WIN IT Before You Can Buy It: MCP Texture Play Overlays

The winners of the MCP Texture Play Overlays are:

  • Maria Sheehan – Entry: #536
  • G. Olavarria – Entry: #957

We will email the winners tonight.  Thanks everyone and check back Wednesday the 13th to find out more details on the textures set.

MCP Actions is excited unveil our upcoming product for Photoshop and Elements.


MCP’s Texture Play Overlays includes 75 unique designs to add instant depth and drama to your images. These hand-crafted textures and overlays tone, pop and texturize your images.  It’s time to have some fun!

They will be available on Wednesday February 13th – with intro pricing.

But you can WIN THEM BEFORE YOU CAN BUY THEM.  Here’s how:

  • Leave a comment (on the blog post) and tell us if you have used textures in the past. If yes, what do you like most about blending textures with your photos?
  • To be eligible for consideration you need to be a newsletter subscriber. If you are not already, subscribe by clicking here and adding your email.

The winner will be picked on Sunday the 10th and announced at the top of this post.  If we get more than 1,000 entries, we will pick 2 winners.

Earn Extra Credit: Where you one of those kids in school who liked doing a little more?

  • Get a “bonus” entry for each of the following: PIN a photo in this post, LIKE us on Facebook, and/or post about this contest on Facebook or Twitter. Leave a comment telling us which you did.

Since photographers are visual, here are a few images from the upcoming set:


Whether you are looking to go bold:

shoes after

Or bright and soft:



Or something in between…

Trash the Dress After2

The possibilities are endless! Check back in one week to learn all the details.


MCP Actions

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  1. says

    I love the look of these textures! I can’t wait to see more. I usually use textures to get an urban look, so I am really intrigued by your softer textures!


    Never used these type of textures before but looking forward to learning and using them in the future! They look great!!

  3. says

    I’ve never used textures, always wanted to but couldn’t find textures that could really accent my photos. These are BEAUTIFUL and I’d love to use them!


    1) I also already liked MCP.

    2) I pinned a photo.

    3) I tweeted about the contest! :)

    And I’m subscribed to the newsletter. SO excited about this chance!

  4. Candice Smith says

    I’ve only recently discovered the magic that someone can create by using/adding textures to images. It’s hard to describe since I’ve only used them a handful of times, but I love that I can take an image to a whole new creative level with them…they’re so versatile a tool.

  5. says

    I have used textures before. I love the organic feel that they can give to photos, and how they can behave almost like a fill layer, but are more flexible because they are unique and a work of art in themselves!

  6. Corrina says

    Just new to using textures. I love the look it brings to a photograph. So far I like a aged and softer style of texture.

  7. Nicole says

    I have never really used texture. I love the look of the photos above and cant wait to play with texture in my photos

  8. Jennifer says

    Would love to try textures! I love how a texture gives me surprising results.
    I’ve commented, pinned, liked on FB, subscribed to newsletter, and tweeted…so 5 in all.

  9. Nancy Hebert says

    I’d be OVERJOYED to win your OVERLAYS! Yes, I have used texture overlays in the past. I like the clean, crisp, airy look as well dramatic black and whites. I am a subscriber to your newsletter!

  10. Corie L. says

    I love how textures add so much more dimension to a photograph. I would love to learn how to better use them so they add to the photo and not take over the photo. :)

  11. says

    I got into using textures a couple of years ago and I love the depth they add to an image. Soft and dreamy to dirty and grungy, there is just so much you can do with them and they make for a truly unique photo.

  12. Heather Martin says

    I love textures when used correctly. They can add mood and depth to images and make them go from good to WOW!

  13. says

    I LOVE love LOVE overlays! They totally bring every one of my photos to life! I am a long time customer of your actions and would LOVE to win your overlays!! Here is just one example of a photo I edited with overlays, I love how it turned out :) I also test drive your overlay tool and it made working with overlays so much more efficient!! I am a HUGE fan of yours! And it is so cool you are coming out with overlays now!! Please pick me!!

  14. says

    I utilize textures for my creative photography such as my infrared work or manipulations. I’ve been planning to incorporate textures more commonly into my portrait work, but just haven’t had much free time to create the textures or implement actions. This will be an awesome product. Best of luck with its success and I am crossing my shutter finger that I win! Thanks!

  15. says

    I’ve played with textures but have started using them more recently. I just love that extra artistic punch they can add to a photo. When I saw this announcement my reaction was yessssss!!!!!

  16. says

    I “pinned” this, “Liked” the page (which I have “liked” for some time now!), and shared it on Facebook! I have never used textures (successfully) and would love to give it a go! I own quite a few MCP actions and LOVE them all! I’m also a newsletter subscriber!

  17. says

    That was really weird, the “Leave a Comment” box had the previous commentor’s information still on it. Glitch? Anyway I am already a Facebook fan!

  18. says

    Thanks for this giveaway! I haven’t used textures much in the past, but I would love to start experimenting with them. This would be a great start! Thanks!

  19. Kristie Riggs says

    Excited to see new stuff! I love using overlays. They streamline processing and easily groups a series of pictures to make into a collage. Pinned it!

  20. LeeAnn says

    I’ve used textures for all sorts of effects on my photos. I especially like them to add a bit of pizazz to an otherwise old or boring pic. I like the moodiness of some and the softness of others. Options…I love having options!

  21. says

    I LOVE love LOVE overlays! They totally bring every one of my photos to life! I am a long time customer of your actions and would LOVE to win your overlays!! Here is just one example of a photo I edited with overlays, I love how it turned out :) I also test drive your overlay tool and it made working with overlays so much more efficient!! I am a HUGE fan of yours! And it is so cool you are coming out with overlays now!! Please pick me!!
    1) I am already a fan on FB and have been forever now!
    2) I am a customer of yours for forever now and have purchased your action sets
    3) Commented on your blog
    4) I use textures ALL the time!
    5) I helped test drive the new Texture tool
    6) I am your biggest fan!

  22. says

    I’m a FB fan! (Also…as someone else said…the previous commenter’s info is showing up in the leave a comment box. Something wrong in not keeping their info private?)

  23. Amy Weir says

    i love how textures give an otherwise dull photo a lil’ somethin’ somethin’…i’d love to win these to try them! :)

  24. says

    Hi Jen,

    Just thought you would like to know that when I was just about to post a comment for this giveaway and the information for Chrissy was showing in the Name, Mail, and Website fields. And I am not Chrissy. Not sure how this happened but you might want to look into why your website is allowing the previous commentors information to show up in these fields.

    Melissa P.

    I left Chrissy’s info in the boxes so that you could see what was happenening.

  25. Stephanie W. says

    I’ve used textures to add a pattern but never as a color overlay! Would love to try these!! Already a FB fan and email subscriber. Thanks!

  26. dee perrin says

    I haven’t done much with textures, but I’ve been getting more and more interested in them lately. Would love to try these out!

  27. Leslie-Anne says

    I have yet to use textures but would LOVE to try and USE them with my expanding photography!!!! :) This an awesome giveaway!! LOVE your actions and work!

  28. Elly says

    I have not used textures yet. For the most part, I’ve taught myself how to visualuze & apply actions, but when I’ve tried textures the end result is just tacky and unnatural. Looking forward to learning more about what MCP has to offer!

  29. Elena says

    I love working with textures. It brings more to a photo, a bit of a creative touch. I PINNED IT, I SHARED ON FACEBOOK and already LIKE your FAVCEBOOK PAGE and am part of your GROUP.

  30. Mackenzie says

    I love your actions, and use them all the time. I haven’t used the textures, but would love to be able to give them a try!

  31. says

    I just love using overlays I do a lot of moody images and mixed media, they just give me the edge I am looking for. Will pin to pinterest and like FB, I wish me luck..

  32. Nichole B says

    I use textures constantly on my images. Using the right textures, color schemes and layering options with them can completely change the feeling and atmosphere of an image.. And sometimes the right use of multiple textures (I’ve used up to 5 or so on one image) using the opacity/blending modes and masks just makes each texture that much more dynamic and useful whether they’re real photos or photoshop drawn.. It’s amazing what images of beach sand or rust can do! I’m very excited to see what this pack of 75 contains!

    I liked on FB, shared on FB and repined!

  33. Michelle Hider says

    I have not used textures before, but I would love to win some to try them out! I am trying to get more into photography which is my passion!!!!
    I already like your FB page

  34. lisa Warren says

    I recently discovered textures and am thrilled with the extra wow they can give my images. They add interest and depth, love that they can give my vintage images an authentic feel..*bubbles and gushes with the thought of more texture*!!! would love to win some and the added drama in adding them to my images! ;)

  35. Tina McKinney says

    I would love to win this texture set! I love working with textures! They add depth and character to photographs! Giving a great photo that extra UMPH!

  36. Heather Kurtz says

    I love using textures in my editing. I usually use them for creating a realistic effect if the lighting and/or background of my subject are not ideal.

  37. danette says

    I have not used textures before with photoshop but I do like them on Ipiccy. I am still learning how to take picture and edit them. I am hoping for a dslr camera soon.

    I like you on facebook.

  38. Kathy Odom says

    I have used textures in the past. They just add so much to a photo and it’s a great way to separate my work from other local photographers.

  39. Renate says

    I love taking photos but my editing skills leave much to be desired……… I have worked with the basic actions and must say it makes ones task much easier.

  40. Alesa Larsen says

    I have used textures a few times and I love the dimension they can add. It would be amazing to have this set to amp up my photos.

  41. Lori B. says

    I have used textures many times. I love to add a subtle blend to my images. I already like you on Facebook and belong to the group.

  42. Jessica Estes says

    I work with textures ALL the time!! My favorite thing about textures is that you can change the whole feel of a photo with them. You can turn a gloomy photo into a bright sunny photo, or turn down the heat on an overly warm photo. You can add a hazy feel to it, or just use texture to add extra bokeh to a photo. You can turn an ordinary photo into a tropical paradise, just by using the right textures. You can add grunge or even add a sweet feel to a photo. I LOVE textures!!!

  43. Nicole Gonzales says

    I use textures mostly on my nature shots and love what they add to a photo, when used well! Thanks for this opportunity… would love to win them!! c:

  44. says

    I’ve never used textures before but would love to start. All your CS & LR actions/presets are amazing so I’ve no doubt these will be too. Liked many of the MCP pages and also subscribe to the newsletter so I hope I win :)

  45. Natalia says

    Hi, thanks for the chance!
    I used textures in the past but not so much
    I love bokeh textures and some textures with vignetting that give depth to the image and as well canvas textures

  46. Jennifer Fredericks says

    I have not played with textures before but I am so excited to see these new overlays! Thanks for the chance to win!

  47. says

    I do use textures, but not as often as I should (I sometimes forget about them!). I love to use them to add a special and unique “artsy” dimension to enhance the mood of the photo.

  48. Amy K says

    I love textures and how they can hide a not so perfect background, or enhance a slightly dull foreground. They can make a drab image pop, or mute and soften up a too bright photo. Textures are awesome and I would love to try MCP’s news set!

  49. Amy Desiree Goldstein says

    I have used textures before. I worked as a photographer and digital artist for two high end portrait studios. I am now trying to start my own business. I don’t have any of my own textures, so I would love to start building a catalog of options to make my images POP! Thanks for offering this give away!

  50. says

    Hi just like to let you know each day the first thing I do is turn on my email and read what MCP have sent. Its a great way to be inspired and I start my day looking at beautiful photos or even learning some new tricks – loved Back to the Basics this week.

  51. Betsy says

    I actually was introduced to MCP several years ago through a link on a blog I stumbled across. While I haven’t used textures in a while and I was a complete newbie when I viewed Jodie’s video, I would love to win the new Texture Play Overlays. It would be a great way to rekindle my interest!Thanks!

  52. Kate says

    I have only used a few of the pre-installed texture filters in Photoshop. I would sure love to have such a huge selection! Thanks for making them available!

  53. Diane C. says

    I LOVE using textures! The thing I like best about them, is that it adds a fine art feel to my photos. Textures can also lighten and tint an otherwise so-so picture into something very special. I guess I like the “Wow” factor they can bring! :)

  54. says

    I’ve never used textures before but I’d like to experiment with them and see what mood they can inject into some of my recent work.
    Thanks for all the lovely inspiration. Keep it coming!

  55. Rebecca says

    I have played with textures before but have never been impressed with them or found any that I thought really enhanced my photos. I would LOVE to try these and see if they fit the bill, they look amazing!

  56. Denise Scheelbeek says

    I haven’t used Textures before. I’m new at using actions but love the endless variety of looks that you can get, so playing with Textures sounds exciting.

  57. says

    I love textures of all kinds! I enjoy watching them transform my photos into larger than life images. They can take an otherwise “normal” photo into something spectacular.

    Looking forward to seeing all of the texture you are offering, and hoping to be chosen as a winner!

    Thank you for all of the wonderful things MCP Actions offers photographers! You’re fabulous!!

  58. Kim P says

    Love this! I have used textures mostly in my still life photos to add mood or play with vintage looks. I am excited to have to more options available soon. :)

  59. Carrie Flanagan says

    I really like textures…they give the ability to add extra depth, feeling, and well…texture to your images! I would love to win your set! :0)

  60. says

    I love the depth textures can add to an image and I use them a lot.
    l am a subscriber of your newsletter and I pinned the gorgeous image of the bride you posted.

    Would love to win your new set!

  61. says

    Textures are brilliant. They add a whole new realm to your photograph, and can help portray the emotion wanted in the shot. I’ve used textures before, but mainly to bring out more of a contrasty look; something bold. Sometime, I use textures for detail, applying it to the shadows of a jacket can bring out more attitude. I hope I can win!

  62. Tracey says

    I have experimented with texture in my photos, but would love to learn more. I love the way it can completely change a background giving a photo an art like quality. Can’t wait to learn more!

  63. says

    Hi Jodie! Thanks for offering a chance to win one of your products! I pinned the image with the shoes and then shared that pin on Facebook and commented on your contest :) Pick me! Pick me! LOL!

  64. says

    Using textures is a must in my creativity! Textures do so much for many photographs and if you haven’t tried them before, you should do it now. Textures do different things for different photos. Love them!

  65. Judith k. says

    I love using textures to give an image added depth, light, and that extra “oomph!” Can’t wait to see your new textures unveiled.

  66. says

    I have used textures a little bit, but need more practice! Thanks for offering the opportunity to win them!!
    I am already a follower on FB and Pinterest.
    Bonus question: I was one of the kids that liked doing a little more, but only for certain things- like Art class!

  67. Joshua says

    I am a new rising photographer and have been looking for a great thing to add to a photo to make it pop. I have never added a texture to any of my photos but I think that this is just what I need to achieve that pop! Bonus Entry: I pinned all three photos, liked you on Facebook, and posted this contest on my Facebook. This product sounds professional and makes these photos looks professional too. If I get the chance to work with these textures I would be so happy to start applying a new technique to all of my photos!!

  68. says

    I am new to textures, but LOVE LOVE LOVE how they add depth and that little umph! Just like textures in clothing, they add layers to a look that you can’t get with the color of the fabric alone!

  69. Jordana Zdanowicz says

    I have never used a texture but soooo have been wanting to. I love what I’ve seen they can do to give a photo that extra pop or just the right soft touch. I would be in heaven if I won!!!!

  70. says

    I have used textures many times. I love the depth they bring to images and the ability to change or deepen an emotion that is present. I also pinned, and already like your amazing page!

  71. says

    I’ve used textures quite a bit, and many of the photos on my blog have been processed using them. I love getting an “old-timey” look for my photos, or simply adding a little grain to give them interest. I’m hooked on textures, and love the versatility they offer.

  72. Brett D says

    I would love these texture overlays. They add so much to your images to add debth and a more artistic flair. I am in LOVE with the actions I have recently purchased and want to try more!!! I’m HOOKED!!!!

  73. Kailee Bickford says

    I have played with textures a little bit, but I am pretty new to the photoshop stuff, so I am just learning here and there when I have free time! =)

  74. says

    I use textures whenever I want to add more depth and texture to a photo. I love textures because they can complete a simple edit, or they can be used to create art. :)

  75. Nic says

    It can add another dimension by transforming your photograph from a simple image into fine art. A simple vision can be made into a masterpiece. I have seen so many beautiful images made by some very talented photographers and every time I see an image that has been complimented by a texture it inspires me to get out there and shoot. I have used textures but am craving to practice more.

  76. Becky Gray says

    I’ve only tried textures once or twice– I don’t think I’ve got it figured out yet :) But I am sure your action will make it easy to use and understand, and I’d love to give it a whirl!

  77. Carla Carter says

    Yes I have used Textures in the past … and I LOVE them … adds something extra and different to my photos!!
    Thanks for the give a way!!

  78. Lynn C. says

    I’m a newbie to the photo and photoshop world so overlays are an aspiration! Love your website. The production value is awesome and the creativity inspires me. Thanks!

  79. says

    I have used textures before and I like using them because they add a bit of an ethereal feel to the images and they fit my style which is whimsical and vintage.

  80. Vickie garland says

    I am a beginner. Love taking pictures and editing learning more every day. I have several actions but would love to have some textures.

  81. says

    I love how the textures add more warmth, color, depth, or a little boost to make your image look awesome. There are so many different types of textures that there is one that fits almost any emotion that you want to evoke. I shared on Facebook and pinned!

  82. says

    I am a newbie so I have not tried using textures. I’ve just always admired from afar. This would be the perfect chance for me to dive in and jazz up my photos!

  83. says

    Just getting introduced to textures and looking forward to using them. Thanks for your fabulous video tutorials on how to use them. You make it look so easy and I can’t wait to use them to differentiate my work. I need to take it to the next level and continue my creativity. Textures are something to look forward to!!! I can’t wait to use yours. I’ve already “Liked” you on Facebook and now off to post on your link on my photography Facebook page! Then on to pin you on my Pinterest account….Love those textures!

  84. Nicole Muirbrook says

    Textures are my favorite! I just love the depth they add to a photo that can’t be achieved using anything else.

  85. says

    Creating images that stand out is my goal and sometimes it takes a little something extra to make a good image great. Using textures seems like a simple way to take my images to the next level. I use MCP actions in my everyday workflow and would love to add these textures to my toolkit. I have tried textures in the past but for my style/taste they were always a bit extreme. These seem to blend perfectly to enhance what is already there. I would absolutely be thrilled to win this set!

  86. says

    Yes, last year in my photography course i had used texture with photos to my portifolio, but the textures was others photographys that i took. Sorry about my english… I´m from Brasil and I´m not a good writer… You can what i did with textures

  87. kristin t says

    I love the, well, “texture” they give to newborn pics! I have yet to master the skill of applying textures, but still! ;)

  88. Sueze says

    So excited to see these!! I have used textures, but have struggled using them. I am sure yours will be much easier to work with. :) Pinned and already like you!

  89. Annalee Altavilla says

    I love to use textures on my photos. Sometimes they can really turn a “blah” photo into something much more eye catching.

  90. Denise Contreras says

    I have used textures in the past & they are great! It gives it great touch, depth and color. It all depends what texture you use. But, it sure gives it a great touch.

  91. Rebecca says

    I have used textures, especially when I have a lot of empty space. It gives that touch of depth, color, and richness. I would like to explore using textures more.

  92. says

    I haven’t used textures in a while, but love it when it’s a picture of kids/family walking down a trail…especially when it’s their backside. It’s a great way to vintage a look as well.

  93. says

    I don’t use textures often but when I do, my clients LOVE them — I use a number of duplicate layers to blend and make them work with whatever size images the client wants. I would so love to add these new textures to my collection — especially since I have 4 vintage/texture lovin’ brides for this year! Thanks, Jodi!!!

  94. Giselle says

    I’ve never used textures before, except when playing with Photoshop. They really do add a nice feel to the images.

  95. efro says

    I have used some texture action from Totally Rad. I like them because it is very flexible and easy to apply in various amount. But wish they are more of them. Can’t wait to see your new Actions!

  96. Mike says

    I just used a texture yesterday on a newborn photo but I had to find it and apply it manually, which is fine but sure would be nice to have them in an action to speed the process!

  97. says

    I haven’t used textures before, but I’ve seen them used and I love the special effect it gives the photos. It makes them look special rather than ordinary!

  98. says

    Great to see you’re integrating textures with your actions! I’ve used textures for some surfing images and really like the added dimension it gives the image. But having it be a seperate step keeps it a once in a while creative effort. Textures within your Fusion action set would be very cool! Bring it on…and I don’t care if I win! :)

  99. says

    Oh my goodness! I am totally addicted to textures!!! I absolutely love them! I love how they turn a photograph into a work of art simply by making it look like a painting or fine art. I just love it!!! I only have a few, and I am dying to see what you have come up with, as I love all your actions! So excited!!!

  100. Tracy says

    I have not yet used overlays before but am so intrigued now by the images I have seen. Can’t wait to check them out!

  101. says

    I have never used texture before. I have been a hobbyist photographer for several years and just recently am taking it to a whole new level ( started my photography business). I just recently purchased photoshop, so I’m excited to get started. I absolutely love how the texture technic looks and how beautiful it makes the photos!!!!!

  102. Tammy says

    I have played with textures some. I think they give a very finished look to some images – can really take them to the next level. I would love to try more out!

  103. Amanda M says

    I have played around with textures a little! I love how they can change the entire look of a photo and give it a pop of something special!!

  104. says

    I have used some textures before but they have seemed too heavy. These all look so beautiful and I’m really looking forward to seeing them in action!

  105. says

    I have used overlays, but generally just playing around. I love the feel of the three you have shown above. I would love to add them to my photography business as an added element to clients pictures.

  106. Rick says

    I’m a photoshop hack and have found the MCP plugins to be a life saver … so regarding textures, i’ve had no success but expect these will turn that around.

  107. says

    I absolutely love adding different textures and filters to my images! I haven’t used any of these before but am looking forward to trying them out once they’re available! :-)

  108. says

    I love texturing! It is one of the key ways to personalize an image. I’ve learned to do this in PS and use it all the time! My favorite thing about blending textures is it makes most any image a appear different and almost always nicer. Instead of ‘cookie-cutter’ looking images, they have some character. I have even made some of my own that I use frequently.
    I would sure love to win this set! It would open up more possibilities to design!
    Thank you and Good Luck to All!


  109. Lisa says

    I haven’t used texture overlays before. I love using MCP actions and presets, so I’m sure the texture overlays will be awesome as well!

  110. Frances says

    I love using textures, especially with my macro photos (lately lots of snowflakes and flowers). takes a photo from being pretty to more artistic and interpreted…

  111. Danielle says

    I have certainly used textures before and I just love how they add so much to a photo. I could play for hours on one photo adjusting the blend and the opacity. The trouble is always picking what is the best look.

  112. says

    I use actions and templates regularly but never used textures. Personally i don’t like overly textured pictures which is why I have avoided them. These ones look subtle, I would love to try them.

  113. Jalyn Fultz says

    I love love love using textures for a more artistic effect in my photos!

    I already liked you guys on facebook, I pinned a photo to my pinterest, and also shared on my facebook wall.

  114. says

    I have played with textures in Ps and they scare the bejeezus out of me but I love them LOL :) Once you really get the hang of it, it’s amazing how they can transform a photo with major pop or just a few minor eye catching changes :)

    I’ve liked you on Facebook for a LONG time, and have also been a long time newsletter subscriber!

    I posted to Fb here:

    and Pinned one of the photos here:

    TGIF Ya’ll!!

  115. says

    I love using actions and overlays. The actions speed up my workflow and help me to create images that really catch the eye. Overlays help me to take an image and either improve upon it or result in a whole new beautiful image.

  116. says

    I have dabbled in using textures/overlays with my images, I love the added dimension that it adds to the image. I would love to win MCP’s Texture Play Overlays!

  117. says

    I really like the look of your overlays! I am always looking for something to shortcut my editing on PSE.. I work full time as a nurse and have a photography business on the side.. They creativity to make a photo pop and individual is important to me an my clients! Love your work!

  118. says

    I love using textures because of the MOOD they can create and the versatility they lend to photos. Photos Ive had sitting around forever can now be transformed from a stale image to something entirely vibrant and new.

  119. Valerie F says

    I haven’t had much experience with textures, but they look like they can really make a difference in your photos!

  120. Melissa Barnes says

    I have never used textures before but I have used other MCP actions and love them! I’m anxious to try out the new textures!

  121. says

    I have not used texture overlays before but they look like fun and could make a big impact on photos! Pick me! Pick me!! Pretty please??

  122. Linda says

    Textures just add that extra “pop” to a photo. They are one of those things that people look at and say, “How did she DO that?” I love textures…

  123. Heather M says

    I have dabbled in adding textures/overlays to my images, I love the added dimension that it adds! I would love to win the MCP Texture Play Overlays!

  124. says

    I didn’t use them yet… BUT… I know they will give that extra magic to my photos. I love to do whimsical photography and textures will help me so much! Will wait impatiently and hold my thumbs…

  125. Kaisha Elphick says

    I have not used textures before and am starting out in the computer editing area since I transitioned from film. I’m SO excited!!

  126. MichaelAnn Robinson says

    I love texturing a picture with one or more overlays. My problem is that there is not enough time to do all that I want to do. With presets it can be done in a flash.

  127. Karlea says

    I have not used textures before. I like the depth they addded to the above photos. I think it would be fun to play with these!

  128. says

    I love textures – don’t use them all the time, but for the RIGHT photo it adds that little extra. I like them really subtle. Would love a chance to win!

  129. Rae Hopf says

    I have used textures on photos of my grandchildren. It makes the picture look more alive and the subject seems to pop out from the background. So many different options when using textures.

  130. Stephanie P says

    I have used textures before to add an element of interest to the background. I’m looking forward to seeing what MCP comes up with!

  131. Tom Blanchard says

    I love using textures in my work. It really adds a creative element and can enhance an image to another level. I also love using textures on male portraiture as it seems to match a more masculine look if you use the right one. Thanks for the contest!

  132. Cheryl Hubbard says

    I use textures as I love the finished look I get with them. Have most of your actions and would love your textures.

  133. Janet says

    I have used textures in the past and absolutely LOVE them. They can change the emotion/mood of a picture instantly and make it POP. :) Liked on Facebook

  134. says

    I absolutely LOVE textures and over lays! While they add a little more time to the editing process, the benefit far outweighs the extra time you spend. I use them for depth and added drama to an image as well as for color enhancing and tone changes. I actually prefer using textures to achieve the desired look over preset actions. I have far more control and depth with textures rather than preset actions. The key is knowing how to use them properly and efficiently. They are amazing! I highly recommend using them!

  135. Danica Barreau says

    I pinned the shoe image – love the pop. I love your actions and use them on just about every photo I edit. I don’t have much experience with textures but am confident that yours would be a good set to start with!

  136. says

    Adding texture really takes your photo to a whole new level of professionalism. Adding that simple effect of turn your photo into a masterpiece for your client is priceless and that is exactly where you want to be.

  137. Kem says

    I’ve experimented with textures in my images. I always thought it was fun to see how it would affect the image. Particularly I like how they add contrast and depth.

  138. Monica Bedsole says

    I have not used textures before but am anxious and excited to use them! I think all of your actions, overlays, and textures are beautiful! I am also going to pin one of the images in this article.

  139. Stacey Bussard says

    Loved the shoes I pinned it, the purple was so rich I couldn’t take my eyes off that picture! I have not used textures but very interested in learning more now that I have seen the results.

  140. says

    I love using textures to change the mood of an image or add a softer feel or a rougher look. Textures add so much versatility. Your textures look beautiful! *You’ve been PINNED and LIKED** :)

  141. Debbie says

    I have used textures & love them. Textures takes an ordinary image into the realm of creativity, where there is no limits

  142. Jenny says

    I’ve used textures in the past. I love how they can bring distinction to the subject and add a pleasing visual element to the background.

  143. Richard Hamilton says

    I do use overlays and I tend to use the “Soft Light” blending mode the most. It is always interesting to cycle through all of the blending modes as every now and then a specific mode will have a great look that you never expected! I’ve attached a photo that shows 3 different “looks” that can be achieved from just one overlay by simply changing the blend mode.
    I like the photo examples shown, but would like to see a Before and After Photo to show the difference that just the overlay makes. Also, might be a good idea to include the “formula” (name of overlay, blending mode and opacity) used to achieve the effect. Thanks!

  144. KA Welsh says

    Haven’t worked with texture overlays yet, but certainly looking forward to. Pinned the middle photo above. Gorgeous.

  145. Shelly says

    I never used textures before, but have been seeing them in photos more and more and I think they are wonderful. I would really like to learn how to use them so that I could add more options to my post work!

  146. says

    I haven’t used your textures before, but see them in my newsfeed and email all of the time and absolutely love them! It would be wonderful to win some actions!

  147. says

    Before I bought photoshop, I used a free web editor that had texture options and I loved them. They added a great depth to my images. Now that I’m working with clients, I have photoshop but I don’t have any textures. I would love to work them into my editing style, again.

  148. says

    I love using textures on photos, it can take a photo from drab to fab. I’ve had photos that I have almost trashed because they weren’t interesting, after adding a couple of textures they have turned out to be some of my favorites.

  149. Paul Naber says

    I have not used textures, because I don’t get how! I think I am a good photog, but find I am also still learning. Then with post shoot in Elements AND in Lightroom I had to learn them! Well, I have a lot to learn! I am getting there, and soon and very soon I will be able to do it all, and then soon do it well! MCP makes it all happen

  150. says

    I love all of your textures and actions! I love adding effects to my photos! I hope I win!!! I can’t wait to play with the new stuff!!! Thank you, Jodi!! You Rock!!

  151. says

    I LOVE all of the MCP products! I am really excited about the Texture Play Overlays. While I’ve used some overlays before, I am SUPER PUMPED about MCP’s Texture Play Overlays!!!

  152. says

    As a high school sports photog, textures just give a little something “different and exciting” to a basic team or individual picture. This is something new for me, but so far the results have been wonderful.

  153. says

    Pleasantly surprised about this new give away on textures as I have just started playing around with some in the last week. Have not used them on photos yet, but went out last week and shot a few myself. Watching you tube videos yesterday on using them. I love the use of the ones displayed in your photos and would love having the set to use, PLAY with :-) Thanks!!

  154. Julie Buffalo says

    I have never used textures before but I have been looking in to them lately. I also pinned a picture and like on Facebook.

  155. says

    I have used textures in the past with mixed results but would love to give them another try. I like how they can change up the feel of a photo in a very subtle way or a very radical way depending on the application.

  156. LoisD says

    I’m new to actions and have not yet had a chance to use textures. I’m excited to try them out, however! I tell my photog friends about your website all the time. What a great resource you have become. Thanks!

  157. Candice O says

    I love using textures to add a little mood to a shot. They’re not for all of them but can really enhance the right ones:) I pinned all of the above images!

  158. Julie Snyder says

    I use overlays quite a bit, I love how I can grunge things up so quickly, it’s a huge time saver as to finding brushes, roughing up parts, erasing parts, lather, rinse, repeat.

    I also use them for dull skies a lot, making them appear happier and cloudier instead of boring gray/white.

  159. Mary Valentine says

    I have never tried any texture overlays but would LOVE to try them. It would be nice to add a little something special to my photos…something unique.

  160. Gail Unze says

    I have tried, but not very successful. Not sure if I wasn’t using the appropriate texture or not. I would be very excited to learn!!! I have purchased a couple of the actions and I love them!

  161. Jessica Lass says

    I just taught myself textures. SO much fun and so easy to bring a little mood and artsy feeling to a photo. So excited to use them more in the future!

  162. Susie Centeno-Cannon says

    I love textures! They can make a lackluster photo pop and can revive a not-so-perfect shot, if done right! Thank you for having this contest!

  163. Judy Howle says

    I have used textures on quite a few of my photos. I tend to favor textures that add a little “grunge” to the image more than the softer ones, but I also softer ones, and I also like the vintage look textures. I like textures with edge effects such as vignetting or an actual light “border” effect. I think textures definitely enhance many images and make them stand out more than the work of photographers who don’t use them.

  164. Phyllis says

    Yes, I’ve used textures in the past. They are definitely add a sense of pizzazz to the right picture. Making them look like beautiful pieces of art work.

  165. says

    I love using textures as a classical tool to help guide the viewer’s eye in my image. Using quality textures gives me another way to gently enhance my images. Man, I love the digital age!

  166. says

    I use textures fairly often in photos especially wedding shots….and some children’s portraits but probably more in my art photos. I love to see the different moods that can be created with textures used properly!

  167. says

    I love textures and am always looking for new ones to incorporate in my post processing. I find they add depth and pop to photos that need an extra little something.

  168. says

    I have been contemplating purchasing some textures and have used a few of your “free” downloads and really LOVE them! I would be so honored to win the package!!

  169. KAS says

    Yes, I have used textures in the past. They can be a lot of fun and can enhance detail in a photo. It’s easy to get carried away though…

    I’d love to try out these ones!

  170. says

    I havent used any textures yet but I have a plan to use one in one of my resent shoot edits.The Shoes are my favorite Texture from the above pics. I love MCP as well. When I first got into photography MCP was one of the first blogs I signed up for ;0)

  171. Brittany says

    I have used textures before, though admittedly I am not the most experienced. I am rather fond of them as I find them to be the best way to vignette and add light without changing the information of the photo itself. They are quite versatile from what I understand, and I love being able to play with layer types to make them more dramatic or flat.

  172. says

    I use texture overlays sparingly. Seems they take some time to get right, and they are most effective when used on a few images, not a ton of images. Presets would be most helpful.

  173. says

    Hi Jodi! I love textures, depending on the texture itself, I usually cycle through ALL of the blend modes to see what looks best, sometimes you can be totaly suprised at how a texture will look with a blend mode that you would usually run from, like color burn or something! I love them; it’s hard to find really good ones that work. I also use your actions. I google+’d, tweeted, facebooked and pinned your post above :-) this is an example of a mermaid photoshoot that I took and edited using textures…

  174. Jane says

    I have used textures in the past, but very sparingly. I would love to evolve my editing style to include more textures! They look wonderful!

  175. Jess says

    I love MCP and would love to win some textures. I don’t use the ones I have too often, but I’m always trying to give photos that little something extra to make them stand out!

  176. Theresa Ratermann says

    Textures sound exciting! I believe they could add a whole new dimension to my photographs. I love taking sports photos of my children’s teams, but I think it would be fun to add some interest and pizzaz to the same old photos. My ideas are spinning in my head :-) I can’t wait to see the details of about MCP’s textures!

  177. Christie says

    Yes I use textures and I just love how they can take an ordinary picture and give them that special extra pop that they need. I have alot of fun playing around with different textures and would love to win these!

  178. Juli D. says

    I love that textures can entirely change the mood of a photograph – a photo can really be transformed into your vision!

  179. Marie Taylor says

    I have just recently started learning to use textures after purchasing one of your wonderful sets here! I love how the right texture can add depth to your image as a whole while also bringing focus onto your subject.

  180. Dawn Sorrell says

    My mouth dropped open when I saw the first shot of the bride. Then it dropped open again when I saw the pic of the satin shoes. Loved it so much I pinned it and of course am a fan on FB. Would love to try out this set…. :)

  181. says

    I am a facebook fan! :). I’ve always been in love with creative and elegant ways to create custom photograpgsfor my clients…but havenever had the budget to really peruse it…and would lovvveeeee to have these to use! :)

  182. says

    I’m pretty new to using textures and I’m actually on the fence if I like them in photos or not but I think that maybe I’m just a little unsure of things that are new and different. I’d love have this set and be able to give it an honest try before judging.

  183. Kevin says

    I have yet to discover the creative possibilities of using textures. By winning MCP’s Texture Play Overlays it would perhaps inspire me to explore a whole new dimension to my photography.

  184. says

    I have only used textures a few times but would love to get more into them. This would give me the perfect chance to explore all the different things I could do with textures!!

  185. says

    I’ve never used textures but I am excited to begin learning how! These overlays look fantastic and I can’t wait until they are available =) I love that I have absolute confidence that anything MCP comes out with, I can trust to give me the best results possible. Keep up the great work!

  186. Edith says

    I have used both textures and overlays on my pictures. Textures bring attention to the photographed person/item. Pinned photos and FB posted!!!

  187. Hilda says

    I have used textures in the past and really love the effects that can be gotten.I look at the texture on things all of the time and often take photos of them to add to a library of textures for future use. I look forward to seeing your new relaese.

  188. Katie in AL says

    I do not have much experience editing photos. But I do have Elements 9 and it is one of my goals this year to learn for it to be my friend. I’ve followed you for a while now and even have downloaded some of your free actions. Thanks for all the information you provide and wish me success in my journey to editing.
    Katie Smith

  189. Sylvia says

    Wow!! These are amazing :) I have never used textures in my photographs before, but I shall now – even if I don’t win them I’ll definitely buy them :D

  190. Arlene says

    I commented before but also had someone else’s name and email appear in the name and email boxes. I looked back and couldn’t find my entry, so I’m commenting again. Here’s what I did:

    1 – commented here about loving your textures!

    2 – Pinned a photo to my Pintrest

    3 – Shared on FB!!

    Please, pick me!!!

  191. Julie says

    I am just starting out with textures and cannot believe that it took me this long to give it a go. Loving the results and wished I had tried it sooner!!

  192. Candice Reeder says

    Yes I have used textures before! They are so fun! They take an already original capturing photo and add that little something that its missing. Textures add that wow factor and can really set you apart from other photographers out there!

  193. Ilona B says

    I use to use textures a while ago. However, now that I have my own children, it would be great to add some interest to my photos and make them pop as well as make them look more professional. I would LOVE to win these actions!!! ☺

  194. Tara says

    I have used textures in the past but only a few times. I love the way textures can make a big impact on a picture when you don’t have a great background or want to change the mood of a photo or enhance a photo that has a background that just needs a little added pop.

  195. says

    I love using textures on my photos! They add depth and richness to my photos and I love that I can change the blend modes and I can get completely different looks! I also love that I can use textures to direct focus to my subjects and I love the tones they add.

  196. Helene Rogers says

    I have used textures a little bit. They add a more interesting look to the background. I would love to win these! I also like you on Facebook.

  197. says

    I would love to win textures. I have experimented with them on and off. Whenever I use them I don’t normally have a plan, I just try different blending modes…I like to experiment. One reason I like using textures is that they help me to create a mood or a certain look.

  198. says

    I am very interested in textures (I havent used them,YET?)I think they make photographs pop I am amazed looking at before/after shots,what a difference textures make! I would {love} to win this set :)

  199. says

    Textures are amazing they cut my editing time in half they are extremely easy to use and very effective I would be lost without them now! Defo give the image that ‘WOW’ factor!

  200. Jaclyn says

    I always use textures with all of my photos.To me it adds a personal touch to any photo! I already like you on Facebook and pinned your photo on Pinterest.

  201. Jim White says

    I’ve used textures via a layer mask for years to add effects to my images. It would be wonderful to have a chance to use those you’re providing via winning them :)

  202. says

    I love to use textures, they enhance and lend a more artistic feel to my captures. They can be fun and playful, or dark and dramatic and I just love it!! Thanks for considering me for your give away!

  203. Jeffery Chavez says

    I love to use textures on creative projects such as weddings because it gives depth and an artistic feel if it’s done well. I don’t have any hi res textures but I sure would like to have some good quality files to play with.

  204. Ines says

    I do use textures but need more variety. They just make your photos pop and if you find that one you like, it makes your photos “you”.. Your style.

  205. says

    I have been using textures for a few years. I love the tones and contrast they add. Textures add interest to photos and are great for creating a vintage look as well.

  206. Brittney Hannon says

    I have actually never used textures before but seeing these makes me want to try them ASAP! These are amazing!!

  207. Ning fathia says

    I use texture for everything, adding rough or decayed look to a vintage theme photo, accentuate another photos Depths…

  208. says

    These are gorgeous! Liked and subscribed–thank you!! I haven’t really used textures because it was an extra step in between running a business and a household with three kiddos (one being chronically ill) BUT I know they can make something even more magical and it’s what the customers want. I always thought that it was going to be too much work to use them but am committed to making time to give my customers what they want!! REally want to win!

  209. Nathan says

    It’s difficult to find good usable textures, but when you do it can make your images incredible. MCP has come through before, so I suspect these will be stellar!

  210. says

    I have been using textures for quite some time-but I don’t usually use them on portraits–these looking interesting and they seem to add a very artistic look to the images. I love textures on florals and still life because they add artistry and so much depth…looking forward to working with them on portraits.

  211. says

    I’ve used them to add a little something to photographs. I subscribe to your newsletter and “like” you on FB. I have also tweeted about this.

  212. joules says

    I like the depth and whimsy textures can add to a photo. Sometimes, it just needs a little something, and a beautiful texture overlay does the trick.

  213. Maggie Stapper says

    of course I would like to win…. as I really cannot afford to buy anything right now…. a win would be perfect!

  214. eve says

    Textures are great — make a good photo look unique. I also like to use them to add depth and/or to change the mood to tell a better story.

  215. says

    I use a lot of your other actions, but have not done a lot with textures. I love the variety of effects, and would love to check out this new product. Thanks for all you provide.

  216. Tracy Jones says

    I use textures more than I use actions. I love that you can make drastic or sublte changes to colors with a texture.

  217. Brandon says

    I love using textures to add subtle, organic depth to my photos. There truly are limitless possibilities in adding your own spin to your work.

  218. says

    I haven’t used textures, but would like to start. I’ve seen some really great effects on photographs when they’re used. I mainly do HDR photography, but would like another tool in my bag with and without HDR.

  219. Kristin Griffin says

    I pinned the purple shoe picture captioned “making your photos pop with MCP new texture actions.” I want to win!!!!!! :)

  220. says

    Love textures because you can create a different mood that can make your images have that much more depth & meaning.

    Did all of the above! Love all of your stuff! Keeping my fingers crossed

  221. Stephanie says

    I am still learning about textures, but what I have done I really like! I love that the right texture can add the right amount of oomph to an already good photo, and make it awesome!

  222. JoAnnita says

    I have used textures, I think I still need some work on strength of overlay and how to get the colors right. They can really make some interest in the photo

  223. Hailey Neumann says

    I like adding textures to my images because it typically adds pop to all the right places. If the background isn’t standing out just how I want I can add a texture and..boom the background stands out like sore thumb!

  224. says

    I LOVE using texture in everything I do! From stage design to photography edits, I love the detail and POP they bring! The thing I like best about them is the subtlety- I believe the true artistry of photography is in the subtlety of the details!

  225. smartfoto says

    The use of textures brings my mind into the time when grandma use to tell me stories and cook my favorite childhood meal… that’s how I feel…

  226. Dalinda says

    I’ve used textures in the past and I love the way that they add to an already stunning photo or how they can take a photo that may not be so hot and make it look like the piece of art they were meant to be!

  227. Nancy moon says

    The sample pictures using the textures look great! I haven’t used textures before but would love to try them out.

  228. Turner says

    I placed textures on my “to learn” list for 2013, I am an advanced level photographer who loves to shoot landscapes and portraits. I downloaded MCP actions in response to a recommendation and I must say that are a great tool in the post edit/enhancement phase. Would love to win the texture set from MCP, “thank you” to MCP for your support of photography.

  229. Michaela Hume says

    I’m so excited to see the Texture Play Overlays. I love your actions for Elements.

    I like the depth textures add to my photos. Also you can easily change the mood of the setting using textures.

    Also, I pinned the contest.

  230. Katelyn Kasper says

    I haven’t used textures, but have it on my goal sheet to learn how to do so effectively in the next few months.

    I used Facebook for my extra brownie points.

  231. says

    Already “like” you on facebook, but posted your freebie there, and pinned a photo on pinterest. I have used textures in the past (some that I created) and love how it adds drama to photos, and often they bring out stunning colors! Would love to try your set!

  232. says

    This is great timing! I just took some online Photoshop training and the instructor was talking about textures. I haven’t used textures but really want to try them. I love the depth and interest textures can make to an image.

  233. Gary L Long says

    No, I have never used textures in PSE. Only seen photos with them used. So I have no idea if they will work for me. I use PS Elements only, tried Lightroom, didn’t like it. Anyway I would like to win these and think they may improve the print quality and well as speed up post processing. Thank you.

  234. Lee Ann says

    I love using textures to give my photos a softer look, and sometimes the opposite! They’re also great to give a different feel to the backgrounds if the photo wasn’t taken in studio.

  235. Eve says

    I have never used it and I would really really really love it! Current subscriber (that’s how I found out about it.)

  236. says

    I have used textures a bit and sometimes get a really interesting result. Am enough of a novice, though, that it’s primarily by accident. ;)

  237. Katie says

    Oops, I forgot to say that I like the page on FB and I shared it. I also left a comment and I am an email subscriber.

  238. Cheryl says

    I’ve been using textures for a few years now. They have transformed my photographs into fine art images. I am hooked and can’t get enough. I love playing with textures of all kinds whether they are subtle, vintage or vibrant. Overlays are one of my favorites as they add a subtlety that I adore. My favorite images have a pastel, hazy tone to them and overlays complete the task every time. Love ‘em!

  239. Shana Swindle says

    I have used textures for years! They are great for adding a little extra to a picture, or turning a not so great photo into an unbelievable portrait!