Vintage Editing In 2 Seconds or Less

Our 2 second edit – for a pink hued vintage image:

Nothing is quicker in editing that using Lightroom and presets.  In a few clicks you can transform the look of your images, and you can even sync the edit with similar photos.


Here’s our 2 second, 2 click edit for this image using MCP Quick Clicks Collection – Buy Here.

Click 1: Tickled Pink preset (gave it the overall toning)

Click 2: Booster Shot (added back some depth and contrast)

No painting, no masking, no trouble. Just a sweet vintage pink look with some fun blue/green tones.  Perfect for stylized shoots where you want a softer yet crisp look.



Photo credit: Kelly Roper – thanks for the sweet, classic image.


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    using presets for lightroom usually save so much time, when I’m editing my wedding photos, I can save about 3 hours just using presets) very useful when editing 1000-1200 wedding photos )

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