Project MCP: Highlights for September, Challenge #3

The days are becoming a little shorter, the weather is much cooler in the early morning and late evening (even though it was still 83 degrees in the middle of the afternoon), school is back in session, Sunday football has begun and the leaves are just beginning to change colors and fall to the ground.

It is mid-September and Fall is definitely in the air! This week’s challenge was to capture a photo which illustrated “fall”. Here are the Project MCP Team’s favorites:

Submitted by Bronwyn629

Submitted by austinsGG

Submitted by purpletoesWI

Submitted by PHOTOHOLIC (an alternate photo depicting the season in her country right now – SUMMER!)

Submitted by julieamankin

Great photos this week! September, Challenge #4 is to take a photo with a fall color scheme. Let’s see those reds, browns, greens and golds shine.




We want to thank our corporate sponsors for Project MCP:


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