iPhone apps for photographers | the collaboration

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iPhone apps for photographers | the collaboration

I love my iPhone.   Many photographers I know have an iPhone.  And based on the amount of iPhone apps under the photography section of the iTunes store, clearly people want to use their iPhone for taking/editing photos or even as a photographer’s tool.  A while back, I did a top 10 iPhone apps list.  Well the minute you publish a list like that it gets outdated.  I wanted to do another, but there are far too many apps for one person to know what is available.  So I am hoping all my fellow readers/iPhone users will come post to the comment section of my blog or Facebook Fan Page and help me compile a list I can share in a week or two.

best iphone apps for photographers

What are your favorite photography apps?

Please leave the following information so I can organize this list when I post it:

  • Name of the app
  • Description of the app
  • How would you rate it – scale of 1-5 (5 being best) – what do you like and dislike about it
  • Which category does it fall into:
    • helps in taking pictures on the iPhone
    • helps in editing pictures on the iPhone
    • gives advice/tutorials on on photography or photoshop
    • photographer’s portfolio
    • great social media app for photographers to connect
    • great business tool to help photographers
    • other: write what category you would put it in
  • Write anything else you feel would be helpful for me to include when I publish the article
Free Photoshop Actions and Lightroom Presets by MCP™
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  1. March 25, 2010 at 12:33 pm —

    This is an incredible App for any photographer – simply have your contract and model releases on you at all times – in you iphone or itouch – your client signs right on the screen, and it’s emailed to them as well – picked it up right away – fully editable contracts as well – for only $2.99!!
    Michael The Maven Presents: “Photographer’s Contract Maker” App

    Introductory Price- For a Limited Time Only $2.99!

    – Create, Edit, Sign and Email 1 Page Photography Contracts from your iPhone!! Go paperless, reduce clutter, and streamline your contract organization!

    “A must have for all pro and semi-pro photographers.” – Paul R

    “I loved the customization features. The placeholders are HUGE. Flexible enough for anyone needing one page contracts to use. Awesome job!” – Cyndi C

    “Brilliant! Michael has done it again!” – John S


    – Comes with 4 great starter photography sample contracts:

    1. Photo Shoot Contract
    2. Model Release
    3. Copyright Release
    4. 2nd Shooter- Work for Hire

    – “Settings” screen allows photographer to enter all of his/her information, including signature. This information is automatically embedded into templates. (Edit and Change your info at anytime.)
    – Add, Manage, & Sync “Client” List to and from iPhone Contact list.
    – “Auto Embed” Feature automatically inserts Photographers and Clients Information into template contracts. (This is a huge time saver, all you need to do is select which client you want. App will feed their info from your iPhone contact list).
    – Select Date (Dual Feature Selection) and Time of Shoot
    – Shoot Date and Time – Automatically embedded into each contract with shoot data fields.
    – Create New Client Contracts (Unlimited)
    – Create New Contract Templates (Up to 12)
    – Edit Current Contract Templates, including “Add”, “2x” (Duplicate), “Edit” and “Delete”
    – Edit Single Draft Contracts (Allows you to change parts of a new contract without effecting a template)
    – Clients can “Sign” and “Resign” using their finger on touch sensitive screen.
    – Contracts are converted to PDF documents which you can then archive by emailing to yourself and/or your client.
    – “Saved” Contracts allows you to access previously saved contracts, signed or unsigned.
    – Unsigned Contracts can be signed later.
    – “Placeholders” allow users to create their own custom templates and still have auto-embedding features! (Wow!!)
    – Save and Email Unsigned Contracts
    – Works in Horizontal and Vertical Modes
    – Contact your Clients from your “Client List”
    – Trash Bin, allows you to recycle or empty deleted contracts and templates

    For More Information, tips and tricks, or to make suggestions for future updates please visit: http://www.iphonecontractmaker.com
    …MoreMIchael The Maven Web Site Photographers Contract Maker Support iPhone ScreenshotsCustomer Reviews
    by AL photographer
    What an awesome app! So intuitive and easy to use. My very favorite thing about it (other than the obvious: that does away with the need for so much paper, and that I will no longer have to kick myself if I accidentally forget to bring the model release to the shoot) is that the program can import my clients’ information and automatically insert it into contracts, releases, etc. I am looking forward to my next photo shoot so I can put it to good use!

    It’s about time!!!!
    by iskialta
    Thus is the greatest app ever! I love having all of the options at my fingertips! The first client I used this on (today) thought it was so cool, and was so impressed that it was emailed to her! I highly recommend this to everyone!

    by KMJustice
    I can’t think of an easier or more efficient way to handle my contracts. I’m so glad somebody came up with this idea. This is a fantastic product that I will highly recommend to all of my photographer friends. My contracts will always be with me, in one place.

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    Requirements: Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch. Requires iPhone OS 3.1.2 or later.

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  2. February 7, 2010 at 5:00 pm —

    I will try again another time with this. Unfortunately I only got a few responses on Facebook and none here.

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iPhone apps for photographers | the collaboration