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ellie and jodi photoshoot-40 Take a look around our site and see how we can make your life easier and your photos better.

 Thank you for visiting MCP!

 – Jodi, Owner and Creator of MCP Actions



About Our Products

MCP PHOTOSHOP ACTIONS are shortcuts to better photos, each using a series of pre-programmed editing steps on your image. Some actions have two or three steps while others have hundreds. MCP’s actions still give you the freedom to adjust each layer for a fully customized image, if you choose. We take the busywork out of editing and make it simple and fun. Think of it as a great recipe that cooks itself and adjusts to your taste buds!

MCP LIGHTROOM PRESETS transform images in Lightroom by applying multiple adjustments at once with a single click. Editing in Lightroom is simple, but it can be difficult to “undo” steps you applied early in your workflow. MCP’s presets allow you to undo certain adjustments and keep others. The adjustment brushes allow you to quickly apply changes to a specific area of your photo for a polished look.  The logical, easy-to-understand format helps you save time.

Along with our actions and presets, MCP offers additional editing tools including textures, collage templates for blogging and printing, among others. You’ll also find a wide variety of learning tools including group classes and private workshops. Plus new products are always in development.

About MCP

MCP Actions started during naptime. After my twins were born, I started selling outgrown clothing and unused baby gear online. I realized that better photos led to better sales, which inspired me to get serious about photography. While photography had been a hobby of mine since high school, only then did I commit to pouring all my energy into learning everything I could about photography and editing.

My first action sets were created to speed up my own editing process. But as I networked with other photographers, I realized how many people could benefit from these time-saving shortcuts. I launched MCP in 2006 with the goal of creating actions and presets that could really help photographers like me. Now, we pride ourselves on having been the first to offer popular actions like collage boards, eye enhancements and one-click color correction. We spend six months or more developing each set and enlist a team of 15-25 professional photographers to extensively test every set. Our actions are non-destructive, and our presets are stackable, which sets us apart by allowing ultimate flexibility. More than 100,000 photographers worldwide have used our actions in their workflow.

MCP also offers thousands of searchable blog posts on everything from basic camera settings to running a successful photography business, written by some of the photography industry’s most trusted voices. We include videos and PDF tutorials to help customers learn and get the most out of our products. And we offer workshops to help photographers hone their skills behind the lens. The most rewarding part of my job — besides working in pajamas — is watching new photographers use our products to improve their photography and learn to produce incredible images.

About Jodi

I’m the founder of MCP Actions…but you probably already guessed that, so here are a few things you may not know about me!

  • My mantra is “Do what brings you joy.”
  • In the Summer of 2014 I changed the way I eat and move. By Summer 2015, I had lost more than 60 pounds as a result of my new eating plan and exercise.  I continue to lift weights 3x a week, practice yoga, and I now run. I’ve completed 5K and 10Ks and my next goal is a half marathon. To learn more join our free Facebook Group: Liquify Me.
  • I’m the mom to twin girls. Ellie and Jenna are the “multiples” in Multiple Choices Photography — the root of MCP.
  • I went to Syracuse University and earned a degree in Child and Family Studies. But art was my first love, and I’m happy to have found a way to make it my career. And my knowledge of business has helped me grow MCP.
  • I’ve read every book by James Patterson.
  • Against my better judgment, we danced the horah at our wedding — and I fell off the chair and broke my leg!
  • My husband is a PR whiz, sports nut, and awesome dad. Like me, he has a dry sense of humor. Unlike me, he has impeccable grammar. (I couldn’t live without spellcheck!)
  • Despite having every action in the MCP arsenal at their fingertips, my daughters are addicted to Instagram filters!
  • I’m proud that I’ve successfully built a company from the ground up that helps photographers around the globe, but my biggest accomplishment is being a role model for my girls. They know I work hard to impact lives in a positive way.

About The Site

MCP’s website is much more than just a shop. We make photography and editing easy and fun by breaking down complicated concepts into manageable lessons. Want to master shooting in full sun, find the right lens for you, or build your confidence as a photographer? Our blog is full of helpful advice — everything from tutorials to editing techniques to personal essays from successful photographers.

If you’re new to the Blog, check out the articles and advice from photographers around the world. We make it easy to share helpful ideas with others and to pin content for future reading. If you love seeing before-and-after photos, check out Show & Tell, where we welcome photographers to share their before-and-after images.  View or submit stunning transformations and amazing photo saves that were achieved using MCP’s editing tools (and pick up some tips from fellow photographers). We also offer photo challenges, business tips, and an active Facebook community where you can get advice and support from thousands of photographers around the world.

Click around, get inspired, and break out of your photography rut!

About The Team

We couldn’t possibly list all of the contributors who make MCP what it is, but here’s a quick introduction to some of our key players.

Jodi Friedman
Her vision powers MCP.

Erin Peloquin
This Austin, Texas photographer is the pro who helps convert all of Jodi’s actions to work in Elements and Lightroom. She also teaches MCP’s post-processing classes. Fun fact: She attended Will and Kate’s wedding in London.

Tracy Callahan
Tracy is a newborn photographer based in North Carolina and the specialist for our newborn class.

The MCP Facebook Group Admin Team
Nikki Baldwin, Sue Zellers, Christine Sines, Lori Granquist Day , Cass Martinez, Amy Short and Shelly Starr Suetta make up the dedicated team of admins who help to maintain a positive, encouraging vibe in our large online community. You’ll also see them chiming in with photography tips and editing advice for new photographers.  Request an invite to this free resource to get the most from your MCP editing tools.