4 Go-To Poses for Senior Girls

You schedule a senior girl. You are so excited. She is outgoing, fun and beautiful. You know you’re going to get some incredible shots for your portfolio. She shows up and her outfits are amazing and you can’t wait to get started. You’ve got a great location. You take her out there, show her where to stand, backup and hold up your camera. She puts her hands on her hips and smiles. You snap some shots.

“What else should I do?” she asks.

“Uhh,” you say, searching your brain, trying to remember some of the pictures you found on Pinterest.

Sound familiar?

Senior photography is super fun and can be very lucrative but it is challenging coming up with fresh new ideas. So today I’m going to share with you 4 sure-fire poses that work for just about any senior girl at any location.

ABP 1700 450x674 4 Go To Poses for Senior Girls

I’m not really one to name my poses but I like to call this one “daddy’s girl” because dads always LOVE this pose. Moms love it, too, but there’s something about a dad looking at this pose and seeing his little girl again that has the power to bring a tear to a grown man’s eye. His little girl is all grown up and about to head off to college but this photo captures her sweet girlish innocence that he wants to remember forever.

ABP 5911 600x400 4 Go To Poses for Senior Girls

This is another one of my go-to poses because it’s easy to do anywhere in any outfit (just be careful to watch for excessive cleavage on low-cut tops). You can find a bench or a ledge for her to lie on, have her lie in the grass, or even on a sidewalk.

ABP 6010 450x675 4 Go To Poses for Senior Girls

Standing out in the open is one of the trickiest places to shoot senior girls, but most of my clients want the rural look (especially big grassy fields) and you don’t find many benches, ledges, staircases or alleyways out in the country. Out of necessity, I’ve learned tons of great poses for girls to do out in the open. This is one of my favorites.

ABP 8352 600x400 4 Go To Poses for Senior Girls

Last but not least is one of my all-time favorite go-to poses. It’s cute, flattering, natural-looking and fun! Most of my girls end up buying a photo in this pose.


So there’s my four fail-proof fun and easy go-to poses for senior girls. If you like what you see check out our new posing guides:

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About the Author: 

This tutorial was created for MCP Actions by Ann Bennett. Ann started photography as a hobby. She spent several years improving both her photography and business skills and has since grown her hobby into a successful high-end senior portrait business. Now Ann enjoys helping other photographers take their photography businesses to the next level.




 4 Go To Poses for Senior Girls

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