MCP Photography and Editing Photo Challenges: Highlights from this Week

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This week’s photo edit challenge photo, captured by Angela McNaul, embodies the essence of childhood summer memories. Here is the original photo:

Edit Challenge Original

The MCP  photo challenges give you an opportunity to edit other photographer’s images, share them for critique, and see how others edit the same photographs.  Participating allows you to practice editing, learn how to give constructive criticism, and watch what steps or Photoshop actions and Lightroom presets are used in various edits.  Join us to edit the bi-weekly photos.  There’s one more week left for this one.

Several of members of the group have shared great edits. Here are a few of the many MCP edited favorites:

Edit Amy MagnetGirl

Edited by Amy MagnetGirl 

All edits in Light Room:

Corrected WB using dropper on girl’s dress.

Raised exposure 1/3 stop.

Used enlighten presets Haze, warm overlay, yellow pop, and midtones slight brighten.

Manually adjusted contrast +10, clarity +6.


Edit Bonnie Smith

Edited by Bonnie Smith 

Eye Doctor to sharpen eyes and dandelion,

MCP Fusion One Click Color at 41% opacity, Lemonade Stand at 15% opacity, Define Detail at 24% opacity, Bright Magic Marker at 32% opacity, Enclosed Soft Vignette at 20% opacity and Sun Flare Left at 22% opacity

 Texture #30 at 57% opacity 

Edit Laci Patten

Edited by Laci Patten

MCP Fusion One click color (x2), Peachy at 54% and High Def Web Sharpening

maxed the spotlight, masked off the brightness except in the middle, color balance adjustment to up the yellows and masked off her skin. 

If you have an idea on how you’d edit the image below, or want to see and learn what others did, JOIN US HERE.

Thanks again to Angela McNaul for allowing us to use this photo.  The current challenges are linked at the top of the group. Remember, you can also ask for critique on your edit.

Thank you to everyone who participated; we enjoyed seeing your take on the challenge. Didn’t get a chance to edit this week? You still have an additional week to participate.

MCP Photography Challenge Banner

This week the Photography Challenge continued with more exploration of depth of field.  The photo challenge is a great way to reach outside the box and work hard.  You have the support of a large group of photographers who can assist you and give you feedback as you work on specific themes and skills.  We loved seeing so many great photos. Here is another photo few we wanted to feature, but make sure to check the album on the group page for more.

Submitted by Angela Bellatty McNaul

Image on left shot at iso 400 50mm 4.5 1/80th, image on right shot at iso 400 50mm 2.5 1/160

Photo Challenge Angela Bellatty McNaul

The team would like to thank everyone who submitted a photo for the challenge. Visit the the Facebook Group on Monday for a new Photography Challenge.

MCP Actions

Write for MCP! This post was written by a MCP Guest Blogger. If you would like to write a photo editing tutorial, blueprint using MCP Products, or photography tips on the MCP Actions Blog, check out our Guest Writers Wanted page for details.

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