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Project MCP: Highlights for October, Challenges Week #3 and Week #4

Project MCP: Highlights for October, Challenges Week #3 and Week #4

Along with colder weather, the month of October often brings colds and stomach viruses. I sincerely apologize for not posting the Project MCP Highlights for last week; however,  I was a bit under the weather. This week you will be graced with highlights from both October challenge weeks #3 and #4.

I love the colors of Fall, they are my favorite. Unfortunately, here in my part of the country, our leaves have continued to maintain their chlorophyll induced green hue. The Flickr gallery’s array of yellows, greens, browns and reds was inspiring to look at. Here are some of the Project MCP Team’s favorites from week 3: take a picture of fall leaves

Submitted by Elle Zee

Submitted by Jillustrated

Submitted by prettyprincessjen

Submitted by Teckelcar

October, week #4’s challenge was to capture a photo of your favorite Fall activity. We have been so busy at my house that we have yet to make our yearly pilgrimage to the Pumpkin Patch or the apple orchard. I am still hoping there is time. This weekend we are venturing to the State Fair, which is a new Fall activity for us. I hope we enjoy it enough to add it to our list of Fall traditions! Week #4’s Flickr gallery photos documented everything from trips to the fair to cuddly pajamas and everything in between. Here are some highlights: 

Breast Cancer Walk Submitted by afaerinside

Playing in the Leaves Submitted by pacocita

Submitted by Els_stra

Submitted by austinsGG

Great shots everyone! Keep those fabulous Fall photos coming. October, Week #5’s challenge is to take a “spooky” photo. With Halloween right around the corner that should be a cinch. We cannot wait to see the Flickr gallery filling up with frightfully spooky photos.

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  1. Joel Harrison
    October 20, 2012 at 7:10 pm —

    I think I missed something. I never saw the post with the week 4 challenge. Is it always posted here on the block each Saturday or is it posted somewhere else?

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Project MCP: Highlights for October, Challenges Week #3 and Week #4