Project MCP: Highlights for May, Challenge #2

Hello and Welcome to the May, Challenge #2 Highlights post.  The highlight of a sunflare photo, is, of course, the sun, so I hope everyone has had plenty of sunny days to shoot!

The sun is definitely shining in the MCP Flickr gallery this week. Here are some of the Project MCP team’s favorite sunny day photos:

Submitted by austin GG

Submitted by StudioNineProtraits

Submitted by LadyLyn

Submitted by Jillustrated

SSubmitted by Elev8Photography

Next week’s challenge is to capture the concept of “friend” in a photo. We cannot wait to see what you come up with; real or imaginary, 2-legged or 4, we want to see your friends in photos.

Also, don’t forget, participate in Project MCP this month, enter your links to the May, 2012 theme post and be entered for a chance (or several, depending on how many of the challenge photos you submit this month) to win a new lens from Tamron. Details on how to win can be found HERE. Best of luck to everyone!


We want to thank our corporate sponsors for Project MCP:




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