Help for Photographers: Blog More, Blog Now

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Help for Photographers: Blog More, Blog Now

Blog More, Blog Now

By Shuva Rahim

Blogging is part of marketing for many photographers. While starting a blog can be relatively easy, many find it overwhelming or just don’t feel like they have the time for it.

So why even blog? The main reason photographers blog is to gain exposure. Blogging can help improve your Google search rankings, help establish a relationship with your clients and prospective clients, and eventually get you more business.

Maintaining a blog on a consistent basis does take time and discipline. So here are some ideas on getting and staying in the habit:

  1. Make blogging part of your normal workflow for every client. Shoot. Edit. Blog.
  2. Have a notebook on you (in your car or camera bag). After each session, jot down things that made an impression on you and blog about it.
  3. Write your blog in the first person. Keep the tone fun, positive and conversational. If you don’t consider yourself a “writer,” then get in the habit of reading at least 3 or more blogs daily to help get ideas on what and how you want to represent yourself. Think of your Website as your handshake and your blog as the conversation following the handshake.
  4. Start a blog budget – a list of possible post ideas and when you want to publish them. Also consider pre-blogging, or starting a post you want online in the future.
  5. View your blog as your own personal news service, like the AP or Reuters. Every day something new is happening. So think of things you can blog about at least 2-3 times a week. And blog posts don’t have to be epic entries. They can be as short as a couple sentences.

So what do you blog about? Anything that is news.

  1. Your Sessions. A sneak peek of your shoots is always fun to see. However, some clients may be sensitive to first seeing their photos (blogged) for the world. So ask in advance when they want their session posted.
  2. Products. Show off some of the products you offer and are proud of.
  3. Specials. Talk about any specials you are doing and who they are for.
  4. Events. Announce your participation in an event such as a bridal show or a charity auction. Take photos of the event and blog about it after.
  5. Award and Recognitions. If you won an award or were publicly recognized by an individual or company then talk about it on your blog. If a company named you as an event sponsor, blog about it.
  6. Publications. If your photography got published in a newspaper or magazine then it’s worthy of a blog post.
  7. Conferences and Workshops. If you attended a continuing education event, talk about what you learned.
  8. How You Got Started in Photography. This is a non-timely topic, but a random post about how you got started in photography is always a fascinating read.
  9. Guest Bloggers or Interviews. If there’s a business you work with closely consider doing a Q&A with the owner or write up a piece about them.
  10. Finally, Your Family and Friends. Throwing in a personal post about loved ones gives you a human component to which people can relate.

The more often you blog the more ideas you will find you to write about and the easier it will get. And the more you blog the more exposure you will get, thus leading to more business – something everyone wants this new year.

Shuva Rahim is the owner of Accent Photographics, and focuses on lifestyle images of children, families and weddings in Eastern Iowa and Western Illinois. Before photography, she worked as a newspaper reporter for nearly six years and is thrilled to be using her love for writing with her blog.

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Help for Photographers: Blog More, Blog Now