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1000’s of Free Photoshop Textures

Free Photoshop Textures: If you love using texture on your images, then you do not want to miss these links.  Below are some Amazing Free Photoshop Texture Websites with thousands of free textures that you can download and use in your photography.

If you love textures, be sure to download the FREE MCP Texture Applicator Action, a Photoshop action that adds textures to your photos.  Just download textures from these sites and use the action to apply them to your images. Compatible with both Photoshop CS2, CS3 , CS4, CS5 and CS6  as well as Elements, you are sure to keep busy…

If you want to have a comprehensive set of textures and overlays in one complete bundle, check out our TEXTURE PLAY OVERLAYS.

Please make sure to check the terms of use for each artist prior to use.

Free Textures

This list is not getting updated, so we apologize if some of the links no longer work.

  1. MCP Textures Flickr Group
  2. CG Textures
  3. Bittbox
  4. Lost and Taken
  5. Shadow House Creations
  6. Texture King
  7. Bash Corpo
  8. Digital Wedding Forum
  9. Texture Lovers
  10. Circle Box Blog
  11. Deviant Art
  12. Morgue File
  13. Desizntech
  14. Mayang’s Free Texture Library
  15. Love Textures
  16. Smashing Magazine Textures
  17. Texture Well
  18. 2 Textured
  19. Texturez
  20. Texture Pop
  21. Image Abstraction
  22. Web Design Ledger: Textures
  23. Web Design Ledger: Patterns
  24. Web Design Ledger: Grunge
  25. Web Design Ledger: Vintage
  26. Texture Warehouse
  27. Ace Info Way India
  28. Blueblots
  29. Scarletbits
  30. Tutzone
  31. PSD Fan
  32. Trip Wire Magazine
  33. Design M
  34. Graphic Tutorials
  35. Tofuroius: Textures
  36. Tofurious: Grunge Textures
  37. Texture Vault
  38. Urban Dirty
  39. Skeletal Mess on Flickr
  40. High Resolution Textures on Flickr
  41. Pareeerica on Flickr
  42. JoesSistah on Flickr
  43. Les Brumes on Flickr
  44. Pink Sherbet Photography on Flickr
  45. Eddi 07 on Flickr
  46. NinianLif on Flickr
  47. TTV Dust on Flickr

Video Tutorial on Adding Texture to Your Images in Photoshop:

Thank you to Mariana Herrera Mosli of Kismis Ink Photography for helping me gather these links.

Free Photoshop Actions and Lightroom Presets by MCP™
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1000’s of Free Photoshop Textures