Beginner’s Bootcamp™ Elements Workshop


In this workshop We will teach you how to get more out of PSE. We will also provide notes for you to refer back to after class.

COMING THIS FALL – Date to be announced soon

The cost is $99.95 per person for a 2 hour live group training session.

Once purchased, there are no refunds. Please see the Workshop FAQs and Terms of Service for training details, cancellation policies, and how remote desktop sharing works. Also note that classes have a minimum of 8 participants, and a maximum of 15. Once a class fills, Jodi will take it off the class calendar and registration will be closed.

Class Instructor: Erin Peloquin, MCP Elements Specialist


– Photoshop Elements 5 through 12

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Product Description

If you’re new to Elements or feel like you need a navigator in order to do anything with it, this class can help you get started while using its very powerful editing tools.

This two-hour “Beginner’s Bootcamp teaches you how to get something out of PSE. Learn the most essential tools, the interface, and the how to start editing your photos. If you are confused by cropping, scared by layers, and masking makes you want to give up on Elements- you need this class! This interactive class will lay a foundation for future Photoshop learning and help you feel more confident with editing.


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– Photoshop Elements 5 through 12


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