Giveaway: The Ultimate Newborn Photographer Prop Prize Pack – $1,200 Value


This contest is now over.  The winner is Laura Van Ravenswaay – entry #2205.  We appreciate all who entered.  Come back soon for more great newborn photography tips and help.  And future contests too.




This is the ultimate giveaway for newborn photographers! Win more than $1,200 worth of hats, wraps, accessories, an Ottoman Posing Beanbag, and a backdrop and flooring. Whether you are a professional photographer or just getting starting in your journey to photograph newborns and babies, this prize package has the perfect assortment of goodies.  And best yet, entering is easy.  Just answer one of two questions we have for you – read on for details.

Introducing the prizes and our wonderful hosts of the contest:

After the Bump is giving away: $600+ worth of newborn photography props and accessories from their store.

Shoot Baby is giving away an Ottoman Posing Beanbag and a three pack of waterproof pads. $130 value.

Rock the Drops is giving away a two 60×72″ poly backdrops and one 60×72″ dura floor backdrop. $450 value.

+ Shipping from After the Bump and Rock the Drops is included anywhere in the United States; shipping from Shoot Baby is included anywhere in the world! If you are outside the United States, you may still enter, but will be asked to cover taxes and tariffs as required by law and shipping for the two vendors indicated.



How to enter the contest:

  • For seasoned newborn photographers: add a comment telling us your best piece of advice for photographing babies or editing images of newborns.
  • For those who are fairly new to photographing newborns: list one question you have for a professional photographer who focuses on newborns.

Extra entries:

 Winner will be announced:

  • On our blog Sunday evening, 5/6/12.  The winner will be selected by either random drawing – or – my twins may pick the winning number (also pretty much random). And I will add the winner’s name to the top of this post.


Prize details:


Jodi Friedman, MCP Actions

Jodi Friedman is the founder of MCP Actions. She designs popular Photoshop actions and Lightroom presets that make editing faster, easier and more fun.

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  1. 1
    Julie Walker says:

    Hello! I am new to newborn photography. My question is: What are some good tricks to get them to be comfortable? My few attempts were met with crankiness. :)

  2. 2
    Heather Maneke says:

    I shared to my facebook linking to this page and to MCP facebook

  3. 3
    Lisa Crane says:

    I don’t do alot of new born but most of my newborn clients come from past wedding clients. Best advice is to set aside at least a 2-3 hour block of time and have a heater because babies hate to be cold. Always try to photograph the baby when they are sleeping because an awake baby is usually a little on the cranky side. This is where the patience comes in.

  4. 4
    Heather Maneke says:

    I have share this giveaway on Pinterest

  5. 5
    RacHael Clark says:

    How do you handle fussy babies who refuse to sleep?

  6. 6
    Melissa Heuscher says:

    What kind of lighting setup do you use to get such gorgeous light on the babies?? It’s always so perfect!

  7. 7
    Jayson Simmons says:

    When photo shooting a newborn session, as you finish the photo shoot are you absolutely confident that you have what you want? Are you ever satisfied with the outcome of the finals?

  8. 8
    kristie says:

    My question is, How do you get the first time parents to stay calm and relaxed while you change poses and move around?

  9. 9
    Amanda Snodgrass says:

    I’ve only done a handful of newborns and would love to get into newborns more. I have found the need of patience with the newborn and the mother. Calm and relaxed so the baby doesn’t sense the tension. My biggest question would be: What is suggested for lighting? I don’t want to bombard the baby with lights that will startle them each time they go off. I’ve read about using lighting from a window. I’ve bounced light off a ceiling, but sometimes that seems to not be enough. Should that be more of a concern in editing?

  10. 10
    kristie says:

    I left a message on the 3 vendors. I also shared this on my page

  11. 11
    Kelly says:

    I am fairly new to newborn photography focusing more on toddlers and preschoolers. I have a newborn session coming up and my question is – what do you do when they don’t want to go to sleep?!

  12. 12
    Heather Maneke says:

    I have Visited the three vendors on Facebook: After the Bump, Shoot Baby, and Rock the Drops. I left a comment on the wall with the exception of Shoot baby. They don’t allow comments by the public, so I sent a personal message thanking them

  13. 13
    photoquilty says:

    My best advice when photographing newborns: keep plenty of warm milk on hand – whether by having the mom nurse the baby over and over again, or a warm bottle. My babies always look their best when they are warm and fed.

    This is a great contest!

  14. 14
    Angel Gray says:

    I visited all three vendor sites, have already been using shoot baby products (love them) but definitely loving those ruffle bloomers over at after the bump too!

  15. 15
    Angel Gray says:

    I have been shooting newborns for a few years now. My most favorite tip is the heating pad I put under the blankets. It is not the plug in kind so no worry about it heating too much. It is full of beans and I put it in the microwave for a couple minutes to heat. It stays hot for a while and it is under a couple layers of blankets, not touching the baby. Also a tiny space heater I picked up on amazon and a noise machine that I hang from the backdrop stand! Also, keep the environment calm! No extra people if you can avoid it (grandmas who want to watch etc.)

  16. 16
    photoquilty says:

    I just visited the FB sites of the awesome companies that are supporting this giveaway!

  17. 17
    Danielle says:

    My best piece of advice for any newborn shoot would be to make the parents as comfortable as possible with you, especially if they are first time parents. You are handling their precious package and they need to know that you are making their baby’s safety your first priority and great portraits second. Let them help too by holding a blanket or soothing the baby if/when they get fussy. They like feeling like they are not just spectators. :-)

  18. 18
    Jenny Walker says:

    I’m new to newborn photography and my question would be: What is the best fail safe pose to use for a brand new little love bug?

  19. 19
    Jenny Walker says:

    I shared on Facebook!!!!

  20. 20
    photoquilty says:

    Posted your link on FB!

  21. 21
    Jenny Walker says:

    I shared on my Business Facebook page!!!

  22. 22
    Bethany says:

    My question for an experienced newborn photographer would be about lighting. What is their favorite type of lighting? I love natural light and that’s mainly what I use.

  23. 23
    Jenny Walker says:

    I shared on Twitter!!!

  24. 24
    photoquilty says:

    Posted your link on Twitter!

    Thanks for this contest, Jodi.

  25. 25
    Jenny Walker says:

    I thanked all three vendors…Rock the Shot, Shoot Baby, After the Bump!!!

  26. 26
    Bethany says:

    I posted a link to your newborn actions on facebook.

  27. 27
    photoquilty says:

    I bought the Newborn Necessities set when you prereleased it. Love it!

  28. 28
    Sue says:

    Still new to newborn shoots – but my advice is to be patient. Newborn shoots can be long but oh so much fun! Keep the room nice and warm and be prepared for anything … as in bring a bag to put wet blankets or material/props in.

  29. 29
    Kristi Fiske says:

    Sharing on my FB Photography page: Kristi Fiske Photography (=

  30. 30
    Rebecca Eichelberg says:

    My question is: is it better to really smooth out a newborn’s skin, or leave some of those details in the image? Newborn’s typically have more reddish skin with dry skin patches or flakes, and I’ve seen pictures both ways.

  31. 31
    Timothy says:

    One tip that has a dual purpose and I just learned is to use a hair dryer. It serves to keep baby warm, and also to provide that soothing white noise that most babies love!

  32. 32
    Danielle says:

    “Liked” all three vendors as my business and thanked them all for the very generous donations!

  33. 33
    Rebecca Eichelberg says:

    Posted on Facebook

  34. 34
    Rebecca Eichelberg says:

    Pinned on Pinterest

  35. 35
  36. 36
    Danielle says:

    Just pinned (or attempted to pin) the actions website to my Pinterest board!

  37. 37
    Sue says:

    I pinned the contest on pinterest!

  38. 38
    Leah Odom says:

    How do you get a newborn to sleep on the props if the poor baby has never left the mothers arm? I have had this experience. Baby woke up everytime she left her mother’s arms.

  39. 39
    Rebecca Eichelberg says:

    Visited all three vendor Facebook sites and posted thank you’s and liked them.

  40. 40
    Danielle says:

    Added to my business facebook page! This is such an amazing giveaway!! :-) Thank you so much!

  41. 41
    Sue says:

    Shared about the contest on fb!

  42. 42
    Kristi says:

    Shared on my FB photography page and liked all vendors pages: awesome contest! Advice: heating blanket to keep those newbies warm and cozy! Just remember to check the heat before laying the babes down (=

  43. 43
    Leah Odom says:

    Shared on Facebook!!

  44. 44
    Leah Odom says:

    Sent thank you notes to the vendors sponsoring the giveaway.

  45. 45
    Sue says:

    Visited After the Bump, Shoot Baby, and Rock the Drops on fb. Left a msg for them too. Love this stuff!!

  46. 46
    Alysson K. says:

    I already had “Liked” all three of your generous co-vendors, but I left them all some love and a thank you on their walls! :)

  47. 47
    JessS. says:

    I’ve only been photographing newborns for about a year now. I’ve learned to keep my hands warm, and that a space heater is my best friend. I still have a question though: How long do your newborn sessions last, and how do you price accordingly for that?

  48. 48
    JessS. says:

    I posted about the Newborn Necessities and about the giveaway on my facebook page:

  49. 49
    Tonya B says:

    Super new to shooting newborns. My question would be what are the biggest mistakes you made during the beginning of your career as far as shooting newborns? So far alot of my portfolio are toddlers & up & at every shoot I learn something I wish I wouldve known/thought about before we started that day.

  50. 50
    kala bernier says:

    First of all this is awesome! MY best piece of advice is to be patient!! Every baby is different some may be a little harder to prop, get to sleep, etc. As long as you are patient and take your time you will get the results you are looking for :)

  51. 51
    JessS. says:

    I also posted it on pinterest!

  52. 52
  53. 53
    Tonya B says:

    Shared on Facebook

  54. 54
    kala bernier says:

    I have liked all vendors and left TY notes<3

  55. 55
    JessS. says:

    I wrote a thank you note to all three vendors. to Shoot Baby, I sent a message rather than wrote on their wall, as it wasn’t allowing me to do differently. I am crossing my fingers!!!

  56. 56
    Rhonda Kelly says:

    I’ve been doing photography for 3 years now. But I’ve only done a few newborn sessions. How do you get them to sleep during the session? lol each newborn was wide awake and wouldn’t go to sleep. Also is there a way to prop them up with out having to edit out hands/arms?

  57. 57
    Tonya B says:

    Visited & commented on all 3 of these great vendors!

  58. 58
    krista says:

    wowza! my question would be: what made you start feeling comfortable photographing newborns?

  59. 59
  60. 60
  61. 61
    krista says:

    visited all three vendors on FB (liked and thanked too!) :)
    and now my fingers and toes are all crossed!!!

  62. 62
    Arya says:

    I have a question for all you seasoned baby photogs out there – How do you get the babes to fall asleep? This is the hardest part for me and tend to stress over baby not falling asleep so I can get those “sweet” images.

  63. 63
    nicole says:

    I have a question. How do you calm down the new parents, while I’m contorting their newborn?

  64. 64
    Ashley says:

    What are some helpful hints for posing newborns? What works and what doesn’t?

  65. 65
    Kathy Thorson says:

    I do not shoot newborns because I feel it is the same types of things over and over. If you are a newborn only photographer, what do you do to make your images different from other photographers? What makes your work unique that allows you to make a profit?

  66. 66
    Kathy Thorson says:

    I shared the newborn action set on my facebook page.!/althauser1
    LOVE your products MCP!

  67. 67
    Kendra Jean says:

    Awesome giveaway!! Crossing my fingers:) I am not a “seasoned” newborn photographer, but my advice is that under 10 days old is my favorite age, and they like to be warm/cozy! Keep them bundled up until your ready to take the shot. heaters/warm hands help too.

  68. 68
    Rhonda Kelly says:

    I shared the link on Facebook, Twitter, & Pinterest!

  69. 69
    Jenny says:

    Would love tips on posing babies on their bellies.

  70. 70
    Rhonda Kelly says:

    I visited all 3 on facebook : After the Bump, Shoot Baby, and Rock the Drops and thanked them for joining with you for an awesome giveaway package!

  71. 71
    sarah raanan says:

    I have a few newborn sessions under my belt but i often find myself sticking to my ‘safe poses’. I dont seem to be able to get my babies to keep their hands still e.g when wrapping them in cheesecloth, they just open up their hands and their fingers poke through the cloth! also when trying to tuck their hands under their chins, how on earth do i get them to keep them still?! Thank you :)

  72. 72
    Ronnie Garrett says:

    The first time I photographed a newborn, the photos didn’t measure up to what I wanted. I’ve photographed 25 or more newborns since and I’ve learned the following: One, the room needs to be warm. Two, bring a heating pad or water bottle to warm the surface before you put the baby on it (never put it under the baby, that’s dangerous). Three, the baby needs to be milk drunk. Have Mom feed them right before you start. Four, keep them swaddled as much as possible. Five, bring someone to help or ask the parents to help. And finally, be patient and wait them out. Eventually they fall asleep and once they do, you can do pretty much anything.

  73. 73
    Jenny says:

    Hated your link for the newborn actions on my Facebook page :0)

  74. 74
    sarah raanan says:

    left messages for all three vendors, though shoot baby’s wall wasnt open for comments, so had to comment on a previous post… :)

  75. 75
    Ronnie Garrett says:

    Posted on Facebook!

  76. 76
    Kimberly Royal says:

    For seasoned newborn photographers: How did you come across your photo editing style? I find that I love many many processing styles and find it difficult to stick with one. When this happens it seems like my images from a single session don’t flow.
    Thank you!

  77. 77
    Kimberly Royal says: Shared action set here :o)

  78. 78
    Jenny says:

    Visited After the Bump, Rock the Shot and Shoot Baby and left them a message of gratitude!

  79. 79
    Kimberly Royal says:

    I pinned the giveaway on pinterest!

  80. 80
    Kimberly Royal says:

    Visited all three vendors for a big thank you!

  81. 81
    Kim Vaccariello says:

    Im a newbie, my question is with positioning the babies. Do position the baby yourself or do you have the parents position them? I am nervous about hurting them or having parents get mad about maybe mushing their leg or arms!

  82. 82
    Kim Vaccariello says:

    I shared the newborn link on my FB page

  83. 83
    Kim Vaccariello says:

    I tweeted about the newborn set!

  84. 84
    Kim Vaccariello says:

    Pinned to pinterest

  85. 85
    Kim Vaccariello says:

    I went on Rock the Drops, After the Bump and Shoot Baby facebook pages, I couldnt thank Shoot baby though, they dont allow you to post. Thank you Shoot Baby!

  86. 86
    Kelly Gentz says:

    Oh my gosh! This is the most amazing giveaway. My advice is be patient and my question is: Are there any tricks for getting newborns to smile other than being lucky?

  87. 87
    Jessica Tanner Photography says:

    To acheive the perfect light for newborn photography, place your bean bag at a 90-60 degree angle to the large window that you are using for natural light. Make sure that the light is flowing down the baby’s nose, not up the baby’s nose. This gives nice even shadows to accent the baby and nice depth.

  88. 88
    Kelly Gentz says:

    I left some love for all three vendors!

  89. 89
    Carol E Newaom says:

    I really want to get into newborn photography. So my one question to all the newborn photographers is, How do you deal with the nervous new mothers when you’re trying to get those awesome baby poses??? Also, pasted link to giveaway on my Facebook!!!
    Carol Elizabeth on FB

  90. 90
    Nikkie H. says:

    Question for the Newborn professionals. What are your must have shots for your clients? How many different poses do you do in a session? Never sure if I’m providing enough variety?

  91. 91
    Lacy says:

    Newbie Question: What tips can anyone share about what parents should do beforehand in order to ensure the shoot goes as smoothly as possible? Like, should baby come fed, right after a nap, etc? Suggestions APPRECIATED!!!!

  92. 92
    Lacy says:

    Shared on Facebook!!!

  93. 93
    Danielle Finn says:

    My one question would be;
    Without having to spend too much money on props (when you cannot afford to) which items are a most have? I have troublw with deciding on must haves.

  94. 94
    Nikkie H. says:

    I have visited and thanked all of the gracious sponsors! Thanks to all involved for this fantastic opportunity!!

  95. 95
    Vickie says:

    Patience! With the baby and the parents. Make sure the environment is warm and comfy. NEVER leave the baby acne/redness/veins in your finished product.

  96. 96
    Lacy says:

    Shared via my Twitter! @lhensley_photo

  97. 97
    Lacy says:

    Visited all 3 to say THANKS!!!!

  98. 98
    Patricia Peeters says:

    What an amazing giveaway!!!

    My question to a photographer off newborns should be:If you can choose one thing you could bring with you for a newborn shoot,what would it be?

    I only place it on FB because it’s the only one network I use.

    I visited the three vendors,marvelous

    I bought a few day ago the newborn actions,and I really think they are fabulous.
    See picture below,the first newborn picture I’ve taken and used the newborn action.
    I’m not a professional,I just love to take picture I hope one day to start my own little business,that’s why deep down I hope to win this contest,It would be for me a great help to start.Thanks for this wonderfull giveaway!!!Best Regards

  99. 99
    Chelsea Conner says:

    Posted the link to my facebook wall! Thank you for offering this. I am just starting out in newborn photography and thinking about props and such. I guess my main question is, where do you(professional newborn photographers) store all of your props? Also as a side question, how do you handle babies that just don’t want to cooperate?

  100. 100
    Trina Harris says:

    I want to know how they get such great poses with newborns…??…..I try for hours!

  101. 101
    Chelsea Conner says:

    Also just visited the three vendors on facebook, liked their pages, and either sent them a thank you note via message or commented on their walls. So excited for this package! Thank you MCP!!!

  102. 102
    Heidi Lowery says:

    I spread the word!

  103. 103
    Heidi Lowery says:

    Visited and commented on the FB pages “I’m entering the MCP Actions Ultimate Newborn Photographer Prop Giveaway and wanted to “Thank You” for making your products part of it! (✿◠‿◠)” P.S. Found some NEW FB favorites! = D

  104. 104
    Heidi Lowery says:

    I’ve purchased the Newborn Necessities Photoshop Actions.

  105. 105
    Heidi Lowery says:

    I love newborn photography, each baby is so unique with its own little…or big personality. Keep it warm, as stress free as possible, take your time, make sure you have baby wipes close by, waterproof layers between the different blankets, it’s probably going to get messy at some point.. don’t worry about it, put the soiled items in a plastic bag to clean later, and lastly don’t push to get a specific pose if Mom or Dad is stressed about it. Any photos you take are going to be cherished. Have Fun! (✿◠‿◠)

  106. 106
    Joshua Miller says:

    On twitter…

  107. 107
    Amy Fisher says:

    I have been a photographer for many years, but I am new to newborn photography, my question would be how many poses is standard for a newborn session? Or do you just go with flow?

  108. 108
    Brittney says:

    New photographer- What equipment do you use to get the room warm enough for newborn shots? (just your heating system, or heating blankets, heaters, etc.)

  109. 109
    Stephanie Pearson says:

    Hello, I am new to newborn photography. My question is: how long after the baby is born should you plan the session?

  110. 110
    Melissa Ann says:

    For those of you about to do your first twin shoot: I know the temptation is to attempt the really hard poses. Two frog poses. Or a hug. Sure, give those a try IF YOU HAVE TIME. But NAIL one of the babies next to each other and looking cute. Twin mommas (I am one) rarely have any photos where both twins are looking at the camera before the age of 5. So nail one and she’ll be just as pleased (if not more so) than if you nailed a fancy image.

  111. 111
    wanda says:

    Great!!! How can I enter??

  112. 112
    Peter Lor says:

    How long does a typical new born shoot take?

    • 112.1
      Pam McLure says:

      I don’t have such a thing as a typical newborn shoot. Every single baby (and their parents) is different. For practical purposes I always allow 2.5hrs. If I can’t get the shots in that time, even with comfort breaks and feeds, it isn’t going to happen. Plus dad’s struggle with hanging around so long for something that (let’s face it) isn’t exactly riveting. I have done shoots that yield 70+ great shots in 40mins when baby is sleeping like an angel no matter what I do. I’ve also had shoots where 4 hours has yielded only 10 useable shots because of a very unsettled baby. I don’t allow this anymore as it’s frustrating for the parents and exhausting for all involved.

  113. 113

    I think the best advice I can give any one photographing a newborn would be to be patient! You can not rush a newborn. A typical newborn session can be between 2-4 hours. (I actually love the 4 hour sessions because that gives me extra snuggle time!!)

  114. 114

    While I’m new at newborn photography, I’ve been shooting for awhile and would love to branch out into this niche. I suppose my biggest challenge, though, would be harnessing the attention or eyes of a subject that young. As more seasoned photographers, have you mastered a technique for this?

  115. 115
    Pam McLure says:

    Keep it warm would be my number one piece of advice. Blankets, surface, room, hands – anything that touches baby. If you want them to stay asleep don’t startle them with cold surfaces or rooms.
    For editing, my favourite go to program is Portraiture. Couldn’t do without it.

    • 115.1
      Sara says:

      I haven’t done newborns besides my own, I do mostly toddlers, but I shot my daughter’s newborn photos outside. Any of the newborn professionals prefer outdoor shoots to studio? And why?

  116. 116
    Heather Martin says:

    My best piece of advice is to keep the baby warm. I use space heaters, and it works like magic to kee the little ones happy and sleepy.

  117. 117
    Brittney says:

    I pinned it on pinterest, and shared your link on Facebook and twitter!

  118. 118

    One of best advise I have been giving is to ensure the baby has been fed and keep a small heater close to your session location.

  119. 119
    Lisa says:

    I’m JSO – I’d love to get tips from the pros on posing.

  120. 120
    Liz says:

    If you do “baby macro” (eyelashes, lips, feet etc) do you use your regular lens or a true macro lens?

  121. 121

    My advice is keep the fabrics soft, the room warm & the editing simple :)

  122. 122
    Rebecca Weaver says:

    I so want to expand our business into this area after my own babies are a bit bigger! I’m starting to collect ideas, portfolio images, and props – this would be a huge win for me!

    My question: in our photography business we specialize in personalizing the session and images to the client’s style and personality. How could that be incorporated into infant portraits?

  123. 123
    Heather Martin says:

    I posted to Facebook! I need to buy this action set soon!!!

  124. 124
    Ashley says:

    What a wonderful giveaway! My question would be, what are some of your tricks for a newborn who is not sleepy and not very cooperative?

  125. 125
    Ashley Yarber says:

    My question would be… how do you get them to prop themselves up so nicely. I try holding them in the position but they wiggle out so quickly!

  126. 126
    Sheila says:

    How in the world do you get a newborn to stay asleep and in a specific position?? Every time I move them, they keep moving!!

  127. 127
  128. 128
    Peter Lor says:

    Visited all three but can’t leave a comment on Shoot Baby!

  129. 129

    My question is – how do you keep babies hands and arms under head and keep their head at the correct angle, without having half of their head “disappear” into the blanket or fabric? I have found that part so hard! You end up only seeing one eye and they seem to be “breathing” in the fabric. Thanks for any advice!!

  130. 130
    Brianna Johnson says:

    How do you get the baby in position without waking/startling him/her? And also, what do you suggest to pose them on?

  131. 131
    Susan says:

    Make sure you are current on your immunizations. You’d hate to give a newborn a preventable disease.

  132. 132
    Lisa says:

    Shared on Facebook

  133. 133
    Melanie says:

    How do you handle an extra fussy baby?

  134. 134
    Lisa says:

    Shared on Twitter (karma_D)

  135. 135
    Jamie Ball says:

    Any tips to get newborns to stay extra sleepy?!

  136. 136
    Lisa says:

    Shared on Pinterest (karmadee)

  137. 137
    Amanda S says:

    Do you have any tips when posing newborns? They’re so small and fragile!

  138. 138
    Jennifer D. says:

    How do you help parents become comfortable with handling their brand new baby? So many Moms seem to get antsy when they see me being so hands on with the baby (swaddling them, holding their hands, legs, etc. in place).


  139. 139

    My advise is be patient and make sure parents know exactly what you are doing.

  140. 140
    Ashley Armstrong says:

    My question is: Where do you find the best lighting? Do you use lightboxes, or do you find windows to be sufficient?

  141. 141
    Liz says:

    I thanked all three vendors. I had to send a private msg to Shoot Baby bc I couldn’t post on their wall (yes, I liked them). Thanks!!!

  142. 142
    Elizabeth says:

    I am an up and coming photographer and I would like to know what is a good secret to helping with lighting in darker rooms without a lot of equipment?

    • 142.1
      Elizabeth says:

      I’ve also shared this on my wall and will do elsewhere! Thanks guys! You have been so very helpful to a newcomer like myself!

      • 142.1.1
        Elizabeth says:

        I’ve also visited all three participants and liked their pages. Such great information/items!

  143. 143
    Maegan Hall says:

    A newbie question: How do you deal with baby poop? Does it stain covers?

  144. 144
    Angie Schmucker says:

    Question as a Photographer who is new to Newborn photography: What is your favorite newborn pose and how do you do it?

  145. 145
  146. 146
    Crystal H. says:

    My advice – shoot as early as possible! 4 days old is absolutely ideal.

  147. 147
    Jennifer D. says:

    I thanked all 3 vendors for participating!

  148. 148
    Heather Beck says:

    If you’re shooting in home/small studio with available light, you still probably have to use a high ISO. How do you work around the noise (even with a good camera)? It seems like editing only brings the noise out even more.

  149. 149
    Cherie says:

    I’m fairly new to newborn photography. I’d love to know what all the pros recommend as the best lens for capturing a newborn :)

  150. 150
    Brittney says:

    I also went to all three websites and left thank yous! :)

  151. 151
  152. 152
    Suzie says:

    Why did you choose to focus on shooting newborns?

  153. 153
    Carissa says:

    My question is for the seasoned pros…
    Looking back now at how you began your photography business, in the first few years, what were your biggest succcesses and failures in building your business and increasing a client base in newborn photography? AND if we may ask a 2nd question…what do you wish you would have known when you began this business/industry that you know now? Thank you! And thanks MCP for a rockin giveaway. :-)

  154. 154
    Liz says:

    I shared on my personal facebook page about the giveaway!

  155. 155
    Angel Musick says:

    What’s the best way to prepare for your newborn shoot? And do you recommend in studio or at the clients house.

  156. 156
    Lisa says:

    Left notes for all three vendors on FB. (Had to comment on another post for Shoot Baby – wouldn’t let me write directly on the timeline!)

  157. 157
    Amber says:

    One of my biggest questions: what do you do when it just doesn’t work? Even as a seasoned professional, have you had any sessions where the newborn just wasn’t up for it and you weren’t getting anything you would want to sell to the parents? Do you reschedule? Does it make the parents lose faith in you, or do they understand?
    Thanks for the great advice and great giveaway!

  158. 158
    Annette G. says:

    What kind of extra items do you keep close by while doing a photo shoot? ie. wipes, towels, etc

  159. 159
    Crystal H. says:

    Shared on facebook!

  160. 160
    Kelly says:

    Wow wow and wow! This is really amazing. My main question would be how to get the kids to take pictures while asleep and stay asleep? My last one woke up when touched. I got cute awake pictures… but no sleepy pictures :)

  161. 161
    Adalia says:

    My advice is to use a small white noise machine near the baby to help them sleep soundly. I usually play white noise on my ipod.

  162. 162
    Amy G. says:

    My best advice is keep that baby warm! A space heater will be a wise investment and a necessity for your first newborn sessions.

  163. 163

    I have liked all three facebook pages and wrote a thank you to them. The Shoot Baby! one doesn’t allow you to write on the wall, so I sent them a message. Thanks for this great contest!!!

  164. 164

    In answer to some of the questions/advice – MANY of those poses where the baby is “propped up nicely” – they are composite shots, where the parent or assistant holds the baby in one spot while you take a photo, then moves their hand to another spot while you take a photo, then you merge the two in Photoshop.

    For the poses that look like they are not composites of 2 shots, the baby has to be really sleepy to stay posed nicely. The room needs to be like 80 degrees, soft blankets, full belly. Use a space heater blowing on the baby, heat in the room turned up, lots of soothing with patting the bum, rocking, “shh shh shh”, and white noise makers. :)

  165. 165
  166. 166
    Paige Murakami says:

    I’m so new to this. What should I be using to make it easier to pose the babies, and still keep them comfy?

  167. 167
    Misty says:

    My question would be how do you get the little one’s face not to be all smooshed?

  168. 168
    Michaeline Pashley says:

    We are just starting out our business (Pashtography) and have not done a newborn shoot yet. We have edited s friends shoot and are hoping to get the Newborn Pack soon. We just haven’t felt prepared for a newborn shoot until now and especially if we won this awesome prize we would be ready. Our friend is due this summer and will be our first. On average, how long are you seasoned vets spending on a newborn shoot? I feel like we could be there all day!

  169. 169
    Ashley says:

    I posted on FB

  170. 170
    Carissa says:

    Just shared the link to the MCP Giveaway on my facebook timeline!
    Thanks Jodi!

  171. 171
    Rebecca Ickes says:

    Newborn schedules are insane! What time do you find is the best to photograph newborns, and what steps do you have the parent take to prepare the little one?

  172. 172
    Marlee says:

    Do you rent a studio or do you just do it in your home? And, do you use natural (window) lighting or do you prefer a lighting kit?

  173. 173
    Gina says:

    In your opinion what is a MUST HAVE item when photographing infants?

  174. 174
    Julie says:

    I have “tried” to do 2 newborn shoots now and both times the babies cried when their clothes were taken off. I had the room overly warm so I don’t think it was because of them being cold. Both moms said that they didn’t like being without clothes. Is this a problem with others? Both babies cried the whole time so I could only get 1 or 2 good shots. It was horrible! I’m going to keep trying though :)

  175. 175
    Lisa says:

    My best piece of advice would be to take your time and to have it very warm in the area you are photographing in.

  176. 176
    Ashley says:

    I posted on Twitter :)

  177. 177
    Pamela says:

    I’m just starting out. My question is where is the best place to learn how to edit composite shots (hanging babies, head in hands poses). My editing is not that good and I don’t know how to do those!

  178. 178
    Linda Thompson says:

    Wow, thank you for setting this up – how cool!

    I don’t have a lot of experience with newborns so far, but I’ve loved what I’ve had a chance to do…I suppose one of my first questions for someone with more experience would be: How do you keep finding clients? All of mine so far have been friends, but of course babies grow up haha…how do you keep finding new babies to shoot? Or where do you invest your time to find new clients?

    Bonus question: How fun is it to set up poses for a newborn? I never had any fun accessories like this…I would think it would be a blast! :)

  179. 179
    Linda Thompson says:

    Also, left a thank you with all 3 companies. :)

  180. 180
    Kelly Sartin says:

    Fairly new so my question is do you usually schedule the newborn first thing in the morning for a few hours or in your experience is it better in the afternoons for a few hours ? I know when I would schedule doctors appt for my little ones would be afternoons due to crankiness but not sure they are the same. Thank you for having the contest & being able to learn some stuff as well !

  181. 181
    Ashley says:

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    Kelly says:

    Visited all the vendors wonderful sites of facebook! :) Thank you again!

  184. 184
    Emily G says:

    Question… Do you have the parents lift and move the baby into the spot? (and then pose the newborn?)

  185. 185
  186. 186
    Sheila says:

    I visited After the Bump, Shoot Baby and Rock the Drops facebook pages. I left each one a thank you note!

  187. 187

    I have shot a few newborns but I still am scared to pose them, I don’t have any children of my own yet & while the parents are there watching, I don’t want to scare them by the way I may move them around, etc. What are some good tips on how to pose newborns without feeling scared of hurting them or upsetting the parents?

  188. 188
    Cecile says:

    How do you even out the newborn skin tones. I always struggle with this a lot and it eats up such a large part of my post processing time.

  189. 189
  190. 190

    What is the best advice for posing newborns?

  191. 191
    Rebekah M says:

    how do you best calm the parents and help them relax?

  192. 192
    Marlee says:

    I posted on my facebook!

  193. 193
    Sandy Markham says:

    I am a beginner and am afraid to jump right in…but I love all the tips you give! Thanks for sharing!!!

  194. 194

    My best advice is to relax. Every website will tell you to warm the room… how to swaddle… remember to feed. But no one tells you to RELAX. Play soft music. Make sure the mama is informed of the details and that her relaxation is key to getting the great shots. Babies feel your tension and if you’re at ease, there’s a better chance they will be too! Breathe. Do not rush. Make time before your shoot to center yourself and don’t rush into your space like a speeding train because you were late trying to find a blanket last minute. *A photographer? Late? Nahhh. :) * The calmer you are… the calmer the babe will be.

  195. 195
    Monica says:

    I’ve done two new born shoots so I am fairly new. My question would be on how to pose babies safely as in baskets, slings etc.

  196. 196
    Melissa W says:

    I’m still fairly new to the newborn scene, but learned right away that a super warm room and lots of patience is key to a successful shoot. My average shoot has been 3.5 hours long. I make sure there’s lots of water and snacks for the parents. It’s actually quite nice to just get the time while waiting for a little one to fall into that deep asleep and learn more about the parents, how they feel about being parents, the birth story, etc. The time usually flies by!

  197. 197
    Megan says:

    I’m new. I’m wondering if anyone has advice on making it easier for the new parents. Thanks for the opportunity, MCP!

  198. 198
    Elizabeth says:

    Just starting out and would love this package to use with my nephew who is due in June!!!

    My question is, what is the best type of lighting to use knowing that you will be indoors with the infant and parents for the session?

    Going to post on FB!!!

  199. 199
  200. 200
    Vicki Johnston says:

    What is the best pose for infants 6 weeks to 4 months?

  201. 201

    I bought birth announcements from MCP actions and they rock!

  202. 202
    Melanie C. says:

    It seems like most newborn photos show babies sleeping. Is this because it’s what the client wants? Or because it’s mostly what newborns do? Or because it’s easier to photograph them sleeping?

  203. 203
    Triana Ord says:

    I’m new to the world of photographing the little ones and my few attempts haven’t been stellar. I get so nervous handling them, even though I have two of my own. How do I get over the fear of causing them discomfort or waking them so I can get the amazing poses? Thank you!!!

  204. 204
    Dimitrios says:

    My question is: Is the flash harmful for babies’ health?
    Thank you.

  205. 205
    Sarah says:

    My best piece of advice- – patience. Really. It just takes a lot of patience. Also, more practical advice- – puppy pads under the blanket on your beanbag; keep the room very warm & a space heater near the area baby is in, but have a small fan blowing air on you to keep the sweat from running down your face(not on the baby); post-production- hello! Newborn Necessities from MCP is going to take care of every thing you need in pp. Starting out with correct focus/exposure/whitebalance is key in getting a good image- always.

  206. 206
    Julie S says:

    I just posted on my FB about the actions.!/profile.php?id=747977618

  207. 207
    Erin says:

    My question is: With newborns that are sleeping or can’t hold themselves up, what is the trick to posing them with their chin on their fists, or any of the poses where they are more propped up than just lying on their arms etc.?

  208. 208

    I have liked all vendors (After the Bump, Shoot Baby, and Rock the Drops). I have thanked them on their pages, however with Shoot Baby, they didn’t have an option to post on their page, so I just commented on their status update

  209. 209

    How do you pose babies with their hands under their chin? ???

  210. 210
  211. 211
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  212. 212

    I just spread the work on FB! Posted a link to the giveaway encouraging others to enter!!! :)

  213. 213
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  214. 214
    Pam Currier says:

    I love, love, love newborn pictures! My question is how do to get first time dads to relax and not worry about everything. I also love MCP!

  215. 215
    Crystal H. says:

    I visited, liked, and commented on the three vendors’ pages! Very exciting!

  216. 216
    Joella says:

    My main question would be what are some tricks if the baby won’t stop crying?

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    Melissa W says:

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  219. 219

    The PS action Doll Face is wonderful for smoothing the baby’s skin. Baby acne, splotchy-ness. I sharpen lashes and lips in PS too.

  220. 220
    Tina says:

    How does one balance keeping mom happy with keeping her out of ‘trouble’? Do you find having mom help is a help or a hindrance?

  221. 221
    Amy Fisher says:

    I left comments on all three fabulous business’ Facebook Pages! So excited this IS an ultimate giveaway!

  222. 222
    Erica W says:

    As I am new to newborn photography, what would be the one thing you wish someone had told you when you started?

  223. 223
    Lisa says:

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    shared on twitter.

  224. 224
    Carissa Hamilton says:

    How do you deal with the parents ;)

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  232. 232
    Andrea says:

    I think the best advice is to keep it hot in the room, hot for us adults but perfectly warm for a naked baby (i agree space heaters work great in a drafty room or even outside). Also, shooting a true newborn is the best way to get the best posed shots, less than a week is the very best, the earlier the better.

  233. 233
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  236. 236
    Jennifer says:

    What method of advertising or marketing brings in the most paying clients? Best way to break into this market without giving away the whole shebang? Thank you.

  237. 237
    Ashley says:

    I thanked all three vendors for participating !

  238. 238
    Janet says:

    I have been shooting newborns for a little while and my biggest struggle is ski tones. It’s tough to not get the red blotchy skin, and usually have to fix it in photoshop. Any tips?

  239. 239
    Anna Martin says:

    First let me say that I love photographing newborns! I haven’t done that many but each session is so unique and so calm and fun for me! I love getting to watch these precious babies and see all their little movements that I have forgotten about as my children get older. My best piece of advice is take your time (about 3 hrs), keep it warm and quiet (I use a heated fan) and be prepared for anything…including lots of pee!! :)

  240. 240
    Marlee Davis says:

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  241. 241
    Amy says:

    how do you encourage the parents to schedule you while the baby is still brand new, squishy, and pose-able?? :)

  242. 242
    Kerry G says:

    I have only done a couple of newborn shoots.
    One area I really need to work on is posing infants and getting to that comfort level that they do not feel my nerves. Any advice on this?

  243. 243
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  246. 246

    I tweeted about the contest, added it to pinterest and on my facebook page! Thanks again for the great contest!!

  247. 247
    Chrissy says:

    I’ve just started doing newborns shoots and I love it! When traveling to a family’s home and there isn’t enough natural light to get a great photo, does anyone have a recommendation for artifical lighting? Thanks for the awesome giveaway and all the fabulous tips!

  248. 248

    My advice is to use a heating pad to warm the blanket that you will be laying the baby on. Remove the heating pad just before laying the baby down, but be sure to check to make sure that the surface isn’t too hot. This way the warm baby doesn’t wake from being transferred to a cool blanket surface.

  249. 249
    Hydee Davis says:

    I think it is so important to communicate with parents in a way that establishes trust. Take control and let them know that you know what you are doing and that you care about the safety of their child. Let them know that the baby will cry and fuss–because that is what babies do! Let them know that if it takes an hour to get a nice full tummy, you’ll wait. Parents come to you sleep deprived and exhausted. If they trust you, they will LOVE when you take control and they can just watch their pride and joy. Also, parents can tell when you are patient in getting that ‘perfect shot’.

  250. 250
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  252. 252

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  253. 253
    Shauna Rudolph says:

    I have only done a couple of newborns but am wondering if there is a good starting point to do with the newborns once they are asleep? The poses you KNOW you can get once they are asleep without much hassle. Then, are there any transitions you have to get other poses more easily?

  254. 254
  255. 255
    Melissa W says:

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  256. 256

    I left all 3 vendors a comment except one, I had to message them (I didn’t see a comment box). I thanked them sincerely for their generous gift to giveaway these items & whomever wins uses them like I will/would if I win them. They are all such adorable & awesome items & just starting out with newborns, this giveaway is one of the best to win! Thanks to all three After the Bump, Shoot Baby, and Rock the Drops as well as to you Jodi for doing these giveaways!

  257. 257
    Lisa says:

    visited all 3, but not able to leave a comment on Shoot Baby!

  258. 258

    I pinned the action page on Pinterest.

  259. 259
    Ashley C says:

    How do you transition between poses with a baby that will not fall into a deep sleep?

  260. 260
    Emily G says:

    This is a very cool idea. Thank you for introducing me to After the Bump, Shoot Baby and Rock the Drops. All the products work so well together and you have paved the way for an awesome wish list for anyone who doesn’t win. I hope this contest helps all four companies to continue to gain additional fans and success. Best Wishes!

    BTW, I liked the 3 FB pages and left comments/messages for each.

    Thank YOU for this opportunity!

  261. 261
    Colleen Mackenzie says:

    Just wondering if you have a “list” of poses you want to do or just go with the flow as to what comes naturally during the session?

  262. 262
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  265. 265
    Cecile says:

    And I’d like to leave one more post thanking you for putting together such a terrific give away! The winner will be a very lucky person :) Best of luck to all, and may the odds be forever in your favor ;)

  266. 266

    I shared on twitter!

  267. 267
    Julia says:

    Awesome prize package!

    My question is about lighting. I’m used to doing outdoor, natural light shoots and am not as skilled with artificial lighting yet. Is that needed? Or does window light work?

  268. 268
    Krissy c says:

    Im always challenged with choosing the best iso/ap ratio in lower light. I would love to heat about your go to settings.

  269. 269
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  273. 273

    Whoa what an amazing giveaway. My only advice for photographing newborns is to do the beanbag/blanket poses first to get them content enough to fall into a deeper sleep….then try using props.

  274. 274
    Julia says:

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  275. 275
    Erica W says:

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  276. 276
    Nicole says:

    Not only how do you handle the parents but how do you entertain the kids to get those great shots?

  277. 277
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  278. 278

    I bought the Newborn Necessities/Announcement packs and I love them so far….saves me so much time!

  279. 279
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  280. 280

    i have a few essential in my studio for newborn shoots- one is a hair dryer- for a couple reasons, the sound always soothes the baby and it helps keep them warm- but do not point the hairdryer directly at them too close- you could burn them.

  281. 281
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    How do you keep them asleep long enough to get great shots? This seems like it would be the hardest challenge!

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  289. 289
    N Lambert says:

    How long does your “normal” baby shoot (newborn) take?
    Do you supply all the props/outfits?

  290. 290
    siri says:

    I liked all the vendors on FB and left them a message, And special thank you for MCP for organizing this giveaway! soooooo sweet!

    I’m from Belgium and when I photograph newborns it’s most of the time in the hospital room… My studio has to be versitile and lightweight , so I use vintage suitcases or baskets to transport 4 or 5 different blankets & 1 backdrop. I try to work with natural light but if necessary I have some remote flashes (with mount up softbox) at hand to give extra light..but I try to avoid it .
    If necessary / possible I will move the bed as close as possible to the window.
    I have about 1h30 to make the pictures so working fast is key, I always ask the parents to make sure that on the day/time I pass by there will be no other visitors. I ask parents to talk to their baby a lot, keep really close and if the baby starts to cry I put I hand on the the head and 1 on their bottom rock them back to sleep.. this will work most of the times..
    If they really get fussy, I will ask mom to feed if possible.

    I have not yet invested in the MCP actions, but I use the blogtemplates and a lot of the freebies ALL the time, I just LOVE them. And I tell all my creative friends to subscribe to the monthly newsletters!!!!

    This images were made by Isamofoto but perfected with a MCP template!

  291. 291
    Adria Peaden says:

    How long do your newborn sessions last? I feel so horrible being with the new moms for so long.

  292. 292

    What an amazing giveaway! I will never cease to be amazed by the generosity of photo prop vendors. :)

    My question for the season photogs, as a newbie photog, regards newborn posing. I’ve only done 2 sessions so far, and I think that posing is not my style. Is it possible to stay true to your style without doing all the complicated posing that is trendy right now?

    Thank you!

  293. 293

    Keep the parents calm and reassured that whatever there bady is doing is normal, ie fussy, crying, won’t sleep or will not wake up.

  294. 294

    shared on my facebook wall

  295. 295
    Fay says:

    Still struggling to get those newborns to fall asleep. Sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn’t, so I just plan to be flexible!

  296. 296
    Jennifer says:

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  297. 297

    What is the best posing guide available for composite posing?

  298. 298

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  299. 299
    Julie S says:

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  300. 300
    BrieAnn says:

    I”m new to the newborn world, and am actually just starting to gather things before I shoot my first newborn, and will probably practice using my own newborn in 6 weeks. But my question is about even skin tones, newborns are so red or seem to have so much baby acne, what’s the best way to tone it all down?

  301. 301
    Adria Peaden says:

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  302. 302
    Toni Scott says:

    How to do you keep babies asleep so well? The ones I shoot tend to wake sometimes during the shoot…

  303. 303
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  306. 306
    Jennifer Gann says:

    Question-when combining newborn pictures and family shots in one sitting is it best to take the newborns photos first? Also, any tips for what to do if the baby just isnt happy and can’t be calmed down?

  307. 307

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  314. 314
    Amber says:

    Wow – would love to win this one! I am very new to shooting newborns. My question would be what time of day is best to shoot if I just want to use window light?

  315. 315

    Most important piece of advice. Take time to get to know your clients. Get to know the parents, ask their concerns, their requests. Get them comfortable with you. When someone is comfortable and familiar with you, you become like family, and they become more comfortable with you handling their newborn. Also take time to get to know the little one! They want to know who’s holding them and touching them too. AND keep it really warm!

  316. 316

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  317. 317
    sarah c. says:

    What was your best resource when learning how to accomplish the different poses?

  318. 318
    Beth says:

    what’s your best tip for getting a baby to fall and more importantly stay asleep?

  319. 319
    Shauna Rudolph says:

    I purchased the newborn action set last week and edited a newborn shoot. I have not done many newborns and was really nervous about editing with the skin and all. I have to say, I am in LOVE!! You really helped me!! Thank you!!!

  320. 320
    Toni Scott says:

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  321. 321
    Lindsay says:

    What is the best lighting tips you would give? I would like to know if you are using studio strobes or continuous when photographing newborns when natural light is not available? Soft boxes or umbreallas? Thanks!

  322. 322

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    What are some good tips on soothing cranky babies?

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  326. 326
    Tricia says:

    I am a newer newborn photographer and I would like some advice from a seasoned pro on the best (and safest) ways to pose newborns. So excited for this giveaway and all the great prizes!

  327. 327
  328. 328
    Tricia says:

    I have previously purchased newborn necessities and I love it! I use it for almost all of my photos now, not just newborns. Worth the price, especially with the templates :) Thanks!

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  330. 330
    Ashley says:

    Don’t skip the space heater and heating pad! You will NEVER get a chilly baby asleep and posed if the room is not toasty warm! Also, patience…I’ve been at a newborn shoot for 4 hours before…And got 90% of my images in about a 30 minute stretch…

  331. 331
    Sarah Wynn says:

    Wow, how AWESOME!! I’m just beginning with this whole photography thing. It’s been a passion/hobby of mine for years but I never felt I could truly make a go of it. I have my first newborn session coming up soon and I’m really nervous about how to do the lighting. From all I’ve read, natural light is the best so does that mean setting up the props near a window? Since I’m just starting out, I don’t have much by way of extra lighting or fancy props. Just pulling stuff out that I had stored away or getting out baskets that keep all my kids’ toys or books! I’m hoping to make newborns my main business since children are my greatest JOY!

  332. 332
    Christi Honeycutt says:

    My question is how involved to have the parents? Should I let them help with planning poses?

  333. 333
    Alysson K. says:

    My question for the seasoned pros would be what they find most helpful as a starting point for posing to minimize moving the baby around too much (for example, layering blankets, lifting baby slightly and pulling one off, revealing the next underneath to shoot with that colour, etc).
    What an awesome give-away! Fingers and toes crossed!!! :)

  334. 334
  335. 335

    Thanked and liked all 3 vendors on FB!

  336. 336
    Beth says:

    visited and said thank you to all 3 vendors!

  337. 337
    Leslie says:

    I am new to photographing newborns – how do you work with the parents who are probably nervous about using props?

    I bought the new photoshop actions and can’t wait to use the announcement templates!

    Thank you!

  338. 338
    AdrianaG says:

    After how many days of birth is the best time to photograph newborns?

  339. 339
    Shannon says:

    Shared on Facebook.

  340. 340
    Ashley says:

    Showed my love on all 3 pages :)

  341. 341
    Susy Peters de Fehr says:

    i always feel so insecure posing babies,How do you ever feel safe with posing babies??

  342. 342
    lena says:

    i’m new to photography, altogether. my advice (gathered from my little experience with photographing newborns) is to be flexible. mom’s know the best time of day for their newborns and sometimes that changes. be willing to accommodate mom. a happy baby and a relaxed mom = a good photo.

  343. 343
    Miranda Glaeser says:

    Yes, parents who want to be a little too involve in the process… How do you handle them?

  344. 344
    Shannon says:

    Shared on Twitter.

  345. 345
    Parrish Rinehart says:

    Do you prefer to do newborn shoots at your studio or the clients home? If at their home, how do you deal with the unknown?

  346. 346
    Monica says:

    Just visited all the three vendor’s Facebook page and left a thank you note :-)

  347. 347

    Any advice on how to pose newborns would be great! How do you pose them safely?

  348. 348

    Best advice…Patience. Good things come to those who wait!

  349. 349

    I shared on Facebook, I visited the three vendors and posted, I own the Newborn Necessity action pack and have used it on 3 sessions already. It is such a time saver! My biggest piece of advice is keep the room hot and be patient. Sometimes its more difficult to deal with the parents than it is to deal with the babies!

  350. 350
    Parrish Rinehart says:

    I visited all three awesome vendors!!

  351. 351
    Sherrie says:

    Is there an appealing and safe way to pose newborns with siblings?

  352. 352

    I love the MCP Newborn Necessities Actions! I purchased them and they are a great investment!

  353. 353
    Tina says:

    My question for the veteran photographers- what age do you consider the best to photograph a newborn?

  354. 354
    Robin N. says:

    I have done four newborns and slept really well. What is your best advice on dealing with parents when a baby is fussy and you don’t want to seem bossy but want to give suggestions on what they should try?

  355. 355
    Lisa Baker says:

    My best piece of advice is to allow longer for the session than you think you’ll need. That way, if mom needs to feed or change the baby, or take time getting baby to sleep, you won’t be rushed. I also tell my parents they should bring the baby in before they are 2 weeks old so the baby will still be in “curl up and sleep” mode

  356. 356

    My advice: Take your time and work WITH the client. Make sure you are doing it during the time of day when baby is usually happy. Don’t pick crabby time! If baby doesn’t like it, move on. Let the parents handle their child. From experience behind as well as in front of the camera, let the parents make the child smile. Your job as photographer is to be quick and catch the smiles! I have seen to many photographers try to elicit smiles only to miss the shot or make baby cry!

  357. 357
    Jama Pantel says:

    How do you get the baby to pose like that??

  358. 358
    Alysson K. says:

    Shared this contest on my Facebook business page, ARK Photography.

  359. 359

    I visited the three vendors on Facebook: After the Bump, Shoot Baby, and Rock the Drops and left a thank you note for them letting them know I am entering the MCP Actions Ultimate Newborn Photographer Prop Giveaway.

  360. 360
    Keidra LeJeune says:

    My question is… How many different setups to you have planned for each newborn session?

  361. 361
    Linda Deal says:

    How do you get your first few clients? Do you check birth announcements in the local newspaper, go to the hospital maternity ward, or look for pregnant women in the stores?

  362. 362
    Heather says:

    I’ve only done a few newborn shoots, but what I’ve experienced so far is that parents tend to be anxious and want to rush through the shoot. Anyone have any tips to get them to relax?

  363. 363
    Lisa Baker says:

    I visited all three, but couldn’t post on Shoot Baby for some reason

  364. 364
    Sarah Wynn says:

    Just said THANK YOU to the three participating companies!! :)

  365. 365
    Leanne says:

    Best advice- make sure baby is warm. A heating pad under a blanket always works great!

  366. 366
    Angela S. says:

    I’ve done a few newborn shoots so far… but can’t get the little ones to stay in the poses. How in the world do you get them to stay asleep and get them to stay in the pose long enough for you to get the shot you need?

  367. 367
    Caryn Miller says:

    Do you find it better to us natural or continuous lighting instead of flash so you do not startle the baby? Do you stick to 50 mm lenses or do you find longer easier?

  368. 368
    Fiona says:

    im still a newborn newbie. I would love to quiz a professional about when to give up. ie. when to accept baby is not going to sleep or settle, and what to do then. just go with what you have, or reschedule. crossing fingers now …:)

  369. 369
    Jama Pantel says:

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    Heather says:

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  371. 371
    Sarah Wynn says:

    Just posted on Facebook! THANKS!

  372. 372
    Jan K says:

    Fairly new to photog…what is the best lighting for photographing newborns indoors? Is it always by a window?

  373. 373

    I have only done a few newborn shoots, so I’m still very much learning. What do you do when a parent brings you a 1-2 month old and wants those sweet shots that are usually done at 1 week? At this age it seems much more difficult to get those amazing shots.

  374. 374
    Cara says:

    I am extremely knew to photographing newborns, but am anxious to learn more! I was wondering how seasoned photographers coordinate with expectant mothers to plan out a photo shoot in the early days of the little cherub’s life, when due dates are always so unpredictable? Thank you for accepting my entry. Cheers!

  375. 375
    Elara says:

    Any secrets to getting them to pass out other than the usual warm temps, full belly, white noise, etc? Or is it just a good idea to try again another time if they won’t settle down.

  376. 376
    Heather says:

    Pinned Newborn Necessities to my Photoshop and Design board!

  377. 377
    Keidra LeJeune says:

    Thanked vendors
    Shared link on my FB business page @keidralejeunephotography
    and Pined link to Pinterest

  378. 378
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  379. 379
    Jan K says:

    Tweeted @kingjan

  380. 380
    Judy says:

    I’m new to the professional portraits and would love to do newborns. I guess my question would be how to get the rid splotches out of the skin tones. Also best time of day to shoot.

  381. 381
    Laura Dilley says:

    My question for seasoned newborn photogs is…how did you first develop your newborn client base? I have only photographed a handful of newborns, but would love to do more. The ones I did shoot were from people I knew!

  382. 382
    Portia Kolpin says:

    I would like to also do portrait worthy newborn lifestyle shots. Is there a key to it?

  383. 383
    Sandra S. says:

    What is the best lighting source to get the really close up pictures if you don’t have a lot of equipment.

  384. 384
    Daniel Kruzer says:

    When posing, is it best to have the parents position their child?

  385. 385
    Lena says:

    While I am still in the beginning phases of my own photography business, I worked as a photographer and a studio manager in corporate portrait studios for years. The best advice I can give to those of you who are starting out is have patience/take your time. My newborn sessions run on average 2-3 hours. In the corporate portrait studios, this was not possible as they expect you to get your sessions done in 10-20 minutes, but I’m telling you from experience that being able to take your time and allow for as many nursing/cuddling breaks as necessary really does make a huge difference. Make sure you allot plenty of time and be very understanding of the parents’ and babies’ needs. Be calm and patient and soothing at all times. There have been times where we tried for over 2 hours and 4 nursings to get baby to cooperate, and maybe got 6-8 images in those 2 hours, after the 5th nursing, however, baby fell fast asleep and we got another 30 images in about 20 minutes. Have patience/allot enough time. It will pay off in the end.
    Also very important- use a space heater. Keeping baby warm enough will make the whole process much smoother :)

    • 385.1
      Lena says:

      Oh yeah, and one more thing… Keep it positive, no matter how frustrating the situation is. Make sure you soothe the parents with a ‘no worries’ kind of attitude, putting their minds at ease. Even if it is the most difficult newborn session you’ve ever done, put on your game face and let them believe this is normal and to be expected and that they are doing fine :)

  386. 386
    Jan K says:

    Commented on After the Bump FB page!

  387. 387
    Jen S says:

    What time of day you do you find that newborns are most cooperative?

  388. 388
    Jan K says:

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  389. 389
    Jan K says:

    Commented on Rock the Drops FB page!

  390. 390
    Teria says:

    What would be the best course of action if a newborn won’t sleep or settle down?

  391. 391
    Heather says:

    Visited all three vendors, liked their pages, and left thank you notes. (Couldn’t leave a note on ShootBaby, though.)

  392. 392
    Laurie Gould says:

    How many sets do you bring for an in-home session?

  393. 393
    Laurie Gould says:

    Liked and said thank you to the vendors!

  394. 394
    ashley roberts says:

    I’ve been photographing newborns for about 2 years now………..and I’ve learned to do them within the first 10 days of life, Never go in with a time limit (no rushing and put mom at ease), and don’t overedit (babies don’t need high contrast).

    • 394.1
      Jessi W says:

      My best advice for those starting out with newborns is educate the parents on how long the shoot will really take, and let them know the calmer they are the more relaxed and calm baby will be. Also, a space heater that makes a nice steady humming noise and really heats the room up and soothes baby is imperative. When you are sweating the newborn is warm and sleepy :)

  395. 395
    Meagan T says:

    I would like to know how to pose older “newborns”, from keeping them quiet to still getting a cute pose.

  396. 396
    Julie F. says:

    I’ve learned to not even pick up my camera until the baby is asleep. It’s tempting to get started if baby is awake, but that time is better spent getting baby cozy and sleepy.

  397. 397
  398. 398
    amy baggett says:

    how long does a newborn shoot last and how old should the baby be for the best shoot??

  399. 399
    Miriam says:

    Definitly a newborn newbie… What is the best time to do newborn photoshoots? Time of day or right after a feeding??? Thanks!

  400. 400
    Nicole says:

    My best pieces of advise would be to have a warm room, full baby and lots of patience! For editing, it is really important to nail your exposure and have the right kind of lighting. It makes editing much, much easier!

  401. 401

    I have been photographing newborns for about a year now, and i am wondering what the average amount of set you bring with you or set up in the studio??

  402. 402
    Portia Kolpin says:

    I visited the three sites giving my thanks for such generous giveaway items!

  403. 403
    Jenny Lowe says:

    I have some experience photographing newborns, and i absolutely love it! I would say white noise (I use a vacuum cleaner) and WARM room (I sweat!!), and comfortable props are the most important factors when photographing newborns. It is a lot of work but very rewarding, and i would be absolutely thrilled to win.

  404. 404
    TerriC says:

    I’ve only done one newborn session and my question would be: how do you make the parents feel comfortable enough with a fussy baby, with you handling the baby, etc.? I know a lot of new parents are overly nervous and worried. How do you get them to relax so you can do your thing?

  405. 405
  406. 406
    Melissa says:

    I’m having trouble convincing parents to bring their newborns in within the first 10 days, and end up struggling with 3-4 week old babies. How to do you do it?

  407. 407
    Amy Nelson says:

    I’d like to know when it the perfect time of day to shoot newborn pictures — in terms of when the sun hits the house!

  408. 408
    Anel says:

    WOW! This has got to be every newborn photographers dream! My advise is: because many unexpected things can happen when photographing a newborn, we have to dedicate more time than expected to each session. Between diaper changes and feedings, which are quite often for newborns, the session is bound to last longer than planned. Keep this in mind when scheduling the session with the parents so that you {the photographer} as well as the parents can adjust acordingly. And make sure you haven’t scheduled another session too closely, you do not want to have to rush through the end because you have another session or somewhere to be, you want to give the baby and parents the attention and quality images they deserve. Thanks for hosting this giveaway!

  409. 409
    Sara Welch says:

    just visited and thanked all three vendors! wonderful giveaway!

  410. 410
    Miriam says:

    Shared the link on my Facebook!!!

  411. 411
    Laura says:

    One question I have for a newborn photographer would be about lighting. If you do not use all natural light, what do you recommend/how many? Is one soft box enough or would you use another light with that? And how do you position light(s) around baby – how close and what angles, etc. OR – is all natural light best, even if it’s just whatever comes in through a window or door? Thanks!!

  412. 412
  413. 413
    Vicki D says:

    Do you have the parents help pose them or do you pose them?

  414. 414
    Kelly Spence says:

    Tips on getting a decent picture when they just won’t sleep. You know, without the cross eyes and stuff.

  415. 415
  416. 416
    Sara Welch says:

    My advice would be to keep a really calm go with the flow outlook on things. be prepared with ideas/alternatives when babies are not sleepy. go with the ebb and flow of the baby and the session will be meaningful and special!

  417. 417

    I haven’t photographed that many newborns yet.. but my best piece of advice is to do it by day 10.. and keep the room super HOT!

  418. 418

    Allow a lot of time, and always make a note of washing your hands and using hand sanitizer throughout the session. Mum’s take note of this and will always appreciate you caring about their baby.

  419. 419
    Christina says:

    How do you deal with newborns that just won’t sleep and all of the open eye photos are awkward!

  420. 420
    Jenifer M says:

    I am still a newbie but have to say warm room and white noise is a must! When you have a fussy baby to calm and find that calm isn’t happening and need to reschedule… how do you price, deal and plan accordingly? I have never had this happen but curious as to what others experience. How long do you typically block out a newborn session verses other sessions, i.e. same, more, or less?

    Thanks!! What a great giveaway!!!

  421. 421
    Brandy Flint says:

    How long does an average newborn session take? I am going to do my first one next month!

  422. 422
    amy baggett says:

    i visited all three and posted on their wall but shoot baby i had to send her a message

  423. 423
    Jen S says:

    I have thanked all three vendors for this amazing giveaway!!

  424. 424
    Teri W. says:

    Do you have a specific time of day that you like to do your newborn shoots?

  425. 425
    Sara Welch says:

    shared on pinterest!

  426. 426

    I have only been doing newborns for a short time and love their precious little features. My question is how do you deal with fussy baby or a baby that sleeps but won’t let you pose them as they sleep (they flinch or move when they are sleeping)?

  427. 427
    Nicole says:

    I posted on my facebook :)

  428. 428
    Melissa K. says:

    I’m still pretty new when it comes to newborns. I would love to kow how y’all are able to pose the baby with the parents help, but edit out the hands. I know there is also a term that is used to describe what i’m talking about, but I cannot think of it right now.

  429. 429
    Jen G says:

    My best piece of advice is confidence! I’ve been photographing newborns for 5+ years. Showing confidence not only calms the parents, but creates a wonderful energy in the room which is definitely an element to nailing the tricky newborn shots!

  430. 430
    JamesL says:

    Don’t sacrifice the cute pose or the darling look while fussing around trying for the absolutely perfect lighting setup or techincal aspect of your shoot. parents love their baby and they love’cute’.

  431. 431
    Nicole says:

    I visited all 3 vendors :)

  432. 432
    TerriC says:

    I just thanked all three prize vendors on their facebook pages!

  433. 433
    Sara Welch says:

    shared on facebook :)

  434. 434
    Kelly Spence says:

    I said thanks to those participating in the giveaway. Thank you too for doing the giveaway. What neat stuff to giveaway. I hope I win!

  435. 435
    Anna Hettick says:

    How many poses do you try to do in what amount of time per session?

  436. 436
    Jennifer Madigan says:

    I am new to photography. I have noticed a lot of trends in photographing babies. If a parent doesn’t want the trendy poses what is one great go to pose that is traditional. Also what type of lighting works best for the traditional poses of little ones?

  437. 437
    Jayne says:

    Pinned on pinterest

  438. 438

    I visited all three shops and sent them some LOVE. Thank you for the awesomeness that is you & your heart!! <3

  439. 439
    Portia Kolpin says:

    Shared your Speed up you workflow link. Who doesn’t want to save time right?! :)

  440. 440
    Jayne says:

    What is the best way you’ve found to market yourself as a newborn photographer.

  441. 441
    Portia Kolpin says:

    Shared your Speed up your workflow link on Pinterest!

  442. 442
    Jennifer Madigan says:

    I Tweeted about this giveaway on Twitter through the addy jrosencr

  443. 443
    Selena says:

    I have done a few newborns but I would love to know how the best way to pose multiple newborns. I have done one set of twins but I struggled with how to pose them both together.

  444. 444
  445. 445

    I’ve only done a few newborn sessions so far but have absolutely loved them! I was lucky enough to have my own little bundle of joy shortly before getting other newborn sessions, so I got some extra experience working with a newborn beforehand. I suggested beforehand to both that a full tummy is best and a very warm house (about 85) will also be best, but both ignored the warmth suggestion (one kept their house at 67 brrr…) and both didn’t go with the full tummy suggestion. I brought a space heater, but it was still pretty chilly. My question is how do you get parents to actually follow these suggestions without seeming bossy?

  446. 446
    Jayne says:

    Tweeted about your fabulous newborn actions.

  447. 447
    Tina says:

    There are three things I couldn’t live without when it comes to photographing newborns and that would be my space heater and white noise machine and posing beanbag.
    These two items are a must when working with newborns. I am so thankful to have learned about these amazing tools I wouldn’t be able to work with newborns if it wasn’t for these

  448. 448
  449. 449
  450. 450
    Donna M says:

    I’m photographing more & more kids & babies, these props would be so great!

  451. 451
    Stephanie Bargo says:

    What is the window of age you shoot for to capture the best newborn photos?

  452. 452
  453. 453
    Kelsey Cameron says:

    I am fairly new to photographing newborns; so my question is when do you know you are ready to venture out and stop giving discount sessions to build your portfolio?!

  454. 454
    Serena Swan says:

    I have been photographing Newborns for about 3 years now and I have learned alot! I think my best advice is to never rush. Reserve the first hour just for settling in and feeding. After that I always explain to mom that the less she holds baby while we are working the less they will cry when I take them for pictures. It sounds weird but it works! I think my own question is how do photographers get that amazing pose of babies feet to the side with the head propped up on hands. I know there are hands and photo shop involved but all my babies hate having their feet infront like that.

  455. 455
    Portia Kolpin says:

    Shared your Newborn Necessities link on Pinterest!

  456. 456
    gabriela says:

    my best piece of advise is to make sure your hands are always clean and warm and to have the room warm so it’s comfortable for baby. Also, don’t be in a rush! be prepared to break as often as needed for diaper changes and feedings.

  457. 457
    Melanie H. says:

    I’ve done a few newborn shoot and my question is about lighting. Are you using off flash photography or natural light? I am feeling like the natural light photos aren’t looking as good, plus it narrows your window of when you are able to shoot…

  458. 458
    Melissa K. says:

    I also thanked the fantastic vendors for their participation in this amazing giveaway! <3

  459. 459

    I’ve done a handful of newborn sessions and I hope I’m not breaking the rules, but I’d love to give some advice and ask a question! :-P

    What has worked best and is most key for me is a very warm room, which I know is already often said. But the key is VERY – If I start sweating I know baby is comfortable! Also, massaging their little fists into flat hands and then posing them accordingly makes images look so much sweeter and relaxed.

    My question is what’s the best way to ensure skin tone consistency throughout the entire session’s gallery of images?

    Thank you so much for doing this!

  460. 460
    gabriela says:

    I’ve visited, liked and thanked all 3 Facebook sites.

  461. 461
    Jayne says:

    Visited and thanked all three vendors!

  462. 462

    My best piece of advice is to educate the parents to what they should expect from the session and a very warm room!

  463. 463
  464. 464
    Bronwyn says:

    I’m new at photographing newborns.had one session and got some great shots but had a hard time posing his little head on his arms. I have seen cute shots of babies with their head resting on their hands….how do you do that? Thanks ;)

  465. 465
    gabriela says:

    I just bought the MCP Actions Newborn set – so excited to use it!

  466. 466

    What is your best advice for someone without a studio (or indoor location) when photographing newborns?

  467. 467

    I tweeted about the giveaway! @caycelee

  468. 468
    Heidi H says:

    Patience, warm room/hands, assistants. Allow for extra time, don’t rush your session.

  469. 469
  470. 470
    -april says:

    the space heater is your best friend for newborns.

  471. 471
    Portia Kolpin says:

    Shared your Newborn Necessities link on Facebook!

  472. 472
  473. 473
    Vanessa Johnson says:

    I am fairly new to newborn photography and love to shoot in RAW. Do you recomend making my exposure corrections and adjustments when my files open up in photoshop or should I save them as jpegs and then use only my actions that I have to make adjustments? Also is a heartbeat machine necessary while shooting the lovely little ones?

  474. 474

    ok… I’m a total newb! what’s your best advice on prepping the parents before the shoot? and what do you do if the baby WILL NOT fall asleep?
    thanks so much!!

  475. 475
    Selena says:

    I visited the 3 sites and left them some MCP love!

  476. 476

    I have shared on Facebook and pinterest.

  477. 477

    what is your favorite lens on a 5D Mark II??

  478. 478
  479. 479
    amy lawrence says:

    My trouble with newborns is that they seem to wake up any time we try to move them into a new set up. Then we start all over with putting them back to sleep. Is this normal or are there newborns that stay asleep while you move them?

  480. 480
    Alison says:

    I am new to this. I would like to know how to get started? How do you get clients? Pricing? (doing this for free for friends seems to lessen the value). Thanks.

  481. 481
    Dawn May says:

    I liked all three fabulous pages on facebook…I would LOVE to win this giveaway!!! Also was able to leave comments on After the Bump and Rock the Drops.

  482. 482
    Charie says:

    What is the best way to pose/handle a newborn?

  483. 483
    Jennifer says:

    My question is about lighting shooting inside–what’s the best option to getting good shots? Does anyone ever shoot outside?

  484. 484

    I visited and left love for all three awesome vendors!!

  485. 485
    Heather M says:

    my questino is how to keep newborns asleep moving from pose to pose?

  486. 486
    Bronwyn says:

    I shared a link to your contest on Facebook. Thanks for doing this!!!

  487. 487
    Melanie H. says:

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  488. 488
    Miriam says:

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  489. 489
    Lena says:

    I’ve visited all 3 vendors and left some love/gratitude. Had to message Shoot Baby, though, but I let them know I was grateful. Thank YOU so much for this opportunity. SO exciting! Fingers crossed… ;)

  490. 490
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  491. 491

    I shared the love on Facebook!

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    Miriam says:

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    • 492.1
      Miriam says:

      Sorry I just realized I commented 3 times for thanking… I don’t know how to delete them…

  493. 493
    Aimee Hurst says:

    What an amazing giveaway! Newborn photographers: what is your advice on getting started? What would you say your top 5 must haves are that you just couldn’t live without when doing your sessions?

  494. 494

    I shared the Newborn Necessities Actions link on my facebook… fingers crossed!

  495. 495
    Heather M says:

    i left comments on all three facebook pages…thank you

  496. 496
    Dawn May says:

    My question to the more experienced newborn photographers would be how did you break into the newborn market without a large portfolio? And how did you go about marketing yourself? I just looked over some of the other comments/questions posted above and am loving the advice and other questions!

  497. 497

    I shared the love on Twitter!

  498. 498
    Reba Cauley says:

    Keep it warm and make sure baby has just eaten and is full – makes for a much better session!! :)

  499. 499
    Kim Hamm says:

    I am from a town of 1000 so I need to shoot everything in order to make any money. What are the bare essentials that you have found to make a sucessfull session. Please those of you who are expirenced run thru everyones questions and answer them please please it would help alot! thanks

  500. 500
    Marce Banks says:

    I so so so badly need to win this! Praying I actually have a chance LOL

    As a newer photographer my question about newborn photography is: What are some helpful hints/tips/tricks on posing newborns? Sometimes they just seem awkward for me.

    Here is the link where I posted on my Facebook Page.

    I also visited and thanked all of the vendors!

  501. 501
    Emily says:

    For those of us not just new to newborn portraits, but new to photography in general, how do you get the best lighting (camera settings, best time of day / angle of sunlight, or any other best tips to get the right ambience for these types of cozy little portraits)?

  502. 502
    Kristine says:

    I always want to know how to calm down a cranky baby to salvage a shoot!

  503. 503
    heather says:

    I would love to know the best tips for photographing babies in natural light!

  504. 504
    Ariana R. says:

    I am new to newborn photography :) What is the best lens to use during newborn shoots?

  505. 505
    Jenay Dawson says:

    I have been photographing newborns for a few years now but have really picked up business this year. The biggest piece of advice that I can give is to be patient and warn the parents that the sessions may take a few hours to complete. Make sure you have a very warm area to photograph in or bring lots of space heaters and heating pads. Tell the parents they will be in a few pictures so that you can capture the first family portrait right away. And, most importantly, have fun! Newborn photography is an art.

  506. 506
    Bronwyn says:

    I liked Shoot Baby! On fb. Couldn’t leave a message. Left some love at After the Bump and Rock the Drops. Thanks again to all for doing this!!!

  507. 507

    Left some love on the vendor FB pages. Thank you!

  508. 508
    Debbie Meier says:

    I am new to newborn photography and I know that the most important thing is safety, patience, and warmth. Can you tell me what the best ages are to photograph the newborns. Do they only have to be weeks old, or can they be older?
    Liked and thanked all the vendors.
    Shared your Newborn Action set on my facebook wall. and the contest too.
    Thank you to all of you for a wonderful giveaway. Sure would be the best Mothers Day present(Grandma’s day present too). Congratulations to whoever wins…

  509. 509

    I visited all three Facebook pages and left my thanks!

  510. 510
    Nora says:

    Wow what a great package to win! I’ve only done 1 “official” newborn session aside from my own kids and I wonder if it gets an easier???

  511. 511
    Cora thompson says:

    How do u achieved the bright creamy skin tones? And thank u for this awesome giveaway:)

  512. 512

    New to photographing newborns: How do you get those precious cherubs to keep those difficult looking poses?

  513. 513
    Amanda says:

    Awesome Giveaway!!!

    Newborn Photography is so rewarding! I like to keep wipes on hand and I have found that if you hold the babies hands still it keeps them from waking up and they feel more secure as you move them and prop them.

  514. 514
    Angela says:

    As a newcomer to newborn photography what I’ve learned is that natural light is hard to come by in many homes, especially if you are trying to shoot in a small room to keep it warm. Enter studio lights and soft boxes (b/c speedlights are just well a pain), for those using lights what settings do they normally set their lights at?

    A second question seems to echo many others, how do other photographers overcome the tiny awake baby, to get the sleepy bendy baby look?

    MCP thanks as always for the fantastic giveaway!

  515. 515
    heather says:

    I posted about the contest on facebook

  516. 516
    Jessicca Wilkinson says:

    What a wonderful prize!
    My piece of advice would be to put in as much effort as you can to make sure mum and dad are comfortable and happy. If the parents are happy and Pleased with how you are and how everything is going then it will make your session run so much more smoothly. The worst thing you can do is get on the bad side of the parents, it will make you nervous and make it harder for you to really put in 100%. it really is like a snowball effect.

    Finger crossed now. Good luck to everyone :) xx

  517. 517
    Mike Meints says:

    We’ve been photographing babies for several years and have learned a lot along the way. Keep it warm; babies like it nice and toasty. You’ll be nice and sweaty but the baby will love it. This is a toughy; keep mom away! Since babies can’t see too well, they rely on touch and smell, so if the baby get a whiff of mommy, it’s all over!

  518. 518
    Stephanie says:

    Is there a way to flow between poses for easy transitions and now waking the baby?

  519. 519
    Bethany Seely says:

    I am a beginner newborn photographer. It’s my way of getting my baby fix without having more of my own :) How do you keep from squeezing and kissing these beautiful babies?

  520. 520
    stormy says:

    question : How many poses do you like to try sticking with? I want options, but don’t want to annoy the baby ;)

    also, I posted a newborn action link to my fb page as well as pinterest. I liked all three contributing companies fb pages & left thank you comments for each :) I’m very new to the photographing for others side of this so I don’t have many prop options. This would be SOOO amazing to win!! Thank you SO very very much for this chance!!

  521. 521
    Emily Green says:

    I have a question as a newbie, how hard is it to pose the babies without them waking up? If they do wake up, do you have to postpone the shoot? Thanks a lot!!

  522. 522
    Jean says:

    Definitely warm room and white noise (iphone app).

  523. 523
    Heidi H says:

    Thank you to all three vendors sent. Message to Shoot Baby as it wouldn’t allow me to post to wall. Thanks for the opportunity to win some fabulous items to help promote business.

  524. 524
    heather says:

    I posted to twitter about the contest

  525. 525

    Sent all 3 a Thanks and let them know I was enteriing the giveaway

  526. 526
    Lena says:

    Shared all about it on my facebook page ( Thanks again!!

  527. 527
    Jenny Hunt says:

    How long do newborn sessions usually take? Most of my newborns never want to sleep and I find the parents rushing to get the session done.

  528. 528
    Bonnie C says:

    I’ll post a question –

    What have been the best and worst newborn photography purchases you have made?

  529. 529
    Bethany Seely says:

    I visited each site and thanked the vendors for their fabulous donations to the giveaway.

  530. 530
    Jess V says:

    Wow! Amazing prize! I always see these little-little ones. What are some posing tips for a more awake three-month-old.

  531. 531
    Taryn Danley says:

    As a newbie looking at other photographers photos, I notice a lot of the backgrounds blending so smoothly at the seam between floor and backdrop (you know when the wood floor blends into the solid color above, etc…) What I would love to know is if this is done in camera or durring editing and how?

  532. 532
    Aimee Hurst says:

    After the Bump, Shoot Baby, and Rock the Drops. Im a new fan! Liked all three, love their pages and sent them a BIG thank you! :)

  533. 533
    Liz in PA says:

    I’d love to know how to get that nice soft light skin instead of yellow or sunburn. :P

  534. 534
    Jess V says:

    I pinned this giveaway on Pinterest!

  535. 535
    Taryn Danley says:

    I shared on 3 facebook pages. <3

  536. 536
    Jennifer Deming says:

    I am just beginning my career in newborn photography and couldn’t be more excited at the thought of winning this giveaway to begin my career! The question I would love to ask is: what advice to you have for easing a nervous/anxious parents’ mind so that the session is fun and relaxing for them?

  537. 537
    pc says:

    Baby posing tips and techniques would be very helpful, Thank you!!!

  538. 538
    Andrea V says:

    What’s the best age range to photograph newborns and is it easiest when they are sleeping?! I have never photographed newborns but would love to get started!!!

  539. 539
    Taryn Danley says:

    I visited and thanked all three vendors!

  540. 540
    Vanessa Johnson says:

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  541. 541
    Angela says:

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    Visited all three vendors and thanked them!

  542. 542
    Amy James says:

    I am just getting started into newborn photography. I would like to know from all of the seasoned professionals, what is your best advice on calming a upset baby during a session?

  543. 543
    Ati says:

    I’ve been photographing newborns for almost 4 years now , I think Taking your time, going with the flow, and having everything handy are KEY since they run the show, education about the length of the session for the parents is very important too, if they get anxious baby gets anxious . Temperature too!!!

  544. 544
    Bonnie C says:

    I visited and thanks all three vendors! :)

  545. 545
    Aimee Hurst says:

    Shared on Facebook!

  546. 546

    I have visited, liked and thanked all three vendors.

  547. 547
    Tara W says:

    I am new to newborn photography. My biggest question would be how you get them posed in those darling positions, (especially the hands) and always sleeping? I’ve tried a few for friends, and that was my biggest frustration. I would LOVE to win this prize package, and I am expecting my own little bundle in August! This would be perfect!
    I also purchased the MCP newborn necessities actions!! Thanks for the opportunity to win such an awesome prize package. I LOVE MCP!!

  548. 548
    Jess V says:

    I payed a visit to all three AMAZING vendors and left notes of thanks!

  549. 549

    I am not a newborn photographer, but this prize package is VERY inspiring. I would love to learn and get started. I have a TON of questions. Lighting? Advertising? Posing? I think it would take a lot of mentoring to get it just right and stand out from everyone else doing newborn photos. Some of the newborn photos I see on the MCP facebook page take my breath away. I would love to do that for someone else!

  550. 550
    Linda J. Johnson says:

    . safety first no matter what the current trendy look you want to achieve
    . allow plenty of time, prep parents to know what to expect, tell them to be sure and bring bottles and/or be prepared to nurse
    . uncomfortably warm room, warm props – preheat with heating pad, remove prior to use
    . seating for parents so they can “spot” for you comfortably
    . position the baby yourself – parents are anxious and unfamiliar with their newborns and communicate this to the babies
    . plenty of clean-up supplies for on the spot use with babies
    . do newborns only if you truly are comfortable with handling them

  551. 551
    Shawna says:

    I am not a seasoned photographer, but I love photography and newborn photos are treasures. My question is how to keep a baby warm enough to be comfortable for the photo shoot? What temp is suggested?

  552. 552
    Meggan Hayes says:

    My question would be…what do you do when people wait a little too long and want you to photograph an older newborn?

  553. 553
    Aimee Hurst says:

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  554. 554
    Ati says:

    Just Shared on my Facebook Wall :) XOXO

  555. 555
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    I visited After the Bump, Shoot Baby, and Rock the Drops! Love all the products and sites. Also sent them a big thanks for allowing us to have a chance to add their products to my collection. Also liked all three :) Have a beautiful day!

  556. 556
    Jill says:

    The advice I feel most pressed to share for newbie newborn photogs…keep those babies safe. Do as much research as possible, even some of the most simple looking poses are composite shots where a finger/hand or more is removed from the shot in post processing. Don’t be afraid to ask how it’s done. Remember that you are working with a precious little life and they are not just a prop. Perhaps that sounds harsh – but there are some really scary images out there that only one little thing had to go wrong for the baby to be in serious harm.

  557. 557
    Angela says:

    Would love to know how to get grumpy babies to cheer up!

  558. 558
    Tina says:

    I visited all 3 sites on Facebook.

  559. 559

    As a fairly new newborn photographer, the thing that I would love to know most from the “seasoned” photographers is what is the most successful way to build your ideal clientele base. :) I’m loving reading all of the comments above me from the pro’s!

  560. 560
  561. 561
    Heather says:

    I have shot a handful of newborns, but feel qualified enough to give some advice. A lot of the aspects of how to shoot have been covered, but I think one of the things that has helped me the most is to get to the point where I am not stressed out if the baby doesnt want to sleep. Learn how to shoot awake newborns… wrap them, do parent poses, etc., but if you get stressed, everything will fly out the window and the baby will be able to feel your stress.

  562. 562
    Natalie says:

    Question: I am seeing more of a trend going to lifestyle newborn shoots instead of posed newborn shoots – what are your thoughts about this?

  563. 563
    miranda dejarnatt says:

    i am just starting out and i do fine with a tripod but when i am on the floor hand holding the camera i get camera shake. Any suggestions for sharper pictures. thank you

  564. 564
    Janine says:

    Fall in love with the babies. See them with the eyes of parents. Show respect and warmth and have much patience.

  565. 565
    Giordano says:

    Please disregard my previous comment.
    It was a mistake.

  566. 566

    I have been photographing babies for a couple years now. The thing I like to keep in mind during a session is this: “Never treat a baby different than I would my own children when they were babies and never put them in danger of any kind. They are babies, not props.”

  567. 567
    Donna says:

    Do you prefer shooting newborns in the client’s home or your own home/studio and why?

  568. 568

    Added Link to Facebook… Thanked Rock the Drops, After the Bump & Shoot Baby.

    In have actually been taking pictures of our twin girls since they were born but have recently ventured out and have started taking pictures of other ppl and thier kids.. I get excited every time I start taking pictures it is such a big rush for me.. I hope to one day have ppl look at my photos and be inspired as I am now by others.

  569. 569
  570. 570
  571. 571
    Skye Devoe says:

    My best advice is a hair dyrer! I use it in addition to a space heater I usually have dad hold it about 5 feet above baby on a meduim setting. The warm (not hot!) air on baby’s skin and the noise helps calm the baby into a deep sleep.

  572. 572
    Tina says:

    Shared on Facebook and Twitter

  573. 573
    Linda J. Johnson says:

    Visited all vendors and thanked them. Shared on facebook and liked all sites. Fingers crossed:)

  574. 574
  575. 575
    Christabel says:

    I would like to begin doing newborn photography, but in the past few attempts, I haven’t been happy with the outcome. What makes a newborn photographer so good at what they do? Is it the posing? Lighting? How do you get that perfect pose? And how newborn do you want a baby to be, when doing those photoshoots? A week? A few weeks?

  576. 576

    I have liked all of the vendors and left comments on all except ShootBaby (Their page didn’t have an option to write on their wall.) :)

  577. 577
    Donna says:

    I visited all 3 vendors on FB!

  578. 578
  579. 579

    I am more of a child photographer but I am doing more and more newborns over the past few years. The best piece of advice I can give is to be super patient! Reassuring mom thy their baby is doing great, a lot of moms think they are supposed to sleep the whole time and be good. LOL when they cry they appoligize. Them understanding it takes a while and the baby will cry( and poop and pee and want to be fed) really helps me out and keeps mom calm.

  580. 580
    Libby says:

    I’m fairly new to newborn shoots, with only a handful under my belt. I tend to prefer natural light, but some homes don’t have the best set-up for that, so I bring my studio lights–but what’s the best way to use them? Is it better to use a softbox? And getting those adorable poses–any advice on that would be great!

  581. 581
    Giordano says:

    Do you think a woman photographer has an advantage over a man photographer when taking pictures of newborn? (I’m thinking at the connection between women or even better moms)

  582. 582
    Jenny says:

    I have just started taking pictures of newborns but I prefer the natural look without too much posing, and I think it is nice to see open eyes not just sleeping. What is your best tip for when you have a content but awake baby?

  583. 583
  584. 584

    Thanked Rock the Drops as on their facebook page.

  585. 585
    Christina says:

    Make sure the room is warm and that the parents are told not to stress if the baby isn’t cooperating. If they are stressed the baby will be too!

  586. 586

    Thanked after the bump on their facebook page as

  587. 587
    Ati says:

    DONE! LOL! left a thank you note on all the vendors Facebook page ( Shoot Baby won’t let you leave a message on their timeline)

    THANKYOU for such a awesome give away :)

  588. 588
    Libby says:

    Visited, liked, and thanked all three vendors! What a spectacular giveaway!!

  589. 589
    jennie says:

    My one advise would be PATIENTS!!! The more patient you are the easier it is to work with babies!! They seem to feed off of your energy and if you are stressed cuz they’re not sleeping or fussy or what not then it seems to worsen the situation. Keep calm and just wait for the baby to tell you when they are ready!! Patients works every time!!

  590. 590
    Skye Devoe says:

    Posted on my facebook page and business page. Thanks for the chance!

  591. 591
    Giordano says:

    I’ve visited, liked and thanked all 3 Facebook sites.

  592. 592
    Michelle Laskowski says:

    I am just starting my new business and my main focus will be newborns. My question for the seasoned photographer of newborns what one thing would you say is the most essential thing you need to have whether it be a prop, equipment, editing software….Thank you for the opportunity to enter such an amazing giveaway and to have an opportunity to ask my question.

  593. 593
  594. 594
    Marcie S. says:

    Haven’t tried newborns yet. Always wondered how you get them to sleep and stay asleep!!

  595. 595
    Cathy H says:

    I am fairly new to newborn photo shoots and my question would be what are some of the best props to use? Do you like to use a lot of props or fairly natural setting on a blanket?

  596. 596
    Christina Hossler says:

    My question for the seasoned photographers: Lighting! I shoot in a wonderful room with the most fabulous window for natural light, but I can’t keep things consistent because of the length of the session and of course the sun and clouds never wanting to cooperate, even with moving the bean bag around. As much as I would prefer to shoot newborns in the natural light I’m finding it difficult, so I have been working with my studio lights which I am comfortable with for every other shoot but the little ones. I can’t quite get seem to get it right. Do you have any suggestions or tricks that I should try? I’m working with a 20×30 soft box with a strobe and a large reflector. I have one other strobe and three model lights with a variety of umbrellas I can use too. THANKS!

  597. 597
    Jennifer Deming says:

    I just thanked the three vendors. They are awesome!

  598. 598
    Leslie Bowen says:

    I have yet to do a newborn shoot, but I have a couple of pregnant clients that would love to do a shoot when they have their blessings. My question is how do you get the newborn look so peaceful! Of course all newborns look so peaceful when they sleep. My question is more about how you get the atmosphere peaceful so that it reflects in the photo? I see it in countless newborn photos. So I am afraid that they are going to be crying the whole time and not allow me to pose them. Thank you so much!

  599. 599

    I visited all three facebook pages. I left messages on everyone except the shoot baby site. For some reason it wouldn’t let me leave a message even though I am a fan. I shared your site on my facebook page, blogger, twitter and LinkedIn. I am a huge fan of all three vendors.

    For a tip: A must have for newborns is the bean bag puck. Keep your studio very warm, have mom feed baby when they get to the studio and always think safety! The cute shots everyone is trying to get are done by blending two images in photoshop. A baby will NOT hold up their head on their hands by themselves. Please, please, please think of the baby’s safety first.

    And yes…the image I posted is many images photoshopped together. I did not have any of the babies really hanging from a limb. ;)

  600. 600
    Skye Devoe says:

    Visited and comment with all 3 vendors. I already had liked them before :)

  601. 601
    Adelle says:

    I am still pretty new to newborn photography with only a few sessions of experience. My question is does anyone have a great flow of poses that work with moving the baby (read: waking the baby up) as few times as possible. Just haven’t found a good rhythm yet, though I suspect that just comes with time. Some helpful ideas would be great.

  602. 602
    Tomara says:

    What is the best way to get natural light when you don’t necessary have a good space with natural light? Outdoors seems to be out of the question unless it’s warm enough and flashes/equipment is too expensive for a newbie like me.

  603. 603
    Jenny says:

    I wouldn’t quite call myself seasoned yet, but I have learned a few things in the few newborn sessions I’ve done. I realized pretty quickly that while babies love schedules, you can never really plan for them to be sleepy or happy the whole shoot. Embrace the fact that they are crying and take some great shots of the parents holding the baby with their face facing away from the lens. Parents love when you get these shots because it’s so easy to forget those early days of sheer bliss coupled with exhaustion and it seems the grandparents like seeing them too!

  604. 604
    Pooja says:

    Best piece of advice I can give is you might think you will get better pictures with a better camera, more props, cuter baby.. but NO, learn how to use your camera, you dont need expensive props (just some creativity).. you dont need a cuter baby either.. you just need to learn photoshop! :)

  605. 605
    Nicole K says:

    I am not new to photography but I have just recently upgraded equipment and decided to (FINALLY) give it shot at going pro. The idea of being able to do something that I love so much for a living really excited me! (Haha!)

    My question – What the absolute oldest age to do a newborn shoot? 3 weeks? Maybe even 4? Or is that just pushing it too far?

    Thanks for the fantastic giveaway! What a package!


  606. 606
    Pooja says:

    I left a comment on ‘After the Bump’ & ‘Rock the drops’.. Shoot Baby dont have a wall!

  607. 607
    Josh M says:

    What are the best poses to position newborns?

  608. 608

    These are awesome prizes! I have only done newborn sessions for friends & family but would love to do more of it in the future! I would love to see some pullbacks and examples of how to set up newborn shots. Thanks for the giveaway!

  609. 609
    Lindsey Bennett says:

    Best advice for photographing newborns….get a space heater!

  610. 610
    Pooja says:

    shared your link on pinterest.. I hope I win.. I will be an MCP fan forever!!! :)

  611. 611
    Michelle Laskowski says:

    I have liked all three pages and left them thank yous. Shoot baby I sent a message to because I wasn’t able to leave it on their wall.

  612. 612
    Ciara Foust says:

    I do not shoot newborns very often but would like some tips for posing! I cannot ever get my newborns to curl up like I have seen.

  613. 613
    Leslie Bowen says:

    I put the nb ness action link on my photography facebook page

    as well as pinned it to my pinterest.

  614. 614
    Misty says:

    Visited all 3 awesome vendors on FB :)

  615. 615
    Jennifer Deming says:

    I just pinned your giveaway in pinterest!

  616. 616
    Leslie Bowen says:

    I also left a thank you to Rock the drop and After the bump, those were the only ones that allowed wall posts.

  617. 617

    I don’t do very many newborn shoots. I’ve always been curious on how you curl up the babies into such cute positions?

  618. 618
  619. 619
    Nicole K says:

    I am a (already) fan of all of the vendors! ;) And I commented on their pages. :)

  620. 620
  621. 621
    Marita says:

    Question for seasoned newborn photographer-
    What are the three most important things to have (purchases, props, equipment, space, etc) available before you begin photographing newborns?
    Thanks in advance for your response!
    Checked out all three sites- thanks for sharing them!

  622. 622

    I am fairly new to the photography world, and everytime I get asked to do a newborn shoot I start sweating, lol. While I have done a few of those sessions, my biggest question is this. It seems to take forever to edit a newborns skin to even it out AND it still look natural. Do most of you just use actions for this, or is there a “certain” method for obtaining this? Some babies as newborns just have blotchy purplish skin tones, and OHWEEE its hard to even that out. Thanks for the advice, and for the AWESOME giveaway!!

  623. 623
    Jenna says:

    Best idea I think is to do right after the babys full meal and is fast asleep! Not to long after they’ll have time to digest and yea u can guess the rest.. Crossing my fingers hoping I’ll win!!

  624. 624
  625. 625
    Renee C. says:

    My first newborn shoot with twins was a struggle but Mom and I are so happy with the photos. My issue was with the Mom, not the babies – she is a first time mom and hovered and fussed and was nervous the whole 3 hours of the shoot lol! I’m very comfortable with newborn babies, and I’m a mom of twins so I’m very comfortable with that aspect of photography. The babies were fantastic, but Mom…not so much. What would you suggest I do if this (and it will, I’m sure) happens again? Thank you!!

  626. 626
    Michelle Laskowski says:

    Shared the actions on my personal page on facebook. I haven’t created a business page yet.

  627. 627
    Dusica Paripovic says:

    Do you pose the babies yourself or do you explain to mom how to pose the baby?

  628. 628
    Meri Conroy says:

    I was wondering how you get all the babies to sleep so peacfully through so many poses and shots? I’m hoping to win because I would LOVE to be able to photograph more babies with confidence!

  629. 629
    Tara says:

    What an awesome giveaway! Being a newbie I have two questions:) Most newborn portraits I’ve seen are taken while the baby is asleep, what poses/shots do you recommend if the baby is awake? Also, what is your favorite prop to use with newborns? Thanks!

  630. 630
    Shea Smith says:

    I am still new to newborn photography, with a handfull of shoots under my belt so I appreciate all of the advice and tips. I would say the most important thing I’ve learned so far is to stay relaxed and calm at all times, nomatter what happens. Keep the room/rooms very warm and keep that baby happy! :)

  631. 631

    I haven’t photographed any newborns (yet)-so my question is about lighting-what would be the best advice you would give someone just starting-what lighting set up did you start with and what would you do differently if you could go back?

  632. 632
    Meri Conroy says:

    I shared this on my FB here!/meri.conroy :) Here’s hoping!

  633. 633
    Tera says:

    Learn safety first. It’s so important. Other than that, pretty much what the others have said about keeping calm, take your time, and turn up the heat! Layer up on your clothing. You should be sweating by the end :) Good luck everyone <3

  634. 634
  635. 635
    Chava Lind says:

    I’m closer to newbie then seasoned newborn photographer. How do you get those cute shots with their head in their hands.

  636. 636
    Dusica Paripovic says:

    I visited all three pages but couldn’t comment on Shoot Baby…

  637. 637
    Emily says:

    Patience is key with newborns. Also, shoot them while they are awake too!

  638. 638
  639. 639
    Danielle Dahmer says:

    I’m just starting out in photography. So excited about my new love for newborn/children photography. How much time should I expect to have for a ‘normal’ newborn shoot?

  640. 640

    Spread the word about your MCP Newborn Necessities Action Set on Facebook and Pinterest. Thanks for the giveaway!

  641. 641
    Anel says:

    I visited, liked and commented on their fb pages! :)

  642. 642
    Michelle Laskowski says:

    I have pinned on pinterest ; )

    Thanks again!!

  643. 643
    Deadra Strawn says:

    I’m a newbie to photography in general but have absolute envy of newborn photographers. Winning would take me one step closer to being ready supply wise. Thanks!!

  644. 644
  645. 645

    Just visited all three vendors pages: After the Bump, Shoot Baby, and Rock the Drops. Very NICE items!

  646. 646
  647. 647
    Emily Garrison says:

    Newborn photography requires a lot of patience!!

  648. 648
    Tera says:

    Visited and left some love for all the amazing vendors :)

  649. 649
    Chesnye says:

    I am a newbie. How do you keep the babies from moving while they sleep? I shot one newborn who would try to crawl even asleep…

  650. 650
    angelica norris says:

    Question for seasoned newborn photographers:

    Do you find it easier or harder to have the parents near and helping or do you prefer them to be waiting to the side and use your spotter?

    Angelica Norris

  651. 651
    Renee C. says:

    I visited After The Bump!!

  652. 652
  653. 653
  654. 654
    Meri Conroy says:

    I already liked all 3 of the vendors and I visited them and thanked them for being a part of such a cool contest!

  655. 655
    Becky C says:

    Newbie here.  My question is what lenses and lighting equipment do you use?

  656. 656
    Kristin T says:

    Newbie here! :-) 2 Newborn sessions under my belt!
    Question 1: What is your go-to pose for sleepers? For the ones who won’t sleep?
    Question 2: What is the best way to get rid of the reddish skin and baby-pimples? Or do you just leave those?

  657. 657
    Spring Disney says:

    What an amazing giveaway! I am more a newbie than a veteran, so my question is how long do you usually spend photographing a newborn?

  658. 658
    Amanda Sanchez says:

    I think my question to the pros would be how do you get past the nerves of shooting newborns, it is the one subject I am scared to shoot, they are so tiny and fragile it throws my nerves into overdrive! I am very interested in knowing if workshops would help or shadowing… Huge thanks for such a Fabulous Giveaway, hoping winning would be just what I need to start working with lil ones!!!

  659. 659
    Steffanie F says:

    I’m new to newborns. How do you keep them so serenely asleep when moving their bodies and putting them in new places and positions?

    • 659.1
      Danielle Dahmer says:

      I’m just starting newborns too. I’ve watched so many utube videos to help me with this. Hope all those videos help me soon.

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  669. 669
    Becca L. says:

    I’m a semi-newbie, and want to hear everyone’s advice on getting that sleepy baby!

  670. 670
    Amanda Sanchez says:

    I Spread the word on Pinterest about MCP Newborn Necessities Action Set ;) (which are totally on my wish list right now btw)

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  676. 676
    Reggie says:

    I’m definitely a newbie regarding newborn photography. My question is I’m a big guy 6′ 4″ 275lbs should I be the one that actually do the posing for the baby or should I direct mom on how I want the newborn posed?

    Thank you for the opportunity.

  677. 677
    Nicole Eason says:

    I have been photographing children and families for a while but am just starting to get into newborns. I feel so nervous every time…that does get better with time doesn’t it? When you have more confidence in posing and moving the baby?

  678. 678
    Erin says:

    I have been shooting newborns for just over a year and still don’t feel I have it down. I learn many new things each session. My advice is to wear comfy clothes and roll with whatever happens. Naked babies like lots of heat, so I sweat profusely. Babies are moody and fickle and go from sound snooze to ticked off in no time flat, so you have to be patient.

    My question to more seasoned photogs is more about the sell. My client are notorious for swooning and crying over images and then ordering 4 4x6s.

  679. 679
    Becca L. says:

    I left thank you notes on all three facebook pages! Thanks again for this giveaway opportunity.

  680. 680
    Cath L. says:

    I recently discovered my love to photograph newborns in natural looking lighting, can you recommend a few brands of continuous lights that are portable and easy for travel?

  681. 681
    Danni Jones says:

    How did you get clients to practice/build your portfolio? Did you offer free sessions? Or just discounted? What was your best marketing resources? Thank you!!!!!

  682. 682
    Nicole Eason says:

    I shared the contest on my facebook page.

  683. 683
    Whit Pilcher says:

    My question: How do you get those adorable cheesecloth wraps wrapped just right? Mine usually ends up looking like a burrito wrapping experiment gone horrible wrong!

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  687. 687
    Trena says:

    Just getting started… When just starting, what were your favorite ways to photograph withOUT the use of any props/wraps/heard bands/etc?

  688. 688

    What do you do when the parents start getting frustrated or tired, like when it has taken a while to calm a baby or get them to sleep? Do you just try again in a day or two? How do you handle it?

  689. 689
    Victoria Meyer says:

    I am fairly new to photographing newborns. I have only done one shoot and have another one coming any day now. My question is how they get the babies to sleep through the whole shoot.

  690. 690
  691. 691
    Amanda Sanchez says:

    I thanked Rock the Drops and After the Bump for their generous contributions to the giveaway on facebook! It would not let me comment at Shoot Baby :(

  692. 692
  693. 693
  694. 694
    StacyBrick says:

    How do you find new ideas so that all your baby pics don’t look the same?

  695. 695
    Erin Bremer says:

    I’m a newbie and wondering how to get started in newborn photography? Did you shoot for friends, casting calls, etc?

  696. 696

    I am new to newborn photography but love it. My main question is how do you keep the babies from getting upset and what do you do if they start crying? Just wait till mommy can calm them down? So how much time do you reserve for the session?

  697. 697
    Renee C. says:

    I visited all three vendors and left comments!

  698. 698
    Tara O'Leary says:

    What an amazing giveaway! I would say the best advice is always bring a space heater and a noise machine! I noticed such a difference in the way baby sleeps when I used them compared to before!

  699. 699

    I have three top suggestions to always remember: Keep the baby safe! Have an assistant or mom or dad right there at all times to make sure that baby is safe! That is #1.
    Stay calm and cool. Babies don’t do what you want all the time. Sessions like these take a lot of time and a lot of patients.
    Last. Remember that if you are working with a first time mommy, she might be worried and uptight. Try to keep her calm too. That will make your session so much easier.

  700. 700
    ashly palmer says:

    I visited all the sites. How long should you tell a parent to expect a newborn session to be? I know they can take longer but what is a good time frame?

  701. 701
  702. 702
  703. 703

    Twitter is linked to my business page so I posted there too!!! :-)

  704. 704
  705. 705
    Jennifer says:

    What is the best lighting set up for a great black and white portrait?

  706. 706
    Toni says:

    Fairly new to newborn photography. My question, what is the most important thing I need to know that I don’t even know is important to ask? Also, how do you achieve some of those cute poses with chin propped up on hands?

  707. 707
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  714. 714

    I am a newbie how do you deal with the parents and have them let you just do your himg and sooth theor baby?

  715. 715
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  718. 718
    Tamara says:

    What is your must have Prop? And what is the ideal temperature of the room?

  719. 719
    Kelly Hunter says:

    I am fairly new! My question is how to get the wonderful poses?!? I have such a hard time with this!

  720. 720
    Summer says:

    What an awesome giveaway! All newborns are different so patience is key!

  721. 721
    Jen G. says:

    Newbie here! How do you determine a baby’s “true” skin tone when editing?

  722. 722
    Stef kerr says:

    I have a question as a newbie photographer, whenever I try to move the baby to a new pose, they wake up and start crying and Im back to sqaure one. How do I make the transition easier?

    Thank you.

  723. 723
    Tarah Mervau says:

    Newbie here. What is the one most important tip you have for posing newborns with their head in their hands?

  724. 724
    Anton C. says:

    Totally new at newborns. I work with my wife and we are having a hard time with natural light. How do you get good light in bad lighting conditions?

  725. 725
    Dawn Hirsch says:

    Take your time! Be prepared to stay as long as it takes. :) You’re at the mercy of the newborn!

  726. 726
    tracy says:

    What’s your best trick for switching setups without them waking up?

  727. 727
    Laura says:

    Visited all three vendors and thanked them. Question for the experts: How do you keep your shoots fresh? It’s hard not to use the same poses and props for different clients. How to avoid this? Thanks!

  728. 728

    Photogrpahing newborn advice???? let me see #1 = SAFETY FIRST!! I have seen so many crazy postings lately of unsafe practices. Never take a photo without having the parents spotting. I cannot stress this enough. miracles happen in photoshop daily not by putting a child at risk. Secondly, practice practice practice

  729. 729
    Tarah Mervau says:

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    Stef kerr says:

    I left a comment on the vendors facebook page letting them know i entered the MCP giveaway!

    Thank you!

  731. 731
    SHU ZOU says:

    I am new to newborn photography, it looks so easy on youtube videos of how to pose newborns, in reality, it is so hard. how to do the pose where they put their hands under their head and head holding up by themselves?

  732. 732
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    This is such a generous giveaway,I love it!
    I thanked all the contributor’s to the giveaway,posted on my facebook wall,and on Pinterest and on twitter!/warriorsbride.
    My question is how to get the best angle while shooting newborns,and what is your favorite camera lense?

  736. 736

    How do you get that shot where the head is resting on their hands? They are so fragile! ;)

  737. 737
    Jen G. says:

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  738. 738
    Amy E. says:

    I’m a newbie but I’m going to give a piece of advice anyway… you have to be calm and confident with babies but willing to let the session have its own pace directed by them. If you are nervous or rushed they pick up that vibe and its hard to recover from that.

  739. 739
    Erin Bremer says:

    I visited all three vendors on facebook and thanked them. It’s an awesome giveaway..

  740. 740
    Shannon says:

    I’m still a baby photographer and my biggest question is HOW do you do the baby in a bucket shot?? I’ve tried it two out of my last 4 newborns and can’t seem to make it happen.

  741. 741
    tracy says:

    I visited all three vendors on facebook!

  742. 742

    I feel it’s REALLY important to make the parents feel at home… I love going to their homes where they can relax, and just soak in the love of a new baby!! And this way you can make better connections with both the baby and family!! Love family bed shots!!

  743. 743

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    Visited all three vendors and sent a Thank you. Was not able to post on Shoot Baby!’s wall, but sent a message thanking them. I was already a fan.

  745. 745

    This is awesome! I’m fairly new and would like to know what lense is your go to lense for newborns.

  746. 746
    Jody Martin says:

    I am a beginner… How do you get the baby posed so perfectly with out waking them up?

  747. 747
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  751. 751
    Tracie Adkins says:

    I’m just getting into photography, and I’ve noticed a lot of photographers blur the background a whole bunch around and behind the baby. How is that done in photoshop?

  752. 752
    Coco says:

    I’m a fairly new newborn photographer and my babies will never go to sleep! What are your tricks?

  753. 753
  754. 754
    Jody Martin says:

    I also shared on pintrest!

  755. 755
    India Hampton says:

    I am new to newborn photography. When posing them do you usually stay out of the scenes or do you photoshop hands and arms out alot?

  756. 756
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    Visited the vendors! Thanks again!

  757. 757
    Kelly Hunter says:

    Visited all three pages! Left them all a comment :)

  758. 758
    Tabitha says:

    My question: What kind of lighting is best for newborns? I am thinking most flash would be too harsh so do you use natural light or soft boxes or…. and what brand of lighting do you rely on most?

  759. 759
    Liz says:

    I am very new to working with newborns, but I love them! Any advice on getting skin tone correct when using a strong colored backdrop/blanket? I love purples and reds, but struggle with color casts! What a GREAT giveaway!!

  760. 760

    Just posted lots of thanks on facebook vendor pages! Great stuff!

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  765. 765
    Jaymi says:

    my best advice, keep the room very warm and use space heaters! This helps adorable little naked babies stay nice and warm and fall asleep!

  766. 766
    Kelly Hunter says:

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  767. 767

    Tip: Leave plenty of extra time in you shoot when photographing newborns to allow for feeding, changing, etc.

  768. 768
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  771. 771

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  772. 772
    Erin Wood says:

    I have been photographing newborns for almost four years now. My best piece of advice is to get the basic shots first. Go for the more advanced poses at the end of the session. This way, you make sure you get some salable images. My best tool? The mini heater I bring along with me. It has a fan with white noise and keeps the room nice and cozy. Also, my best friends when editing are the patch tool and MCP’s madgic midtone lifter!

  773. 773
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  776. 776
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    I have done a handful of newborns and feel more confident with each one. I love to let mom and dad sit back and relax while they watch the magic happen !

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  779. 779
    Brandi Jinks says:

    I am a very new photographer when it comes to newborns. I think the question I would have to ask is lighting mine is always lighting. Is Newborn photography mostly done in Natural Lighted setings?

  780. 780
    Tina Lonsky says:

    What is your best advise for lighting when natural light isn’t an option?

  781. 781
    Erin Wood says:

    I posted on facebook about MCP’s newborn actions.!/erin.w.wood

  782. 782
    Michelle says:

    My tip would be to keep baby awake for a couple of hours before the session so s/he is ready to sleep.

  783. 783
  784. 784
    Liz says:

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  785. 785
    Natalie E. says:

    My question for the novice newborn photographers would be: What are the top 3 props/equipment you couldn’t do without when photographing newborns.

  786. 786
    Melanie Thomas says:

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  787. 787
    Janae says:

    I have found if mom brings the baby hungry, then we take the clothes off and get baby into the first outfit, wrap, etc, THEN feed the baby, they are all snug, happy and ready to shoot. Also, a space heater nearby is CRUCIAL!
    Would LOVE to win this giveaway!

  788. 788
    Michelle says:

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  789. 789
    Mackenzie says:

    I’m new to the business. My question is…do you tend to go to people’s houses to shoot, or tend to have them come to your house? And do you provide props, or encourage customers to use their own?

  790. 790
    Holly Kolvig says:

    Thank you for being apart of such an AMAZING Giveaway!!! I am entering the MCP Actions Ultimate Newborn Photographer Prop Giveaway
    I liked After the Bump FB awhile ago!

  791. 791
  792. 792
    Amy Bond says:

    My best advice is to prepare with a general plan of action as to what shots you want to try, what props you’ll use and in what order, etc. And then prepare to roll with it when everything veers off course!! Whether it’s a baby that just won’t sleep or one that pees every 10 mins or a new mom that just doesn’t get that the baby NEEDS to be sleepy for the session… everyone has sessions that feel like workouts. Just breathe, stay calm and allow yourself enough time to get the shots everyone wants without sacrificing safety and professionalism.

  793. 793
    Erin Wood says:

    I just went to all three sites and left a thank you message!

  794. 794
    Megan Ellis says:

    I am just starting out and would love to know what the best way to get new clients is – particularly newborns. Advertise at hospital, OB? Thanks!

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  804. 804
    Vickie LeBlanc says:

    How do you handle taking pictures if the baby won’t stay asleep? In Feb. I took my new granddaughter’s photos but we couldn’t get her to stay asleep. She still hasn’t settled down to a sleeping pattern.

  805. 805
    Kaitlyn Elizabeth says:

    Question: Do you use softboxes or natural light more?

  806. 806
    Janae says:

    Left a comment on Shoot Baby!

  807. 807
    Tara Sulman says:

    Safety First. Always! It’s so important to do the research. Sometimes the shots that look like 1 pose are really composts of multiple shots and it’s so important to know that! Safety, safety, safety!

  808. 808
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  818. 818
    Allyson Christenson says:

    I’m definitely a newbie, so how do you pose newborns so perfectly without waking them up?

  819. 819
    Christy Metcalfe says:

    I haven’t been photographing newborns very long but the best piece of advice I’ve gotten is to be patient. And to uncurl those fingers.

  820. 820
    Jennifer W. says:

    I am still fairly new at this but I have always loved photography and becoming a mom just fed the need for it. My best advice is try and think like a mom. That little baby is the greatest treasure to his/her momma. Try and capture that!
    I have also discovered that for starting out, full spectrum lights can really be amazingly helpful. The more natural your lighting is the better!

  821. 821
  822. 822

    Enter me! My main question would be about advertising for newborn photos – local value pages? Online? what works best?


  823. 823
    Kim Miller says:

    I use a white noise app for my I-Pod, helps keep them asleep. Kim

  824. 824
    Janae says:

    Pinned you on Pinterest!

  825. 825

    The baby and mother’s comfort are so important. Keep the baby warm! And give yourself lots of time to handle the needs of the newborn’s feeding schedule and comfort. Also, even when the baby may be occupied with other things…there’s always things you can photograph. The baby’s room, toys, toes… all great details the parents will appreciate!

  826. 826
  827. 827
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    Great giveaway everything is amazing.

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  830. 830
  831. 831
    Holly Kolvig says:

    As a newbie in the NEWBORN area, how do keep your little ones from getting too chilly when you do not have access to the temp controls? I had a shoot last week and just kept the babe covered right until the shot was “ready”, but it sometimes woke her up. ANY ADVICE???

  832. 832
    Melody says:

    I am new to photographing newborns and my question would be what are your “can’t do without” props?

  833. 833
  834. 834
    Melissa thomas says:

    My question for the seasoned veterans is, how much of a newborn shoot do you plan ahead of time, and what do you leave for when you show up, assuming you don’t use all your own backdrops/props?

  835. 835
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  841. 841
    Brittney Davis says:

    I’m new to newborn photography so I guess my question would be what special tricks you use to keep baby happy and sleeping?

  842. 842
    Andrea Gunnell says:

    What are the best poses for newborns?

  843. 843
    Jennifer W. says:

    I visited all three fantastic vendors on Facebook to thank them! Fingers crossed :-)

  844. 844
    Tara Sulman says:

    And finally, said thank you on all 3 pages and Liked! Woot! Good luck to everyone!

  845. 845
    Lena O'Leary says:

    Thank you for this amazing giveaway!

    My question is when you first start out,how do you master the poses and maneuver the baby while still remaining conscious of babys safety and not waking the baby?

    Thank you!

  846. 846
    Erin S says:

    I’m fairly new to the world of newborn photography. My question for the seasoned photographers in this area would be what’s the one posing tip/secret that you feel changed your photography? Posing and moving a sleeping baby has me really frustrated at times.

    Great giveaway!!

  847. 847
    Jody Martin says:

    I liked and commented on all three pages!

  848. 848
    Melanie Thomas says:

    What is your best advice for dealing with a newborn that won’t quit stay in the propped position you are going for? Crazy arm movements, head flop, uncrossing the legs to reveal their little bits? It’s so much fun to shoot them, but I find I spend more time trying to keep the modesty of the shot, than I do shooting.

  849. 849
    Christy Metcalfe says:

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  855. 855
    Julie Marie says:

    I am new to newborn photography and have a question…how do you carry all that stuff into a clients home without taking forever to get it in and set up?

  856. 856

    I am a newbie :) My question is on average how long do newborn sessions last and about how many images are you showing the family. Thanks for the giveaway!!!! So exciting!!

  857. 857
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    I also tweeted this

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  859. 859
    Melissa thomas says:

    Just visited all three amazing vendors! Am just getting started and a prize like this would be so wonderful! I am in the “can’t spend money till I make money” phase and this would tie me a tremendous boost to start getting out there and marketing myself! Thank you!

  860. 860
    Cathy Cosby says:

    What an awesome giveaway!!! Keeping my fingers crossed!! I visited all 3 businesses: After the Bump, Shoot Baby, and Rock the Drops and left them awesome thank you notes!!

  861. 861
  862. 862
    Tonya G says:

    My best piece of advice would be to just be patient. Patience is a MUST when photographing newborns!

  863. 863
    Cami says:

    I’m new into photographing babies..and When is the best time to photograph them. How old should they be so you can pose them without them waking up. I did one at 5 days old and she didn’t seem quite strong or old enough to do the propping up of her head and her hands.

  864. 864
    Tonya G says:

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  865. 865
    Amanda H says:

    I am still very new to newborn photography and my question would be, what type of lights do you use to photograph your newborns? do you prefer natural light or studio strobes? Thanks

  866. 866
    Melissa Bacon says:

    I have recently decided to focus on Newborn photography, I have done a lot of research on my own but I guess if I had to ask one question to all the pro’s out there it would be;

    Since most Newborn session will take place indoors, do you try and use natural light from a window? Or do you use lighting equipment?

  867. 867
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  871. 871
    Shanna says:

    Advice: TAKE YOUR TIME! I often find that newborns, although they love to curl up and sleep, are a little fussy when I first start, but after a few tries they sleep like a rock and will let you pose them however you need to.

  872. 872
    Shanna says:

    I purchased the newborn action set… TOTALLY IN LOVE!!!!

  873. 873
    Carly says:

    I’m pretty new to newborn photography. How long do you schedule each newborn session for?

  874. 874
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  877. 877
    Cathy Cosby says:

    I am just getting started in my photography business. I have a newborn session scheduled for June – know the Mom and I approached her and asked if I could photograph her baby. The photos will be a gift to her in exchange for me being able to use the photos for advertising (showing prospective clients). Took some photos of her older daughter and some family shots at Easter time, and she was very happy with the results.

    My question for the “pros”: Is it better to shoot in your own studio or at your client’s home? How involved in the session are the parents? What kinds, if any, releases do you have parents sign?


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