Free Touch of Light™ and Touch of Darkness™ Photoshop Action

Improve contrast in your images by adding a touch of light and a touch of darkness with this free Photoshop action. It’s just like dodging and burning, only easier! Simply paint on light in underexposed areas or dark in overexposed areas using a soft white brush set to approximately 30% opacity.Image retouching has never been easier. This Photoshop action will make your images pop.


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This free Photoshop action set includes:

The Touch of Light™ and Touch of Darkness™ Photoshop Action


Mini Fusion & Touch of Light/Touch of Darkness

Learn to use the FREE touch of light/darkness photoshop actions

Using Layer Masks in Photoshop (updated)

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  1. Noble

    so cool Review by Dahl
    Thank you so much for sharing this action. It’s my first trial using photoshop. Your tutorials are amazing and help me a lot. (Posted on 6/19/13)

  2. Kerri

    I have purchased most of you actions… and I always end up finishing or starting the project with this action… simple the best dark/light action I have ever used! (Posted on 9/28/11)

  3. Joe

    This action make everything so much easier and the instructions as you click to use it are easy to follow. (Posted on 9/15/11)

  4. songbird

    Cant live without this one
    I have so many actions but this one is my favourite – I use it all the time. Thanks so much (Posted on 8/7/11)

  5. Stillsweet

    Awesome Actions
    I LOVE MCP actions and use many of them. She has some awesome FREEBIES and my favorite is “Touch of Light/Touch of Darkness.” I use this to some degree on just about every image I edit! Once you try it you will too because it adds just the touches of light where you need them and enhances the shadows where you want them as well. Wonderful Action….and……it’s FREE! It doesn’t get much better than that!!!! Thank you, Jodi! (Posted on 3/26/11)

  6. Carissa

    Perfect for Blogging Collages
    When you need several images of kids, vacation etc.. perfect to quickly get them into your blog all at once.

    AND.. I love using this when I have several ‘wish-list’ items I plan to write about! (Posted on 2/4/11)

  7. Kristin Rae

    Everyone needs this!
    I use this on just about every image I edit. Thanks for making this a freebie! I loved it so much I’ve bought several action sets and I’m just wondering which ones I need next! :) (Posted on 11/13/10)

  8. Cristina

    Love it!
    Just tried it for the 1st time this weekend and I don’t know how I’ve lived without it…it’s great, I’ll sure use it all the time and will be purchasing new actions. (Posted on 6/28/10)

  9. Lilla

    It made my life much easier!
    After experimenting with this action, I am about to purchase a few more :) It made my life much easier! (Posted on 6/16/10)

  10. zzang_4567

    Thanks so much for creating such dynamite actions
    Thanks so much for creating such dynamite actions (Posted on 6/10/10)

  11. Noble

    Has changed my editing forever!
    Thanks so much Jodi!! This one action has helped to change my editing forever. Your Touch of Light is better than AWESOME!!!! Is there a word for that?!?! (Posted on 3/4/10)

  12. Anna

    So Easy to Use
    This is a great action and I use it often. It is much easier to use than doing burning or dodging on your own. Thanks! (Posted on 2/8/10)

  13. Sandy

    I absolutely love this action! I use it on almost every photo. It is adjustable, so each photo can use a different opacity. A definitely needed action! Thank you Jodi. (Posted on 2/4/10)

  14. Pam L.

    A Saving Grace
    This action has saved many images for me. It is one that I use quite frequently, even just to enhance portions of the photo. Great action. (Posted on 1/23/10)

  15. Marla

    Can’t live without this one!
    This is so nice to use for brightening. I rarely use the “Touch of Dark”, but the “Touch of Light” gets used on almost every one of my images. Wonderful to use of people that are backlit and you maybe need just a bit more of brightness on your subject – or if you have directional lighting and need to lighten a shadow on one side of a face – or to lighten shadows on eyes . . . I could go on forever . . . (Posted on 1/21/10)

  16. Sherri W

    I use this action religiously !
    This is my favorite action EVER I use it on EVERY image.

    This action has SAVED a lot of images it adds the right touch here & there and is even perfect for brightening up skin tones if need be.

    I’ve been dying to buy some MCP actions – right now this is the only one I have at the moment – but your actions are by far the BEST I’ve seen – I cannot wait to purchase them – I know they will be just as satisfying & useful as this one has been.

    Thanks so much for creating such dynamite actions !
    (Posted on 1/18/10)

  17. karen

    a must have!
    I also am a fan of this action! Great time saver and it seems to always puts the finishing touch on my image. Adds depth and richness. (Posted on 12/22/09)

  18. nromero

    I absolutely love this action… This is awesome for a quick lightening and darkening as needed where needed…. I use this ALOT… (Posted on 12/22/09)

  19. SueJo

    A big lifesaver.
    I use TOL/TOD often and they are also a big lifesaver. Even I use them for making the eyes a bit brighter.
    (Posted on 12/5/09)

  20. Gillian Foley

    I love ‘em!
    I use the “touch of light and dark” all the time! I love ‘em. (Posted on 11/25/09)

  21. Pam Bales

    They make the difference between a good image and a great image.
    I use MCP actions on almost every portrait session I have and absolutely love them.

    They make the difference between a good image and a great image. I probably use touch of light on almost every image as it helps brighten up the image especially in a shady location. They are located all together on my action palette for easy use. (Posted on 11/25/09)

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