to receive updates.

  373. 373
    Nancy says:

    Clover. Camel.

  374. 374
    jennifer says:

    showed some love on epiphanie

  375. 375
    Stéphanie Rochon says:

    already liked epiphanie on facebook
    liked and suscribed MCP on facebook

  376. 376
    Ashlyn H. says:

    If I were to win I would choose the Epiphanie bag syle: LOLA! (in Red!!) It would be perfect!! I could carry all of my gear without looking like a total “Camera Girl”!! I love how sophisticated yet functional it looks! …my fingers are crossed!!

  377. 377
    Ami Godfrey says:

    I would LOVE to have the Stella bag in grey! Thanks for the chance to win!

  378. 378
    Crystal (momaziggy) says:

    I posted on their Facebook! :)

  379. 379
    jennifer says:

    shared on facebook

  380. 380
    Sharon P says:

    I think I like the Lyric in grey or brown, hard to decide :)

  381. 381
    Tracey Miller says:

    I like mcp on FB and subscribed to updates

  382. 382
    Corinne says:

    Lyric in PLUM… Lyric in PLUM… Lyric ~ ok, you now know my dream bag. I shared on my facebook wall, already like MCP Actions and subscribe to feed, & gave Epiphanie some facebook love.
    Anyone will be super excited to win any of their awesome bags!

  383. 383
    Becky Branch says:

    I love the Paris bag in purple :)

  384. 384
    Ami Godfrey says:

    I “like” MCP Actions on Facebook!

  385. 385
    Nancy says:

    I am an FB subscriber and liker already!

  386. 386
    Ami Godfrey says:

    I have subscribed to the updates on Facebook!

  387. 387
    Sarah says:

    Tweeted too!

  388. 388
    Ami Godfrey says:

    I have shared this giveaway on Facebook!

  389. 389
    Jennifer says:

    What lovely bags, so difficult to pick just one, but I think STELLA in Plum would be my choice!

  390. 390
    Ami Godfrey says:

    I have pinned this giveaway on Pinterest!

  391. 391
    Jennifer says:

    Shared this on FB!

  392. 392
    Crystal (momaziggy) says:

    I posted on their Twitter…and I think I’m done. Fingers crossed. I’ve wanted a second Epiphanie bag for so so long but I’m saving for my memorial tattoo for my grandma then a backup camera!

  393. 393
  394. 394

    Posted on their wall too! Love these purses!

  395. 395
    Sam says:

    I’s have to go with Lyric or Clover. They are so nice to have

  396. 396
    Molly says:

    Paris or Ginger! Love these bags!

  397. 397
  398. 398
    J Tyler says:

    Love them all! What a terrific idea.

  399. 399
  400. 400
    Andie says:

    Clover in Teal!! I Already Like and I’m still trying to figure out how to subscribe (I’m on an iPhone).

  401. 401
    Ashlyn H. says:

    I subscribed to MCP actions RSS feed for the 1st time!!

  402. 402
  403. 403
    Mandy Faulkner says:

    Already “liked”, shared on FB and would love the Stella in any colour

  404. 404
  405. 405
    Tracey Miller says:

    I shared on pinterest

  406. 406

    The Lyric bag is fabulous! (Just like MCP!)

  407. 407
  408. 408
    Jenne says:

    I love the LOLA in red!

  409. 409
    Tracey Miller says:

    I like Epiphanie on FB

  410. 410
    Ashlyn H. says:

    Left some love for Ephiphanie on their Facebook!!

  411. 411
    Emilia says:

    Hands down has to be Stella, I love the plum color they have, I’ve had my eyes on it for a while but can’t afford it. Crossing my fingers for this giveaway!

  412. 412
    Susan says:

    I really like the Clover!

  413. 413
    Emma says:

    i’d love the Lyric in blue =) I also liked on facebook!

  414. 414
  415. 415
    Gabby O. says:

    I really like the Lyric bag in the mauve/pink. It is stylish and simplistic. One long strap to hang off your shoulder for quick carrying or wear cross body while shooting ensuring all your necessities are just a quick reach away.

  416. 416
    Krista Vanden Bosch says:

    I would LOVE the Clover in Teal or the Stella in grey… either one would make me super happy!

  417. 417
    Jenny F says:

    I love the Clover in Fuchsia!

  418. 418
  419. 419
  420. 420
    Loretta says:

    GINGER in the caramel/brown color! I also follow on facebook.

  421. 421
    Krista Vanden Bosch says:

    Shared on facebook!

  422. 422
    elizabeth says:

    I love these…so chic. I totally am digging LOLA in teal<3

  423. 423
    Ashlyn H. says:

    Shared contest, rules, and MCP actions link on my Facebook page!

  424. 424
  425. 425
    Krystal S says:

    I would love Ginger in Caramel. I have liked you and Epihanie on FB. I shared this on FB.

  426. 426
    Krista Vanden Bosch says:

    Pinned on pinterest

  427. 427
    Krista Vanden Bosch says:

    added to g+

  428. 428
    Ash says:

    I LOVE the Clover bag. You had me at the braided leather :)

  429. 429
    Tina says:

    Love the Lola bag in red !!!

  430. 430
    peggy Marshall says:

    The hot pink stella is to die for …love it.. love it.. love it :)

  431. 431
    Krista Vanden Bosch says:

    Already “liked” MCP Actions on FB and have been subscribed to your updates

  432. 432
    Tina Jones says:

    Love these bags! Have subscribed, face booked (Tina Jones)and tweeted (@tinaphoto)
    Lola is my fave.

  433. 433
    Danielle says:

    Wow, it’s so hard to pick just one. But I think I would pick Clover in Grey. I already like MCP Actions on Facebook and have ‘shared’. Thank you

  434. 434
  435. 435
  436. 436

    Wow, just wow. I love Lola in Teal. Beautiful!!

    I like you and subscribe. :)

  437. 437
    Ginny B says:

    I would love Lola in Pink!! Shared on FB and Twitter. Thank you for this opportunity!

  438. 438
    Emilia says:

    I just subscribed to you RSS feed!

    I also liked MCP actions on FB and subscribed to your status updates!

    Thank you so much for this giveaway!

  439. 439
    peggy marshall says:

    now following your it :)

  440. 440

    I would pick the lola in pink…so hard to choose!

  441. 441

    If I were to win, I would want the clover bag in gray, to make all my photographer friend’s jealous! :)

  442. 442
    Justine Renee says:

    Already a HUGE fan of Epiphanie and MCP Actions! Left some love on Epiphanie’s facebook wall and Twitter :) Thanks for the oppurtunity! Crossing my fingers!

  443. 443
    Maggie says:

    Dreaming of that grey Stella bag for so long now!!

  444. 444

    I tweeted about the contest
    Giveaway: The Epiphanie Camera Bag Contest

  445. 445

    I’m lovin the Stella

  446. 446
    Peggy Marshall says:

    AAF of Epiphany on FB…visited & left alittle love :)

  447. 447

    I told Epiphanie on FB that MCP sent me!

  448. 448
  449. 449
  450. 450
    Anastasia says:

    Just shared your site on my FB account. Thanks for providing such great information and tips. Just trying to get back into photography and off auto.

  451. 451

    Wow. I LOVE this giveaway!!! I have been drooling over an Epiphanie bag for a long while now. :)I must say since my nickname between friends is LOLA. (They consider it my alter ego). I would have to go with the Lola style and although the red screams me if I won, I might have to go with black just to make sure I can match it everywhere I go! :) I would be happy with either of them because they are both GORGEOUS! :)

  452. 452
  453. 453
    Kristin says:

    I LOVE the Clover style in pink! Those bags are awesome. On my way to share on Facebook as well!

  454. 454
    Treneka says:

    I would love the LOLA in teal!

  455. 455
    Melissa says:

    I would get the lyric in brown.

  456. 456
    Treneka says:

    I follow on facebook

  457. 457
    Treneka says:

    I am now following on RSS feed

  458. 458
    bobbie says:

    stella in pink is so hot! love to win and thanks for the chance..just updated my mcp status updates too

  459. 459

    Added a comment to the Epiphanie FB page. :) Copied below.

    Hey Epiphanie !! The new MCP Actions giveaway has me full of hope! Thanks for making beautiful bags – especially one with my nickname “Lola” :) Ahhh totally drooling over you.

  460. 460
    Monica says:

    Hmmm…if I won I would choose STELLA in slate blue! What a lovely way to keep my camera with me at all times! I may even take more photos (if that’s even possible ;) Please save me from my boring black canvas camera bag!My camera will be so much happier resting in an Epiphanie!

  461. 461
    Peggy Marshall says:

    Shared on my bussiness page on FB……

  462. 462
    Jenny says:

    I would definitely get the Clover in the grey color. Love how roomy it looks!

  463. 463
    Debbie says:

    I love Epiphanie’s bags! It’s always been a tough choice between the Belle and Lyric for which one I like best.

  464. 464
    Treneka says:

    Left a msg on Epiphanie facebook!

  465. 465
    Sarah T. says:

    Ah!! I love Epiphanie!! I’d love a Ginger in caramel!!

  466. 466

    I love the “lyric” in yellow. Already subscribed and fan on fb !

  467. 467
    Sami says:

    I simply love Clover in aqua!

  468. 468

    Subscribed using Google+

  469. 469
    Alesa says:

    I love the Lola. I have had a crush on it for a while now. I like you on FB and follow your feed.

  470. 470
    Treneka says:

    Following on twitter and tweeted

  471. 471
    Melynda Tran says:

    I LOVE the Lyric bag in slate blue or yellow.

    I am a follower of your blog

  472. 472
    Amber Moore says:

    Loving the Belle bag in Teal! I am a FB friend as well as a blog subscriber. Thanks!

  473. 473
  474. 474
    Carrie S. says:

    I have been drooling over the Ginger forever…

  475. 475
    debi anderson says:

    I love the Ginger Blue Epiphanie – Awesome! And, love your actions! Keep the photo community going.. i love it… debi

  476. 476
  477. 477
    Jennifer Taylor says:

    Love all of them but I would have to go with The Clover in Black. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  478. 478
  479. 479
    Adam says:

    I’d pick the Lyric bag for my wife to add some style while she is gaining interest into photography.

  480. 480
    Carrie S. says:

    I shared it on facebooks!

  481. 481
    Kristine Hamilton says:

    The Lola is beautiful, fun and practical! Could it get any better. I see a birthday present for myself!

  482. 482
    Melissa Rhodes says:

    I would love the Stella in Yellow! We had to buy a new mattress for my son instead of buying an Epiphanie bag! I am still saving up to get one but it will take a while longer now!

  483. 483
    Anne Jeschke says:

    I LOVE LOLA, hot pink is what I would choose!

  484. 484
    Melynda Tran says:

    I have liked you FB page.

  485. 485
    Jennifer Taylor says:

    Subscribed to RSS Feed!

  486. 486
    Marie myler says:

    Lola in red…..I like & subscribe

  487. 487
    Jennifer Taylor says:

    Commented on Epiphanie facebook page letting them know you sent me!

  488. 488
    Anastasia says:

    Just subscribed to your RSS feed. Thanks!

  489. 489
    Jen D says:

    Would absolutely DIE for Ginger in slate blue

  490. 490
    Angie Litterst says:

    I love LOLA in red! What an awesome looking bag!!
    I already “LIKE”d MPC Actions on FB, but now “LIKE” Epiphanie as well. And I think I’ve already subscribed to your status updates, but will double check immediately. :) Sweet contest! Thanks!

  491. 491
    Carrie S. says:

    I added a banner on my photo blog

  492. 492
    Jen D says:

    Already Like MCP actions, and get yours and Jodi’s updates on FB as well

  493. 493
    Melynda Tran says:

    left comment on Epiphanie’s FB page that you sent me. I was already a fan of Epiphanie’s FB page.

  494. 494
    Jen D says:

    Subscribed to RSS feed

  495. 495
    Anastasia says:

    Me Likeee Epiphan!e on FB!

  496. 496

    I really like the Clover in teal! All of the Epiphanie bags are beautiful!

  497. 497
    Rosemary L says:

    Lola in Reb or black

  498. 498
    Jennifer Taylor says:

    Shared on Facebook!

  499. 499
    Kathleen Jones says:

    All of the bags are stunning! And if I could only pick one I believe it would be Clover in red. The details of the braiding is what really caught my eye. LOVE MCP!!!

  500. 500
  501. 501
    Jen D says:

    Shared on Twitter

  502. 502
    Tami Trejos says:

    Love Lola in pink.I shared on Facebook!

  503. 503
  504. 504
    Kimberly Day says:

    I would LOVE a Lyric in Brown!!!

  505. 505
    Amber says:

    Having a hard time deciding between the ginger, clover, or stella. Probably would choose Clover in Gray. Liked and subscribe!

  506. 506
    AdrianaG says:

    Stella or Ginger

  507. 507
    Jen D says:

    Left some love on Epiphanie’s FB from MCP actions

  508. 508

    I love the Lola in black!

  509. 509
    AdrianaG says:

    Already a subscriber

  510. 510
    Dawn Hirsch says:

    I’d pick the grey stella! :)

  511. 511
    J.J. says:

    The Clover in black!

  512. 512
    Jennifer Taylor says:

    Pinned on Pinterest

  513. 513
    AdrianaG says:

    I liked you alreday in FB

  514. 514

    I like and suscribe!

  515. 515
    Denise R Santiago says:

    I love MCP actions I get daily emails….

  516. 516

    Ooooh, I think I’d pick this one: in the blue color.

  517. 517
    Jen D says:

    tweeted some love for epiphanie on twitter with MCP actions

  518. 518
    Kelsey Mc says:

    I love the Belle in the teal/blue!
    very cool product line

  519. 519
    Tami Trejos says:

    Also subscribed to your feed

  520. 520
    Denise R Santiago says:

    I liked Epiphanie on FB, I have Pinned and Tweeted shared on FB..I subscribe to daily MCP actions-learned alot….All ready, liked MCP on Facebook, Twitter and Pininterest

    I love the Purple….

  521. 521
    Dawn says:

    I love the clover bag in teal/aqua! Wish I could actually afford one…maybe soon. I have subscribed and I always “like” :) lol.

  522. 522
    Lauren says:

    I’ve been a fan of these bags for a LONG time – one day I’ll own one! <3 My favourites are the Ginger in Brown and the Belle in Teal :) I already "liked" you (how I found out!) and I subscribe to updates now, too.


  523. 523
    Miriam Soppeland says:

    Love these bags! Must for any chic photographer.

  524. 524
    Mary Riemen says:

    Liked, Shared, Subscribed…and Pinned! I also commented on Epihanie’s wall!
    This is a great contest! I think if I were to win, I would either want a Lyric or a Ginger!

  525. 525
    Sheila Broderick says:

    Epiphanie Paris in Black would be Fabulous!

  526. 526
    T Strickland says:

    If I won, I would choose the Lola. It’s sleek and stylish like the other bags, but the name “Lola” fits my personality.

  527. 527
    Lauren says:

    Visited Epiphanie on Facebook

  528. 528
    Heather says:

    I LOVE the Lyric in brown. Have SO been waiting for something like this to be available! I am a fan on FB, subscribe to your emails, and everything else. :)

  529. 529
    Heather says:

    I also have visited Epiphanie on Facebook. Thanks!

  530. 530
    Tammy says:

    subscribed to MCP

  531. 531
    Tammy says:

    Love the new Lyric – not sure which color yet!

  532. 532
    Lauren says:

    Newly following Epiphanie on Twitter thanks to MCP Actions

  533. 533
  534. 534
    ShaBean says:

    Ginger (brown) and I would be BEST Friends! We would stroll the wharfs of San Fransisco, wander the streets of LA, sneak into Seattle and dodge fish and bop into the car for random road jaunts to chase the pretty skies!

  535. 535
    Lauren says:

    MCP Actions has a link on my blog (under Places & Faces in the sidebar!)

  536. 536
  537. 537

    I would totally get the Stella bag in gray if I had the money. It looks amazing! It’s about time for me to invest in a real camera bag. My equipment is getting more and more expensive and needs better protection than the mini backpack I use offers.

  538. 538
    Stephanie Bailey says:

    I drool over the belle in pink!!

  539. 539
    Stephanie Bailey says:

    I subscribed and have been Liking MCP for a while!!

  540. 540
    Brooke Free says:

    I like the ginger bag in the blue color. :)

  541. 541
    MariaV says:

    I would love either the clover or lola in black.

    I subscribe to status updates and “Like” MCP Actions.

  542. 542

    Love Lyric in yellow.

  543. 543
    Teresa says:

    Absolutely Beautiful… I really need to have one of these!

  544. 544
  545. 545
    Christen says:

    I would choose the Clover bag in Camel!
    I’m also a fan/subscribed on FB. :)

  546. 546
    Leigh says:

    Would LOVE to have the Clover in either Tan or Gray not sure which yet. Thanks for the chance :)

  547. 547

    I would love Lyric in Brown – thanks for the chance!!!!!

  548. 548
    Angie says:

    I would LOVE to win the Paris bag in black with the pink trim. So classy! I shared the contest on my Facebook page, posted to Pinterest and liked both Epiphanie and MCP. Thanks so much for this opportunity!!

  549. 549

    I am a FB fan and subscribe in bloglines to the feed…
    Thanks again!

  550. 550
    Janell says:

    I love them all but if I had to pick one, I’d preorder the Stella in Slate Blue!

  551. 551
    Angie says:

    I would LOVE the Paris bag in black with the pink trim. So classy! I shared your contest on my Facebook page and Pinterest. Liked both Epiphanie and MCP. Thanks so much for this opportunity!

  552. 552
    Lisa says:

    I’d totally rock the lyric! In mustard yellow!

  553. 553
    Angela says:

    I love LOLA in black!

  554. 554

    Have the MCP banner on my blog.

  555. 555
    Laura says:

    If I win I’d love the Lyric Brown! I already follow MCP actions on Facebook! I just heard about these bags, but they’re so beautiful!! I will definitely be putting these on my wish list!

  556. 556

    Left some love on Epiphanie’s FB page

  557. 557
    Jacquelyn Yelton says:

    I would have a hard time choosing one bag! Ginger in blue or Clover in black…
    I “like” MCP actions, ephanine bags and am subscribed to your updates.

  558. 558
    Leigh says:

    Have been a fan of MCP for a long time, am now subscribed.

  559. 559
    Karen Gibas says:

    Would love Lyric in yellow!!!

  560. 560
    Debi says:

    Stella, in gray!!!!

  561. 561
    Kali says:

    That was a hard many cute bags! I love the Lyric in slate blue. I already follow you on FB and just subscribed to your updates. Thanks for the chance!

  562. 562
    Christie says:

    The LOLA in red is gorgeous! I follow you on FB and pinned to my pinterest board. :)

  563. 563
    Leigh says:

    Have the MCP Actions Banner on my blog

  564. 564

    Just shared the contest through facebook and subscribed to the blog! Love the Lyric in Yellow

  565. 565
    Christina Kelly says:

    Belle in Tangerine is my fav!! I already liked your page and a huge fan! Also posted contest on FB!

  566. 566
    Kelly Oxtoby says:

    ‘Lyric in the Mustard Yellow! Beautiful bags!!

  567. 567
    Eli Renteria says:

    I love the Stella in gray… I hope I win :)

    I subscribe to status updates and “Like” MCP Actions!

  568. 568
    daisy coleman says:

    Clover In grey!!!!! Going to share you guys now!

  569. 569
    Eli Renteria says:

    I would love to win the Stella in gray!!

    I pin the giveaway for pinterest

  570. 570
    Cretia Ariail says:

    So hard to choose…but I would probably get Lola in Black…I love it in hot pink, too.

  571. 571
    Kali says:

    Shared on pinterest.

  572. 572
    Mary says:

    I would love to have the Ginger bag in caramel. If I don’t win, I’m going to put in on my birthday list!

  573. 573
    Mandy says:

    I love the Clover in Grey. What great bags. :-)

  574. 574
    Amanda says:

    The Belle in teal is my favorite.

  575. 575
    Karen Gibas says:

    Shared on Twitter & left some love on FB.!/KarenGibas/status/195180044598001665

  576. 576
    Amy E. says:

    What could be spunkier than Lola in red?

  577. 577
    Kali says:

    Sent them some love on FB and liked their page

  578. 578
    Stephanie says:

    LOVE Epiphanie bags! I definitely want the Lyric bag but I can’t decide between yellow or brown!

    I subscribe to status updates and Like MCP on FB. :) Thanks for such a great giveaway!!

  579. 579
    Roxanne says:

    I would like to have the Paris in the color purple. It is a popping color of purple. I would be proud to carry such a prized possesion as my camera in such a bag.

  580. 580
    Kim Clark says:

    Lola in Red. Amazing!!! I already follow MCP actions. Also amazing!

  581. 581
    Leigh says:

    Shared on my facebook and tagged Epiphanie

  582. 582
    June R. says:

    I LOVE the Lola bag in red! I’m already a FB fan and just subscribed for status updates. Thank you for the chance to win one. :)

  583. 583
    Angie says:

    The yellow lyric is so beautiful.

  584. 584
    Cristen says:

    Love the Lola bag in RED!!!

  585. 585
    Cristen says:

    I’ve been a fan of MCP on Facebook since I started this crazy journey 2 years ago!

  586. 586
    Victoria says:

    I love the Clover in black! :)

  587. 587
    Janell says:

    I love them all but if I had to pick just one I would pre-order the Stella in Slate Blue! :)

  588. 588
  589. 589
    Jenny Lowe says:

    I would absolutely love to have the red lola bag!!! i need it! Just lost my 50mm 1.4 when i picked up my Canon backpack bag thinking it was zipped and the lense rolled out and into the lake. :( I think a bag that opens from the top would be so much better!

  590. 590

    Clover in teal hands down! Beautiful!

  591. 591
    Cynde Clark says:

    I would love to have the Lola in pink!

  592. 592
    Cristen says:

    Liked Epiphanie’s page on Facebook.

  593. 593
    Monica says:

    I would be thankful in any color!!! Beautiful bag…I so need it!

  594. 594
    Araceli says:

    Clover and Lola in pink or red- both gorgeous!

  595. 595
  596. 596
    Ashley says:

    I love the Rachel clover bag! Great teal color!

  597. 597
    Lindsey Bergstrom says:

    Ginger in caramel….yummy
    Rss feed

  598. 598
    Olyvia W. says:

    LOLA IN TEAL!! That bag is beautiful!

  599. 599
    Rae says:

    I love the Lola bag in red. What a clever idea.

  600. 600
    barbara says:

    I love them all, but would be happy with Lola in black.

  601. 601
    Emily Kelly says:

    What a great contest! I’ve liked and posted and subscribed, oh my! Loving the GinGer Bag in Blue!

  602. 602
    Christina Burke says:

    I am in L-O-V-E with the pink Lola!!
    Long time fan of MCP & Epiphanie :)

  603. 603
    dee perrin says:

    I love the Lyric in Brown! It has been on my want list since it came out!

  604. 604
    dee perrin says:

    I have the MCP banner on my site!

  605. 605
    Rosa says:

    The Belle bag in teal is my favorite! Oh-so-beautiful!

  606. 606
    Beverly U says:

    Ginger in slate blue looks good to me!

  607. 607
    dee perrin says:

    I like and subscribe to MCP on Facebook!

  608. 608
    Vicki says:

    Gosh, all are lovely. Love the Ginger in brown the best. I’ve already “like” your FB page.

  609. 609

    I love the Stella bag in grey! SO cute!

  610. 610
    Beverly U says:

    I receive your blog updates by email

  611. 611
    Jolinne says:

    I love thee ginger in brown (caramel)!

  612. 612
    Mandie says:

    Ohh, Belle is GORGEOUS, and the pink would so match my hair.

  613. 613
    Jolinne says:

    I’ve both subscribed to your status updates and like MCP Action on FB!

  614. 614
    Jolinne says:

    Shared the contest on my Facebook Timeline!

  615. 615
    Sherri says:

    Wow, ok, so I know the odds are 1 in a BUNCH!
    Afterlooking, drooling over the Epihanie web page. My favorite color is purple (Lola) However, I think the two handles plus the shoulder strap would be just what the doctor ordered for the upcoming trip to Alaska! I can hang out on an iceberg getting some great shots and look stylish as well. Thank you for this great offer!

  616. 616
    Jolinne says:

    Left some love to Epiphanie of FB!

  617. 617
    Karen Flores says:

    I would love to have the Lyric one- any color would be awesome!

  618. 618
    Megan Schreurs says:

    I would love to win the Ginger in blue!

  619. 619

    I would love to have the Lyric in black

  620. 620
    Mandie says:


  621. 621
    Jodie says:

    I love love the Lyric in slate blue!! Perfect for my upcoming trip to Alaska!! I like & subscribe to MCP on Facebook, too!

  622. 622
    Jamie says:

    I would love the Lola in either black or red!! Thank you for this opportunity. I already ‘like’ MCP on Facebook and I will ‘like’ epiphinie on Facebook as well.

  623. 623
    Megan Schreurs says:

    I shared the contest on my facebook!

  624. 624
    Mandie says:

    Visited/mentioned Ephiphanie and MCP on FB and Twitter (crap, this is probably more than one entry!)

  625. 625
    Lisa Bosman says:

    I would LOVE to have the Red Lola bag!! I am not sure how to win, but I hope I do!!! Thank you!!! Lisa

  626. 626
    Mandie says:

    Mentioned the contest on Twitter – so excited. :)

  627. 627
    Megan Schreurs says:

    And I left Epiphanie some love on their facebook!

  628. 628
    Kristen L says:

    I would either go for the Ginger in Carmel color, or the Brown Lyric.

  629. 629
    Kristen L says:

    I like MCP actions on facebook and subscribe to your status updates!

  630. 630
    Nancy says:

    I would choose Lyric in Slate Blue.

  631. 631
    sue v says:

    I like ginger in brown

  632. 632
    sue v says:

    i lie you on facebook

  633. 633
    Rae says:

    I wanted to add besides loving the Lola bag in red, that I have subscribed to updates, “liked” MCP Actions, posted on Pinterest, Facebook, Google Plus,subscribed to RSS, posted link on Flickr, and visited and left message on Epiphanie Facebook.

  634. 634
    Jody Rollins says:

    I would love the Red Lola Epiphanie Bag. I am subscribed to status updates and already liked MCP Actions on FB.

  635. 635
    Traci Lotter says:

    I love the grey clover bag. Its chic and can be adapted for a crossover which is how I love my bags/purses. Its perfect for traveling too.

  636. 636
    Cindy Lynn says:

    Lyric in mustard!! Wow!

  637. 637
    alicia ochoa says:

    CLOVER in Fuchsia!!

  638. 638

    I would LOVE the LOLA!!

  639. 639
  640. 640
    Nicole P says:

    I already like and subscribe! :)

  641. 641
    Jen B. says:

    I adore these bags!! There are so many great choices! I especially love the yellow Lyric and the teal Clover! Have been a subscriber and “liker” for a long time now! :) Thanks again for these awesome giveaways!

  642. 642
    Nicole P says:

    I pinned on Pinterest

  643. 643
    Nicole P says:

    Shared on FB!

  644. 644
    Mel says:

    I LOVE the grey clover bag:) I have liked you and epiphanie on fb…and subscribed to your status updates.

  645. 645
    Julie Finch says:

    I love the Stella in gray! Such cool bags!

  646. 646
  647. 647
    Lilianna Moon says:

    Lola. In black. I’m in love!

  648. 648

    Subscribed to the blog. Yay! Thanks :)

  649. 649
    amyg says:

    Ohhh decisions, decisions. It would be a toss up between Ginger and Lyric. But I think Ginger would win my heart!

  650. 650
    Amber says:

    I visited epiphanie on facebook, and saw that they have another giveaway on Tip Junkie so I entered there too!

  651. 651
    megan says:

    I love the clover in red!

  652. 652

    Liked Epiphanie on FB. Thanks!

  653. 653
    megan says:

    I also shared your post and Epiphanie on pinterest :) I love the red clover bag!

  654. 654
    Sherry says:

    I love stella!

  655. 655

    Just visited the Epiphanie website and I would love for my wife to have the Belle in “teal” blue hanging from her shoulder as she visits our clients. It fits in with our companies colors and she has been dying to have a functional, amazing looking camera bag to tote with her everywhere. Show a caring husband some love! ;)

  656. 656
    Morgan says:

    So hard to decide but I love the Lyric bag in brown!

  657. 657
    Kelly Murphy-Mick says:

    If I won I would choose the Stella in any color!<3!!

  658. 658
    Hilarie says:

    Ginger is my favorite. I wish it came in a prettier color, but I’d probably still pick that one. Thanks for the chance to win!

  659. 659
    LaShawn says:

    OMG! I really want the CLover sooooo bad!!!

  660. 660
    Hilarie says:

    I have the MCP banner on my blog’s sidebar.

  661. 661
    Morgan says:

    I just visited Epiphanie on Facebook and left a comment letting them know the MCP Actions sent me.

  662. 662
    Brooke says:

    I love Belle in teal :)

  663. 663
  664. 664
    Leslie G says:

    I would love the Stella bag in gray

  665. 665
    Mrs. B says:

    They have Beautiul (with a capital B) selections. If lucky I would love to own the clover in Teal. :D

  666. 666
    Jeni Yantis says:

    Love MCP and Epiphanie Bags!! My favorite is Lola – Pink!

  667. 667
    kristi c says:

    Love them all think I am leaning towards the clover in teal :) so cute

  668. 668
    Kelly Murphy-Mick says:

    Shared on Facebook

  669. 669
    Kelly Murphy-Mick says:


  670. 670
    Priscilla says:

    I love the Clover bag in dark gray. That would be my choice!

  671. 671

    Visited Epiphanie website and I love their bags… I would love the Clover in Grey.

  672. 672
    S.T.( says:

    I would get the black Lola if I won. It’s versatile, looks great and fashionable and carries a ton! Love it!

  673. 673
    Kelly Murphy-Mick says:

    subscribed to rss feed

  674. 674
    Erin Bremer says:

    They are all awesome, but I think my favorite is the new Lyric in the purple color, my favorite color :)….

  675. 675
    Sarah says:

    Oh, I LOVE the Clover in red. Super cute!!!

  676. 676
    Kelly Murphy-Mick says:

    Added banner to my blog

  677. 677
    Anna Beauchamp says:

    I would love the Lola bag if I am chosen as the winner. It is beautiful and functional.

  678. 678
    Sabina says:

    I do love the Clover bag. I’m very picky about camera bags and have not found on in a style AND color that I like. The clover in red could possibly complete me. I reposted on FB and already “liked” you before this!!!

  679. 679
    Jen W. says:

    I’d love to have the Lyric in Plum!

  680. 680
    Carolyn Cloe says:

    I love the Clover bag, and like several of the colors it comes in. Love the style and the inside arrangement for lenses. It would be great for carrying your camera anywhere without it looking obvious that you are carrying a camera.

  681. 681
    Kim Jones says:

    I am dyyyyyyying to own the Lyric bag in yellow. I think I am in love!

  682. 682
    Amber says:

    I would love a new camera bag! Loved all the epiphanie bags! I would choose the Clover in turquoise! I already “like” MCP!

  683. 683
    Sonia gonzalez says:

    I would chose clover grey. I just love it

  684. 684
    Kelly Murphy-Mick says:

    Left Epiphanie some love on Facebook and Twitter

  685. 685
    shelley says:

    It’s so hard to choose, but I think I would pick Clover in Grey!

  686. 686
    Kindra says:

    Would love the Clover in Camel!!!!

  687. 687
    Bridgette says:

    I love Epiphanie bags and I am dying for the Ginger in blue!

  688. 688
    Ashley Meyer says:

    Subscribed to RSS Feeds

  689. 689
    Ashley Meyer says:

    Left some love on the Epiphanie FB page and told them you sent me.

  690. 690
  691. 691
    Ashley Meyer says:

    I spread the word on my personal and business FB pages about MCP actions!!

  692. 692
    Kindra says:

    Shared on my FB page – Kindra Hayes

  693. 693
    Kindra says:

    shared via Tweet @KindraHayes

  694. 694
    Jennifer S says:

    I have always wanted Belle in Pink :) ALl these bags are beautiful AND so perfectly functional!

  695. 695
    Kristi J. says:

    I have had my Eye on Clover for a very long time. Pink or Teal?? Can’t decide!
    Went to Epiphanie to look again. Still can’t decide on color but will def. get CLOVER!

    Hope I win :)

  696. 696
    Bridgette says:

    I subscribed to your blog on my Reader.

  697. 697
    Kindra says:

    Shared on Pinterest – Kindra Hayes

  698. 698

    I love the Lyric in mustard!

  699. 699
    Kelli says:

    It’s so hard to choose a favorite because there are soooo many amazing ones to choose from, but if I’m FORCED to, I would choose the Stella in purple! =]

  700. 700
    Stephanie Larsen says:

    I like the clover in grey!

  701. 701
    Kristi J. says:

    Subscribed to MCP Action updates!!

  702. 702
    Bridgette says:

    I left some love for Epiphanie on Facebook and Twitter

  703. 703
    Rachel G says:

    My favorite bag is the Lola in Turquoise. so pretty!

  704. 704
    Stephanie Larsen says:

    I liked MCP on Facebook!

  705. 705
    Bridgette says:

    I pinned MCP Actions

  706. 706
    Kindra says:

    First time subscriber via RSS

  707. 707
    Kindra says:

    Showed some love and appreciation on Epiphanies FB page.

  708. 708
  709. 709
    Kristi J. says:

    Subscribed to Blog RSS feed

  710. 710
  711. 711
    Carole says:

    I’ve been longing for an Epiphanie bag for ages so I’m really hoping I will win. I already subscribe to your blog, Epiphanie’s blog, like you on Facebook, like Epiphanie on facebook, etc! The bag I like best is Lyric but I’d have a hard time choosing between the mustard and the plum.

  712. 712
    Monica Nettle says:

    I’m torn between the Lyric and Clover bags, but if I had to choose I’d go with the Lyric bag in Slate Blue. (I’m already a subscriber on FB and like MCP on FB as well).

  713. 713
    caya says:

    i shared using the ‘Like’ Facebook option, as well as pintrest!

  714. 714
    Monique Richter says:

    Lola in teal!

  715. 715
    Melinda T says:

    Ooh, I’ve been wanting an Epiphanie bag for a long time! Would love to finally own either the clover in gray or the lyric in gray! Thanks for the chance!

  716. 716
    Jullie Herman says:

    Any bag in any color! They are all fabulous! If I had to pick I like the Lola in Pink. I’ll add these sites to my blog.

  717. 717
  718. 718
  719. 719
    Melinda T says:

    I subscribe to both Jodi Friedman and MCP Actions on fb.

  720. 720
  721. 721
    Kristi J. says:

    Shared MCP on my Facebook page :)

  722. 722
    Andrea says:

    These camera bags are so stylish! It’s so nice to see them geared toward women. I’m in love with all of them, but if I really had to chose only one, it would be the Belle, in blue!

  723. 723
    Melinda T says:

    I’ve been a blog subscriber.

  724. 724
    Kristi J. says:

    Commented on Epiphanie’s Facebook page!

  725. 725
    Katie C-M says:

    I would love to win an Epiphanie Ginger bag! I have used the Lola for about two years now and have loved it. Can’t say I wouldn’t mind a new addition though ;) .

  726. 726
    Melinda T says:

    Visited and left comments for Epiphanie on fb and twitter.

  727. 727
    Karen Wolff says:

    CLOVER in teal-LOVE!

  728. 728
    Kelley Biondolillo says:

    Id live the Ginger! Really cute!!!!

  729. 729
    Ana M. says:

    Epiphanie bags are beautiful! I like Paris because of the flap and it can be both elegant and casual, the two colors are so nice I can’t decide… and I love the pink interior. I also love Ginger in blue!

  730. 730
    Alyssa Klein says:

    If I won I would love to win a Ginger in the tan color. Thanks for the chance to win an amazing bag from Epiphanie. Thanks MCP!!!

  731. 731
    Kathy says:

    Oh I would LOVE to have the Clover in teal!!!!

  732. 732
    Sarah says:

    LOVE the Clover bag! Would like the camel or teal color, can’t decide! I pinned as well.

  733. 733
    Alyssa Klein says:

    I left some love on Epiphanie Facebook and Twitter!!!

  734. 734

    Oh my goodness, if I won, I would love the Lola in red. I have been lusting after this bag for months and months!

  735. 735
  736. 736
    mandy says:

    Lola is my favorite!

  737. 737
    Jane says:

    I would LOVE the Clover bag…. in gray… or maybe teal!! Thank you for this opportunity!!!

  738. 738

    I subscribed to the blog’s RSS feed!

  739. 739

    Sent some love on twitter!

  740. 740
    MaryBeth says:

    I absolutely love the Lyric in yellow… TY for the chance to win!

  741. 741

    Shared the contest on my FB page! :D

  742. 742
    Kristie C says:

    I could not narrow it down to just one, so I would be happy with Paris, Belle or GinGer. The bags are so much nicer then the backpack that I carry around now.

  743. 743
  744. 744
    Kristy says:

    Paris or Clover

  745. 745
  746. 746
    MalloryMegan says:

    I would choose, Lola, cuz she’s a showgirl…and in any color!

  747. 747
    MalloryMegan says:

    I also liked your actions

  748. 748
    MalloryMegan says:

    And am tweeting about this! (@mallorymegan)

  749. 749
    Melissa Rhodes says:

    I added your widget on my blog!

  750. 750
    Jane says:

    LIKED Epiphanie on FB… sent some MCP connected L O V E!!! Woohoo!!

  751. 751
  752. 752
    Fran C. says:

    Love the lyric in yellow, has space for camera and iPad!!!

  753. 753
    Elisa says:

    Fabulous bags…would love to win a pink Clover. It looks like the bag you can’t go wrong with, though they are all gorgeous and very functional.

  754. 754

    I’d love the Clover in Teal!

  755. 755
    Ana M. says:

    I subscribed to your blog RSS feed today :)

  756. 756
    Patricia Sue says:

    Oh my gosh, how do you choose!! I think I love the Clover in Teal and don’t know if I can live without it!

  757. 757
  758. 758

    I liked you on FB.

  759. 759
    Mary Christman says:

    I would pick clover in black. Classic style never gets old.

  760. 760

    I love the Belle bag.

  761. 761
    Toni says:

    Stella in Plum would be quite lovely.

    I already subscribe and like you on FB.

  762. 762
    Elisa says:

    I’ve tweeted and shared on facebook, liked Epiphanie on facebook and as always love MCP already. :)

  763. 763
    Jessica Frederick says:

    I adore the Lyric bag in Slate Blue!

  764. 764
    Christine says:

    I would love Clover in Grey!

  765. 765
    Melissa Ann says:

    I’d love Belle in teal :)

  766. 766
    Toni says:

    Tweeted at @dailyvignette

  767. 767
    Jenni R says:

    I like you on FB and subscribe too!

  768. 768
  769. 769
    Jenni R says:

    Ginger in the brown!

  770. 770
    Tamara S says:

    Love them all!!! Especially the lavender Ginger style, which would have to be my top choice!

  771. 771
    Regina R says:

    I would love a lyric in slate blue!!!

  772. 772
  773. 773
  774. 774
    Brittany says:

    I want the grey Clover!!!

  775. 775
    Brittany says:

    I already like Epiphanie on FB!

  776. 776
    Lisa says:

    Oh, how I love the red Lola!

  777. 777
    Regina R says:

    I visited epiphanie on twitter!

  778. 778
    Melissa Rhodes says:

    i subscribed to the rss feed!

  779. 779
    Jennifer Lee says:

    I LOVE the red clover bag!

  780. 780
    Jennifer Lee says:

    I’m subscribed to your fb page.

  781. 781
    Jennifer Lee says:

    I follow MCP on FB!

  782. 782
    cheyenn isom says:

    I would love to own the clover bag in teal!!!! And red and fuschia too if I was rich!

  783. 783
    Jennifer Lee says:

    I sent some love to Epiphanie on fb!

  784. 784
    Regina R says:

    I shared this giveaway on twitter!

  785. 785

    Clover in teal. My DREAM bag!!!!

  786. 786
    Jennifer Lee says:

    I have pinned this to my pinterest!

  787. 787
    Tammy Bilodeau says:

    Oh I could sure use a new nag for all my gear. I love the Ginger bag in the brown colour. Thanks for such a great giveaway

  788. 788
    Trisha Scrivner says:

    SHARED ON F/B& SUBSCRIBED 2 UR BLOG. I had already LIKED on FB :)

  789. 789
    Erika K says:

    I just LOVE the Clover in teal!! Thanks so much for introducing us to these!!

  790. 790
    Teri W. says:

    Love the Paris… ;-)

  791. 791
    Danyelle says:

    I like the pink stella bag/

  792. 792
    Alice C. says:

    I love the Black Lola!

  793. 793
    cheyenn isom says:


  794. 794
    Christa says:

    I love them all especially in red

  795. 795

    I would definitely go for the Stella in Plum!

  796. 796
  797. 797
  798. 798
    BarbaraR says:

    Hard to choose, Ginger in purple or Clover in red

  799. 799
  800. 800

    Subscribed to the RSS feed today!

  801. 801
  802. 802
  803. 803
    Genevieve says:

    I would love the Lyric in either Brown or Slate Blue! :)

  804. 804
    marie-josee says:

    LYRIC – Slate Blue

  805. 805
    Melissa Rhodes says:

    I visited Epiphanie on Facebook!

  806. 806
    Melissa Rhodes says:

    I visited Epiphanie on Twitter!

  807. 807
    Leslie F. says:

    I adore the Belle in Tangerine!

  808. 808
    Melissa Rhodes says:

    I shared on Facebook!

  809. 809
    leslie says:

    subscribed :) didn’t know I could do that!
    love Epiphanie, hard to choose….
    bite lip..
    clover in black….

    thank you :)

  810. 810
    Leslie F. says:

    I like MCP on Facebook and subscribe!

  811. 811
    Melissa Rhodes says:

    I tweeted!

  812. 812
    Melissa Rhodes says:

    I stumbled it!

  813. 813
    Melissa Rhodes says:

    I linked it!

  814. 814
    Melissa Rhodes says:

    I also emailed it!

  815. 815
    leslie says:

    gave love to epiphanie

  816. 816
    Melissa Rhodes says:

    I shared on Technorati!

  817. 817
    Melissa Rhodes says:

    I posted to Delicious!

  818. 818

    already a fan and already subscribed to your status updates… I would love a Lola bag in Red from Epiphanie.. thanks so much for the chance!!

  819. 819

    left love on Epiphanie facebook fan page

  820. 820
    Niccole says:

    I would love a clover in black!!

  821. 821
    Ayako Jordan says:

    I love Pink Stella! Thank you for this chance to win a beautiful bag :)

  822. 822

    shared on facebook!!

  823. 823
  824. 824

    have a MCP Actions banner on my blog

  825. 825
    Ayako Jordan says:

    Left some love on Epiphanie FB page

  826. 826
    Melissa Rhodes says:

    i added you to Plaxo!

  827. 827
    Ayako Jordan says:

    Shared this giveaway on my FB page.

  828. 828

    Subscribed to your blog RSS feed

  829. 829
    Ayako Jordan says:

    I’ve “liked” MCP Action FB quite long time :)

  830. 830
    Nicole Fernley says:

    Love the epiphanie bags! Awesome contest.

    They’re all gorgeous, but I would choose Clover in red. Oh, yes indeedy!

    Already a long-time follower on facebook and subscribe to status updates.

    You’re awesome, Jodi!

  831. 831
    Ayako Jordan says:

    Subscribed your update status

  832. 832
    Jeannie N says:

    That Ginger bag in the reddish brown is my absolute favorite!

  833. 833
    Vicki says:

    Would love the Lola in black,

  834. 834
    Kerri says:

    Would love the Clover in Grey.

  835. 835
    Lisa says:

    I subscribe to status updates and “like” MCP Actions on facebook!

    I would love GinGer in the purple/lilac color!

  836. 836
    Kerri says:

    Shared on Facebook as well.

  837. 837
    Kerri says:

    Shared on Twitter too!

  838. 838
    Rachel V says:

    Love these bags! I would get Clover in grey (practical) or Paris in Purple (fun) I have been searching for the perfect camera bag for years. It’s always struggle when I travel.
    I have been a follower on FB for a while, I liked Epiphanie on FB and left a comment. I posted on my fb wall as well and I get your emails.
    Would be so fantastic if I won this bag, I have several trips coming up in May I could really use it for.

  839. 839
    Ayako Jordan says:

    Shared on Pinterest

  840. 840
    Julie Mains Henderson says:

    I like the Stella in Pink! Just love love love it <3

  841. 841
  842. 842
    Paula says:

    Hi !! I really like the Lola, but torn between the pink and teal :) I shared on my FB page, I already liked MCP!! this would be super to win!!
    thank you

  843. 843

    Subscribed to status updates and already liked MCP Actions.

    I would adore an Epiphanie Lyric in Plum!

  844. 844

    Visited Epiphanie on Facebook

  845. 845

    Visited Epiphanie on Twitter

  846. 846
    Jana Davis says:

    I want the Stella!!! Shared on Facebook. :) already like you on fb and subscribe to updates.

  847. 847

    Subscribed to your blog rss feed using google frontpage

  848. 848
    Julie Mains Henderson says:

    Sent some love and told them you sent me!

  849. 849
    Jana Davis says:

    I also left a message on epiphanies fb page and told them you sent me!!

  850. 850
    Jeannie N says:

    I subscribed to your blog feed today!

  851. 851
    Megan says:

    Lyric in Blue!! Looks gorgeous and I love the long strap.

  852. 852

    Tweeted about your giveaway

  853. 853
    Rebecca H says:

    I love “belle” in teal. All the bags are beautiful!

  854. 854

    If I win, I’d pick the Paris bag in purple!

  855. 855

    Pinned you on pinterest

  856. 856

    +1’d you on google +

  857. 857
    Susan says:

    I love the Epiphanie Clover in Rust! It is the Ultimate!!

  858. 858
    Katie Smith says:

    I already liked MCP Actions and I already follow you too. AND I LOVE the Belle bag and the Lola too oh and did I mention the lyric bag?

  859. 859

    I shared this on Facebook!

  860. 860
    Eileen says:

    I love the Clover in fuschia. Black would be practical, but love the fuschia.

  861. 861
    Ivana Lane says:

    I would love to win BELLE bag! so pretty!!!

  862. 862

    I tweeted this on Twitter!

  863. 863

    I shared this on Linkedin

  864. 864

    I subscribed to your blog RSS feed for the 1st time today!

  865. 865
    Jan in Alberta says:

    It’s so hard to choose which one I like best. One minute I’m loving CLOVER in that lovely slate blue. then the next I’m drooling over BELLE in fuchsia. I think BELLE would hold more of the essentials I tote around.

  866. 866
    Rebecca H says:

    Visited Epiphanie on Facebook!

  867. 867

    I visited Epiphanie on Facebook and left some love!

  868. 868
    Jan in Alberta says:

    I’ve already been “liking” MCP Actions for a long time. just subscribed to the updates now too.

  869. 869

    I visited Epiphanie on Twitter and left some love!

  870. 870
    Eileen says:

    I repinned on Pinterest. Love the bags!

  871. 871
    Sharon says:

    This is a great giveaway. Thanks! I love the Clover in camel please.

  872. 872
    Rebecca H says:

    Subscribed to your blog RSS feed for the first time! My Yahoo!

  873. 873
    Jessica Frederick says:

    I also signed up for your blog RSS feed for the 1st time :) Thank you!

  874. 874
    jend says:

    Stella stella stella!!! I was just on their website the other night stalking their bags…awesome give a way and than you so much to MCP and Epiphanie for this give a way!!!

  875. 875
    Jessica Frederick says:

    I left some love on Epiphanies facebook page!

  876. 876
    Samantha says:

    Tweeted, fb’d, blogged, Google+’d, Pinterest’d, ModelMayhem’d, RSS subscribed, and web bannering as we speak.

    I WANTS me a Lola in Red so badly I can barely sit STILL for my overwhelming need of it.

    Can I haz it? I will hug it and love it and stroke its’ fur backwards. I PROMISE!

  877. 877
    jend says:

    I follow you on FB as well and now follow epiphany!

  878. 878
    Mary Riemen says:

    I just realized that I posted all of my actions on one comment!
    Liked on facebook!

  879. 879
    Mary Riemen says:

    Also pinned on Pinterest :)

  880. 880

    Posted on my Facebook page, commented on your facebook page and shared it with my photographer friends as well! ;) Love the Clover in teal or grey… I’m not picky ;)
    Thanks for the great giveaways!

  881. 881
    Sarah C says:

    I would love a black Lola!

  882. 882
    Becky H says:

    Following Epiphanie on twitter and left LOVE!

  883. 883
    Lisa says:

    Hard to choose, but think I would go with the Lola in red

  884. 884
    Christy Peterson says:

    I would love the grey Stella!

  885. 885
    Lisa says:

    Subscribed to status updates.

  886. 886
  887. 887

    I would LOVE the Clover in Teal!

  888. 888
    Rebecca Hewinson says:

    Left love on FB!

  889. 889
    Christy Peterson says:

    I subscribed to your blog feeder by email

  890. 890
    Lisa says:

    Liked Epiphanie on facebook

  891. 891
    Lisa says:

    Already a fan of MCP on Facebook.

  892. 892
    CyndyJ says:

    Loving the Clover (either red or grey)

  893. 893
    Christy Peterson says:

    I left a comment on the Epiphanie FB page

  894. 894
    CyndyJ says:

    Already subscribed and liked on FB!!

  895. 895

    I adore the new Lyric bag in Mustard!!

  896. 896
    CyndyJ says:

    Shared on Facebook!

  897. 897

    I already ‘like’ MCP on Facebook, but I subscribed!

  898. 898
    Christy Peterson says:

    I shared on FB!

  899. 899
    CyndyJ says:

    Shared on twitter (@cyndyinga)

  900. 900

    I have liked MCP actions on facebook, ordered all the actions available over the last several years, and given feedback on the new Necessities actions for newborns. Love the Stella bag in plum. These bags are beautiful! Thanks for the contest!

  901. 901
    Tanya Mora says:

    Shared your giveaway & gave your pages some love :) I would love to win the STELLA purse, gorgeous!!! Thanks for the giveaway!

  902. 902
    CyndyJ says:

    I liked Epiphanie on Facebook!,

  903. 903

    I shared on Facebook!

  904. 904
  905. 905
    Tammy says:

    I have the Clover bag in turquoise and I LOVE it! I especially use it when I travel and get lots of compliments on my ‘cute bag’! People are extra impressed when I share that it is my camera bag! It is a bit large for my small frame for everyday use, though. I would LOVE the Belle bag to carry with me every day. I’m currently in the middle of a 365 project so my camera is always on me. This is hands down the most stylish and convenient way to carry my cameras!

    **Oh, and I Pinterested, too- to my ‘products I love’ board :o)

  906. 906

    Pinned it on Pinterest!

  907. 907
    Kelly Hunter says:

    Looked around the shop and have had my eye on Lyric for quite some time now!

  908. 908
    Sabrina Ellis says:

    I would love a “Ginger” in caramel!

  909. 909

    Visited them on Facebook and Twitter and let them know You sent me!

  910. 910
    Debbie says:

    Love the stella in slate blue.

  911. 911
    Debbie says:

    Subscribed and liked!

  912. 912
    Kara Thompson says:

    Visited the Epiphanie Website and I love the Paris in Purple!!! It makes my heart happy!!

  913. 913
    cathy adams says:

    these are GORGEOUS bags!!!!!!

  914. 914
    Holly B says:

    I would choose Clover in gray.

  915. 915

    I love the pink BELLE! But i would take any of them.

  916. 916
    cathy adams says:

    lyric plum!!! I love it!!!

  917. 917
    Donna says:

    So hard to choose, but I think I’d go with a pink Stella.

  918. 918
    Robyn Brown says:

    ooooh the red clover

  919. 919
    Lan S says:

    Just like you, I’d love the Clover in Red!

  920. 920
    Kara Thompson says:

    Visted your twitter page and your facebook page and left some love!!!

  921. 921
    Kara Thompson says:

    I subscribed to your RSS Feed!!!

  922. 922
    Lan S says:

    RSS too!

  923. 923
    Jen M says:

    I liked MCP Actions on FB and would *love to win a Belle in Tangerine!

  924. 924
    Adrianne says:

    I have had the purple Paris bag on my list forever! I love, love, love their bags. They are not only functional but so stylish. Thanks for the contest.

  925. 925
    Angela says:


  926. 926
    Adrianne says:

    I left love on Epiphanie’s FB page.

  927. 927
    Tracy says:

    If I win I will have to chose between Paris (WANT!) and Ginger (practical) but I’m not sure which side I’ll land on yet. ;-)

  928. 928

    I would love to win a red Lola bag!! I just bought one for my sister Last week as a graduation present. Since I a, graduating too I would love to have a matching bag!

  929. 929
    Kelly Hunter says:

    I subscribed to your updates AND have liked mcp actions on facebook for ages :)

  930. 930
    Kelly Hunter says:

    I shared on my personal timeline on facebook (Kelly Hunter)

  931. 931
  932. 932
    Jennifer Fredericks says:

    I am absolutely in LOVE with the Lola in Black! Thanks for an awesome giveaway!!! :) I Like MCP actions and am subscribed to your updates! (@nenner1)

  933. 933
    Jennifer Fredericks says:

    Left some love on Facebook (@ nenner1) and twitter (@nenner1)!/nenner1/status/195282642688671745

  934. 934
    Jennifer Fredericks says:

    I am a new subscriber to your rss feed via email! :)

  935. 935
  936. 936
    Kelly Hunter says:

    Subscribed to the rss feed via my yahoo!

  937. 937
    Kelly Hunter says:

    Visited Epiphanie on FB and showed them some looovve on the wall :)

  938. 938
    Jennifer Fredericks says:

    I pinned about the giveaway on Pintrest!

  939. 939
  940. 940
    sherelle crawford says:

    if i won this awesome giveaway, i would definitely pick the lyric bag in plum! it is BY par my most favorite epiphanie bag. Lyric is also my nieces name so i just fell inlove with it when i first layed eyes on it <3

  941. 941
    Jennifer Fredericks says:

    I tweeted about the giveaway on twitter! @nenner1!/nenner1/status/195284257537658881

  942. 942
    sherelle crawford says:

    i subscribed to your status updates and liked MCP designs

  943. 943
    Paula Krob says:

    Ginger in slate blue! yay!! Thanks!

  944. 944
    Kathy Holton says:

    I would love the Ginger; in brown as shown. Beautiful bags.

  945. 945
    Keetra Baker says:

    I would so love, Love, LOVE the clover bag in black! I didn’t know about these bags until today, and I’m in love!! So much more stylish than a normal camera bag. I *knew* there was a reason I didn’t buy one yet with my birthday money!!

  946. 946
    Christine says:

    I’ve Liked, Subscribed and Shared on facebook. I love the red LOLA bag!

  947. 947
    Kathy Holton says:

    Also left comment on website and on facebook.

  948. 948
    Keetra Baker says:

    Just shared a note about having entered the contest on Facebook!

  949. 949
    Sara says:

    Stella!! I love Stella!

  950. 950
    Jessica K. says:

    BELLE in any color!

  951. 951
    Jessica K. says:

    Already “like” MCP Actions!