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Important Announcement For MCP Actions Customers

While it’s a cliche to say “life is short, so do what you love” I’ve built my life and career following the the simple principle “do what brings you joy.”

For the past 10 years, I created tools and resources to help photographers edit their photos. It brought me great joy to build a community of photographers and provide so many with the tools that allowed them to achieve their dreams.

But recently, my personal interests have shifted away from photography and toward other priorities, including health and fitness. I lost a significant amount of weight from 2014 to 2015, and took up weight lifting and running. As my interest in those things increased, my attention to photography and editing decreased. For the past year, I have considered whether there should be a future for MCP Actions.

This timing coincides with significant change in digital photography. The SLR boom has ended. The software market has softened. Due to rapid changes in technology, it is now possible to get “acceptable” photos from everyday tools such as smart phones and apps. In the coming years, I foresee mobile devices improving while point and shoot cameras disappear. SLRs seem to be transitioning to video devices. Editing likely will likely become exclusively app based. The need for products like actions and presets has drastically been reduced. At the same time, products I developed were stolen years ago and are still being resold at low cost for pure profit by well-marketed criminals.

All of this means the lines between professional, hobbyist and casual photography fan are blurred. The helpful, time-saving tools I created are still being used but demand for new, innovative products is now minimal.

Since I no longer can say that MCP Actions brings me the daily joy it once did, nor is it financially lucrative, it is simply time to move on.

What this means for you:

  • You will need to download all products purchased from MCP Actions by June 30th, 2016. If you have unused gift certificates, you will need to use them by that date as well. Our site will close on that date. You will no longer have access to these downloads via the MCP Actions website. We will no longer support these products going forward.
  • If there are products you want, buy them now. Everything is on sale 50% off. At checkout use the code MCPLOVE. We cannot adjust for past purchases. But this is the perfect time to increase your editing toolkits.
  • If there are blog posts you want to read or step by step tutorials you want to follow, don’t wait. Our blog content, videos, products and your past purchases will be taken down after June 30th, 2016.
  • We haven’t made final decisions what to do with our social networks, such as our Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter. Some may be taken down permanently and others may converted to personal accounts.

Thank you for being a part of MCP Actions. Please stay in touch with me via my personal Facebook and my personal Instagram accounts.

With appreciation,

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Jodi Friedman

Jodi Friedman is the founder of MCP Actions. She designs popular Photoshop actions and Lightroom presets that make editing faster, easier and more fun.

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  1. 1

    Kevin Ross says

    I am so sorry to hear that you will be closing down. I am more sorry to hear that you have lost your joy for this profession. I too see the rise of the “handheld photographer”, but I do not share your disillusionment with photography in general. I hope you have success in your future endeavors and will follow you on Instagram…

  2. 3


    I understand that the demand for high cost actions and presets has greatly diminished with many programs like On1 software and come bundled with training tools from many photographers, but why do you feel the need to remove your blog and online videos in just one month? With your announcement could you not with hold removing all information for at least a year to help your customers who may not visit your website or social media often…

    I disagree with your points on where photography is going…yes many people take all their memories with a smart phone but the market for semi pro and pro photographers is growing with mirrorless cameras and the market for high end cameras is still strong for Nikon and Canon…I will agree that point and shoots are taking a huge hit but like with many markets photography will adjust and continue as long as people need to keep their memories.

    • 4


      My biggest reason for this is that my heart is not in it. In fairness to my customers, and to me, I need to do what brings me joy.

      I can’t say 100% what will happen with the content yet, but the costs involved with hosting it are enormous. So, unless a viable option comes along, I will need to take things down. I’d like to air on that side so there are no surprises if it happens. If something else comes up in the meantime, I will communicate that via the blog and newsletter as well.

      There is no 100% way to get the word out to everyone since Facebook throttles and even newsletters put things in promo tabs. Hopefully people will share and let others in the photography industry know. But getting the word out on all our channels — and to keep posting this next month is our plan. Thank you, Jodi

      • 5

        DarshLent says

        Hey Jodie. I’m so sorry to hear you are closing. I have loved watching everyone’s edits with your actions/presets. My focus has shifted from photography too, but not by my choice. Ailing family members as well as my own health struggles have taken so much of my time. I’m hoping to hop back on the photography train! I’m in a facebook group (photography based) and another that’s (crafty based) that sell items straight from the group. They use the file/document section to display actions or class material available for purchase. Once you have paid using paypal, you will receive an email with the download attached or if it’s a large class dropbox is used. The group uses a facebook page to act as a blog of sorts, and then will add the posts to the group to keep everyone involved in what’s going on. Maybe it would be more of a hassle, who knows? I’m sure you are already aware, but it’s just a thought. You are so talented and I just want to encourage you to keep snapping and sharing if you truly enjoy it. Maybe having it on a lesser scale with the group or a break could help :) I do understand if it’s not bringing you joy. Even though it’s tough to let things go, sometimes it’s completely freeing! Best wishes to you!

  3. 6


    Dear Jodi, it’s my prayer that you will go beyond your beyond in your journey of life. I admire you greatly! I always have said that if what I am doing no longer brings me the joy that it once did then that’s my sign to step back and reflect. You are an artist there is no doubt about it. I wish you nothing but happiness and joy….(Now I am sounding like Dolly Pardon) Ha! May God bless you. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  4. 8

    TGBD1 says

    I will miss your talent, but admire you for doing what you need to do! Best of luck to you in the future!

  5. 10

    Karin says

    I am devastated! I use your blog, your show and tell, your actions – everything! Currently I am using PSE, but want to make the switch to PS in the future. I had planned on purchasing the full versions of the actions when I made the switch (after I checked to see how I like the way the elements actions work in PS) – but I simply do not have the money to do all of this in the next month. Any advise? Do the PSE versions REALLY work ok in PS? Also – is there a way to download your blog content or your show and tell content? I really do refer to this all the time and do not know what I will do without them. I understand why you have made this choice and I cannot thank you enough for the impact your products have had on me and my photography. Best wishes in the future!

    • 11


      Karin – The PSE versions will use the same PSE functions but in full PS. So yes, the full PS versions are better for the full PS but it will work the other way.

      Did you know you can get full PS for just $9.99 a month including Lightroom too? Adobe has a monthly package. And everything in our store is 50% off now because of the closing.

      As far as Show and Tell and the blog, you could screen shot probably. We are looking to see if there are other ways people can save posts to their computer but we do not yet know. We will keep posting to the newsletter as we make these discoveries.


      • 12

        Kay Gegory-Clark says

        I have been using Evernote & find it wonderful for saving blogs, images, etc. from the ‘net. You have several choices: full page, article, simplified article, & saving just the URL (which of course won’t help in this case since it won’t be active after a bit). You can also makes notes about your save, add tags, & organize files into notebooks (Ex: Memory Keeping). I sometimes save entire blogs; other times just bits & pieces. I frequently copy images of layouts I like. The basic version of Evernote is free—but I use the Premium version for a relatively small monthly fee. I use Evernote several times a day. It’s a great organizational tool & an easy way to copy/save things from the internet.

        • 13



          How easy is it to use? Would the free version help people or would they need the paid one? Can you tell me more?

          Any interest in writing a quick tutorial to help others learn how they can capture the info?

          Let me know,


  6. 14

    Anita johnson says

    Because of a brain disorder I am dealing with, I have had to give up photography. It’s been hard. But even before this I could see a change coming to photography. Offers to my grown kids to get them better cameras were met with mixed reviews. I get that….I lived many moments through my camera lens…a camera is a commitment. Even I am using a cell phone camera. The photos aren’t as good, but acceptable. I look at this as a changing season. It’s time for me and others to move on. ( I had a hard time giving up film) I will say a prayer as I click off, that God will continue to give you peace and joy in your new endeavor. Best wishes.

  7. 16 says

    Thank you, Jodi! You have helped so many of us and made our jobs and lives easier and more fun and I thank you! I also appreciate your willingness to follow your bliss and pursue what brings you joy. Go forth and have a great time – it makes a world of difference and a difference in the world! All the best – Connie Moore

  8. 17

    KarenGibas says

    Wow! It’s been awhile since I visited your site, I hardly recognized you! Thank you! You have been an inspiration on my photography journey. Your actions, tutorials and Project 52 have streamlined my workflow and helped me grow creatively. I wish you all the best!

  9. 18

    Janice Johnson says

    I have been trying to watch the videos of several actions but for some reason I am unable to watch any of the videos. What do I needs to do in order to watch them? I really wants to purchase several of your products prior to you closing. HELP

  10. 20

    DanielleKellogg says

    Are processing times taking longer because you are closing? I purchased the newborn posing guide about an hour and a half ago and it still says it ‘processing’ and I am not able to download it yet.

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