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Project MCP: Highlights for July, Challenge #3

Project MCP: Highlights for July, Challenge #3

This week’s challenge was to create an image using bokeh. By popular definition, “bokeh” is a Japanese term which loosely translates to “blur”. When applied to photography, “bokeh” refers to the aesthetic quality of the blur created by taking photos with a shallow depth of field. For some of you, this technique may have been new, while others may have perfected the art of the perfect bokeh shot; regardless, the Flickr gallery boosts several beautiful examples of bokeh. Here are the Project MCP Team’s favorites from this week:

Submitted by Tonionick1

Submitted by i2camera

Submitted by GwenythAdams

Submitted by georgiapeach79

 Submitted by DCDutchie

Submitted by austinsGG

 Beautiful work everyone! There are so many things to love about these photos.

Next week’s, July Challenge #4 is to take a picture of your favorite summer activity! Not summer in your neck of the woods? get creative and show us your current favorite activity of the moment.

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Project MCP: Highlights for July, Challenge #3