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100 Years: The Russian Portrait by Keen Heick-Abildhauge


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Danish photographer Keen Heick-Abildhauge has created the “100 Years: The Russian Portrait” photo project, which consists of portraits of Russian people aged from one to 100.

All the people in the world have a dream that they would like to achieve until the end of their life. A Danish photographer has discovered his dream after moving to Russia in 2009.

Keen Heick-Abildhauge was aware of a stereotype saying that Russian people are “cold” and that they are not very welcoming, especially when it comes to strangers. However, this is not what he discovered after living in Russia for a few years.

In order to show the world what Russian folks are really like, the artist has started working on the “100 Years: The Russian Portrait” photo project, consisting of black-and-white portraits of Russians between the ages of one and 100.

Amazing photo project consisting of portraits of people aged one to 100

The Danish photographer says that he has been taken by surprise by Russia’s beauty. In addition, the warmth of Russian people clearly showed that the stereotypes he had heard before moving to this country could not have been farther from the truth.

After living there for a few years, Keen Heick-Abildhauge began dreaming about showing to the whole World what he had learned about the country and its people. The artist decided to do so by doing what he does best: taking photos.

The result is called “100 Years: The Russian Portrait”. This project consists of black-and-white portraits of people aged one all the way to 100, from one-year-old Alexander to 100-years-old Evdokiya.

Keen Heick-Abildhauge wants to put Russians in a positive light trough the “100 Years: The Russian Portrait” project

The photographer completed his project in about two years. All this time, he has met with more than 230 people, while capturing all their portraits. However, only 100 photos have been selected to be a part of the official project.

“100 Years: The Russian Portrait” shows Russia’s diversity and the portraits are not simple ones. Keen Heick-Abildhauge has met these people and they have shared their own dreams with him. This is why the artist has tried to include their life stories in the shots.

In addition to the black-and-white portraits, Keen also adds their place of birth and their passions or life dreams as well as their profession where applicable in the image descriptions.

The photographer says that his dream is to put the Russian people in a positive light. You can learn more details about the subjects at the project’s official Facebook page.

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