Project MCP: Highlights for July, Challenge #4 and August Challenges

 Summer is in full swing and the Project MCP Flickr gallery is proof! It appears that all of our photographers have been making the most of the warm, and in some places, downright HOT, weather, to make a memorable summer. Lucky for us they have been capturing all on “film” (or digital card). Here are the Project MCP Team’s favorite photos for this week:

Submitted by Roger’s Wife

 Submitted by PHOTOHOLIC

Submitted by mamagoobs

Submitted by austinsGG

Submitted by Kris Carpenter

The 2012 Olympics began with a bang at last night’s opening ceremonies. In honor of this international festival, here are the August challenges:

Challenge #1 – The Olympic rings represent the union of the five continents and the meeting of athletes from throughout the world – Take a photo illustrating repetition – bonus admiration for circles!

Challenge #2 – It’s all about sports – Capture a sports themed photo

Challenge #3 – It’s a multi-cultural event – there are 193 countries participating in the 2012 Summer Olympics – Capture a photo which captures the essence of your country

Challenge #4 – Everyone wants to bring home the gold – Take a photo of something “gold”.


We want to thank our corporate sponsors for Project MCP:


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